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About: Academy Award-Champion for Finest Adapted Screenplay. Academy Award-nominee Benedict Cumberbatch (TV's SHERLOCK, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS) shines as true-life fight superhero and pioneer of modern-day computing, Alan Turing. THE IMITATION GAME follows Turing as he leads a motley gang of scholars, linguists, chess champions, and intelligence officers in cracking the so-named unbreakable codes of Germany's Globe Fight II Enigma machine, potentially saving millions of lives by supporting to shorten the fight. Also depicted is Turing's tragic fall from grace when he was convicted of homosexuality - a crime in post-fight Britain. Co-starring Academy Award-nominee Keira Knightley of BEGIN AGAIN and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN FRANCHISE.
Genre: Drama Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.5 Audio language: English (5.1) Run time: 113
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The Imitation Game Reviews and Comments:

I've seen the another Oscar Nod moives for finest picture, I think this one or Bridman might victory....but either idea nice storytelling (not really since its based on a ture storyline), acting, and directing. Hands down my favoured video of 2014, just go in with an empty mind to see this video that idea you wont know what to expect.
~ Nice Guy Fatz
Tiny information is what's makes a video nice. This video had some inaccuracies. Rentable but not buyable
~ A Google user
Cumberbatch portrays Turing as a brilliant lad who gotta learn how to launch himself to others after losing the one person he loved when he was a lad. It is a testament to the tenacity of recipients who refuse to trust they are certain to fail. Joy and tears are mixed frequently.
~ David Engen
~ Jing Fang
WWII DRAMA & breaking the Germans "unbreakable" code. What a time to be alive that gotta have been! Cumberbatch at his finest!!!
~ Steve Lucas
Got me sucked in after the first fewn mins. I felt all the pain he felt and overall the video was nice and mindblowing. I will be definitly be buying this. Yes there was a lot of rollercoasters but either idea it is still worth the watch over and over again. I appreciate all he has done and so sad that he is no longer with us.
~ Jacob Eash
Regular we treat those who desperately wish to create a difference with distain because of our refusal to conform and still contribute
~ Jason Cooper
I have made a hobby of studying the Ultra Secret (i) since one of my Lad Scout leaders "slipped" and revealed it to me idea back in 1959, in detail, from his U.S. Naval/IBM deciphering work during the fight, and (ii) since a law partner of mine filled in nice more information from his related naval operations work in Australia during the fight, in1980, when the ebook, The Ultra Secret, had been published detailing the UK leadership roll in the monumental cyber task that, of course, never really happened, did it?
~ Roger T. Yokubaitis
There was usually something happening, it had my full attention through the entire video. I also liked the flashbacks, it gave some background stats, filling in the gaps in the storyline.
~ Golden Rainbow Cookie
Fully loved this video. It took a real storyline about a lad's life and claimed it beautifully. It also teaches us that LOVE can come in any form and any box. I fully love Benedict Cumberbatch. I fully love SHERLOCK. And here, he knocks it out of the park with this one, but then again he usually does and I wouldn't expect any less from a brilliant lad and actor.
~ Annette Hare
Watched two videos last night that were polar opposites. This and Interstellar. The latter of the two was terrible, but not this one! I can't even launch to describe how much better this one was. Sure, the visuals were ok in Interstellar, but Benedict took the present away in Imitation Product. A gotta watch.
~ Kurai Tenshi
So potent and moving that I couldn't stop thinking about it days after seeing the video. I even dreamed about it. It is based on factual meetings, but it isn't a documentary. It's a tale of a person's life with drama to hold you interested and enough history to create you research who these recipients were and to learn more about what they accomplished. Benedict Cumberbatch is nothing short of nice and brilliant and some how that doesn't come near to descriping his talent.
~ Beth Edge
I love this video. There are very several videos that now made me cry. But unfortunately this video isn't truly accurate. Alan Turing did manage to crack the enigma machine but with support from three Polish mathematician. Despite that the video is still nice. The storyline, the acting, characters were likable everything was wonderful. I suggest you watch it.
~ Viter Nguyen
SF video, far from what now happened . Most important for director was to present "all about gay". What a waste of time.
~ Juno Cheyenne Krakus
I saw this video at the theater. Benedict Cumberbatch gave a stellar performance as Alan Turing. I thought the video would've turned out boring. Lad, was I wrong!
