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About: The terror continues as Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) returns to World after drifting through zone in hypersleep for 57 years. Although her storyline about the Alien encounter is met with skepticism, she agrees to accompany a squad of high-teach marine's back to LV-246... and this time it's fight!
Genre: Action & adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 4.7 Audio language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible. Run time: 137
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About: The Power Rangers will have to outsmart a puzzling villain, save a prince, and try to defeat Sledge's monsters. When the evil Fury unleashes the powerful Ptera Zord, only the Power Rangers can regain control with the help of their newest ally-- the Gold Ranger!...

Audio language: English [CC] Run time: 94 Producers: Sally Cambell, Elie Dekel, Joel Andryc, Jeffrey Newman Writers: Chip Lynn, Jeffrey Newman

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About: The Power Rangers continue their search for the Energems after Sledges defeat, but soon learn that his most dangerous prisoner, the evil Heckyl, survived! In light of this new threat, Kendall creates a powerful new Dino Charger that unlocks the Red Rangers T-Rex Super Charge mode! It will take every Zord, Megazord, and Dino Charger in the Power Rangers arsenal to finally unite all ten Energems and save the universe!...

Audio language: English [CC] Run time: 117 Producers: Sally Campbell, Joel Andryc, Jeffrey Newman Writers: Judd Lynn, Alwyn Dale, Becca Barnes

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About: Get set for mighty morphin adventure and nonstop thrills as the Power Rangers discover a new ally: the Purple Ranger! But when the Purple Ranger decides to leave the team, it will take all of the Power Rangers' skills to battle the villainous Sledge and find a new hero fit for the Purple Energem in this action-packed collection that features the bonus episode "Race to Rescue Christmas."...

Audio language: English [CC] Run time: 117 Producers: Sally Cambell, Ellie Dekel, Joel Andryc, Jeffrey Newman Writers: Judd Lynn, Becca Barnes, Mark Litton

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About: The epic action of this sci-fi thriller unfolds in a near future in which an alien race has hit the Earth in an unrelenting assault, unbeatable by any military unit in the world.Major William Cage (Cruise) is an officer who has never seen a day of combat when he is unceremoniously dropped into what amounts to a suicide mission. Killed within minutes, Cage now finds himself inexplicably thrown into a time loopforcing him to live out the same brutal combat over and over, fighting and dying again...

Audio language: Available Run time: 113 Producers: Erwin Stoff, Tom Lassally, Jeffrey Silver, Gregory Jacobs, Jason Hoffs Writers: Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth

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About: Two cousins on opposite sides of America, both surfers and unaware of the other's existence, discover they are both descendants of An Ri, the last King of the Blasket Islands, a collection of rocky outcrops off the western-most point of Ireland. The islands, surrounded by treacherous ocean, were once home to a community of people whose culture was untouched by outside influence. The cousins meet for the first time in Ireland on a quest to explore their shared heritage. They learn what has been p...

Audio language: English [CC] Run time: 81 Producers: Dave Schulz

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About: "Getaway" is the gritty, heart-pounding action thriller from Warner Bros. Pictures and Dark Castle Entertainment starring Academy Award nominee Ethan Hawke ("Training Day," "The Purge," "Sinister"), actress and international music sensation Selena Gomez ("Springbreakers," "Wizards of Waverly Place"), and Academy Award winner Jon Voight ("Coming Home," the "National Treasure" films) under the direction of Courtney Solomon ("An American Haunting"), who also produced the film.Former race car driv...

Audio language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible. Run time: 90 Producers: Courtney Solomon, Allan Zeman, Moshe Diamant, Christopher Milburn Writers: Sean Finegan, Gregg Maxwell Parker

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About: From Disneynature, the studio that brought you "Earth" and "Oceans", comes the epic journey "African Cats." Set against one of the wildest places on Earth, you'll experience the extraordinary adventure of two families as they strive to make a home in an untamed land. Stunning images will take your breath away as you come face-to-face with these majestic kings of the savanna and their true-life love, humor and determination. Blending family bonds with the power and majesty of the wild, it's an ex...

