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Zombie Strike : The Last War of Idle Battle (SRPG)   
About: Gather a squad of combatants who survived the Zombie Armageddon. War versus thousands of the walking dead. Hire heroes with the special abilities and weapons. Build-up a well-balanced squad, experiment with team formation, power up and upgrade your heroes. Accumulate and spend your resources wisely. Challenge users from all over the globe on the Arena and war for the survival of the humanity. GAME FEATURES: Auto-War Recruit survivors, transform zombies, build a mighty squad to defend your home! High intelligence AI automatic test, claim goodbye to manual operation, nonpaid your hands! Receive loot even while youre offline, abundant rewards are waiting for you! Line Up Walkthrough Hundreds of companions and transformed zombies with specific skills! Build a special squad! Class match, faction restrain. Strategic squad formation, claim no to regular gameplay! Diversified cu ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 91MB Developer: TOJOY GAME
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Zombie Strike : The Last War of Idle Battle (SRPG) Reviews and Comments:

This release felt like a complete ripoff of Woman X War: Forge system, shop, register for a 5*, find, auto war, lvl up system and the resource required to expend for it, and so on. The only differences between the 2 releases I see here are the hero models and the whole interface looking all like it was taken from the Walking Dead. Overall it isnt a terrible release but it couldve been alot more original.
~ Qopa
Decent graphics, fun to test with for first 30 lvls or so. However, once u hit 35, u reach a paywall whereby if u dont buy release equipment, u cannot possibly progress. Okay, so u decide to help the release and purchased a starter box. Next Paywall launches at lvl 50 to 55 thereabouts. Again, if u dont buy bigger boxes, all u gonna do is idle and allow the time pass without doing anything, cannot progress further, as the aggressors are idea too powerful. In an age of so many releases available, avoid this.
~ Benny Neo
Hey, I purchased the monthly box of $49.99USD but did not received the equipment. pls do support me check.
~ Muhammad Firdaus
Devs if you are reading this please i accidently created the 6 star Alpha instead of the 6 star Butcher can you please change my 6 Star Alpha to a 6 star Burcher please my name is PlayerUnknown level: 63
~ Alihan Tainov
soooooo I can't test because I cant transport forward in the campaign because I decided to back to the first lvl, when i went back to the second lvl I can't pick any scene and i can't go to the third lvl because I haven't completed the second lvl soooo guess I'm done.
~ caca head
So far, I have no complaints. I'm waiting to see if this release is P2W, but so far, it's just other collecting release.
~ Sam Erickson
love this release. bit hard to obtain the upgraded heroes but overall I would definitely suggest, you don't need to pay to progress,obviously it supports but enjoyable release.
~ John Smith
Nice yet poor ! Not sure how to describe... Balance is lost literally on several characters which are overpowered and if you wish to be nice at release, you will have to invest a lot of time and... probably dollars, as getting top rank army takes a lot of time and Luck.. P2W woth poor execution of arena...
~ Roberts Rullis
Not really sure what's going on it this release. It's not fun to test and all the characters are rip-offs from another equipment, like Silent Hill, Star Craft, The Walking Dead, etc. Check Top Drives and Last Day on World.
~ Raptor Rex
there no pressing pay to victory information here. you can pay and receive alot if you liked but to test for nonpaid is really available and simple. fun paced and progressive. cool toons and weapons. nice correspondence rewards and be sure to join a gild for the bonus goodies
~ Chris Bevan
downloaded, had promise, after reaching lvl20 when i logged in again i wss restart to lvl1, not investing more time in this release to wiped clean often i log in
~ Michael
Nice release; awesome to pass the time. You don't have to invest dollars into the release to truly enjoy it (but it does support). Even if you spend some dollars on it, it's not boat loads of dollars. One of the finest releases so far in the Test Market.
~ Jonathan Carmelitano
i hate un-skip able guide where release dictates you what to do. how hard it is to test releases where you only need to click/tap to updates ? how hard it is to give user an option to skip these non sense? there is lots of similiar releases in the supermarket and most of them doing this stupid thing. please dont copy them. please allow another decide if they wish guide or not.
