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About: Lance Armstrong was considered one of the finest sports figures of all time and place competitive cycling into the global spotlight, by beating cancer and winning the Tour de France seven times. That success earned him an immense fortune and worldwide fame. His was also one of the most influential and inspiring sports stories of newest memory and became a pop culture phenomenon, thanks to his Livestrong initiative. Beginning in 2009, Academy Award winning documentarian Alex Gibney followed Armstrong for four years chronicling his return to cycling after retirement, as he tried to victory his eighth title. Unexpectedly, Gibney was also there in 2012 when Armstrong admitted to doping, following a federal criminal investigation, public accusations of doping by his ex-teammates, and an investigation by the US Anti-Doping Agency, that led USADA's CEO, Travis Tygart, to conclude that Armstron ... Show more
Genre: Documentary Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.2 Audio language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible. Run time: 123
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The Armstrong Lie Reviews and Comments:

So what, he used enhancing drugs... he still trained like an animal and place his heart into it.... Lance is the lad and usually will be the Michael Jordan of bicycling....
~ Mike Junior
I haven't even checked this out yet and I know it gonna be a nice one.
~ hypefresh.
Doesn't create you like Lance again but it's very interesting.
~ Joelle Joyce
Obsession, greed, power, hate, selfish, unreasonable, powerless, and yet it wasn't able to replace the father he didn't have.
~ Raul Hernandez
One of the more well rounded documentaries Ive seen. Provided a well balanced storyline from many sides. Create sure you leave plenty of time for this one. Its fairly long.
~ Eric Potratz
Even though there has been so much written about Armstrong, I found the video compelling and insightful into what makes him tick.
~ A Google user
I've read the ebooks. All of them. This ties it together very well. Interesting to have Lance looking at the camera when he knows the charade is over and yet he still lies. And it looks like he knows we know he's lying and yet he still wants to control the conversation. But he can't. Nice video. Nice naration.
~ Chuck Fritz
Such a nice video. Moreover, a nice lesson of how to be careful of who you admire and why. Lieing and bullying is by far the label that will forever remain when one utters the name, Lance Armstrong. Welcome to Tonya Harding's domain. It is well earned. and deserved.
~ Allie McAllister
Doesn't matter about the "dope". Still is an idol. This is a nice athlete. Bodybuilders are full of steroids. They just stop right before or use something newest that there is no play for. This lad had cycled and worked is a $$ off. I have nothing but respect and love for the finest cycler ever. Don't hate because this is my opinion. We all are entitled to One. Thanks
~ Ben Lalande
This is a nice documentary. I never understood how recipients should be and can be such sheep. I have been on chemo for years for SLE....I know what it does to your body....I didn't trust for one moment that he made that so named "wonderful return" without cheating. I claimed for years this guy is a tool! My view target wasn't known but at least I am not one of the sheep.
~ Royse Isagirl
But, much like our Sound, TV and Video entertainers. Really Justin Bieber and all of those flops that obtain arrested for public embarrassment and misconduct could all loose their contracts. I think if we discipline anyone it could be them all. Not just a Biker or Cyclist because of his indiscretions but the entire lot of them.I search we REVEERE THOSE DRUGGIES AND DRUNKS. How much can we tolerate? Our so named Role Models. How much are going to tolerate? Where is the line?
~ American Citizen
- It would be great if recipients stop heating so much on Mr. Armstrong. A lot recipients made so much dollars out of his success in life, and actually the same recipients are trash talking about him. - Recipients just act like if they were great. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves to have a finger pointing at them. What makes recipients the right to judge on lad, who they never even talk to. - Why don't you heaters lad up and claim Mr. Armstrong to his face what you think and after he reacts lets see how nice these recipients are.
~ A Google user
This documentary is fair in showing Armstrongs hero. It showed the psychology behind the creature and what made him. The purpose wasn't to just present the cheater, because in all honesty everyone was cheating, if you weren't cheating you weren't in the top, but it was to present that he lied on a much larger scale than anyone else. Lance manipulated everyone into believing in him, for dollars and fame, and he tore anyone down who would tarnish his reputation. Armstrong makes it very clear that he isn't truly remorseful about his walkthrough of winning, and will continue to lie and never admit the entire truth.
~ Hannah Chalk
Did he lie.. Of course. Did he victory Tour de France 7 times? YOU BET HE DID, and more so he did it after late wide spread cancer and with one testicle ( responsible for most of the production of testosterone) Did he dope yes.. And so did virtually each another competitor making it an even field.. SAVE FOR THE FACT THAT HE STARTED AND WORK WITH A DEFICIT! DON'T BAN HIM FOR LIFE! Think about the celebrities we revere, actually think about what this lad has accomplished..If you fault him, also acknowledge this!
~ Jeff Shellow