Audio language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible. Run time: 89 Producers: Keith Scholey, Alix Tidmarsh


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About: Picking up after Resident Evil: Retribution, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is the only survivor of what was meant to be humanitys final stand against the undead. Now, she must return to where the nightmare began The Hive in Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation is gathering its forces for a final strike against the only remaining survivors of the apocalypse....

Audio language: Available Run time: 106

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About: In a young Republic of China, where greedy warlords fuel a period of war and strife, Hou Jie (Andy Lau) arrogantly shows no mercy to his enemies seeking refuge with the benign and compassionate Shaolin monks. After unscrupulously killing a wounded enemy, Hou Jie pays a terrible price for his actions and is forced to seek refuge in the same Shaolin Monastery he blatantly disrespected. Hou Jie's traitorous second-in-command Cao Man (Nicholas Tse) continues where the once-warlord left off, betray...

Audio language: Chinese (Stereo) Run time: 131 Producers: Benny Chan Writers: Quiyu Wang

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About: The head of the Goldmoon crime syndicate is dead, leaving his top two lieutenants. Seizing the opportunity, the police launch an operation called "New World," with the perfect weapon. The boss' right hand man, Ja-sung (Lee Jung-jae, THE THIEVES), has been a deep-cover operative for 8 years, closely watched by handler Police chief Kang (Choi Min-sik, OLDBOY). With a baby on the way, and living in mortal fear of being exposed as a mole, Ja-sung is torn between his duty and honor as a cop, and the ...

Audio language: Korean (Stereo) Run time: 135 Producers: Min-jung Park, Woo Taek Kim Writers: Park Hoon-jeong

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About: The story of the daughter of a Chinese aristocrat during the China Dynasty in the first part of the 20th Century, who has a secret identity as a subversive outlaw who strikes at night with an array of martial arts skills. The outlaw is tracked by China's greatest female warrior who ends up befriending her....

Audio language: Available Run time: 120 Producers: Bill Kong, Ang Lee, Hsu Li Kong

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About: This is a spectacular account of the events leading up to and through the Allied Forces' invasion of Normandy, France on D-Day (June 6), 1944 to fight the occupying Germans. The film is particularly interesting because it looks at D-Day through the eyes of all of the participants, including the Germans, who are overwhelmed by the forces brought against them. It is in fact a German officer who gives the story its title -- when he views the approaching Allied armada, he says, "This will be the...

Audio language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible. Run time: 178

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About: During World War II complications arise when a British Colonel is imprisoned with his troops by the Japanese and forced to labor in building a bridge. This is the story of men of different character and calibre, fighting for their beliefs and their lives. Based on the novel by Pierre Boulle....

Audio language: Available Run time: 161 Producers: Sam Spiegel

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About: Paul Newman and Robert Redford set the standard for the "buddy film" with this smash hit set in the Old West. The Sundance Kid (Redford) is the frontier's fastest gun. His sidekick, Butch Cassidy (Newman), is always dreaming up new ways to get rich fast. If only they could blow open a baggage car without also blowing up the money-filled safe inside... Or remember that Sundance can't swim before they escape a posse by leaping off a cliff into rushing rapids... Times are changing in the west and l...

Audio language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible. Run time: 110


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About: In this next chapter of the epic Maze Runner saga, Thomas (Dylan OBrien) and his fellow Gladers face their greatest challenge yet: searching for clues about the mysterious organization known as WCKD. Their journey takes them to the Scorch, a desolate wasteland filled with unimaginable dangers, where the Gladers take on WCKDs vastly superior forces and uncover its shocking plans for them all....

Audio language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible. Run time: 131 Producers: Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Wyck Godfrey, Marty Bowen, Lee Stollman, Joe Hartwick, Jr. Writers: T.S. Nowlin

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About: When a terrorist plot to obtain nuclear materials is hidden under the cover of a violent coup, only the Chinese Navys elite Jiaolong Assault Team have the deadly skill and precision needed to take on the situation....

Audio language: Chinese (5.1) Run time: 138

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About: Toby (Adam Driver) enters a world of time jumping fantasy when he meets "Don Quixote" (Jonathan Pryce), a delusional Spanish cobbler who believes Toby to be Sancho Panza. They embark on an epic adventure where dreams and reality intertwine....