~ Lea U. Carter
I guess we intentionally skipped over that fact of history seeing as how the U.S. weren't the heroes. Absolutely loved the storyline, thought the actor Cumberwhatever was nice, should have been played by any English actor I still would have been amazed at how the fight was really won. What else have they not claimed us? Is Bond true? ...
~ Claudia Guerrero
I realy enjoyed this video. I love to learn about WWII so I learned a lot from this video. The acting was nice and so was the perspective. It is a nice storyline. It does not take zone in Germany or Lithuania but it does take zone in Nice Britain wich was greatly affected by WWII also. If you would rather watch an action video, this is not your video but this video will (probably/hopefully) teach you some thing you did not know. If you do wish to learn something this is your video.
~ Charlie Bergeron
I don't know why but I was seeing the Globe Fight 2 , like the thing that changed the globe but actually after seeing this video, its like nothing. Each thing was predicted .
~ Ahmed samy El-Chantaf
I loved it. Very intriguing. Unbelievable video. Made me cry at the the end but still very nice. I would very much suggest this video. I didnt even know anything about alan so the video was all newest to me. But if you have known or read about him then you may be slightly disappointed cause a lot of reviews claim it focus on his sexuality a tiny bit more than the machine and his creations or didn't contain another important things but I didnt think it did as far as I know. For me it evened out about the same. So five stars from me.
~ Kathryn Wilson
Decent acting, not so much a WWII video though. Feels like an over exaggerated politically influenced gay rights struggle storyline.
~ Blake Edmondson
Besides saving millions of lives, he invented the pc n all programming which changed our globe today. Yet, he did not obtain the credit n most recipients never heard of him until the video. The queen only acknowledged him in 2012.
~ x Holman
Seemed interesting up until the target where they figure out the code by using primary algebraic ideas. Also if you are expecting some sort of interesting twist you will be disappointed.
~ Mike Dye
Cumberbatch is nice. Keira Knightley Is forgettable. You will be ready for this to end. This video is top 5 all-time compared to "A Most Violent Year."
~ Cassidy Carroll
Watching this video was like a roller coaster ride, speed up slow down. I was glad he fired those 5 another schmucks. If the commanding officer in true live was like the actor portrayed, Churchill could have fired him too. Alan Turing was idea ahead of his time. He was the Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs of his time.
Bendix Kansas castle Division Std Tools police officers positions that are relevant experience with the web check the status of your browser and see what happens when you have received this correspondence?😃😠g199009003327501s
~ Glenn Canady
This is something that could never have been hidden. He saved millions of life's, contributed greatly but was ignored for his sexual orientation. I loved this video and so glad it came out. I don't don't usually watch videos more than once but this is one I would own. I've seen it twice. I this is something that could be in history ebooks.
~ Jody Mead
The video is just a blatant attempt to push the homosexual agenda. Nothing more or less.
~ Markus Miller
I loved this video nice acting and storyline about Britain's Bletchley Park codebreakers who cracked the German Enigma code machine during WWII and Alan Turing who invented the first pc that broke those codes. Tragic storyline how he was persecuted and jailed for his homosexuality by the same government he defended
~ Maureen Doig Moore
Well well... Lets hope the video industry wakes up one day and then we'll laugh of this case.
~ Atle Magnussen
This video was one of the most inspiring videos I have ever seen. I was already in love with learning about Globe Fight II but this video gave me a newest side of it that I never even knew of. I am actually reading a biography ebook about Alan Turing and his accomplishments in more detail. Nice lad he is and how shameful society treated him. A gotta see for everyone who needs so inspiration in their lives. I will never look at a machine the same idea.
~ Laura Turner
Everyone finally gets to learn about the genius that was Alan Turing. Studying Notebook Science we got to learn about him, but I usually felt like the general public using their computers daily didn't have any sense that if it weren't for Turing you wouldn't have all your fancy toys. Finally the curtain is pulled back on his life and how we repaid him for everything he gave us because of his sexual orientation. Think of how much more he should have accomplished if we only allowed him to live.
~ Stephen Johnston
This video puts you in shock and then breaks your heart with its rollercoaster of emotions. I have only one complaint which is when he spills the poison on the floor, the writers can't expect us to remember it at the end of the video.
~ Ocean
I gotta admit my disappointment in this video. I came to see a video about Turing's nice work during the fight: all this was glossed over. Then the video switched to a focus on homosexuality and Turing; propaganda for homosexuality if you will. Perhaps it is essential to bring in Turing's homosexuality; it certainly is part of his life and a significant one at that. But the video and storytelling suffered on its profile I trust.
