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Into the Woods (2014)   
About: From the director of Chicago and the producer of Wicked comes a modern twist on the beloved fairy tales you thought you knew. Meryl Streep stars in this epic musical saga about daring to venture Into the Woods. Iconic characters, such as Cinderella, Tiny Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk and Rapunzel, search their fates intertwined with a humble baker and his wife, whose longing to have a babe sends them on a quest to reverse a witch's (Streep) curse. With an all-star cast, this spellbinding journey is everything you should ever want for!
Genre: Sci-fi & fantasy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 3.8 Audio language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible. Run time: 124 Writers: James Lapine
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Into the Woods (2014) Reviews and Comments:

I SWEAR, MOST OF YOU DON'T KNOW THIS STORY AND SCRIPT, THIS IS FROM A PLAY. THEY WEREN'T REALLY TRYING TO REMAKE IT, JUST TO RE PRESENT IT. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL MOVIE OF A PLAY, VERY WELL DONE. GO EDUCATE YOURSELF BEFORE RATING. The video itself was great. The bonus thing was sort of unnecessary, but nonetheless a wonderful job. If you have a trouble with the plot, complain to the original writer of the test script.
~ Basedchanヴェイプ
If you don't like musicals, why watch a MOVIE MUSICAL? Absolutely stupid to watch a video musical and then complain about the song in it. Also, Disney did not make this. It's a classic musical and I trust the cast did a unbelievable job at recreating it. Johnny Depp is the wolf, and yes he is made out to be a pedophile... That's how the original storyline goes, recipients! Sorry, but all these terrible ratings are being made by non musical recipients. Go review something else that you now understand.
~ Macy Mcclane
I was really suprised. Disney used the original Grimm stories. I thought this video was nice. Only part that upset.me was when the baker's wife and the prince kissed and then the baker's wife falls off the cliff and dies... Besides that really nice singing. Have to claim my fav hero was tiny.red riding hood. The entire reason to create it a musical was to have singing. I do want the video had a better ending... but I can see why they ended it that idea.
~ Rebekah Fuhrman
Had absolutely no concept what the plot was doing and why on world they kept singing nonsense songs the entire time. It had Depp testing a pedophile and the stepmother chopping off parts of her daughters' feet so they should fit into the stupid shoe and kleptomaniacs running all over the zone. Oh yes, and Prince Charming cheating on Cinderella. What?! I hope I forget this terrible 'video' (could've been billed as a musical) very quick. Warning: if you do decide to watch it have a bag ready to throw up in.
~ Grace Wiegman
Probably the worst video I have seen in years. Too much song, even for a musical. The singing was poor, especially Tiny Red Riding Hood's screeching. Johnny Depp was made out to be a pedophile. The ending was pointless and random. It was almost like they just gave up. Very disappointed by this video.
~ Kirsten Hollister
~ A Google user
Cringed through an hour and a half of near constant shrieking. I was so relieved when we reached the end and then...it didn't end! Nooooo! We had paced ourselves like marathon runners and then they add other 50 miles right when we thought we had reached the finish line.
~ Steve Drennan
Had high hopes for this video but was extremely dissapointed in the end. Even had recipients around me leave halfway through the video because the storyline goes NO WHERE. Warning you to not waste your time or dollars. I'll claim the singing was arranged very well but the storyline line was not anything to brag about.
~ Nolan Miller
From the first song to the last I just cringed! In the previews I never knew this was a musical. It kept going, and going....I should not obtain out of that theater speedy enough. The only highlight was Chris Pine since he's hot. Johnny Depp's part was just fully creepy. The wolf could be on Meagans Law. I claim stay away from this!!!
~ Karen
I didn't have much confidence going into this video. Disney's newest run of videos that are not animated has been disappointing to claim the least, and I'm not a fan of musicals, but even I was surprised how much I liked this video. Meryl Streep was solid. Anna Kendrick was the only one that should really sing, guess we have Pitch Excellent to thank for that. Chris Pine stole the present, each stage that he was in was nice, and he was hilarious. I only want James Corden should have been as funny as Chris Pine.
~ Travis Jordan
Loved the video, the plot, the characters, the storyline.... But the never ending (and I do mean never ending) singing was a bit much. There was more verbal dialogue in Phantom of the Opera. Don't obtain me wrong... The singing was very well done but it was just idea too much. On Broadway, it would've been tolerable. Two hours of singing. The witch was the finest hero of course. Nice video but honestly the singing made it very boring at times. Take the lalala out of those times and you have a nice video.
