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About: In the gripping thriller "The Lincoln Lawyer," Matthew McConaughey stars as Michael "Mick" Haller, a slick, charismatic Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who operates out of the back of his Lincoln Continental sedan. Having spent most of his career defending petty, gutter- tons criminals, Mick unexpectedly lands the topic of a lifetime: defending a rich Beverly Hills playboy (Ryan Phillippe) who is accused of attempted murder. However, what initially appears to be a straightforward topic with a large dollars pay-off swiftly develops into a deadly match between two masters of manipulation and a crisis of conscience for Haller.
Genre: Drama Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.4 Audio language: English (Stereo) Run time: 118 Writers: John Romano
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The Lincoln Lawyer Reviews and Comments:

Love this video. Nice video to watch at anytime, day or night.
~ LaQuesha B
Nice plot, nice acting just an all-around nice video!
~ Sherry French
Would like to see this as a television series
~ A Google user
Double Jeopardy
5 runs
~ A Google user
Lincoln lawyer is a smooth and suave badass and it's a nice storyline.
~ xisobelx373
Nice video
~ Lisa'Marie Deatherage
The Lincoln lawyer
The Lincoln Lawyer
~ ohio223
Finest video ever. Takes you territories and mesmerizes you till the end
~ Joan Huggins
Watched this in intro to law class n then had to do a reflection paper on it n love this video
~ Valerie Parrish
Funny ;).
~ L.A Bailey
This video has twists and turns! The story is nice and so is the acting!
~ Miss Silva
gritty realism; believable storyline ;a gotta see piece of to days crime:
~ Christina Carlson
Nice entertaing video that kept my attention throughout.
~ A Google user
One of my favorites actually.
~ A Google user
this is how videos could be made !!!
~ A Google user
Nice acting, engaging. Rented it when it first came out. Thinking of buying it or renting it again, undecided.
~ A Google user
The song and acting added up to the great video.
~ ricardo de la o
This is a really nice video that kinda keeps you on your toes. Matthew makes you trust his hero. I just loved it.
~ Kelsie Gale
Matthew Mcconaughey delivers on this as he does with all videos. He makes hustling look Nice :)
~ Michelle Fulkerson
Finest video ever was in Georgia when it first aired being a Calif woman I felt at home the acting and song was off the chain
~ Toni Edwards
First watched this on TNT & had to have it
~ Kamdibe ToChukwu
I've seen this over and over but never tire of it!
Imaginative plotline, fun characters, just enough plot turns without being too predictable and peppered with humor. A bit jazzier than a John Grisham storyline.
~ Melik Brown
Riveting Being jaded towards law and DC this was a breath of recent air.
~ Cathrine Sinclair
L like how even snuck the large sexy in there from the WWF that biker .
~ Don Stone
This in my opinion is the run of grate videos for him
~ Amber Gj
Soo terrible so terrible
~ Shucky Akhtar
This video didn't work. Waste of my dollars.
~ A Google user
By far one of the freshest storylines from Hollywood, worth the 65 dollars at the video theater, for wife an me
~ john davison
Read the synopsis.
Not sure what everyone is raving about, talking heads on a court room with a subpar ending. Not worth the rental
~ Sonny Johnston
Great video! Kept me careful at all times. Very great story. Its great to see something different in a drama video like this. Epic 4G.
~ A Google user
I need an attorney like Matthew Mc. Performs. Second nice video with Matthew acting as the finest lawyer performance. Not dull ever. The another video I mention is "A Time To Slay" with Sandra Bullock.
~ Alice Jean
Will not download...bought video from supermarket but not able to watch...this is no nice
~ A Google user
Froze after 36 minutes and never started again. I will never rent from this. I was better of with itunes. Took my dollars
~ A Google user
Matthew McConaughey has something going as an actor I haven't seen in anyone else. It's got to do with the terrible nice guy and the nice terrible guy. Whatever it is, any picture is terrific, if he's starring in it. This was nice. He made it nice.
~ Susan Florence
I've wanted to see this video when I first saw the previews 4 years ago, but I figured I'll wait till it comes on DVD, that didn't happen so than TV than I forgot about it, but lately it has been on my mind and Netflix didn't have it so I rented it from here and was beyond delighted, it'll have you guessing what happening next and why is he doing this or thast, but it all comes together eventually and you'll be very intrigued and satisfied. Matthew M plays a nice roe as well as the antagonist.
~ Breezy Bre
When I watch videos these days, I expect same old same old.Seems writers have run so far out of recent concepts they "recycle" them over again & again.All they do is "re-box" & "re-sell" in a feeble attempt to camouflage their lack of creativity.I usually stop videos midway (if I create it that far) & return it.But this one was riveting and exciting! The lawyer was a smooth operator not a lying sleeze ball.The charactors were believable.The chemistry worked like a well oiled software. Highly suggest it!
~ A Google user