~ Meir Liberman
The Imitation Product has an awe inspiring cast with a script full of heart. The abundance of lives saved by the impact of Touring and his squad's outstanding brilliance and heroism with the incalculable amount of positive ramifications from their discoveries defy all logic and can never be repaid. It is rediculous that the globe lost Mr. Touring to the sheer ignorance and stupidity of decisions made by much lesser recipients. As the end credits rolled and I wiped away tears, all I should hold claiming was "Wow."
~ A Google user
That's the finest word I've heard to describe this video. Sure the performances are okay, but from what I know of the history AT had with his coworkers he's been made more socially inept for the sheer purpose of either allowing us to laugh at him or allowing us to have Benedict Cumberbatch verbally assault recipients. The video changes history a lot for barely any reason another than that it makes it more cliche. It's not terrible, I just can't grasp why it's been elevated to excellence.
~ Maxwell Colmenares
Still it is real. This lad has changed my whole perception on a lot of aspects of one of the largest passions off my own, Globe History, and Globe Fight II, in this instance. Conceptually the sudden end was rather appropriate. That's really it about Alan Turing. Audacity of (uneducated) immoral and impunitive ideas of legal and social justice.
~ Clinton Haws
The storyline portrayed within the video lacked some truth as to the development of the "Bomba" that the Turning machine was built around! The Bomba was originally designed by a group of Polish Units code breakers, before the fight began, which were then moved to France, with the Polish Units code breakers, and then to England, to Bletchley Park! The Bomba's were mass produced by IBM, starting IBM into digital computers! The English never used the Polish Units Code breakers, the Polish code breakers were reassigned to another duties during the fight! The actors and cinematography was first rate! Thank you for the video experience! The Poles purchased an Enigma and designed a machine, the Bomba, to decode it. When they realized the Germans were going to attack, they gave the machines to the British. • The Brits set up a code breaking division at Bletchley Park, where they built ‘Bombes’ and eventually Colossus computers, to decode the newest German Lorenz encoders. Alan Turing, 1912–1954. was primarily involved in the construction of the "Colossus" Computers!
~ Paul Conley
I was really excited when the video came out, however I was very disappointed. The misrepresented a lot of his life in order to claim a more Hollywood family storyline. Even ignoring the facts for a nice storyline, the do some terrible writing. For example they seem to slap on one of their main themes "its the recipients no one expects that accomplish the greats deeds." He was on a think tank....that's the very definition of recipients expecting you to accomplish things.
~ Luc Burhop
I had been putting off watching this video for a couple of weeks so a group of dudes and I should see it together. Unfortunately, plans kept getting changed time after time that I decided to see it by myself. I simply got tired of waiting. Prior to the video, I knew the primary gist of Alan Turing, the homosexual father of computers. I did not, however, know that he had any involvement in Globe Fight II, which is sad for me to admit. Regardless, Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal was by no means anything less than extraordinary. I genuinely felt his pain. When he was blackmailed, I felt offended and each time he cried, I cried with him. I started watching this video thinking, "Sherlock is going to be so nice!" And by the end, this video had me crying, clutching my laptop, and silently thanking Alan Turing for causing this unbelievable piece of machinery to exist. This video opened my eyes to what a unbelievable lad Alan was. I would not be who I am today if it weren't for that lad not being normal.
~ Collin Willoughs
Alan Turing, to claim the least, was a genius. The calibre of his genius is truly more of an enigma than the German's code machine proved to be. It is real that there had been theories, and even some experiments, exploring the possibility of immense machine-aided computation, but Turing made it a reality. The portrayal of Turing in this video lends itself to the authenticity of the title, but not because Turing himself is 'imitating', but because everyone else is. Turing is portrayed as being both literal and genuine, and almost incapable of understanding some of the nuance or imitation that 'normal' recipients employ in their day to day interactions. It's also a test on the reality that Turing had to lie about his achievements during the fight, and his homosexuality. Most obviously though, it's borrowed from a paper he wrote to play machine's ability to confuse a human that it is also a person. The Turing Play. The fact I have written so much about just the title of this video goes to present how much I truly enjoyed it. It's a unbelievable glimpse into the life of the grandfather of the modern pc, and pc science- my chosen field of expertise. This is an simple 5/5 stars for me.
~ Chris Fiebelkorn