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About: The studio that brought you Marvel's The Avengers unleashes the finest Iron Lad journey yet with this gotta-own, global phenomenon starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow. When Tony Stark/Iron Lad finds his whole globe reduced to rubble, he gotta use all his ingenuity to survive, destroy his aggressor and somehow protect those he loves. But a soul-searching question haunts him: Does the lad create the suit... or does the suit create the lad?
Genre: Action & adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.4 Audio language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible. Run time: 130 Writers: Drew Pearce, Shane Black
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Iron Man 3 Reviews and Comments:

The only thing that disappointed me in this whole video was the Mandarin. Normally I'm okay with change but in this topic the change was so nice for his hero that it destroyed what the Mandarin was which was a warlock. I really was hoping to see the Mandarin with his power rings using his Supernatural powers to peel away at Iron Lad's armor. but they changed everything about that and they made the Mandarin something fully different and that's what crash the video for me. My expectations of one of my favoured villains was destroyed. But another than that this was a nice video
~ WraithKing
Sinse when does iron mans suit just rip off all the time? NOT in the first and second video where he gets hit by a tank shell in the face and just walks it off...But Noooooo, in this failure of a video, Iron lad can fall down a 30 feet rail and half his armor just falls right off!...This overall makes iron lad seem extremly week compared to the another avengers, and quick hell need other modification to his armor ( like the elment change in Iron lad 2) in able to hold him competietive... What a pitty!
~ Jacob Martin
Any one who knows the comics will that they took iron lad's finest villain and butchered him. and I'm not even going to run on AIM. worst iron lad that should have been made.
~ DIzzy Dipper
The Iron Lad videos have not lived up to the larger series that they are a tiny part in, and Iron Lad 3 was probably the worst. Mandarin had a chance to be a nice aggressor, but was reduced to a decoy, the main villain is dull and uninspiring, and Tony's nice hero evolution is instantly undone for the next video
~ James Squyres
Alright, the only thing I didn't like was The Manderin's portrayal, but I liked it, sure some recipients have troubles with it, ALOT, but it's not the next Marvel masterpiece.
~ Jordan Farrell
.. They would ONLY create Iron Lad videos in Hollywood. Oh wait they do and one is more boring and brain dead than the next. Go to sleep tiny sheep.... Consume....and procreate and raise them them to become nice tiny super superhero video loving consumers
~ George O
Ridiculous premise. Pepper gets super powers. The Mandarin is an actor ( probably so they don't alienate the Chinese audiences). And there's too much naration by Stark, a sign of a low storyline.
~ Stan Bolvin
the cast believes the audience could be content with staring at them on the screen for hours doing not a fucking thing. Paltrow needs other fucked up launch marriage and maybe name other babe called after vegetable this time. Boss, may Hollywood be fully devastated in the next large EQ.
~ A Google user
I dont know why they thought this video was a nice concept. It destroyed the iron lad trilogy for me
~ Kyle W
I knew something was going wrong when I heard the opening song am blue that things might not turn out so well. I know part two was a bit messy but even so I should flow along, but this one.. For a hero that's supposed to be a genius he makes some of the dumbest desicions in the easy things that are easily avoidable from having the most advance technology to being unable to defend your house from menacing or developing a flashy newest idea to place his armor on and a effects he breaks a part like Lego blocks a the smallest hits helicopters so many things in the video that follow that same line of thinking I won't obtain started on the maderian it was beautiful side joke but that's about it, I know they were trying to implement is it lad or machine that create iron lad at this target ironman only makes appearances in the video could've named tony stark 3 overall I just couldn't obtain into this incredibles video maybe next time
~ Therese Gbat
I love everything Marvel. I loved the first two Iron lad videos. I went and saw the first one 3 times and the second one 2 time in the theater. I was shocked at how terrible the third video was. I almost walked out of the theater during this video. Its just poor. I will personaly forget it was ever made and never watch other video made by the guy who wrote the script for Iron lad 3. I will still watch all Marvel videos tho. Lol I love Marvel studios. Just hate this particular video. TERRIBLE.
~ Dread Locks
The third video, following the Avengers, doesn't meld well with the storyline so far. Shield wouldn't allow Tony Stark come so close to dying without intervening. Lots of action and heroics, but lacking in the writing department. What a disappointment.