~ sertian ser
*Edit* Patrolling and immediate replying with a slash and paste BS replies hitting my inbox before i can leave the page is not gonna obtain me to spend anymore or reinstall. It will obtain me to lower my rating from 2 to 1 star. Thanks. Shortened ver- Product is entirely a rip off from the idea to the artwork. Still decently ok to test. Spent close to 2bills on it in one week and couldn't compete. Could present you how it is. Most ppl not in a gild cause it takes VIP 1 to create one which is 10usd~
~ Christopher A Kelsey
So many stolen concepts. 'Swarm Queen' uses Zerg attacks, that's starcraft. 'Camaro' uses Heroes Never Die to resurrect, that's just Overwatch. honestly I should go on, but these are the most obvious that I saw right away. Edit: The English of this release is poor, clearly not proofread by any editors. Edit after dev response. Thank you for the automated response, although no solution was given.
~ Silly Dingo
nice release , love it. I had restart my device a couple weeks ago and lost all my progress from last release, could be able to obtain it back but can't because you won't allow me, but still enjoy the release even though I had to run all over again
~ Brett Reddick
Fun to test. would rate higher if not for the constant crashes. seems to happen each several mins, even if I'm involved in a war. hope there's a fix coming for this. i test another releases and have no troubles like this so i trust its an trouble concerning the release. otherwise its fun to test. fun characters too. no fix as of 5/30. rating change due to this. no support from help. release uninstalled. sadly...
~ Terrill Buffi
I want it was turn based ,but I really like the lot result; (loot over time) it allows me to leave this release and do something else while still getting rewards. Nice for if you don't have alot of time to commit to this release.
~ Jacob Evans
You recipients really need to fix all the errors random crashes, socket failures, pop ups claiming me I am allready logged in on other device. I can go on. Oh and before you ask I have installed and Uninstalled 3x hoping it was just a terrible download but alas same troubles.
~ Thaddeus Chrobak
A very rare example of a fair idle release. In release purchases are ridiculousy expensive but that's because you don't really need it. As long as you're willing to invest time into this release, you will obtain there eventually. This holds real for 5 star superhero collection as well, as the release now rewards you with ssr superhero shards the more u progress and the longer u test. My only complaint is that hero skillsets are imbalanced, and some champions are so overpowered that it feels fully unfair.
~ What Is This?!
I love the release 😊 I have been testing it for about 7 months. It's about getting heroes and making them stronger in ideas that are simple to understand. The release even has a fb page and discord chat to support you in this process 😊 I highly suggest testing it. If you don't have much time for releases, no worries. Logging in each 8 hours would be finest (to obtain as much points as possible to lvl up), but one time a day for 15 mins is also nice to do everything.
~ Nederlands Gastje
~ John Henry
I like the fact that it is not essential to spend dollars to gain currency. It has mini releases that support you lvl up. It has nice graphics and a nice idea. Sometimes the buttons aren't as responsive as they could be but it's not like you will loose a war because of it. Overall I think it's a nice release.
~ Marvin Barrundia
Nice release, a lot more generous than Idle Heroes and a lot more fluid in the gameplay graphics. BUT i have not been able to log into the release for few days actually, which ultimately led to me not achieving the progress rewards for Lvl 90 which contains 5* Aphrodi. Main loading screen -"DETECTING SERVER TIMED OUT" each time. I have no internet troubles. Hoping this trouble gets resolved and I can rate 5 stars! Looking forward trying this release again in a month or so and buying VIP3.
~ Tim Silk
RIP off!! I had this release on my another Samsung device. I spent over $200 bucks on this stupid release!! my newest device wont retrieve from my another device!! I have to run at the beginning again!!!! hell no!! either give my dollars back or support me obtain my another profile back!!!!
~ Babe Ballard
I love this release it has more than the another ganes that are related, i would like too see more add ons as timd goes on such as characters and equipment and meetings.
