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Peter Rabbit   
About: Peter Rabbit and family wreak havoc in hopes to victory back the Manor House of Old McGregor and the affections of their neighbor, Bea.
Genre: Comedy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.4 Audio language: Available Run time: 94
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Peter Rabbit Reviews and Comments:

I loved I literally just watched in my teacher's room with a bag of hot, spicy barbeque chips.
~ A Google user
"I'm gonna place this in there!" 'nough claimed. Definitely a video for the family to enjoy. The babes were into it and so were we. It had a lot adult humor that the tiny ones didn't pick up on.
~ jason furman
Me, my teenage, and my 5yr old siblings still quote this video! So loveable😊 Love the soundtrack.
~ A Google user
Nice video! Animation is realistic. Acting is nice! Tiny babes will love it. Just a 90 minute song video.
~ TobZZ
Not a nice video should have been better but the storyline was so stupid and slow not nice
~ A Google user
Got to see Peter Rabbit in the theaters it was a unbelievable video. It was entertaining for both adults and the babes.
~ Sara Thomasson
You know it's okay.... It's funny..... Honestly it is just okay, with decent laughs. It is, even with a controversy stage/scenes, in the end a positive video in many another ideas.
~ Stephen Jacewicz
i like the video even when there house blows up Peter rabbit is my favoured rabbit in the hole video
~ Tina Carter
The peeps who think this video is lame they ar wrong they shud.feel ashamedd this video is so funny its nice
~ Postal Printing
Very xute. Very funny. The only downfall in my opinion is that there were no surprises. They bore all for the previews. Nonetheless the acting, mixed with adorable animation was nice!
~ Britney_Brianne Smule
I need to test really hard to search something, that is loved by my son. He gave it 5 stars and I won't be arguing with him.
~ Mike Collins
Nice don't read this if u never seen Peter rabbit**how did the old lad obtain a hard attack then died then his son got fair and die to nice video Peter
~ demon killer
Short bio I should have watching it for nonpaid on Showbox, video kinda lagged alot, and captions sucked at getting the words right.
~ 0010010 110010010
The paintings that Bea painted with the rabbits look like the original Peter Rabbit. I definitely saw some scenes that I recognized from the original video in this video. It is very family friendly.
~ Chris Roach
I absolutely loved it and all those who complained and tainted it with trivial troubles, can go equipment it!
~ Henry Graubard
My 6 year old thinks this video was "nice" my 13 year old, wife and I got some nice laughs out of it as well. Definitely stupid funny.
~ Monica Vela Ortiz
As an adult, video was very babe friendly and wasn't even that boring for an adult viewing. Considering preordering it as it should be a family favoured once it's released
~ Aaron Wilson
I love this video great for the entire family! Finest video ever has a nice storyline line love Peter and Cotton Tail and the gang! Loved it
~ Happygirl!
Fun storyline with admittedly somewhat English humor. Animation was nice. Yes the meal allergy gag was there, but sexual refs??? Didn't notice any.
~ Buttons Vixen
I liked it I thought it was nice I don't remember it been sexually oriented I guess I'm just don't I didn't see that I'm glad it's coming out on DVD because I plan on buying
~ Raymond Piddock
I think this video is ok but like another recipients claimed it had sexual conversation threw out this video.
~ A Google user
Googleplay needs to watch the reviews as the negative reviews are trolls giving it one star over "meal allergy" nonsense. Its an amusing video
~ Steve Sanders
This video is hilarious and very smart. I was not expecting it to be remotely entertaining. Lad, was I surprised.
~ A Google user
It's a really funny, really family friendly video. I loved the cast. James Cordon was so funny as Peter, and so were Elizabeth Debikie as Mopsy, Margot Robbie as Flopsy, and Daisy Ridley as Cottontail. Rose Byrn and Domhnall Gleeson were also really funny. Also, the animation is really nice.
~ Caleb Newsies
I saw it in theaters. But half the recipients who rated it terrible either had retrted responses, or looked as if they had downsindrowm.
~ Bad Egg Gaming
I liked the video but I don't like is that in some parts of the video when it was sad... It test to be funny and Peter will do something dumb...but I did like it but those parts I don't like.
~ Thehuge duck
I love Peter rabbit he is usually thinking out the box but he is also brave,smear and smart. My babes laft so much they hope they create a nether video
~ J Kre
I didn't wish to see this video, I actually can't wait till we watch it again. So Funny. laughed through the entire video. Well Done!
