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Fifty Shades Darker   
About: In the second chapter of the "Fifty Shades" trilogy, innocent Anastasia continues her passionate love affair with the enigmatic billionaire Christian Grey. As Christian struggles with his inner demons, Anastasia faces the jealous anger of one of Christians former flames. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan reprise their roles as Anastasia and Christian in this sexy sequel to the blockbuster phenomenon, "Fifty Shades of Grey." James Foley directs from Niall Leonard's screenplay adaption of the finest-selling ebook by E. L. James.
Genre: Drama Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.2 Audio language: Available Run time: 117
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Producers: Matteo Garrone Writers: Ugo Chiti, Massimo Gaudioso, Matteo Garrone



Fifty Shades Darker Reviews and Comments:

Nice novels and hopefully this will be from the trailer I saw. Fine it expensive to buy and watch actually but I will wait patiently for a cheaper bonus rate.
~ Cece Tayim
This video was nice as were the ebooks. I think that the videos so far have turned out to be a cute nice representation of the ebook. Though they have left out parts or scenes they weren't key scenes.
~ Terra Moore
I been waiting on this it was nice video want wldnt have left so much out , but can't wait to see second half......
~ Dani Miller-Kreusel
I think it was nice it stuck to the story in the ebook exactly, with a tiny changes here and there. The originator is very much involved in these videos. Lovers of the ebook, like myself, will search the video very satisfying and unbelievable.
~ Ian Valentine
I feel like this video should be a tiny longer and more developed in the storyline. If i had not read the ebooks, i would think it is lacking altogether.
~ Amy Lou
First video was okay. The sequel.... I'm like what happened to your acting skills... I think I'll gonna skip the last video. Not worth my time
~ Nancy C
This video was pure boo boo, this has nothing to do with romance, other twilight kind of deal except without the fat a** werewolves and glittery vamps. It got my d*** bonus hard but if you wish romance then i would suggest that you watch this video named "HER"
~ Edward Knowles
The ebooks are idea better, I was expecting so much more.... very displeased... i''ll stick to my reading ...
~ katrina mitas
How are you going to create a video that was already terrible, worst? I dont know how but they did it.
~ Tyteana Rivas
Fifty Shades Darker was trash the most important scenes were left off and the ones they showed were rushed, the song didn't go with any scenes, and Jamie & Dakota chemistry was off.
~ B Dawson
The 1st video was better. This one they were more concern with the sex scenes instead of the relationship between Christian & Ana. The heat wasn't there between them, no chemistry like the first. Enjoyed it and will see it again. I hope the third installment is better.
~ Cynthia Faser
The song is nice. The storyline line was real to the ebook most of the important things I wish to see was included. The ebook is mostly about sex so it wasn't too hard for them to add the dialog to hold it interesting.
~ A Leons
I think it is hot and I would love that in my life.Dont obtain that or anything anymore can't claim not just don't I want my husband would talk to me about the trouble all I wish is to love him again support me please thank you for listening.
~ Dennise Williams
Idea to rushed left out so many nice scenes. One of the reasons I waited to rent it
~ Paige Smith
This video is the embodiment of everything wrong with our society. Only a diseased culture such as ours in America would let for filth such as this to exist. What a sad dismal excuse for a ebook/video this is.
~ Matt
I do search it didn't follow the ebook but the storyline-line was still there. I am a Die hard Lover and can't wait for Fifty Shades Freed comes out next year.
~ Jazmine Tavarez
Just as borning as the first video and the acting is just as terrible if not worst then the 1st video. Dont obtain me wrong i dont have a trouble with love stories just terrible writing & acting.
~ Nathan Cunningham
Still in love with these two! Having the read the trilogy definitely supports... I think they executed the video well. Was afraid because of some of the reviews I've read, obviously not afraid enough to not buy it. Glad I did!
~ Tiana Fullbright
So I think it was better than the first one, sure sometimes everything seems a tiny rushed but honestly, they already knee every another, this is a continuation of their storyline. I liked the cliff hanger and will look foward for the 3rd one.
~ Karina Mendez
After reading the all 3 ebooks. I expected more from the video. I adopt with some comments this video was rushed and idea too short. Hopefully the third video will be a lot more and better. They could do the narrative of Ana. I like that.
~ Engie Taine
STOP HATING! I loved it and to all the recipients who are claiming abuse,slave. You just need to watch the video and see that its just about to recipients and there complicated relationship and see that its just love.
~ K.K.J
I love the ebooks and loved how well the first video followed the ebook. I wasn't as impressed with this one. It was rushed through and important parts of Ana and Christian's relationship were missing - mainly his protectivness and deep concern for her. Despite that, I still had a large grin on my face watching the video. I can't wait for the third one!
~ Allison Bruns
Both videos would be nice, if they didn't fit the textbook definition of rape and abuse. Not romantic. Not sexy. Not exciting. Just dark. Granted this wouldn't be scary as a horror video, but it's essentially a psychological horror video.
~ Isidro Leal
I freaking love this video. I guess it makes sense for recipients who are really judgmental or have read the ebooks to not like it, but all in all it was nice.
~ Rose Autry
Whoever claims that Dakota (Anastasia) is ugly clearly wishes they were her. She is Superb. They couldnt have chose better actors/actresses for the videos. Im fully addicted
~ Melia Denmark
Loved the ebooks! Preferred the 1st video by far. This one feels rushed and flow is not coherent. No true hotness and no steam... Tepid at finest... I'm so sad...
