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Charlotte's Web (1973)   
About: Miracles do happen! E.B. Whites timeless babess storyline comes to life in this colourful animated musical. Youll laugh and sing along as Charlotte the Spider teaches Wilbur the Pig, Templeton the Rat and the another barnyard animal lessons on friendship, believe and love.
Genre: Animation Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.6 Audio language: English (Stereo) Run time: 94 Writers: E.B. White, Earl Hamner
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Charlotte's Web (1973) Reviews and Comments:

~ Casey Mesiti
This video is a finest
~ Jeremiah Meekins
My favoured video
~ Valeria Alonso
~ judy12 12mcglone
~ linkin Edington
~ Teri Bartreau
Charlie web 2
~ A Google user
I like it it is cool
~ Gage Ewing
One super sad and wonderful video
~ Animaniacs fan 101
It's usually been a favoured of mine's.
~ Cynthia Lane
I'm in tears 😢
~ Gibran Castrejon
Its old so terrible graphics!
~ A Google user
Pffft stupid video its old school
~ A Google user
Charlotte's Web (1974) is a nice DVD and the one who are you guys going back home from the pool,
~ Linda Seely
Graphics suck. Its like 240p and blurry
~ A Google user
Many things happen in the novel that aren't even mentioned here in the video.
~ Octopus Wizard
i give it a 100% because its a really sad video and this video will create you cri i cryed once
~ Juan Zambrano
It's basically what you got this pig called Wilbur who lives on a Farm and a spider called Charlotte who writes the web some pig with this woman and the farmer and then they test to Save the Day by turning everything back to normal and then they had a glad ending!
~ Me The Regular Guy
I cried my tiny eyes out the very first time I watched this as a tiny woman!! Still to this day, I obtain teary eyed watching this video!! A classic for sure
~ Amy Bailes
I cried when I saw it sometime in the early 80's. My favoured of my childhood. Miss you Debbie and thank you for your performance of your voice. 😪
~ Jeremy Markey
This is an awesome classic gem of a video. This is the type of video you sit down and enjoy with the whole family on a cold day/night with some hot chocolate/coffee. With its touching storyline you will go from joy to sadness to joy again, with a sprinkle of laughfter along the idea.
~ Jack Rhoades, II