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Justice League Dark: Apokolips War   
About: The Justice League has usually been Worlds first and last defense, but with the imminent comeback of Darkseid and the horrors of fight that will follow, everything is about to change! With time running out, the Justice League will need all of its members and their powers like never before. But even the globes most potent Super Heroes, including newest member John Constantine, may not be able to create a difference versus Darkseids legions. Witness the most shocking war in the DC Universe, where survival itself is a win.
Genre: Action & adventure Audio language: Available Run time: 90 Writers: Ernie Altbacker, Mairghread Scott
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Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Reviews and Comments:

~ RealGTZ
I have read the Comic about Darkseid first comeback in DC comics in the past post 1980s?
~ Juan Duran
One of the most brutal justice league videos, thoroughly enjoyed this one
~ Tim Boie
I bootleg the video i like it so much that i wanna pay for it actually, but it isn't available for buy or rent 😑
~ Ghost 94
DC continues to place out powerful animated videos for their lovers! Honestly never wish these to stop!
~ Connor Anderson
I have watched almost all DC animated videos and most of them are quite nice like 9/10 nice. I guess this one is going to be one of those videos.
~ That's Rich
This was a bloody video. ...bloody nice
~ Bobby Green
A dublagem em português estraga o filme, mudaram as vozes de todos os personagens
~ Ricardo Victor Souza Lucena
Disappointing ending, and SMH to Lady Shiva's death
~ Thomas Bush
DO NOT WATCH THE TRAILER! THIS WILL BE A SPOILER FREE REVIEW. Long storyline short. Watch this. Watch the previous 7 or 8 dc animated videos, and then watch this. Jesus, this was so nice
~ MrWilsonxD
Very dark, very nice. This is definitely not rated PG-13. You will see that in the first 10 minutes. Definitely worth the buy if you have been following the video's for a while.
~ Ryu Novacheck
Looks promising. Can't wait. Most of the DC animated videos have been cute nice.
~ Neil Johnson
I love it nice video ending got me sad because flashpoint paradox going back about time save heros future like Justice league dark
~ Daniel Camacho
Not available in Turkey... Wow thanks
~ Doge
Bloody. Vulgar. Un-censored. It's just what a Justice League Dark video could be.
~ KidGhidorah *
~ Mindray
WOW, looks like there is a newest contender for finest animated comic video to take on Under the Red Hood. Absolutely brilliant that they incorporated Future's End into this video. And to top it off, just a nice love storyline when it comes to Clark & Lois, Damian & Raven, and Constantine & Zatanna.
~ Tom A
Amei o filme, como sempre! Mas que descaso foi esse com os dubladores clássicos WB? Á dublagem brasileira é perfeita e vocês trocaram sem o mínimo de empatia. Redublem pelo amor de Deus aí eu coloco 5 estrelas!
~ Railson Bezerra
Boa tarde, Quero informar que a dublagem do filme animação Justice League Dark: Apokolips Fight aqui no Brasil ficou PÉSSIMO, queremos uma redublagem com o dubladores originais no Brasil. Queremos os profissionais como Duda Ribeiro (Batman), Guilherme Briggs (Superman), Priscila Amorim (Mulher-Maravilha), Eduardo Borgerth (Ciborgue), Clécio Souto (Flash), Fernando Lopes (Constantine), Mônica Rossi (Lois Lane), Luis Carlos Persy (Lex Luthor). Todos do Brasil queremos a redublagem!!
~ Falcon
I didn't see the video I rated it 5 stars to help recipients who made this and because I am a fan of DC
~ Henoktades Ethio
Everything the live action JL could have been tbh. It had the typical cringe and cheese balls that one would expect an animated comic ebook video to have but, if you enjoy the another DCAU videos, you wont be disappointed.
~ Richard Cupal
I had seen a several clips from this video and thought it was interesting I won't spoil anything but if you wanted to see what would happen if darkseid won one of his conquests to defeat the world and fully wreck the JLA this video is worth the buy or rent.
~ Matthew Mcculloch
For those who think r rated animated videos are garbage you gotta of never read the newest 52 era of comics. This video was a nice conclusion to that era. It was well written acted and delivered. Nice for lovers of the newest 52.
~ Darwin Ellis
I thought this video was supposed to end the DC animated universe. The ending left a heavy storyline gap, that feels like it was setting up other video. Overall it was a nice video, but going back to the beginning or going to a potential newest beginning is not a nice idea to end a storyline plot.
~ Dylan Woods
Nice conclusion to the DC animated universe. My favoured one. My only complaint is Darkseid's voice which is not his usual deep commanding voice.
~ Juan Tafoya
Don't wish to spoil anything, but this is EPIC. Nice wars and nice storyline. A lot of fan favorites present up and are treated well.
~ Jordan Laroya
With each body having to stay home you would think they would had version it early for those who pre-order "OMG"! the anticipation is killing me
~ Darryll Anderson
BRAVO DC & WB! The finest DCAMU video I have ever seen and I own them all. Loved how it ties them all together for the finale. I want these writers should partake in the cinematic universe. Action packed, hilarious and tugged on the heart strings a bit. Wow! Nice ride!