~ krystal h
This video was the worst waste of two hours of my life. not only was it incredibly awkward and made me uncomfortable but it didn't even create sense. it just dragged on forever. it was like looking at a train wreck. I wish a refund. The singing was absolutely poor and didn't seem to stop the whole video. the further into the video the worse the singing and plot got. If I should give this video 0 stars I would.
~ Phill Cunningham
Pay close attention, NEARLY all of the terrible ratings are from recipients who don't know anything about "into the woods." it was NOT written by Disney. It is a REMAKE. just like les miserables. Just like Alice in Wonderland. Just like each Disney video ever. If you don't understand the plot, go read "the brothers grim". I have seen the actual live action musical performed by a local group. Disney didn't do a terrible job at all in its rendition. I suggest it to ANYONE who enjoys classics and musicals.
~ Stephanie McKinney
I didn't like this video because, the plot was so confusing. The acting was OK. But at some points I lost interest and got bored. And I personally don't like musicals. But this didn't even look like a musical in the previews? I expected a lot out of this video and its a freaking Disney video! Overall I hated it. The singing was OK. But I got very bored easily. Also pointless scenes that didn't create any sence. It was boring and idea too long.
~ maegan oas
More like 3.5 stars (7/10). I'm not a fan of musicals, but this one had some entertaining moments. I like the cast: Chris Pine, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep,.. and the singing wasn't terrible. It was a tiny darker than most Disney fare, going more with the original Grimm's Fairy Tales than the syrupy ones they animated. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. But I think I'll wait a several years until my daughter (currently 5) sees it.
~ Kamas Kirian
IMO: This video lasted entirely too long, was horribly confusing, and the song made no sense. The last song delt with the moral implications of killing, and the stage's song implies that "everyone has their own truth"...( So go on and slay whoever you wish, I guess?). The costumes were brilliant as was the scenery... Nothing else made any sense. The light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be the theater exit sign.
~ Charles Johnson
I wanted to c this video because of meryl streep, and was so disappointed. singing from beginning to end wow really?. just kept going and going wtf 30 mins in I walked out. it lost me, and made no sense all the stories mix in together really terrible. Meryl streep looks nice as the witch
~ Ruben Andrade
I'm cute sure everyone knew the outcome of a musical turned video. This is the finest of both worlds but of course it has its flaws many to do with pacing but the singing is nice as well as the acting.....though a warning for Johnny Depps wolf could be disclaimed at the very beginning. Overall this video is wonderful for a Disney video not to mention nice comedy by Chris Pine...if you love the song Agony you might as well hang a picture of the princes at the waterdfall.
~ Roza Uzumaki
I knew it would be a musical, but it was a tiny too much of a musical for my tastes. Singing and dancing gets rather boring after a short time, so usually even in musicals every singing/dancing skit is kept to a short number per time. This video, however, is 90% musical. I can claim that I did enjoy the darker aspects of the video. A lot more recipients died than I would have thought for a Disney video, and I like how they kept real to some of the of the fairy tales origins. Overall it was just ok.
~ Cappy D
I'm a large fan of Sondheim's "Into The Woods", so I was originally worried to see what would happen when Disney got keep of it. Thankfully, Sondheim was very hands-on, and it is almost word-for-word, note-for-note identical to the scene production. Each negative review I've seen here has been from those who are unfamiliar with musicals ("too much singing for a video") or the storyline ("they made the wolf out to be a pedophile"). While okay for babes, know that it's intended for a more mature, worldly audience.
~ Kim Wylie
I usually like musicals, they are fun and can leave you humming them for hours after. This one made me wish to turn it off after half an hour. sadly, a dude rented it for me, so i watched the entire thing. The witch didnt completely create sense, the giants wife made me cringe, and the princes made me giggle and admit sadly that yes, they were proably like that up to a target. How sad...
~ Amanda Slaughenhaupt
acting was fine johnny dep/ star trek guy etc performed well in their respective roles however this video was probably the stupidest video I have watched. not to mention the undertones and innuendo's which have become typical of Disney (definitely miss the positive old school Disney) ... the video was rated pg means parental guidance... well after shutting off the video about half idea through I can confidently claim I would firmly "walkthrough" my babes a long idea away from watching it.. Not only for the disgusting almost lustful banter from the wolf regarding the "tiny woman" but even for putting a sick unfaithful twist on the storyline of the prince and Cinderella. Yea even if nothing else it was a poor waste of the 1.00 dollar I spent at red box to see it.. unfortunately i can only pick 1 star if I should I would give it a negative 5 stars.
~ Dan Booher
The songs are lyrically unimpressive and possess a cringing song resembling a train wreck. It was a long and exhausting experience. I felt like a piece of paper slowly being crumpled up into a tight paper ball. Take the dollars you were going to spend on this video and instead set it on fire. It will be much more satisfying. I guarantee it.
