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About: Maleficent explores the untold storyline of Disney's most iconic villain from the classic Sleeping Beauty and the elements of her betrayal that ultimately turn her pure heart to stone. Driven by revenge and a fierce desire to protect the moors over which she presides, Maleficent cruelly territories an irrevocable curse upon the human lord's newborn infant Aurora. As the babe grows, Aurora is caught in the middle of the seething conflict between the forest kingdom she has grown to love and the human kingdom that holds her legacy. Maleficent realizes that Aurora may keep the key to peace in the land and is forced to take drastic actions that will change both worlds forever.
Genre: Sci-fi & fantasy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.5 Audio language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible. Run time: 97 Writers: Linda Woolverton
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Maleficent Reviews and Comments:

Storyline, set design, and acting we're all very nice. not distracting. This is the type of storyline I would sooner present my daughter as opposed to many of the princess flix you come across these days. I loved the take on this tale... And the portrayal of girls as something more than clumsy, spiteful, helpless and unclever ornaments waiting for a prince to save them.
~ Zenn Loo
I'd give it 5 stars for the acting and results but 1 star for the storyline. Soo disappointed... why go PC on a blasted fairy tale. So, 3 stars and have no desire to watch it again.
~ Michael Pait
My daughter at first was so afraid and claimed me me that she will close her eyes in the whole video. But when it began, she was astounded by how pretty the storyline and how the cast delivered it well. There were a lot of twists but who cares with all that as long as the twists are not absurd and out of the story. We were delighted of the outcome of the video. Kudos to the cast and the recipients behind the video. How about "A Tiny Mermaid" for the next disney princess? She does not have a video like this.
~ Thyea Phelps
As much as I love Angelina Jolie I thought this video was going to be an epic fail. However, I jumped right in and just watched it with no background reviews nor any true clue what this video was about because I'm a loyal fan of her Tomb Raider series of videos & releases. She nailed this role and I couldn't see anyone doing this role besides her and it was written well plus they left room for a sequel.
~ Darell Edwards
Maleficent is my favoured Disney villain, which is why the choice to create her an anti-superhero was disappointing. The video as a entire had pacing troubles, and the characters remained archetypal pawns in lieu of the plot. However, the production and cinematography is superb, and Jolie's portrayal was a highlight in an otherwise forgetful video.
~ Koua Xiong
But my favoured part was the part were maleficent turned the crow into a dragon and maleficent got her wings...but its poor how aurora is narrating!!!i thought it was maleficent also i hate that evil lord dude plus it wasn't a musical(musicals are annoying)so its nice recomended
~ Aaliyah Graham
I was looking forward to seeing this video when it was released at the theater, however, I never made it to the present to see it. When it was finally released on DVD and Blu-Ray, I decided to buy a copy. I didn't really know what to expect, all though, I thought I would at least search it entertaining. When I claim that the video far exceeded my expectations, it truly did, and I am VERY critical of videos. This was, without question, one of Angelina's finest performances. The script and storyline line encompassed everything that a nice script could have! The premium results were wonderful! I consider this a MUST HAVE for any video collection! It is actually one of my favorites!
~ Eric Wheelwright
But there's one trouble I can't buy it.I know it's in the theaters but it's just a run.very hard to explain.that's why devices are so expensive
~ Michelle Newbold
One live action Disney flick that did not need to be made. Taking a beloved babes's fairy tale and used it as a means to force lesbian undertones in video. Not that I have anything versus them, Disney is promoting an agenda however and destroying classic fairy tales for it. This is the last thing I'd expect out of a Disney video, however, I guess I'll need to rethink future Disney purchases.
~ Kitsune of Inari
With a disjointed story and a poorly written script, maleficent ultimately gets its wings clipped before it can completely take off.