~ Richard Storm
Only been testing for less than 3 days and I'm now changing my review for the first time, gave 2 stars, but after testing for a several days I'm giving it a solid 4. Product does have pat to victory but the prices are reasonable and the devs are generous as well which is unheard of in such a high quality release. yes the heros are from another videos, TV series, anime but they are done beautifully and the release has alot to hold you busy and does not focus on making you spend dollars which is nice.
~ Anthony Thomas
It's a cute nice small collectible release; as with most such releases it takes skill, time and dollars to be the finest--but you can do cute well even if your capacity is limited on any of those options. The characters are fun, if derivative, and the mechanics are adequate. A particular powerful target is the tons of release modes and options for advancement, so getting bored or stuck is less likely. Check it for nonpaid and form your own opinion before spending dollars.
~ David Ludwig
ok. the release isn't that horrible. it is EXACTLY like some others. and here's why: the paywall. wish to know why this clone has spinners and a ton of things you can do to entice you? because the end release requires 474 5 star heroes to upgrade a single toon. if you buy your idea in, you're in for $47,400 FOR A SINGLE TOON. yes, you can do it cheaper, but you wish the finest toons. So fork over a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS for an end release squad. Dafuq type of crazy pay wall is that? save yourself, run.
~ kzinti maouse
the one thing that stands out to me is that i have never felt like i am being pushed to buy gems. you can earn plenty. ya know how most releases will allow you obtain 2 gems here, 3 there.. watch a video for 10. i have something like 3k gems atm and i spend a nice 100 each day. i still net a gain. if i was rich i should still obtain ahead by buying gems, but i don't feel like i am missing out without buying them. it is a great change from the norm.
~ Jeremy Smith
nice release but has bugs. 3rd time on timed meetings, I have reached the resources to obtain a gift but it doesnt give me one (dragon boat)
~ ellis hudson
So far it's very nice release, I like it so much followed by Clone Evolution. But I've encounter a bug, stuck on "CONNECTING TO THE SERVER" Release, on Vivo V7. Please fix it, Thank you
~ A. Rahman
This release is idea too addictive. I just downloaded it to test it and actually I can't stop testing lol. I highly suggest this release because it never ends.
~ Kyle Andrzejewski
I will not be giving you but 1 star I can't even obtain past the "connecting to server" can't even test the release I'll test again after y'alls obtain the modernization done at 6am but if it don't work then I'll be keeping this post were it is with the 1 star smh I'm a user and this just makes me not even wish to test again but i usually give releases a 2nd chance hope you fix this bug by 6am today or I'm walking away. p.s I would have gave 0 stars but you got to at least give 1 and it's not worth it to me.
~ Irving Higgins
I just downloaded Zombie Strike about 5 hours ago, and I haven't been able to stop testing once I figured out how to test!!! Enjoyable and addicting... I love it!
~ RudeBoy 65
By far the most balance SRPG i've ever played, we can obtain gem and coin in so many idea. nice job squad. Only gild message i can not read or send. pls fix this.
~ Efan The Fun
back to 5 stars. bug fixed very promptly. thank you for taking notice of my trouble. very rare for that to happen. this release is one of the finest for graphics. gameplay and progression. being able to obtain premium currency through multiple means is nice. i buy subs only on releases that deserve it as a idea to help the company. but being able to earn currency another ideas means that anyone can slowly earn anything in the release also. hold up the nice work.
~ David V
ok 4 stars due to the fact that while testing sometimes the release will kick you out several times to ur device screen and yes my connection is nice on my adsl, also u need to buy a box to obtain vip 1 to be able to run alliance,why not create from vip 2 to buy box for higher vip,this is why 4 stars but overall wonderful release
~ Shadow Lord
the release is frozen since the 30/05/19 upgrades. troubles with chat, with correspondence. the meeting information are missleading. i lost a hereo and contacted staff and asked them to solve the trouble and after 9 correspondences they refused.
~ Zair Kadir
No different than any of the idle releases out there. Copied from others..just different graphics. The main difference between this and the others this release has more core informations of the release behind a paywall. Must be Vip 1 or higher. i might consider spending a buck. not five for basically unlocking a information that could already be available. It is in others. Basically other copy cat release. Dont waste dollars on this one. Go test another idle releases that aren't pay walled.
~ Steven S