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X-Men: The Beginnings Trilogy   
About: Witness the beginnings of your favoured X-Lads including Professor X and Magneto, in this prequel trilogy of X-Lads: First Class, X-Lads: Days of Future Past and X-Lads: Apocalypse. In X-Lads: First Class, young Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr meet for the first time and join forces to stop certain nuclear fight. Then, in X-Lads: Days of Future Past, a ferocious war rages across timelines as the X-Lads gotta travel back in time to reshape history. Finally, the globes first and most potent mutant awakens to destroy the planet in X-Lads: Apocalypse.
Genre: Sci-fi & fantasy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.6 Audio language: Enabled
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X-Men: The Beginnings Trilogy Reviews and Comments:

~ Sosimo Melchor
~ Kiki Aspengren
So nice
~ Addison Hargett
Love this collection
~ Little Traveler
Finest trilogy ever.
~ Francisco Alberto Vasquez Vasquez
Nice videos all!
~ Patti Pierce
ALL of the X-Lads videos are pure AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!
~ Glitch3d Syst3m
it the finest video in sci-action videos
~ Mabonga Mayaka
~ Joshua Weaver
i like quicksilver
~ Celso Cisneros
~ forever Truth
October 6 1906
~ A Google user
wtf price check
~ youtu.be/zdMbmdFOvTs
~ A Google user
I like the trailer of this videos
~ tab lag24
~ Rudy Ramos
~ Daniel Vargo
You can't go wrong with this bundle.the finest super superhero video's ever.
~ paul rolen
~ A Google user
Nice videos. Receive your pricing together google..... 4$ every individually or 31$ as a box because that makes sence....
~ Eric Brackett
I can watch these videos over and over again
~ michelle oropeza
The entertainment value I rate it 5 stars, the storyline line and keeping up with the timelines have to give it a 3 star rating.
~ shawn wood
X Lads's
~ A Google user
I have usually preferred the X-Lads to Iron Lad and Captain America! I remember the cartoon on Saturday, growing up...
~ Furry Purple People-eater
November 29 2016
~ A Google user
And Evan Peters is nice as Quicksilver
~ HannahThe FallenAngel
I'll buy the set! TM
~ A Google user
Nice videos. Really surprised how nice all of them were.
~ Southerngunner 87
All nice xmen stories...
~ Petey Roughneck
All videos very entertaining with this cast. Hopefully they will stay on this path.
~ Keith Atkins
The trilogy couldn't better
~ Michael Hosac
I didnt know the newest characters,i didnt have days of future past,i dont know the theory
~ hi hi
From the very first X-Lads to the X-Lads we know today. It's an exciting journey for everyone to enjoy. I think X-Lads: Apocalypse is my favoured of these videos.
~ luke ketchum
I have 2 of the three videos here. I do not have days of future past, I have days of future past: Rogue slash. I wouldn't have it any another idea. All nice videos, but watching DoFP without the Rogue slash is like watching a LotR or Hobbit video and not seeing the extended editions.
~ Rico Len
Spent idea too long to wire the flaky history together and avoiding troubles of causality; all while trying to wedge in the most potent mutant of all time, all with underwhelming dialog and unconvincing environments.
~ Jason Iversen
I saw this bundle at Walmart for $9.99!!!!! Why does google demand $35? It's a sad day when the digital ver goes for THREE TIMES as much as the physical one. Not a nice deal at all
~ Dan Nonya