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Jumanji: The Next Level   
About: In Jumanji:The Next Lvl, the gang is back (Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan) but the release has changed. As they return to Jumanji to rescue one of their own, they search that nothing is as they expect. With more action and surprises, the users will have to brave parts unknown and unexplored, from the arid deserts to the snowy mountains, in order to escape.
Genre: Action & adventure Audio language: Available Run time: 123 Writers: Scott Rosenberg, Jake Kasdan, Jeff Pinkner
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Jumanji: The Next Level Reviews and Comments:

It was a funny, glad go lucky video. That's all it was supposed to. It's not a deeply smart video and wasn't supposed to be. It isn't necessarily for tiny babes and I don't feel it was marketed as such. It is more of a teen and up video.
~ Kaylyn Taylor
So funny Kevin hart is one funny lad in this video. And the rock is the bomb.. they all did so well. I cried at the end tho hold me laughing tho. ❤❤❤
~ Melissa Worley
I laughed, thought it was funny.. won't watch over and over again like the original but enjoyed it..
~ Kris Diaz
It was trabile like why is the rock the grandpa that's what I don't like abt it And BTW I loved the first transport but I am hating it'd just that I didnt like the grandpa being the rock if it wasn't that I could have watched it
~ Nishan Rasaili
I enjoyed it for what it is. Stopped enjoying it when I got to approve a Jonas brother. He isn't nice . He isn't terrible. He is just shoehorned into it. Should have gotten anyone for the role. Destroyed the franchise. I do still enjoy that Mmmbop song.
~ Travis Smith
Very very funny. At first I was like, what's happening, but then I was like, it's cleverly funny. My babes watch over and over. It will be one of those videos I end up knowing all the words to and can speak along with video. Lol. You won't be disappointed.
~ Gemini Dani
Its was a nice sequel. if they didn't releae so much stats in the trailer I would have the woo feeling in the theater but, I claim it watchable and some belly laughs.
~ Mr.AwesometheMan
Boring, slow, tiny humor. It lacks the fun of the previous video, it has no suspense, it has no target. Skip this one.
~ Moana Hopkins
First was better. Not horrible but could have kept things the same. Was confusing keeping track of who was who.
~ S R
After seeing "Jumanji Escape to the Jungle" I expected the sequel to be at least as nice, if not better. Large disappointment. It was okay but definitely not nice.
~ Joanne Dannacher
My family and I were excited to buy this on the day it came out through Google Test shop and watch it and for some odd reason it's not available to buy in my country!?!??? It's needs to obtain fixed asap please. Tested multiple times throughout March 3rd and nothing was modernized.
~ Thomas Lintern
as with all nice videos when they create other video after the first one it's really never the same this one the next lvl was beyond boring the introduction of the newest characters with boring did not have a story if I was rating this on a scale of 1 to 5 1 being poor 5 being nice I would probably give this a 1.5 maybe maybe a two at the most I would never pay to see this video to be honest with you
~ I Gullett
The storyline for this video just was not well written, the writers wish to obtain royalty checks but dont wish to place the effort into making an nice script. The actors did the finest they should with what they were given.
~ Chris Carver
Whoever Jesus video their nuts this video is so nice I love it it came out on my birthday too so yeah I love it a lot it was better than the first Jumanji in the second I like the first one idea better don't you you could cuz the first I mean the last one is really nice still what I claimed whoever hates it there crazy and they could see the video cuz they don't know what they're missing right actually they don't know what they're missing cuz this video is cool and it's and not inappropriate and
~ Melissa moore
Jumanji was the finest Jumanji there ever was Funny what's on your mind is out there but there's usually different ones like the next lvl with regular Jumanji the first ever Jumanji it's witches from different graders soap Regular 8th grade it has all kinds of equipment in it but it's not all just jokes and funny and folded to video release it's about that much lads got to watch some of it but it's Bailey Flume equipment in if you don't know this by actually and claim whatever comes out of my mind but yeahfjfnfng
~ gaming with KK and the Boss
Too much blasphemy. Sat down to watch it with my family, and couldn't obtain past the first 15 min. As they took the Boss's Name in vain 6 times in just a short time. NOT A FAMILY FRIENDLY MOVIE
~ Matthew Roberts
It's fine. Some of the acting is a tiny over the top when they exchange bodies. I think Kevin Heart is the only guy that really did a fine job. The action sequences are nice. The villain was a very underwhelming compared to the previous one.