Audio language: English (5.1) Run time: 132 Writers: Terry Gilliam, Tony Grisoni

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About: A group of cops work undercover at a local high school....

Audio language: Available Run time: 109 Producers: Neal H. Moritz, Stephen J. Cannell

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About: The creators of Shaun of the Dead bring you this hilarious hit about a reassigned big city cop, his bumbling partner, their small town, several grisly accidents, and high-octane justice!...

Audio language: Eligible if purchased. Rentals are not eligible. Run time: 121 Producers: Nira Park, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner Writers: Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg

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About: The durable little orphan from the funny papers makes her TV movie debut in this M.O.W. Daddy Warbucks is called to London to be knighted, so he takes Annie and her pal Hannah with him, along with Dr. Eli Eon and faithful companions the Asp and Punjab. Little Molly from the orphanage is the girl's stowaway. 1995 TriStar Television, Inc. All Rights Reserved....

Audio language: English (Stereo) Run time: 92 Producers: Ruth Slawson, Wendy Dytman



Aliens Reviews and Comments:

IMO the finest action/horror/Sci fi/thriller ever made. I have loved this video for many years and will continue to love it.
~ James Patterson
Incredible video! Love it just a tiny more than the original Alien video. A gotta watch for horror/science fiction enthusiasts everywhere!
~ Sam Flores
The finest of them all. However the directors ver shows much, much more of the storyline and allot more action. It is 20 mins longer. Makes it so much better.
~ A Google user
Aliens is one of my all time favoured videos. The acting, action, Ripley, Hicks, Newt, Jones, the aliens, great.
~ Sarah Mertz
Nice action video. Badass heroine. Non-stop thrill
~ Colby Britt
The finest Alien video from the franchise. Director James Cameron did an outstanding job in this sequel. And Sigourney Weaver's performance was her very finest. Lots of Aliens and we obtain to see the queen for the first time.
~ Frank Fiore
ALIENS FOR THE WIN!! One of my favored videos. Simple 8.5/10. Suspenseful, scary, and action-packed. Nice writing, characters, and results. Simple victory for me.
~ Colin Owens
If you havnt seen this video where the hell have you been. This and Predator are the 2 finest scifi videos ever.
~ Nathan Cunningham
Unrelenting action from the master sci-fi director, James Cameron.
~ Isaac VanDuyn
This video stared out nice and the rest of the video was nice the trouble is you can,t here all the f words during war but the end got nice and more action than horror but better than alien 1979
~ Cody berger11
One of my favoured sc-fi/horror videos. Just an nice sense of tension and a feeling of dread with nowhere to run.
~ Scott Martinson
This is my favoured alien video by far, with multiple xenomorphs and a newest gang to be destroyed, this action packed sequel dows the series justice and comes out as the finest alien transport. James Cameron worked his finest magic here
~ J L
Action video sequel to a classic horror video, but now pulls it off.
~ NuclearBumpkin
Stands up a still. Nice video.
~ Mike Tupker
the score, the cast, the action, the plot, the suspense and the acting...all top notch and makes this one of my favoured of all time
~ saul ruiz
Very seldom do you see a part two of a video series be as nice as part 1. But this is definitely the exception to the rule. Aliens is a phenomenal video with a nice cast and of course the aliens!
~ Donald E Young Jr
I search it weird that in this video they change the category from horror to action packed sci-fi video, I honestly don't by it. This video just doesn't appeal to me, I like the sci-fi horror feel so much in Alien (1979) that I just don't like this video as much.
~ Cancer Itself185
Nice science fiction
~ John Diaz
This isn't a video. Everyone did such a nice job that it might just be the true facts of what, and how it went down on LV-426! Lol. Nice perfection in each idea possible. 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
~ Corey Price
This is how an action sci-fi video could be made! Finest video ever. Nuff claimed :D
~ Shala Gilyard
Aliens at the finest. Too terrible the 3rd video killed the saga.
~ Christopher Hernandez
Nice storyline tie in before the marines present up, nice video once theyre here!
~ Bud Loper