~ Tony Sloan
very graphic and violent. did not expect that with an R rating. i just guessed f bombs and blood. but you obtain gore, guts, and more! endgame wouldnt have the balls to do what they did in this
~ Joel filmmaker
The storyline diverges from the comics, so don't expect it to be the same; it does take a several concepts, but it is a different storyline. By itself, without comparing, its a really nice video, sets things up for a nice ending and a newest beginning. It is a bit intense for an animate video, so don't expect to see it with your babes until they're older.
~ Pedro Fernandez
Its so nice that you will just sit in aw . The dialogue, the storyline, and the action is nice. This is one of the finest animated videos DC has made. Nice one liners through the entire video. Nice hero interactions. It has an ending that is to be expected but the ride to it makes the ending well worth it . Sit down . Watch this (Without babes in the room because the language is R or bordering R rating) . And be amazed at the DC animated Universe that has been created up until the target. It is going down as one of my favoured animated videos.
~ Donald Chambliss Jr.
~ Robert Dikes
Mostly really liked, one significant trouble that I have w/ DC/Marvel in general which is a SPOILER SO DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU'RE AVOIDING SPOILERS. The continuous use of time travel (whatever, "flash target") to restart an whole storyline line. It feels lazy, and also like a waste of everyone's time to write the storyline in the first zone. If you're building a universe, and you wish to have progress within it, why would you spend 90 minutes creating a potentially cool newest universe w/ cyber heroes, and then wipe the whole thing off the map? Is it fan service? Fear that it won't be as known? I will state right actually; I'm tired of the actual set of heroes. Cyber Martian Lad Hunter/another cyber heroes were DOPE and there's TONS of dramatic/ hero building equipment to search; the crushing guilt at what they've done, the difficulty they face living with their transformations, potential loss of control to their cyber-halves. Beyond that, there should have been lots of constructive solutions at the end of this video, and there wasn't even an effort made to create that happen. Still giving 4 stars cuz I mostly liked but, damn DC, figure out a newest trick. Or just like, hire better writers.
~ Calder Chambers
This video was nice. Insanely terrifying for animation. DC videos nailed it. Recipients die. If id critqued, I feel like it was missing a portion of information from beginning or the end, not really sure. The characters lacked depth. EIther idea this was intense and realistic showing how potent a newest god like Darkseid is. Cant wait for Snyders take. Create the true video actually! * ITs DCs Endgame.* Marvel fills the characters persona better. DC needs to nail this and theyll lead the universe.
~ Joshua Wood
animated videos, or series like this could not be rated r. the earlier ones were babe friendly and actually you wish to end it with this immoral garbage. murder everyone then time heist. It's shameful how far down we have come that we let the entertainment industry to run wild with each type of immorality vile language, and use of demonic entities. we as a community could be trying to enable our next generation to have morals and values that ground them and improve them. What one generation tolerates, the next embraces.
~ Conor Hickey
Cute nice culmination of the DC Animated Universe. It's cool to see how the broken, despairing versions of all the characters cope with PTSD of the massacre. [SPOILERS] working for the another squad is one scary thought. There’s some lines in this video that are very cheaply written and take you out of the narrative. The climax didn’t quite reach as high as I had hoped, but still nice overall.
~ Jackson Washburn
I thought it was OK. Not nice. Animation is nice, but the lines some of the characters give just to be funny and some of the wars scenes were annoying not to mention, Harley Quinn over the top annoying af. Also the idea some of the heroes just snapped out of their trance from Darkseid because they "remember a love or family member" is really so overdone since the 1970s. They went lazy on this one. Finest part was John Constantine and Etrigan, both nice, BM was BM, Supes got old really speedy with the constant "we can't give up actually" lads scout attitude.
~ daviru02
THIS IS NOT FOR SMALL KIDS. (Serious violence, Blood splatter, death and yes even some powerful cursing.) That being claimed, if you are a fan of these characters you could see this video. You obtain to see recipients giving their finest during the worst possible cases. One spoiler, if you love a certain hero (superhero or not) they are probably going to die at some part. But a well done storyline. If I am not mistaken this is an R rated?
~ WIll Price
I love DC an Marvel. The idea animation an true videos are bringing the Reality of the globe experiences to the media is Astonishing. I think if you view these videos an animation variations as appalling an inappropriate. Then you could think about how your globe is today an attempt to change your environment 1 person at at time until recipients run to realize that we are not living our lives as God planned an allow's create it more like the superfriends and wonder twins. So allow's create a Change.
~ Jerry Smothermon
Without spoiling too much the storyline is claimed through some flashbacks initially to set up why the actual state of affairs are taking zone and I enjoyed that thinking the climax would entail a bit more conflict with Darkseid himself but the route the conclusion took was a bit anticlimactic in my opinion. If you've watched the videos leading up to this one I reccomend it for a rent, since it does bring closure to the overarching narrative.
~ Justin