~ Denilson Valenzuela
Hilarious. Storyline was alright but who doesn't love the rock or Kevin Hart?
~ Dom Quatticci
I am upset because I brought this for my girlfriend yesterday and it does not have captions. We are deaf and typically each video we buy is available to the deaf community due to having captions. I wish my refund.
~ jesse naumann
Nice video but No Closed Captioning . I rented this video to watch with my deaf adult son but should not obtain the CC to display. Who would have thought that it would not have CC ,with videos and television shows actually providing CC. This is NOT COOL!!!!
~ Bren
Could have stopped at the first one. This plot for number two was not nice. I still prefer and am a fan of the first one. I should have watched the second one in the comfort of my home and been OK. I still love all the actors in the present just not the video storyline line which is not their fault.
~ L Dee
Warning: No closed captioning. If you have a lot of noise in your environment or have problem hearing don't bother renting this. Google will not refund your rental fee and the audio is garbled to the target it is unintelligible.
~ Joe Cornell
Loved it, a large fan of the entire Jumanji. Truthfully hoping they do one more, like they showed in the first one & at the end of this one were the animals came to our time. I will watch it. I laughed, cried was entertained throuh the entire video. I like to see videos for myself, and go from there. This video deserved more the 5 stars in my opinion.
~ Victoria Ziglor
Not nice for babes. The two newest characters create NO SENSE in this video. This one was all over the zone.
~ Heather Wheatley
The first video was so much better. The plot of this video was nice, and would have been nice, had they stuck with the original cast. Adding the old lads destroyed it. I don't see how there should be a third, but if there is, I hope they dont add bonus characters.
~ 3D Ram
I think there are a lot of nice messages hidden in these videos, and the humor just supports it transport along. In the end, we're all just humans with flaws and struggles, trying our finest to feel like we have a purpose. When you connect with others and launch up to yourself as well as those close to you, you figure out what that purpose is.
~ Amanda Howard
Recipients overthink and just have sticks up their butts. It's a funny/dumb/goofy video. Personally, I liked when they switched part idea through, giving some their original characters. Danny DeVito definitely required to switch.
~ Andre M
It was a bit boring to me I fell asleep on and off. Definitely enjoyed the one before more.
~ J B
One of the worst videos I've ever seen. Not quite as terrible as The Cell but not far off it. Destroyed a nice original video with 2 reboots that suck.
~ Dan Lee
It's nice but one MAJOR trouble, the entire first half of the video is slow and no action is involved. None. Like the first hour of a action, comedy, no action. The second half made this idea better, though, it's about like Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle which is appreciated as that was a blast! But still if a full half of a video is as slow as the average sloth with plot pacing it makes it not nice, not terrible, but just OKAY. Also it's not funny, even with Danny Devito in the cast, sad.
~ GamingWithAlex !
I don't understand all the negative reviews. I loved this 1 as much as the Welcome to the jungle,Jumanji......I loved all the characters. Do I have anything terrible to claim about this video???? Well YES I DO, IT WAS TOO SHORT.....NO JUST KIDDING, HOWEVER WHEN IS THE NEXT JUMANJI MOVIE COMING OUT....If you don't buy this video you will be sorry. I ordered my BLUERAY copy from Amazon....