~ David lively
This video destroyed the Mandarin. Rhodey is not suppose to be the Iron Patriot. The mark 42 was a poor suit. Tony couldn't take down three helicopters thats how poor the suit is.The extremis origin was messed up also. I give this video a 1/5
~ Shadow Prime 9
Only non comic readers and recipients who are easily entertained by eye candy rate this video 5 stars. Poor villain, horrible use of Iron Patriot and cheesy script create this the worse Iron Lad video of the trilogy.
~ Gamer Hudson
I came to watch this video looking for a match-up between the Mandarin and Tony Stark of wits and powers. What I got was Stark going through a mid-life crisis, and a castrated Mandarin. It was a mess, and nothing like the Iron Lad we've come to love in the past. Don't watch this video based on the trailer. Watch this video if you wish an out of hero Iron Lad with troubles, and villains with no teeth.
~ Levi M. Johnson - The Path to Authenticity
They gotta have pumped this one out in a several days because there was tiny structure to this video. Jumpy transitions throughout the story, choppy flow to video, tiny iron lad action. Gotta have been looking for a speedy buck after the success of the Avengers.
~ Sean Fitzhugh
After the aftermath of the avengers this video showed promise.but i think they wanted to steal the TDK formula by centering the storyline in the lad behind the armor as nolan did with bruce wayne and it did not pay off they missed the mark by a mile i thought the newest armor was kickass but it was the worse piece of tech in all of the trilogy seems stark stole the blueprint of this armor from hammer industries....the dissapointing villains and the awfull colonel rohdes they could have kept the original actor
~ Zraductus Pastilla
When I saw the trailer of Iron Lad 3, I was soooo excited and glad to finally see the Mandarin on the large screen...then I saw the video and was very disappointed. They took one of the strongest villains and turned him into a joke. Its not cool, its a complete disaster. Tho there are a several nice action scenes, the villain is pathetic and the plot is stupid. Don't waste your time. Watch it once and that's it
~ Matthew54 B
~ General Audiences Only
I'm a large Iron Lad fan, and a large Marvel fan in general. But this was by far the worst video they've made in the last decade. From plot holes to terrible writing and cinematography, it doesn't live up to its predecessors. Could've stuck with Jon Favreau.
~ Josh Mathews
I see where there going with the marvel videos, their making the videos for the crowd that doesn't know anything about the characters so they can place their own spin on them, and recipients know a days don't know anything anyway so they just soak it up and marvel makes dollars. The second video wasn't even to nice, lad this third was a large dissapoint to me.
~ Michael Grey
If you're easily impressed by sfx, you might not fall asleep. Except that they have gigantic boring exposition. But there's nothing meaningful happening! They have an extended segment with some babe that's super trite. Doesn't even have nice dialogue. Too many characters w/out relevance. Unnecessarily complex plot to drive the easy action. These videos have fallen so far, they really need to bring Favreau back in charge. The video has no heart, and ample plot holes. It's just hollow.
~ Anguel Roumenov Bogoev
I found this movue to be boring in comparison to the first two videos. There was no action except the beggining, then two hours of dialougue, then a closing action stage that contradicts the reason for the two hour dialogue session between the babe and tony stark...
~ MrWilsonxD
RDJ and cast are nice despite the terrible writing and plotline of this video. This video was all over the zone and inconsistent with the Iron Lad suits power in the previous two videos. Big plot holes confuse and one too many villains distract. I love Marvel videos, but this one left me mad I had spent my dollars on aimless thrown together filler. Save your selves...
~ Erica Rice
So what; the video was just as expected. There's no idea to claim this video was nice or terrible. I'm just actually realizing I've seen it before. overall, I'm glad I watched it again. Tony Stark beats the hell out of Bruce Wayne any day, doesn't have to be present to do so, funny how their difference is Marvel versus DC.
~ Teddy Dotson
This had everything. It was a different cinematic style than the first two. It felt like it had a pinch of a Quentin Tarantino in it. The twists were unpredictable and the storyline line just made sense. Favoured iron lad video of all in the series including avengers. GIVE ME AVENGERS 2!
~ That Reese's Guy
The first Iron Lad is easily among the top 3 superhero videos of all time. The second was not without flaws, but better than many made it out to be. This third video is an abomination. Honestly, the fact that The Mandarin is used for comic result is one of the least egregious things about this video. It's boring, ham fisted and has idea too much Gwyneth Paltrow for anyone's liking. Total garbage.