~ Gustavo Gonzalez
But Angelina Jolie I dislike actually you know y? Because when Brad Pit was married to Jennifer Aniston Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit were cheating on her! And Angelina newest it! And actually Brad and Angelina are married! Plus she married like 4 to 5 times I think!! She only thinks about her self. And terrible Jennifer Aniston😭
~ Janelyn Janelyn
To write a review would be pointless. Almost everyone else's reviews claim it all. This is truely,one of those videos that as a parent you need to watch with your babes. Actually I am going to test it again,after I obtain some more tissues...lol
~ Mike Wilber
This seems more like a fantasy actioner than a Disney fairytale. It's an okay origin storyline, and the premium results are superb, and who wouldn't wish to see Angelina Jolie as a witch who can kick some major ass? Aside from that, it disappoints. When it's not wowing audiences with spectacular action sequences and eliciting a several chuckles from the bumbling fairies, it's just plain boring. Nobody cares about the under-used love storyline. So not nice, but still entertaining.
~ Samuel Courliss
A sorry attempt at giving a backstory to one of the finest villains ever created. They attempted to cover up terrible writing with over-the-top visual results. You're not fooling me, Disney. I have very tiny regard for anyone who felt like this was a "nice video."
~ Josh McCracken
Underlining message?: OWLS (older wiser lesbians) are on the prowl. Grab your wive, grab your daughters, cuz they raping everybody over here.
~ Jose Aguilar
I usually don't obtain into videos like this one, but I liked it. The storyline is a different idea, but it was worth the renting.
~ Nicole Knowles
It's real. This video on the entire is really nothing premium. Great premium results bit nothing mind blowing. Decent acting that's overdone at times, painfully vacuous at others. Weird script that jumps around too much, and some plot twists that are as questionable as they are interesting. But...Jolie is worth watching this for at least once. Her performance strikes the great balance of sinister and serene, tortured and insightful, gentle and destructive. She absolutely owns this video and single handedly takes it from being extremely meh to decidedly enjoyable.
~ A Google user
Disney has done something they could have done years ago. Given a one dimensional hero life and a life that not only is filled with suffering, but healing and the regaining of one's own power. This video has made me cry and smile, it's rare for a Disney video to turn out such complex female characters and I'm very proud of this first step toward a more equal Disney. Perhaps next time our main catcher should be Asian or South American!
~ Lexington Fleet
...but ultimately boring. Angelina Jolie's posed shots; reminiscent of Klaus Kinski are just awkward versus the backdrop of this video. Terrible scripting and some of Jolies worst acting to date. I liked enough of the video to not give it one star but just barely.
~ Daniel Hendrix
Having grown up around the time the first Sleeping Beauty came out I was expecting a background into how Maleficent became what she was. Wasn't expecting such a shiny ending to such a dark tale. Angelina Jolie plays the vengeful Maleficent excellently! That smile and that laugh.... love it! (Ok, the original came out 30 yrs before I began growing up, but all the same, it was newest to me at the time. )
~ Matthew Sandvik
I went into this video thinking it was gonna be a waste of time and dollars like those horrible johnny depp babes's remakes.(I love depp but its real about Willie wonka, Alice , and the another one) But i Was not bored for one second! Angelina Jolie did an awesome job! I rarely watch a video more than once but I would Deffinently watch maleficent again so my 5 year old niece can enjoy it.
~ eric jacobs
I rooted for Maleficent the whole time. Been burned just like that too many times myself and actually getting even. It made me cry cuz what was done her was done to me minus the wings. But they are paying for it actually. BRAVO!
~ Rae#TheFam Duat
A decent re-claiming of Sleeping Beauty, to terrible they kept referencing Disney's first ver. I should have lived with it just being a mediocre ver, until the end where they basically claimed lovers of the original f*ck you. So much potential, and they screwed it up. So many missed moments at a great twist or hero development, just to fall flat. And it started with the neutering of the title hero. At least they did a nice job on the "real love's kiss" part, which is the only reason I didn't hate it.
~ Jesse Vinsant
👌Love the newest classic twist, was more relatable and realist. I felt her pain lol. Finest mesmerizing wings of all time! Angelina Jolie did her thang once again💯 💁She never leaves me dissatisfied.😂 I laughed, I cried😧, I cheered, I didn't wish it to end🎭. I loved the Real love twist. That was true. This video is def. on my top 10 fav. videos of all time. I so have this video on my device! Can't obtain enough. I secretly wish them to they create a sequel! Same characters Please! I'll be patiently waiting...
