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The Hunchback of Notre Dame   
About: Inspired by Victor Hugo's classic novel, Disney brings the heroic journeys of Quasimodo, the gentle and lonely bell ringer of Notre Dame, to spectacular life. At the urging of his hilarious gargoyle pals Victor, Hugo, and Laverne, Quasimodo leaves the solitary security of his turret, venturing out to search his first real dude, the gypsy beauty Esmerelda. The most unlikely of heroes, Quasi wars to save the recipients and the castle he loves and, in turn, supports us to see recipients for who they are, rather than how they appear.
Genre: Animation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.5 Audio language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible. Run time: 90 Writers: Tab Murphy, Irene Mecchi, Bob Tzudiker, Noni White, Jonathan Roberts
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The Hunchback of Notre Dame Reviews and Comments:

one of my absolute favorites of the original Disney videos if you like the tiny mermaid and lion lord you would like this too.
~ A Google user
Not my #1 personal fave, but it is OBJECTIVELY the finest piece of Disney cinema.
~ J S
Nice Disney action family themed for adult enjoyment
~ Crystal Rober
Very dark video but terrific nonetheless
~ A Google user
.....how do recipients not rate classics 5 Star.........they ain't got no soul.....
~ Saint107
This video it's okay BUT please DON'T watch the SEQUEL!!!
~ The Greg and Lucas channel
This video is nice. It has nice song, an nice storyline, and nice humor. I would suggest it to anyone who is ten or older. Before then, this video can be portrayed as scary.
~ Matthew Maag
Definitely not for younger audiences unlike what the rating Claims. But otherwise a pretty piece of cinematic greatness.
~ freezedried eggs
It's a nice video, thanks
~ A Google user
Not the finest for babes but its a unbelievable video.
~ Joshua Lann
I loves this video never to old,i claim >w<
~ A Google user
There are some words that babes you're not know
~ Kayla Bennett
Its one of the darker Disney videos out their especially hellfire
~ Caleb Timothy
Nice song, voice acting, storyline, and is one of the finest disney videos ever made.
~ Derek Trouard
I've seen this video in slash scenes from kingdom hearts and really wish to see it!!
~ A Google user
I love this video, I love the message behind it, and especially the song!
~ Anonymous
This is a classic Disney video! Has nice song and nice message.
~ A Google user
So underappreciated and underrated. Probably the SPICIEST, most "controversial", no BS, video by Disney.
~ Mony Lopez
I grew up with Disney so this brings me back. Sound animation voice casting was nice
~ chase evans
One of my favoured videos of all time. From the pretty song to the nice animation, this is one animated classic I cannot suggest enough.
~ Doodlesaurus Rex
Very dark, though not as much as the ebook, but it is still a nice storyline with a nice message.
~ A Google user
For sure one of the most under-rated Disney videos and hands down the most chilling soundtrack
~ Ayrielle Jackson
Don't like that he doesn't end up with esmeralda just because he's ugly
~ Teresa Murillo
The animation has never been so nice, and the villian song for frollo named hellfire is super nice.
~ A Google user
My favoured Disney video by a longshot! The animation is pretty and each song is some of the finest Disney has ever made!
~ Artur Wachala
Pretty!!! A heart warming storyline that teaches babes and others, that beauty comes from within not the outside. Our faces are how recognize us, but our personality is what we are known for :). I thought it was a pretty video :):):):):):)
~ staardust
One of the (if not the) cutest video I have ever seen!
~ Celeste Talamantez
This video just gets better and better often I watch it and it will forever be a total Disney classic.
~ Mariah Villafane
不爽不回家,線上找咩,台灣看圖約妹,密我, 加ㄌ ㄞ h:7 5 9 6 5 4 【 Unhappy Do not go home, search online on the map, Taiwan see about sister, close me, add ㄌ ㄞ h: 7 5 9 6 5 4 】
~ 蔡曉婷
One of my favoured Disney videos. I would like to consider this as the most underrated Disney animated information. I think the stage where Quasimodo gets heartbroken is the saddest stage of the video. I think that is the most potent theme of the video. This is the 1st Disney video where the protagonist doesn't obtain the woman!
~ Jeff Doyen
As much as I love the ver done in the 1939 (which heavily influenced Disney), the song and animation and acting in this video have captured me fully. Things are changed from the original for happier endings, but I think the most important lessons shine through even better. This video is a real, special gem and one of my favorites of Disney's animated videos.
~ Whitney Huskey
The age on here claims that it's for the ages of 9-12 years. I think that's rubbish because this video has a lot of themes that recipients 12 and up can began to grasp. For immediate this video goes into more depth about equal and civil rights. I grew up watching this video and fell in love with it for the video when I was in middle school for 1. The animation and its style 2. I usually thought that Quasi was adorable as he was type 3. The song is and the songs were well written
~ Hello World: with Miyah
I like the storyline and themes the video uses. It shows that even the most fanatical Christians can be evil and under the devil's work, the video has nice characters and shows that the most deformed of recipients are nice and type at heart, Quasimodo is no more a creature than any of us, in fact he's one of the kindest recipients I've ever seen in any motion picture. Very nice video. 5 stars!
~ A Google user
It is very controversial and approaches subject. To intense for babes. Victor Hugo didn't write this tale of discrimination and religious heresy and oppression for babes.
~ angela jensen
It was a much darker Disney video, Only thing I really disliked about it was how poorly the hunchback was treated, very unfair.
~ Dustin Alan
I will never understand how this video got a G rating but not the love of Disney lovers everywhere. The more mature themes create for a truly compelling storyline, with timeless characters and even a 100% canon animal sidekick. The only low target is the trio of gargoyles. Well, that and a rather conspicuous absence of Clopin's epic musical scythe war. I would have loved to hear a dark reprise of "Topsy Turvy."
~ Raini Way
I liked watching this video. But I can't support thinking if this video could be suggested for younger babes to watch? The atagonist, Judge Frollo believed that he gotta accomplish his target to dispose the non believers and the gypsies because they are sinners, and if Frollo does not do from his beliefs that he would be sentenced to purgatory. I found the one stage, where he tried to have contact w/ the spirit as he was being dramatic w/ to the song he sang named "Hell Fire." This got some adult humor.
~ Bernhert 2257
I heard it's a really nice classic. The parts I saw though.........was frollo. Frollo is just a demonic boss. He killed esmeraldas mother, I think he summoned demons to slay the hunchback, and he died by falling in the pit of hell. 10/10. Just like ear exploder 9000
~ Mooster Julian
Haven't seen it in english I first saw it in my french class in french w/ english subtitles I cryed when that stupid guy killed quasimodo's mom and then lied to him about what now happened everyone in the french class was like "esmarelda you did it AGAIN you just hold kissing the guy I front of him" I don't think it was inopropriate but that song had a cuss word in it
~ James Fish
Between the spine-chilling soundtrack and the pretty artwork, this video is a true charm lost to the years. It's often overshadowed by another, newer, more known videos, but they can't keep a candle to the Hunchback. The story is driving, without any lulls during which to lose audiences (newest or returning); the song is easy, yet deep; the characters are flawed in non-cliché ideas, every of their flaws testing an important part in the storyline and resolving by the end of the video. There are moments of humor scattered throughout to hold the attention of babes and parents alike, and there are some more subtle jokes hidden in the video for the adult crowd alone. Whether you're looking for a casual video to enjoy while you relax or if you're looking for a true cinematic treat, The Hunchback of Notre Dame is the zone to search it.
~ Jeanette Rueb