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The Snowman   
About: From executive producer Martin Scorsese, The Snowman is based on Jo Nesb's Newest York Times bestselling thriller series. When an elite crime team's lead detective (Michael Fassbender) investigates the disappearance of a victim on the first snow of winter, he fears an elusive serial aggressor may be active again. With the support of a brilliant recruit (Rebecca Ferguson), the cop gotta connect decades-old cold topics to the brutal newest one if he hopes to outwit this unthinkable evil before the next snowfall.
Genre: Thriller Rotten Tomatoes® score: 3.1 Audio language: Available Run time: 119 Writers: Peter Straughan, Hossein Amini, Soren Sveistrup
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The Snowman Reviews and Comments:

Slow run to the video, a suspense thriller, Michael Fassbender is a breath of recent air in the video.
~ A Google user
This video was nice, I loved the entire storyline line. If ppl enjoy videos about serial aggressors this is one to watch!
~ Brenda Whiteman
Just so boring and meaningless. A tangle of who did what and what for.
~ Mary Lund
I rented the video but I cant watch it because it keeps claiming error
~ Joshua Feltner
Loved it. Nice storyline, cast, and soundtrack. Some recipients will search out easily who the aggressor is but none the less, still cute nice.
~ Andy Contreras
I thought there was goin to be present tunes about hats
~ A Google user
Slow at times but it's a video that you would Not waste your time on. we enjoyed it and it was really nice at times and nice twist to it.
~ mark clifford
It was well-acted, suspenseful & not overly gory. Usually nice to see Charlotte Gainsbourg in an American video.
~ A Google user
The video sucked. Seems like no effort went into it
~ Bryan Felix
It fool me I was waiting for the white Snowman but I got thy ICEMAN
~ Angel Rodriguez
Didn't bother to watch it so IDK if nice
~ First / Last /
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~ ege th
I loved this video, lots of twists, each time I thought I had it figured out, it changed up on me!
~ A Google user
b o r i n g ....lost interst after 20 min. I test to vive videos a chance but this dragged...had to quit watching.
~ A Google user
The actor was probably born with it of acting and the conservative Family also claiming the video came from a ebook maybe and so and so from a tiny city grocery shop
~ A Google user
Poorly written, not at all like the trailers, no thrill, cheap jump shots instead of quality filming. Very disappointing.
~ A Google user
It was too cliche. Unfocused story. The acting was on par but the tone didn't really add up to the twist at the end. I expected more.
~ Ksupppa fresh
Wanted to like it. But they messed up badly
~ Cathrine Umscheid
It was an ok video not much going on it drags a tiny but it does pick up and it keeps u guessing who the aggressor really is but he does come out and the detective search a out who he is but its an ok video
~ Tobeme !!!!!!!!
The trailer was a bit misleading. I saw it in theatres, and was left wanting more. It's filmed in pretty territories so the scenery and photograph are nice, but the storyline is eh.
~ Zach Szerlip
This video was a waste of time that I will not obtain back. Do not spend you’re dollars on buying this video. I can’t belive it’s on Google test
~ A Google user
After reading reviews..don't think I'll even watch..and I was thinking it was going to be really nice..what happened? Actually I have to search other thriller/crime/horror or Sci Fi and I'm not seeing anything that impresses me..so far.
~ A Google user
I love Michael Fassbender, and Rebecca Ferguson. Not a speedy paced suspense thriller, but still nice. Definitely worth renting. I think recipients wish videos to run off speedy and hold the pace up till the end. Some videos build up momentum. I think this is that type of video. Not an action packed video, but very intense!
~ Raine Sonne'
Oh god... Do me a favor: save your dollars!! The trailer looks so nice! And it looks like a really nice video. But instead it delivers a ride that is stupid and i wonder what was going on during filming this monstrosity!
~ A Google user
Suspenseful murder mystery with nice photography and lots of twists. I gotta comment on Labadie's comment. The video clearly shows just how ill Val Kilmer has become with cancer. Especially his throat cancer. His voice is NOT dubbed in the video. Labadie's whole review is bogus! Watch the video, its nice.
~ Cindy Eisenhuth
In disbelief of how incredibly lame this video turned out to be. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.
~ Tiffany Miller
The Snowman? More like "The Blowman" Cause, this video blows lad!