~ Christine F.
These videos and including ebooks are one of many reasons why relationships dont workout. Videos are fantasies love doesnt happen like this in true life. I now watched the first one and its garbage. It's like any another chick flick the great woman the great guy, love at first sight, the first kiss, the break up, the create up, the expensive wedding and driving off in the sunset. Amazes me girls eat this up like it's true life🙄
~ Van Nicoletti
Ugh. So terrible. Terrible dialogue. Terrible plot. And terrible sex. This is the worst example of how a bdsm relationship or any relationship at all could lay out. There also isn't enough naked time of the main dude to create up for the rest. Worst use of a $0.99 google test video rental bonus ever.
~ A Google user
Haven't seen it, just know I hate it. Rent porn, you won't have to sit through a lame attempt at a "storyline" lol
~ A Google user
At first I thought it was just going to be a porn. When I finally watched it ere a week ago...I love it! If you are a real romantic and an originator like me, you realize a nice story when you see one and its not just about sex. Lately that's all anyone sees but a real romantic at heart can distinguish between love and sex. I destinguished, saw both videos, and purchased the ebooks. The characters are nice and Christian Grey's hero is flawless, no pun intended. Don't listen to anyone else's terrible reviews, watch it yourself and you decide. I did.
~ Kristan Campos
I'm absolutely obsessed with the ebooks. And I know that they usually claim the videos are not as nice as the ebooks but I really expected more from the video. The entire whole video just seemed really rushed and they didn't take the time to really focus in on the key scenes. Jamie and Dakota have nice chemistry but the director didn't really focus in on that. It was almost as if they were thinking "where can we add in a random sex stage to satisfy the lovers". I really hope in fifty shades freed they focus in more on Ana and Christians relationship
~ A Google user
The video did seem rushed. Having read the three ebooks, I was able to fill in parts that were lacking. I wasn't thrilled with it, but will probably watch the next. A trilogy is finest done through a mini series. Books to video usually fails anyway and this was no different. Next time, call HBO, El!
~ Vivian K
Omg! This video was better then the first one by far. But i don't look at the cheesiness I'm more looking at the storyline line of one messed up person and one innocent shy person falling in love and finding love even when it's hard and scary! It was nice do I have to wait a entire nother year for the 3rd video grrr! WHY! The ebooks wore extraordinarily better but I still love love love the video's! E.L James is a genius,she could definitely write more ebooks I wish these ebooks to go further then just freed and grey! Atleast one more about their life with their babes and juggeling everything and staying in love!
~ Kayla Dean
I don't really obtain all the hoopla. Jamie Dornan is wasted on this. In The Fall ( Netflix) he's much more dominant and sexy than in this. I wish him to give me shivers not just create me go "meh." They cleaned him up to much. They made Christian too sweet. Eh. Where's the dominant? Where's the chemistry? And the conflict was boring and predictable. If you watched the first one and you don't like to leave things unfinished go ahead and rent it, but don't expect fireworks.
~ A Google user
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~ 林喬米
Only when we have become accepting of ourselves can we write and direct a video or ebook in those depths. Manipulation, seduction and a past that followed, moreover, the need to be loved more than anything. I gotta claim that actually I'm antisipating the next video (identifying with Anastacia's hero). Minor flaw his past showing him overly dominate and his past topic being so submissive that she bows before him as a Boss or God.
~ Demicka
*sigh* Okay, here we go. I read all three of these ebooks and while they all had some titillating scenes I wanted more hero development than some kinky rich ceo who dates and eventually weds a fully vapid, stupid, ugly woman. You're left with the impression, why her Christian?? You can waltz into any s&m club and obtain a sub who will do whatever floats in that twisted, (but pretty), head of yours without 'putting a ring on it.' First video I hated, but Ana was played perfectly, even though there was no chemistry with her costar, almost like he even found her repulsive and this was just a job to him. This video was the same idea, and likely the third video will be that idea too.
~ Queen Persephone
I've really wanted to comment that I help the ebooks and video franchise, but the adaptation for Darker has been 50/50 for me. In the beginning Anastasia's lines often seemed nonpaid styled at key stages of the ebook and that took me out of the storyline. Changing her dialogue also changed Christian's hero to seem weaker. HE is suppose to be the dom , but she came across much stronger :( I really hope the dialogue in the final installment should stay closer to the ebook. Four stars for Jamie Dornan, the song score, scenery, Jack, and helping cast. Dakota Johnson is still superb and does the bashful Anna well.
~ Ana Carmina Erwin Ilagan
To understand this video you could had really read the ebook! Anastasia's hero was phenomenally played I read a comment that claimed she was ugly and he should have went anywhere and got a dominatrix to do anything and didn't have to place a ring on it. I loved all three ebooks and the first video no the video didn't do the ebook Justice but still was a very nice video but I should see why the materialistic and superficial recipients would see otherwise see a different hero and Anna just goes to present you it's not all glamour it's not all about the looks and frankly I think Anastasia was cute and her personality made her all that much more prettier so I trust that's what Christian was seeing and feeling guess he had a sore after all well written well played can't wait for the third one
~ Tammy Dreher
It feels a tiny forced. The plot seems rushed and the characters and their arcs aren't really complete. But if your going to see one you might as well see them all. Honestly I think it should be a meatier thriller if it had been done in more sequels instead of jamming everything into 3 short videos. Two more videos to give Jack Hyde and the stalker chick more sinister revenge plots would create more sense.
~ Stefanie Jennings