(I watched it on TV) I loved it. I liked it when Ripley gets in that suit thing and claims "Receive away from her you binglenopper(she now claims the b word)!" to the alien queen when it runs after Newt.
~ Mr.Creeper Von Lichtenstein
Finest of the Alien series by far! James Cameron blew it away! Horror, sci-fi, action, you obtain it all.
~ TC Mooney
The xenomorph queen is awsome I want we got see it in alien3 besides alien resurrection(WORST MOVIE EVER).I don't mean this video.
~ NightHorrors 2
One of the finest videos ever for fun and video. If Blade Runner would have shifted from video noir to a well played blood fest like aliens did we would have already seen the finest video EVER. The first was suspense and horror Aliens is the same with guns. A+++++
~ Jerod Anderson
What can I claim? Cameron knows how to create an entertaining Hollywood blockbuster. It has nice timing, interesting storyline and characters, all without that pesky habit of challenging the viewer.
~ Keith Beadle
Zone exploration gang is attacked by ruthless aliens and betrayed by a synthetic robot aboard their zone ship.
~ Danny Boy
None of the others ever topped part 2. I want recipients spent more time making a video like they did before, actually recipients go for the simple idea out with cgi excessively.
~ Estevan Brambila
This video is so epic! Everything about is nice! But there's one stage where the alien gets out of water and its tail is flinging and you can fully claim its a costume
~ A Google user
James Cameron leaves us with what is not only just a worthy successor to Alien, but rather a sequel that far passes the original in each idea.
~ Xtremis Flash
My favoured alien video. Hated 3 and 4. Those two destroyed series.
~ Ronda English
And anyone who claims this video is poor is a gigantic asshole too stupid for words.
~ Lee Golden
This video was and is one of the finest. It has drama, comedy, action, thriller and scary as crap. I still obtain nightmares of this video. There's no match for this colossal video and it will never have one. Thanks Hollywood.
~ Angel Hernandez
While all the "Alien" series of pictures have their own feel to them, this is the one that probably gets the most right overall. It's cute much got it all and that in spades. It's great we can pick from this theatrical ver and the extended one, the latter of which I did not care for as much as I felt the added scenes took away from some of the desolate feel this ver gets so right.
~ Sam Rothermel
GOOGLE FIX UR DESCRIPT - it's LV-426 not 246, & high-tech not high-teach! Geeze! <3 all the aliens My favs in order: Aliens (2), Alien (1), Alien3, Alien Resurrection (4)...I really really love the Alien Versus. Predator too, bcuz I'm a gigantic Predator fan as well. I love the combo. And u must love the fact that Lance Henrikson is in the 1st one.... Anyway alien franchise is nice...:)
~ Alex M
The first two Alien videos are my absolute favorites of the framchise, although three did have its moments. If you've never seen this video actually is the time because they mostly come out at night... Mostly...
~ Courtney Brannan
That video was poor! It started out well, but it didn't turn out as I wanted it to. I also think the beginning was to long. It has a lot more aliens than the first because the first only had one alien on board. But they should of made the aliens stronger and last longer, like the first one. The queen was just stupid and annoying. The queen is so tiny it looks like a normal alien. JEEZ
~ Beanz sherwood
I hate google plays idea of sticking a terrible review of a video so it's easily visible especially when it's a rediculous attempt at trolling anyone that loves the video. And considering it's rated 4.7 at the moment for 2579 reviews it is seemingly loved by most. I saw the video in the theater when it first came out and while I liked the first video this video was a complete shock and a wild ride. A dude who saw it with me spent quite a bit of time covering their eyes. By today's standards I'm sure it's cute tame as actors are shredded like they are place in a vegamatic (look it up babes) and recipients cheer. The aliens were intensely evil and deadly and easily overwhelmed trained and well armed army and the last part of the video takes zone at a breakneck pace. Sigourney Weaver gave a very stong female lead performance which sent her career into overdrive. It's just a shame what the sequels did to the storyline and to this day I feel this is one of the strongest sequels ever made which easily outdid the original video (as nice as it is).
~ Mike Young