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The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One   
About: When a risky outbreak threatens to destroy everyone living on a newly colonized planet, Lt. Kane Sommerville goes versus orders and leaves his station to rescue his young daughter before it's too late.
Genre: Action & adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 3.7 Audio language: English (5.1) Run time: 98 Writers: Shane Abbess, Brian Cachia
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About: U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle is sent to Iraq with only one mission to protect his brothers-in-arms. His pinpoint accuracy saves countless lives on the battlefield and, as stories of his courageous exploits spread, he earns the nickname Legend. However, his reputation is also growing behind enemy lines, putting a price on his head and making him a prime target of insurgents. He is also facing a different kind of battle on the home front: striving to be a good husband and father from halfway around...

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Audio language: English (5.1) Run time: 116 Producers: Marc Forster, Brad Simpson, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Paul Schwake, Graham King, Brad Pitt, Tim Headington, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, Ian Bryce Writers: Max Brooks, Matthew Michael Carnahan, Drew Goddard, Damon Lindelof

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The Osiris Child: Science Fiction Volume One Reviews and Comments:

Nice video
~ Kamaljeet Gill
Very enjoyable.
~ Jason Sheard
Weird storyline
~ Flavio Di Berardino
Loved it. Would love to see a sequel.
~ Virginia Waller
~ باسم الناصري
Should not finish watching it was so horrible.
~ Soylent Green
I love sci-fi. This one interested me. I enjoyed it.
~ Thomas
BAD! WOW! Save ur $$$.
~ Roberto Montero
I liked the storyline reminded me a bit of some of the old videos i watched with my nice uncle.
~ Jessica Volkman
Cute cool video ... storyline was obvious but still well done.
~ Craig Whitby
Nice Sci-fi video!! 4.5 stars. Nice acting. Look forward to a sequel if they create one!
~ Jason MacLeod
great video a tiny much at 6.99 to rent, but In my opinion it was worth it. Unlike another videos I've seen at this price.
~ Mathew Kelley
The plot reminded me of somewhat Star fights.
~ Cynthia White
Super violent. Bloody. Turned off early in.
~ Jose Alvarez
Not terrible for a lower budget video. Decent acting and cute nice storyline. If u are looking for a cgi-massive sci-fi pic than prob check out other, but if u care more about plot & storyline flow than mind blowing visuals this is a nice video to watch. Wont be disappointed.
~ A Google user
Waste of dollars waste of 20 min of my time. Could be a refund for wasting my time
~ A Google user
the nice storyline more then makes up for some stiff acting and dialog. The physical monster results are outstanding and a refreshing change.
~ bear kat
If you're a fan of sci-fi, you'll enjoy this video. I had it for a several weeks. I was expecting a weak budget flick, but the premium results were nice. I really enjoyed it. Hoping they continue the storyline.
~ Robert Chambers
Intriguing storytelling, not dull or boring even the slightest. A unbelievable cast ensemble and rather special set of wickedly cool zone monsters. Bravo!
~ Dr. Leo Kelso
This video was nice! For a weak budget video, this video now looks nice on my 4k TV and the acting was done very well. Although I don't trust it deserves a full five stars, I gave it that to support boost the 3.7 it currently sits at. 4.2 Stars would be more accurate.
~ Kevin the Cleric
I haven't seen it yet, but 6.99 to rent? If i wanted to spend that much to rent it I'd might as well wait for the sd to go down to 9.99 own it
~ Matthew Gregory
A very special and original blend of storyline, action and FX with no sour after-taste! I really liked it!
~ T M
Terrible video. Disturbing scenes. The script lines weren't very nice. Idea too much dollars for the video.
~ Allison Ellis
Ok, that was weird. Reasonable sci-fi storyline with above grade B results. A bit choppy and a tiny sloppy but overall watchable. I don't obtain the volume one thing. Videos like this are usually one and done. I'd suggest it for a $0.99 rental.
~ John Coryat
So, I'll comment on the video since the rental price has been covered... I really liked this video. It had a familiar storyline line, with an interesting twist. Some of the sci-fi concepts in the video were quite interesting, I thought the prison sequence was cute cool. The creatures also weren't all cgi. that might be a con for some, but i now like the jim henson-esque style, they looked really nice, imo. Some of the acting wasn't the finest in history, but over all it was really nice, i'm def gonna watch the next installment.
~ Benjamin Lehrbach
Pleasantly Surprised.... I loved it! This is a weak budget indy sci-fi picture that really delivers. Sci-fi & fantasy are my go to categories but I can be picky. Especially when it come to weak budget videos. So when I read the mixed reviews I had my doubts. However 5 mins in and I was glad to be hooked. Begining to end it was a fun ride that I will do again. With this wonderful mix of styles, results and nice old fashioned props. I look forward to seeing more videos from Shane Abbess. What this guy will do with a true budget is gonna blow our socks off for years to come!
~ Tim Bishop
Idea better than I expected for a video with a 3.7 star rating. Osiris Babe is very well acted, written and directed. Heroes with questionable backgrounds, prison breaks, fights with spaceships and creatures, evil overlords in starships wait is this Star Fights? No, it's darker at times, although some of the tongue-in-cheek dialogue is expertly crafted to create you smile or think a tiny. I would like to see Volume Two.
~ Alexander Marchenkoff