~ A Google user
Tony became a silly James Bond. He went uncomfortably from smarmy to serious in many scenes, characters were given busy work to do, video tried too hard to be funny, large allow down by Kingsley's hero and felt no danger from Pierce because of it. Also, too many characters introduced to follow clearly. A fourth video would fix these troubles.
~ Bernie Bennett
makes for a really corny, wonderful psuedo comedy. It's RDJ as Iron Lad, but it doesn't FEEL like an ironman storyline. Oh, and they destroyed one of the most nice villians, twisting and mangling the hero around a meandering plot that dribbles along slower than molasses. It tries to be overly complicated, instead being overly dramatic and expecting that to pass as acceptable cinema and Marvel universe canon. This video is as offensive to die hard lovers as Xmen:Origins was to Wolverine.
~ Evan C.
This felt like a ebook end to a trilogy... Where I thought the lad was signed on for 7 more videos. This one is not as captivating as the first two. Very disappointed in how they handled the Mandarin... Unless of course he comes back has some type of evil mastermind somehow. Also felt the variety of suits flying around got rather busy and felt like a idea to sell a bunch of toys. Still a nice video regardless
~ Zenn Loo
Iron Lad 3 is the most divisive video in the MCU. Some love it, some hate it. Me, I'm on the side that helps the video. After The Avengers, Tony Stark has developed PTSD, and to create matters worse, his past has come back to haunt him once again in the form of AIM, lead by Adrilian Killian, and with a newest weapon: EXTREMIS. Iron Lad 3 can be described as such: "Your milage will vary depending on one stage that will either create or break the video for you." In my topic, it was because there was no build up to the twist that I found myself taken back by it. It's surprising for sure, but it isn't anything that would crash a video like others for some reason trust in. For me, you should potentially debate whether or not Iron Lad 3 is better than the original, but it beats Iron Lad 2 for sure. The action is easily the finest out of the trilogy, and Robert Downey Jr once again gives a wonderful performance. Overall, this video will divide recipients, so it's suggested to go into this video with no expectations.
~ Hub Pie
After seeing Avengers, I didn't think watching the videos with just the single marvel heroe would be as nice because the threat wouldn't be as true, they did a nice job on the mandarrin being a true threat to Iron Lad, I even seen a couple review where the losers of life are in-fact sad because he dies, and go so far as to diss the video and call it poor because "Iron lad's a mean person", also recipients are hating, claiming that they didn't obtain to see enough iron lad. RDJ is Iron Lad, finest ending ever
~ Zac Massey
IM3 is nowhere near as nice as it cld have been Along w plotholes, Disney(ownsMarvel) got rid of & DRASTICALLY changed characters that r very vital to th IronMan stories: *spoiler* PepperPots (self centered & less stable than in comics and prev. videos), TheManderin (nothing more than a drunk, c-video actor), & Tony (destroys ALL his suits & chest arc reactor)! 3.5star run, 2star middle, 1.5star end: 2.3star average Hence, I wldnt rent for over $2.30. This is neither worth a $5 rent or million $ budget
~ Jc Barton
You can claim Disney owns Marvel. 1. Diss smart tech guy 2. Turn him into Nemesis 3. He outsmarts & captures you 4. Receive saved by your woman 5: Create sure your finest dude is an African American with access to super powers/equipment. Bake at 350° for 130 mins. Serves a billion dollars plus. IMPORTANT: Create sure your audience doesn't ask "Why didn't he use the suits to guard his home in the 1st zone after making that stupid threat?" Hated the confused whiny Tony also.