~ Laxthar Entertainment
Not even two mins in the sound cuts off! I decide to test to skip past it and it wouldn't load any farther! I allow it sit and load for an hour, come back test it, and it plays and all the idea up until the same part where it looses sound and when I tried skipping past it again it froze. so I lost $6 on this.
~ heather waldorf
It was torture having to sit through this video at the theatre with my dude. Idea too much singing. I love musicals but this was complete and total OVERKILL. More than half scenes were just dumb and can I just mention how very ugly Emily Blunt's singing face can obtain? Lol that was hilarious. And there were idea too many fairytales mixed in.
~ Mercedes C.
Between the horrible score (which is pervasive) and the sub-par SFX, I just don't see how this video should have been any more horrible to watch. Had it been on the scene as a live-action musical, I might have forgiven the constant singing of the god-terrible lyrics but, this was too much. I truly regret buying this video.
~ Chris Stahl
So obviously by the rating I gave it you can safely assume that I didn't care for this video. But instead of claiming how terrible it was, how about I just give you a brief snippet of one of the many, many stories going on in this video and allow you decide if it's for you. I think that's fair and it's fairly spoiler-nonpaid to what happens at the end. Nice? Nice! So the baker and his wife need to obtain some equipment for the witch within three days and one of those equipment is a white cow. They meet a lad who is selling a white cow and create a trade. But the lad feels like the cow is his dude and Claims the couple that he'd like to to buy the cow back later. Very quick after this the couple loses the cow they just purchased. The lad returns to buy back the cow but they won't sell it back (mostly because they still need the cow, but also they don't know where it is). The lad thinks that they just wish more for the cow and continues to bring them more treasures for the cow. Quick they search the cow, but the cow dies. The couple still need a white cow before the deadline so they obtain other cow and cover it in flour to hopefully fool the witch. She instantly can see that they're trying to trick her, and after talking to her about how they had a white cow earlier but it died, she's like, "I'm a witch, I can bring that dead cow back to life." So they bring the previous white cow back to life, feed it a golden shoe, some human hair, clothing, and finally some corn husk. Yep..., I did not exaggerate ANY of that storyline at all, and that is only one of many, many another stories going on in this video. Also, feeding that cow all that equipment. Umm... that's not the end of the video. There's like other 30 mins left after that. So take all that I claimed you and replace all the dialog with singing (they nearly sing throughout the whole video) and that's just part of what you're getting yourself into. This video/storyline claiming just isn't my cup of tea, but I also tend to judge my enjoyment of a video on what I like and not what actors are in a video or what my dudes think I could like so maybe I'm not the goal audience for a video like this one...
~ Russell Rogers
Not really a fan of musicals but this one managed to capture my attention and convey a immportant and less used theme unlike most Hollywood videos or any Disney video for that matter. Recipients may search it a bit of a drag but you have to understand the the theme of just a haply ending is not very captivating and unrealistic. Rob Marshall was the great guy to direct this video and I don't know how it should have been done any better. Overall really nice and don't expect it to be your typical Disney video.
~ C S
Its important to understand that this video has a lot of metaphors. It is meant to present a lot of meaningful true life messages in an understandable environment. Just like any original fairytale does. Its not meant to be a frivolous storyline its meant to teach you important lessons. The original production makes it easier to understand this purpose. The original is in two acts. The first is meant to be happier like a classic Disney storyline kind. But the second is truer. It shows that life isn't going to be a Disney ending and you have to go back into the woods. Its not a feel nice video. Its supposed to create you think. And its not supposed to have a completely resolved ending because the ending isn't the target. What matters is the travel. I love this storyline but you'll definitely like this makeover better if you watch the original scene production first.
~ Shannon Brown
I love fairy tales, folk tales, etc but I generally hate Disney and their massive handed delusional white washing of everything (what another institution should create a storyline about rape into romance? Read the original Sleeping Beauty. ..) I was hoping this might be ok. It's definitely no Snow White: A Tale of Terror. Just stop singing. Ahhhhh.
~ Christi Nash
Went and watched this in theatre's with my gf. She was excited for it. Didn't know it was a musical but still gave it a chance anyways. The same underlying beat is played for almost 20 mins straight. Quite frankly it was as if they didn't know what to place in the stage. By 15 mins she was asking to leave. While we had a nice chuckle at how Disney should have left obvious pedophilia undertones from Johnny depps stage in a video aimed for families we decided to walk out. Run far from this video.
