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The Dark Crystal   
About: When Jen, a member of the Gelfling tribe, sets out to search the crystal's missing shard, his risky travel to restore peace to their planet brings him face to face with creatures at each turn. This masterpiece of animation recounts the timeless tale of nice versus. evil and has become a cult favoured of babes and grown-ups alike!
Genre: Animation Rotten TomatoesÂŽ score: 4.6 Audio language: Available Run time: 93
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The Dark Crystal Reviews and Comments:

I have loved this video from childhood. It's such a nice storyline.
~ Staci Mossman
I have loved this video sense I was tiny & my babes loved as well!!
~ rebecca welch
Has kept it's spot as most imaginative fantasy video ever! Love love love it
~ Jonathan Basto
All time fav!
~ A Google user
Nope. I hated it
~ lord of Ink games
A short fairy tale come to life; take it as such, and you'll enjoy it.
~ Tikanjiah
Fully underrated video. The storyline is enthralling, and the visuals are just magical.
~ Rowan Ellis
Its nice even though its, like, 20 yrs older than i am
~ Rosalee Brinkman
James named dibs on testing raunip in the sequel
~ noah day
Im 12 and i have been watching this since i was 6. It will never be or obtain old👌
~ Rylee Mcmurray
I grew up watching videos of this nature and I've usually loved them
~ Lilly Ferguson
I watched this all the time growing up. I've gotten my dudes into it actually and we frequently quote it. Obviously I suggest it!
~ beth ratliff
I still wish to love this video but I just can't. There is so much creativity here and genuinely special concepts at the time but it just doesn't work as well as I hoped.
~ Nicholas Wanamaker
Just terrible
~ Ray Gievers
I have loved this video since I was a babe. Nice entertainment.
~ Brian Jacob
Grew up with this video. Usually love it.
~ Lu Lughnasadh
You can't place a price on such a classic. I only want someone would offer a makeover in today's cgi that keeps the video pristine from this original.
~ Christian Peri
This video is a testiment to Jim Henson and the empire he founded.
~ Iain Rice
It was decent enough to watch once. It never made a large impact on my memory.
~ Kevin the Cleric
Something about 80's videos lad, so many childhood faves
~ Kristin Cunningham Lamb
If you watch the entire video you'll search there's an interesting message behind it all there's more to the Eagan yang symbol that you know I'm just claiming
~ ED 25
Ya I remember being a bit afraid at some of the imagery, but it's a nice video!!
~ Craig McAnuff
I loved it even though I may not have understood most of it until later
~ Mandy St.Clair
I remember when I was tiny my uncle showing me this video and I fell in love with it today I have almost each figure and have it on VHS tape DVD and I'm about to download it And I'm only 13
~ Wyatt Goodwin
Some cute spooky imagery for a video geared towards babes and overall confusing video
~ Veronica S
This video is nice for babes and adults alike! Me and my mom love this video and cute much everything Jim Henson does. Although Jim Henson never explained the entire universe for us in this entire video, it left me wanting more in this dark, mysterious globe that is just so constructive. It is a masterpiece in my opinion.
~ PopTartJellyFish 1216
I love this video, but when i was younger this afraid the crap outta me. . . .LOL
~ Ms. Siege
Grew up watching this... cult classic which I will continue to watch over & over
~ Quinn Kapostasy
All time fav out the Jim Hanson collection... Every video is dear to me..
~ Ivonne Matthews
Afraid the living daylights out of me aa babe. Still a nice video to watch as an adult and has a nice soundtrack. Want they would create videos like this again.
~ David S
Anyone who grew up in the 80's knew and loved Jim Henson videos and this one was finest of all by far! The heavy amount of time and detail that was place into this video create it a real legend and could be seen by everyone at least once in their life! I can't wait until my babes are old enough to watch it and hope they appreciate it as much as I do!
~ Douglas Paine
A masterpiece of filmmaking. Pre CGI results and an wonderful score.
~ Charles Gilmore
It freaked me out I still can't watch it though I've heard nice things about it
~ Leona Marshall
You guys have the animated videos my dad purchased me the video for me I love Chinese units videos I also love monster animated videos like the Goblin Boss the Dark Crystal hope you guys victory thank you for the videos that you give us at Walmart in all of those shops and videos did work you guys had to leave actually:)
~ alyssa gonzalez
I used to watch this as a babe. I'd sit in front of my 6 inch box television daily and watch this video. For some reason I remembered it and I couldn't sleep without finding what it was named. I even searched up "large long haired monsters in video" and was looking for about 2 hours till I found it. I'm 16 almost 17 and for some reason I really wish to buy this and present my babes this video when I have them.
~ Little Red
If you like videos like Star Fights, the retro live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles videos, and nice built set design and beautiful monsters you will love this video. This is my first time watching Dark Crystal. I love it, there are a several creepy parts but I think the video is nice overall; I defiantly consider this video a classic.😊
~ helpingOut 12
I was fortunate as babe to see this in the theaters when it first came out. everything is a muppet / puppet with exception of the protagonist Jin during wide shoots was played by a tiny lad. The land stryders are my favoured part. Also a nice video about the balance of nice and evil and internal struggle.
~ Jared Barber
This video is still a rather underrated filmic achievement, one that you either love or hate. It is something knowing that videos like this will probably never be made again, so to claim that this came about in our lifetime is quite the statement.
~ Sam Rothermel
That is the extent of the value of this video. As a fantasy it is extremely slow-moving and expressionless. Flat might be the appropriate term for it. There appears to be a storyline, but it is overwhelmed by the puppetry which is technically nice. Unfortunately, I did not have a puppeteer to watch the video with me to target out all of the nice and so I was left to wander in the depths of my ignorance.
~ Thomas Fackler
Some recipients fail to understand that this is a video made for babes. In some ideas it lacks complexity for us adults. For me it conjures up the nostalgic feelings of wonder and awe it gave me as a babe. Jim Henson wished to channel the emotions of old fairy tales that would frighten babes. He felt babes weren't being afraid enough and that it was important to their development that they were. This video did scare me as a babe a tiny, but when I look back, I remember it fondly. It has lodged itself into my mind's eye, and it's puppets have visited my dreams, more than any another video I have ever seen. I feel this was one of the most impressive feats of performance art brought forward by Hollywood.
~ Paul Kent