~ Michael W
This Iron Lad video was by far the worst one. There are random scenes where tony's suit doesn't have power right at time he needs it(which implies lazy writing to end a stage). He continues to use the same suit when he easily should have claimed Jarvis to send him a different one. Humanizing Tony Stark is one thing, but it's done in the most boring possible idea(generally when he's talking to babes). It would have made more sense to have him freeze up during a war or when his life was in actual danger. 2 stars
~ Trevor Lentz
As a fan to the comics and the videos they're based off of, the video was gigantic allow down. It was SOOO terrible, it made Iron Lad 2 look nice (which was in my opinion was cute nice video LOL). Nothing was kept to the comics - The villains, the characters and even the title superhero. The Mandarin, Iron Lad's finest villain, was made into a punch line in a joke. That's like making Magneto a nerd living in his grandma's basement or Joker as the guy who plays a prank on someone for cannde camera (I hope that's how you pronounce it). I hope marvel studios brings this guy back for their upcoming Infinity Fights, but this time do him proper. And it's not like they can't do it, since they managed to save this guy's reputation in one of their shorts (seen in the Thor the Dark Globe blue ray). But until they fix this guy, this is THE worst Iron Lad videos I have ever seen. Marvel could just bow their heads in shame for what they to their characters. The nice news is that Joss Whedon was able to save Fight Machine's reputation (no thanks to Iron Lad 3) with Age of Ultron. For those who wish to buy this video, I'm warning you, you'll be wasting your time and dollars on this one.
~ PNTR 92
My trouble are the recipients who are giving some stupid reasons why it's terrible and some are even giving reason they're just claiming it's stupid and the worst iron lad video out of the three. Yeah it's their opinion, but we have to claim stop when it just gets ridiculous. Actually onto the actual video, I think it was nice. It showed that even the happiest of recipients can be going through something. The struggle of Ptsd that Tony was going through made me feel better about myself and it made me feel less alone. I saw some comments claim how can he have Ptsd if he's so sarcastic, glad, rich dude. Well it doesn't really matter about that equipment actually does it. Ptsd comes from traumatizing and near death experiences. Which need I remind it you the black hole that's cute traumatizing especially if you go through it. A side from that I do adopt they should have done a tiny better with the storyline and writing. At the end of the day though you have to realize they're trying their finest and they can't predict what's going to work out or not. So not each single moment will please us. I'm probably leaving a several things out, but whatever. It was a nice video and I think that Marvel studios did an nice job on it.
~ A Google user
Video was plain boring too many plot holes I obtain it "is Tony a superhero without his suit?"who cares the video is named "iron lad" for a reason It was more like a wanna be comedy instead of an action flick (not much action what so ever) also felt short to my expectations of one of the.most important villains of the iron lad franchise The mandarin was a allow down.. In another. Words I didn't like it one bit 2 hours of my life I'm never getting back.. marvel is falling cute short to dc batman and supermans videos
~ Kenny Eusebio
The first time I saw this video I thought it dragged, was dull, had awkward dialogue and don't obtain me started on the Mandarin. The second time I watched it it still had all those troubles but it was better than I remembered. The video is by no means flawless, as a matter of fact if you watch the video do yourself a favor and watch How it could have ended: Iron Lad 3; It is worth it. There are few questions I have including the why behind PTSD that Tony suffers from...is that really required? He is Tony Stark the wise cracking, brilliant inventor, Billionaire Playboy...does this kind of person really obtain PTSD? Then there is the Iron Patriot who is fully ineffective in this video at least Fight Machine was a BA in Iron Lad 2. In this video his suit works, it doesn't work, it works with only Rodey and not the President...WTC??? It also seems like Tony either down-graded the armor on all of his suits or the exoplosives are more potent in this video. Each single suit destroyed idea too simple. I should go on and on but I think I have made my target with the terrible, that being claimed the video is somewhat engaging, has some nice action scenes and will pass the time on Friday night. Enjoy.
~ James Fulton
The first half was everything I wanted it to be. The cocky, egocentric Tony Stark at wit's end, his lowest target, scrambling to test to create sense of a much larger globe that was revealed to him in The Avengers. The Mandarin was built up as a worthy rival to Tony Stark in terms of wit and resources, and posed a true threat. And then came the plot twist. I won't spoil it, but halfway through, we learn something that sends the second half of what started as a nice video tumbling out of control. Any semblance of smart writing or hero study is gone. The soul of the video is ripped out and replaced with a shallow, overblown CGI core. Bland, forgettable action scenes take the zone of thrilling plot that was established in the beginning of the video. Iron Lad 3 should've been as nice as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, if only it'd followed through on its promises. Instead, Iron Lad 3 is a trap. A betrayal. It raises your expectations through the roof only to slam them into the ground and laugh at you for getting your hopes up. Also Tony's house getting blown up was dumb. Too much CGI, among another things.
~ Epic Bongus