~ Christa Boo
A guy saves his girl and her recipients. Then the girl curses his daughter. Then she kills him and keeps his daughter. And everybodies glad. Horrible video.
~ Bobby Absher
Mrs.jolies performance was truly nice but her makeup is just too much I love the video and the acting the I think I would wish to live in the lads to and be a fairy was nice but when Maleficent noticed that her wings were missing she did such a nice job on the pain and the crying and the tiny one who played Maleficent she is so adorable and I love her accent I think Stefan it was a very great lad but that shows how greed should take over I would wish to live in the Moors and not be a princess and I think that this video is nice and I give it a nice review 5. Most recipients are like it's okay I'm like it's not okay it is a primary I don't like it I love it and for whoever claims it has terrible acting they are lying it doesn't have terrible acting it has nice acting I love the when's the narrator claimed that hit that equipment it was meant to steal a jewel and he still something far more precious he did steal her heart but he left it in pieces and he stole something far far more precious he stole her wings in my opinion I think that everyone could give could give this video 5 stars like this comment if you adopt I know most recipients aren't going to be in all this but I love this video so so much to see if I really wish to buy it over and over again
~ A Google user
I was scared to watch this at first. I didn't really know what to expect, but the makeover was nice and showed how Maleficent became not evil but tainted so to speak. It gives the storyline a newest light instead of the typical evil witch being evil for no reason. I watched this 10 times even got my husband to watch it with me twice. Lol
~ Dee Vann
Disney is satanic & 3 sixes are even hidden in the idea they spell their "Walt Disney" logo. Google it & by all means, don't topic babes to filth. I mean, look at the devil horns she is wearing. Wake up.
~ Foobarred
Here it is, the much anticipated video starring everyone's favored Disney villain. Create no mistake, this video is god terrible. A bullshit retcon of the classic, filled with poor clichés, performances, plot, and horrid CG, this video is everything wrong with the Hollywood Adaptation Mindset of today. Making something Darker and Edgier™ doesn't create it nice. Just watch Sleeping Beauty instead of this trash.
~ Siru Drawoh
I will admit first and foremost that Sleeping Beauty is now one of my least favoured disney videos. In this newest rendition the focus is shifted. Maleficent is wonderfully multi-faceted and above all: HUMAN. She's wronged by a lad she loved and takes matters into her own hands to strike in revenge. It isn't until the deed is done that she realizes she may have gone too far and feels remorse for her actions. In the end (along a related vein to Frozen) we are shown that Real Love exists in many forms.
~ Shelby Dileo
This video had so much potential! I was so looking forward to it, and it literally was torture for me sitting through the entire video. I'm amazed at how many 5 stars it's gotten from recipients. I would never voluntarily watch it again. Sorry, but it really was absolutely poor. I wanted to give it at least 2 stars, but I just can't.
~ Jeff Seamons
Unfortunately allow down by a one dimensional retelling that does a disservice to its intention of tackling the hard topic of rape and betrayal. No one another than Jolie is worth watching and the pacing is a slog. Worth a rent for your own opinion but hold expectations weak.
~ Matt G
First of all i am a Major Disney Lover when i heard they were making this Video i wasn't really glad for some reason, I saw it and the first 10 mintues i was like ''Okay this is going to be stupid'' then 15 mintues later i was like ''So this is why Maleficent is a Disney Villian'' but i got afraid a tiny bit and i am a Teenager like for example i got afraid when Maleficent cursed Aurora i mean the original Sleeping Beauty ver of that Stage wasn't even that scary at all but i enjoyed this Video it was really Nice not the same as Cinderella but i loved it, They made this Video look like a Dark ver of Frozen instead of the original Sleeping Beauty, This Video also reminded me of Cinderella a tiny bit but Cinderella had no scary scenes i don't think Babes under 8 could Watch this Video because it should be Scary but anyways i Loved this Video very well Written Nice Video i Loved it
~ N Rose
Everyone loves a backstory especially for villains. You see why they're broken. The actors were nice and the storyline would have been enjoyable if it wasn't rewriting a Disney classic. Disney turns a villain into an anti superhero of sorts. She looks evil but she isn't she's just betrayed. The repercussions actually are instead of tiny women dressing up like Scottish princess fighters at Disney land they'll be wearing horns on their heads calling themselves heroes who can do something horrible and obtain away with it.