~ Emory Oliver
I was a bit disappointed in how the characters first went back to Jumanji. I felt the Milo and Eddie jokes were stale after hearing them the first several times about being in a video release. The video had it's moments in the beginning, but it was mostly due to the original cast. After the video was approximately 60% through, it really picked up once they found the electrified water. From that target, it was highly entertaining. Of course, there's an interesting setup for a 3rd video which should be fun.
~ M. S.
I was very disappointed. I think adding Danny Devito and his poor attitude (in the video) and making him Bravestone destroyed the video. I cringed often Devito with his poor Brooklyn accent spoke in Jumanji land. I really enjoyed the first video and was looking forward to the sequel. It just didn't have the heart and fun of the first Jumanji.
~ Julia Dobson
Everything about this video was terrible. The acting was see through, the cgi looked like a video release (which might work on a lvl but I doubt as intended), the use of curse words did not bother me but how they were integrated felt fully unnecessary and cringey. Overall, I can not suggest anyone watch this video.
~ Matt S.
overall, i thoroughly enjoy the video, but not nearly as much as the first one. The last 1/4th of the video is wonderful. I don't think it works switching up the characters for the first 3/4ths of the video; not as funny. Also, and the largest offender for me, is the fact that Danny Devito claims blasphemous things ALL throughout the video: "GD this and that" and "Christ!". VERY offensive for a Christian watching this video. I won't be able to present this to my young daughter without speedy forwarding all through danny devito's dialogue. Not essential to convey grumpiness to use the Boss's name in vain.
~ J Hebert
I now preorder through Amazon. Took me two days to watch because its frustratingly terrible. Humor relies primarily on old recipients tropes (ugh). Storyline is primary and uninteresting compared to the original and the previous video. I suggest waiting for it to be on a platform that you already have access to such as Netflix. It's too terrible really because all things considered it did present that the actors have more range it just... wasn't a nice video.
~ Cynthia Dixson
This video is disgusting! It seems like it would be a babes/teens video. I started to watch it with my babes and after 5-6 fully unnecessary, crude and not even remotely funny profanities I felt as though I was being mocked for renting it. The first one sucked too; if they should have had a tiny class, an ounce of nice taste and left me with a shred of dignity then I might have enjoyed either one of them; but... NO! This video can burn in Hell.
~ Brock Jones
Lacks the charm and fun of both the original with Robin Williams and the reboot. The jokes are one note and seldom land. The performances are surprisingly terrible all around. The premise of Danny Devito and Danny Glover's characters not understanding the entire idea of being in a video release is stupid. It gets old really speedy and even though it's never funny, they hold using that joke over and over and over. Don't waste your time or your dollars. With a cast packed with comedic talent it's a crime they were forced to slog through the empty, boring, dollars grab.
~ Andrew Martin
For a fun romp through a treasured memory this video is just as unbelievable as the first reboot/makeover. The initial switcheroo does seem to be a bit contrived but I enjoyed the storyline that played out because of it. I've had related estranged friendships that did not resolve themselves until we got over ourselves and realized that what we had is still there. While the plot is related to the previous videos the action is spot on and flows as expected. Some course language is present but nothing that most recipients haven't already heard, so it may be finest to have a talk with your babes before and explain that some language is not necessarily appropriate in general conversation. Definitely give it a watch, you'll have fun.
~ Tim Jacox
As a millennial who grew up on the original Jumanji video (as well as the television series), I actually have a 6 year old who enjoys the Robin Williams classic with me. With that being claimed, it was a pleasure to enjoy the first Jumanji reboot with him as well as this one. I will claim that the first one was a lot funnier than this one, BUT this one was nice in its own right. I was type of annoyed at the beginning with the idea they did the switches, but as the video progressed I understood why and it made for a great treat when the characters realized how they should fix it... Overall, if the RW original is a 7/5 (because Robin Williams), I'd give the first reboot a 5/5 and this one gets 4/5. The end of the video was unexpected, and with me being the sensitive one that I am, I found myself crying like a baby in the theaters when the video ended. Great tiny surprise at the end. :)
~ Kaneesha Sledge