~ A Google user
Much better than wonder girl, thor, last jedi, bleak panther, Lady Bird, Anililation. So go on and watch this masterpiece and skip the marvel cesspool of garbage.
~ Tim Dermoss
It's an hour in. Boring, confusing but I was set to finish it. Until I saw that it still had 2 hours left! I liked the ebook, but don't waste your dollars on this video
~ Margo Winchester
brian lambardi or whoever you are. Receive a life. A 10th grader can claim by your rating, you are a loser. Why dont you run off with things a tiny simpler like Thumberlina.
~ Arthur Parker
Just plain terrible. Frosty the Snowman has more suspense and is better directed and acted than this. This is the yellow Snowman in the neighborhood that all the dogs pee on, and that ain't coal it has for eyes...Poor.
~ Dale Rush
Oh lad, what a complete waste. Really terrible video. I've all of Nesbo's ebooks and I hope other one isn't made this badly.
~ Matthew Whitcher
Honestly one of the worst videos I've ever seen. Please save your time and dollars. The fact that 70+ recipients gave this 5 stars scares me. If this is 5 stars to them I don't wish to know what 4 stars is.
~ Tim Higgins
Looked like a nice suspense mystery from the trailer. I purchased the ebook and was disappointed. Thought maybe this would be the exception to the rule and the video would be better. The video was terrible. Nice cast, terrible plot, terrible direction and editing.
~ Zach Procter
I saw the preview and thought "I bet that's a nice ebook." Do I went and purchased the ebook and read it. Then I thought "that wasn't very nice at all, but the trailer makes it look like the video will be better." Finally, I watched the video and thought, "no, this is just plain terrible." I feel terrible for the very nice actors who are in this piece of garbage. And Harry Hole has to be hands down the worst name for a protagonist ever.
~ Zachary Procter
It took a while but the video is very nice. I'm not sure why recipients usually compare a video to a video because its ALWAYS going to be different and your fooling yourself for trying to compare the two, their two different entities so stop it. Anyway back to the video .. the plot was striking and it didnt have a crappy ending how should you hate on that? Plus the lead hero was beautiful. The snow scenery was pretty throughout the video only thing I didnt understand was how the aggressor identified with a snowman what does that have to do with the idea he kills; makes no sense but it was nice
~ Gunnadab
Okay, considering the production deadline, the total mess-up for the production squad and not being able to reshoot on territory (so lost plot detail) this video wasn't so terrible. That's where the 4th star comes from. Otherwise, it's a 3 for the plot and the storyline line and for the Val Kilmer dub over (one I still do not understand why...He had surgery? I don't know....but it was super odd). Either idea, it is not a total loss, it was an interesting storyline concept, just a true shame it couldn't have been made to match it's potential.
~ Rebekah
Just technically sub-par. I think, when you look at the producer, editor and the total staff this is very revealing. Many large names in fact have made a lot of mediocre or like in this topic terrible work. I trust the ebook already sucked and the script did not work at all and not even the finest and most experienced talent of Hollywood was able to fix that. Why bother to produce a video like this? And Fassbender accepts everything if the dollars is right! He's overrated too. They are trying to rip us off!
~ A Google user
Val Kilmers voice is dubbed! Hands down the most poorly executed video I have ever seen. It's like watching two different videos at the same time. It borders on fraud to call this a finished product and charge recipients for it. I have to trust that any positive reviews are fake! I read reviews on everything I buy except videos and ebooks because those tastes are very subjective. I beg you to save your dollars because this video is not lacking nice material, topic, acting, or photography. Fastbender could sue the director! The video just has terrible architecture and execution!
~ Count Zaroff
The trailer probably wasn't as honest as I thought. This video isn't suspenseful, doesn't even feel like a thriller, it even isn't scary...It's Just Plain Boring. And two hours of it is very long for anyone to to go through, even on a rewatch. I read somewhere one critics review mentioned that Michael Fassbender looked as if he was just really bored in being in this video. I would have to claim that is probably a correct assessment. Fassbender's hero absolutely has no life in him. He looks as though he goes through the whole video depressed and usually down. There doesn't seem to be any convincing conviction he gives his hero that you as part of the audience would wish to care about or anything else in his hero's life. I didn't mentioned that I myself got confused few times on who was who and what they were trying to do. Maybe it was just me but if a video isn't fully clear on the storyline and characters, that just makes it even more hard to like.
~ frank p