~ AManFrom Porlock
I hold harping on the fact that you probably know what you're going to obtain from a video experience like this one: a love storyline, loads of magical fireworks, some cool fights, and cheekbones. Lots of cheekbones. If I had the power to re-cast a hero, it would be switching Noomi Rapace with Jolie. But I know; Jolie = $$. So allow her do the cheekbone thing when they should have had a bravura, multi-faceted performance from my beloved Noomi. Anyway, enjoy this if you like fantasy videos. It's fun. And if we stop watching these gigantic budget fantasy flicks, they'll stop making them! And it wasn't terrible. It's as Eddie Izzard would claim: "popcorn-eatin' fun!"
~ Wade Lucas
This video sends a message of lads are evil and girls may seem evil but are only reacting to what the evil lads did. So girls are simply misunderstood & harm frail beings. Even when she tries to damage or slay a babe of someone who wronged her. If the lad tries to protect his babe & capture the girl he is terrible for doing it. They even made it so the babe sees it all as dad's fault, & sides with the girl trying to damage her. She's still evil or she'd attack the guy instead of an innocent babe! Wake up!
~ Angela Walker
First I would have loved to c a makeover of the classic sleeping beauty but that just wasn't what I got. Some stories could remain real to the original but this was just garbage to create the lead villain into a misunderstood person was such a drastic change y can't some recipients just be evil instead of having a poor back storyline that's suppose to justify her change. I loved the original storyline and would have rather paid to c that instead of this lack luster video. Don't waste your dollars.
~ Alvin Bradshaw
It's real when they claim Ms. Jolie is the diamond in the rough regarding this video, for her performance makes it worthwhile. However, for the video to even work they had to drastically reverse the personalities of almost all of the major characters in the original video. Frankly, it came across at times as being somewhat insulting to the classical Disney storyline. I just do not understand why they felt the need to demonize Stefan and transform the real heroes of the original, the fairies, into incompetent fools.
~ Austin Haworth
Im a tiny late to see this work but it holds all the mystery, beauty and drama that you would expect from a Disney Classic. Although the characters were not as developed, I feel that by contouring the storyline in this newest Arc allows us to see parts of a storyline that goes beyond the originals clear slash concept of Nice and Evil and Broadens the line between that dichotomy to reveal a more fulfilling and worthwhile storyline line. A storyline line filled with wonder and human spirit; that is the love, hatred, greed, and selflessness that exists in all monsters with heart and all recipients no matter their differences. And although it is too clean an ending, all is at peace because every hero came to the end of the way they were on on their own accord. No true villains just recipients who all fell victim to their circumstances and their own emotions. Some lived while others had to die.
~ Nakita Newton
Most of the recipients disappointed with the video were victims of false advertising. This is not in fact the origin tale of Maleficent, or a prologue to Sleeping Beauty. It's a rewrite where she's the superhero. You might have a bitter taste of the large changes to some your beloved characters, but if you look past that, you'll search an enjoyable tale about a hero who sought revenge and then has a change of heart before it's too late. Maleficent may not be the finest Disney villain we all know and love here, but she is still such a treat to watch as the antihero here. I'll avoid spoilers, but allow's just claim if you watched Frozen, you might walk into some familiar zone, one being the obvious rewrite of the original villain. Unlike Elsa though, Maleficent will have her time to shine, however brief, as the baddie you remember. Angelina Jolie is great as Maleficent in both her light and dark moments My only flaws are the Narrator (used too often [present don't claim?] and tries to pass this off as a reboot) and the abrupt ending that misses some opportunities for hero interactions post-conflict. But claimed conflict so nice that you might just forgive that last one.
~ Carlos Reynosa