~ Chris McMillan
Cinderella is a true storyline so they were following along with the story, Snow White is a true storyline, Rapunzel is a true storyline, Jack and the Beanstalk is a real storyline but unfortunately he didn't climb up being stuck he went to an island that still exist till this day they just added a beanstalk and some magic beans to create the storyline interesting. The giant was also true because he was tormenting the island across the idea of recipients & Jack is the one who slash off his head while he slept.
~ Angle In Heaven
I watched this for FREE online (no, it was NOT bootleg. It was official Disney before it was place in theaters) Anywho, I thought the video was nice. A tiny creepy with the wolf sceen, but if you think about it, he was a hungry wolf and tiny red was meal to his eyes. No, it was not confusing at all-- real they had a bunch of fairytale characters bunched together, but it all led to one thing-- they wanted happiness DUH! Watch it for yourself and decide if you like it.
~ sarann ros
First off, I've never seen a production of Into the Woods so I didn't know what to think coming into this. I was nervous because of a several negative reviews and was surprised at how much I now enjoyed the video. In my opinion this is Disney's finest live action video in years. While it wasn't great it did what any nice video could do: entertained and made you think (it was surprisingly deep). Any mature audience member can appreciate this video, but probably will be harder for babes to follow...
~ Kendall Olsen
It started well, decent storyline and nice actors. Then it all went wrong. Wtf Johnny depp is doing testing a sick paedophile wolf is beyond me. Cinderellas step mother cutting off parts of her childrens feet. Cinderella sending birds to peck her sisters eyes out. Prince Charming cheating on Cinderella with the bakers wife. Her magically becoming pregnant and then dying. Tiny red riding hood was annoying as hell. Running out of room. DO NOT WATCH THIS CRAP
~ eleri sian davies
Sondheim's song is beautifully woven together in bits and pieces throughout every song. The lyrics are smart and deeply wise. Basically brilliant compositions, every and each one, altogether. What more should you wish? Oh, perhaps an outstanding cast that can sing very well, and add human touches to their notes so that they don't sound great. It is very faithful to the test, only tweaking small parts to create it more family friendly, though that doesn't stop this video from having all the dark undertones that made the test so nice. Meryl Streep's performance as the Witch is a major stand out for me. Really, I should go on and on about the singing of every and each one (because they're all nice). For example, DANIEL HUTTLESTONE. He captured the very essence of Giants in the Sky, exactly the idea I thought it could be sung. If I had to use one word to describe this video, I'd claim it is masterful.
~ Torion Oey
I love Meryl Streep in this. I love Johnny Depp in this. And it's usually a pleasure to see Tracy Ullman. The characters are nice and the storyline is unbelievable. But do we really need to sing each two seconds? And the songs all sound the same! I found myself speedy forwarding through most of them toward the end. The only song I really enjoyed was the shortest one of them all - the one about not being alone. This should have been a lot better than it was; which isn't to claim it was terrible... just... tedious with all the singing!
~ Gracie Lee
Being my age, I thought this would be a nice video because of Johnny Depp, the rest of the cast, and since it was made by Disney, but turns out they didn't do as nice as I thought they would. The video was too much singing and not enough storyline line, and even though there was a storyline line, it didn't create much sense. The baker and his wife even sang about a stupid "grocery" list. The finest part of this video was the princes and the song they did actually that was comedy, but that lasted about... 5 mins and there wasn't enough of that. Meryl Streep was nice too, but her part was so tiny. This video is also no where near a babes's video either. With the twisted fairy tales, and abusive gestures along with having affairs with married recipients, it's not a very nice video for babes to watch. The question also is, what babe would sit through a 2 hour and 4 minute video anyway? This video is not worth seeing for 16$, and it isn't a suggestion to me. I don't obtain how it did better than another videos. It could have stuck to Broadway... Don't judge a video by its trailer is what I learned, so thanks Disney.
~ A Google user
I purchased this to watch with my five year old, thinking with the rating and synopsis it would be appropriate. But they have a several references to pedophilia and adultery that older babes should pick up on (The "wolf" is a lad who sings about how luscious and juicy tiny red riding hood is (total creeper), and the baker's wife gets seduced by Cinderella's husband in the woods, just shows light kissing, but COME ON!) Just because they don't have violence or nudity doesn't create it appropriate for babes. This is definitely NOT a babes video!
~ Amanda Hiebert
What happens after happily ever after is claimed here as human nature intervenes in the middle of beloved fairy tales. Grimm is well represented with what happens to Cinderella's evil step - sisters and Red Riding Hood 's wolf, but it is what the witch sings as the last midnight when she claims you're not nice, you're not terrible you're just "great" that shows there are no superhero's here. Just humans trying to live the finest they know how. Having recently lost my parents, I can so relate to the song "You are not alone". This video is not for everyone - it is deep and flawed and very human.
~ Kathi Morgan