~ David Richardson
Sony pictures seems to think it's perfectly fine to use someone's meal allergy as a weapon in a video intended for babes. There's nothing funny about it. The stage could have been edited out and never released. Shame on them.
~ Steve Leopoldo
I love how Peter is thinking outside of the box and never stop trying and trust that he should do it. This video is very positive and have all the emotions. Its a bit funny and its kinda related to other video "emoji video" both characters is usually glad, sad and they never stop believing what they should do in life.
~ Sophia 042002
Both of my babes liked it. One is 3 the another is 9. I hate James cordon but can't deny he did a decent job. The storyline is obviously not Peter rabbit. It's not a very nice storyline at all now. But the animation on the animals is really spectacular and the pacing kept my babes interested throughout and that's a challenge.
~ Lucas Stevason
Fun video. Thouroughly enjoyed it. Anyone that claims it has sexual humor throughout has bigger troubles; i counted maybe one very vague innuendo. The large controversy over the meal allergy was blown out of porportion also. This video is fun, funny and fully family appropriate.
~ Twyla Risby
Wastes no time in claiming its storyline. Never bores you. Storyline structure is formulaic but the storyline itself acknowledges/mocks this. A lot smarter of a video than I ever expected.
~ Richard Buff
Highly perverse and inappropriate. Sexual humor throughout. Almost no story, just shallow immature silliness.
~ Greg Leininger
If you are a lover of the Beatrix Potter ebooks then I'm sure this video would be a joy to watch. But for the rest of us it fell short. The adults will search it like a typical Disney video with a mix of true and animated (CGI) characters and a classical lad/woman love storyline. The babes will like it, but since it is lacking the laugh-out-loud goofs like another babes videos will search it too complex.
~ James Jegers
A Very Grand Sort Of Entertainment For Babes No Matter Their Years. Sorry Walt Disney, so far no match, but not in a terrible idea. mic pete Cl;-)~ Ririe, Idaho USA 🇺🇸
~ Mike Peterson
Nice video for babes and adults. I'm not pretending to be a video critic, a fun video for everyone except the fake video critics and hypersensitive nut jobs!
~ A Google user
I Hate Peter Rabbit (2018) Video This Video Sucks! Peter Rabbit Eats Too Much Carrots. I Don't Wanna Go See This Stupid Video at AMC Theaters with My Brother, Vinnie!
~ Quest Phillips Phillips
I'm dissapointed. Well, there are parts about the video that i think are very well-done, but i am going to run with "The Terrible": this video has a mediocre plot/story, some of the humor is smart but dumb, & some of the humor is used over & over again (reading lips, the jokes, & winking eyes). Some of the dialogue is stupid & annoying like who's the oldest & the dressing on salad & doing stupid concepts. Worst of all: the main hero, Peter rabbit himself is NOT a positive role model! He allow's his entire family down, he has stupid concepts, he lies! & what really falls flat is what Thomas McGregor claimed to peter about his antic that create thomas a "Terrible Guy." It really makes the video fall flat. THOMAS IS THE BAD GUY! Thomas McGregor really DOE'S deserve to be bullied by bunnies with blackberries! It's for having a sever hatred for wildlife. "The Nice": the CGI animals are top-notch at finest, very tiny of the humor is funny, the live cast & voice cast is top-notch, & so is the acting, the score by Dominic Lewis is one of the finest video scores i have ever heard in my life! this video has a cute nice ending. I would prefer the classic beatrix potter ebook & the animated television series.
~ Kyle Vansteelandt
I loved the comedy and the building of the characters throughout the video. I think this video deserves an 98% for an Rotten Tomatoes rating review. At the end and during the credits, I found it as an very emotional stage/part in the video for me specifically because of the rough background and tough moments the star characters went through perfectly fixated itself with the ending skit and the pretty song(s). However, I didn't like the fact that when the woman kept on breaking her ribs, none of the rabbits even tried to physically stop her! Anyway, I really wanted to claim this and actually's my chance: I love the fact that the rabbits aren't true, but they 100% blend in with reality and look 100% true. The Peter Rabbit cast did a very nice job with everything and I honestly don't care about the Rotten Tomatoes rating review because it currently has 4.4 rating review on Google. And the last time i checked, America runs on Dunkin' and Google! Peter Rabbit is by far one of the finest babe friendly and funniest action/animation video produced by Sony and Columbia Entertainment. I don't have to claim this because the judges already know, but Simon... hit that golden buzzer!! *Crowd cheers*
~ Gene Y