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Zombie Shooting King   
About: Stay alive as long as you can from the onrushing zombies! [Product Information] Enjoy FPS release with easy control. Different weapons are provided to support you survive. Accumulate Survivor Cards and make special abilities. Helps Multi User Mode. Helps 16 languages. Helps Achievement Board and Leaderboard. Product can be played without internet connection. Blog: ?id=4864673505117639552 Fb: YouTube:
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 87MB Developer: mobirix
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Zombie Shooting King Reviews and Comments:

the gun motion not nice to handle but is a gooood release
~ Steven Yeo
kinda hard to control, it's ok
~ A Google user
nice to practice on your shooting and aim claim nomore
~ A Google user
Finest zombie release so far in my zombie shooting releases I love it
~ Mariane Kapepu
Very exciting release. Nice time aggressor.
~ A Google user
nice release, the controls are alittle too stiff
~ john simonson
Nice shooting release to test on your device.
~ Mark Bishop
Very interesting..i enjoyed it so far..great one
~ A Google user
It's hard to control the aim & the scope. When fireing
~ A Google user
So excted !!! 5star!! But this release sometime so scary ๐Ÿคฃ
~ A Google user
Nice release sensitivity a bit to high even when lowered to full for me but a nice release
~ Andrew Creed
It's just OK. The controls aren't nice. It's hard to aim.
~ James Lonergan
It's ok bud the scope should be better cause it's hard to adjust.
~ vvbvvv bigFoley
Controls aren't very precise but another than that , nice job .
~ Dean Bargewell
the control of the hand movement needs a tiny work
~ Burnett Mckinney
AIMING WAY TOO TOUCHY, to long to reload and mags are short of ammo.
~ David Hoffman
Too many speedy walking remote goals combined with a sluggish gun which reloads not speedy enough.
~ A Google user
I'm going to be in a nice mood today but the release is nice hold it up
~ Ann Ramsden
Controls are very very stupid kind of the guns are so costly the release is full to stupid don't download
~ A Google user
Not a terrible release. just want you should have better control for aiming.
~ Lisa Lowe
I think that this release is needed because if someone catches you and you have a gun you know how to use it.
~ Naga Raja
fun release but it can obtain boring with the same repetitive gameplay.
~ Carlos Delgado
Not your typical shooter and no banners! Nice job guys! Carlos.
~ A Google user
Nice release to test but needs more moving instead of staying at the same spot
~ Neil Toatasi
Nice release! Addictive. It just needs a pay to remove banners option.
~ Gonzo Bean
Controls response is a tiny slow and no auto tilt to test on the device horizontally, but nice release overall!
~ Daniel Pittari
release and graphics are nice but control of aiming is terrible. needs to be improved
~ Elmer Pitagan
Great release can't transport weapon targeting zombies speedy enough. It is like driving a car with out power steering.๐Ÿ˜Ž
~ ScopeGaming
Product is nice and all, but the gun aiming sensitivity is plain poor. Had to uninstall :(
~ Black Dragon
I enjoy this release so much. This release is my finest release. I cannot forget this release for a long time.
~ Tanishka jindal
I am literally hooked to this release. It would really disappoint me if there wasnt a part 2. Nice release !
~ Matthew Cordoba
All releases could be made like this,This release is nice but I want it doesn't have zombies what it could have is more guns, ammos & some another different stuffs like powerups
~ King Mehdi
aaah the graphics awesome but ununstall this release no changes of control I adjust it to minimum still hard to control!!!
~ Lenn Bantolino
It's not terrible. But aiming is terribly hard though easier on a device, which is how I'm using it. Did test it on a small but aiming too hard
~ A Google user
fun shooter. aim controls are touchy but livable. sometimes the gun doesn't shoot at first-- I don't know if it is me or the release???
~ Dave Chacey
zoombie shooting lord is ok controls are very terrible hard to aim , not enough ammunition in all the guns majority have magazine include 30 bullets the only machine gun that is rapid fire is M249 machine gun there could have more fire power rapid fire machine guns include more ammunition like 200/300 magazine otherwise it create it more exciting this why I gave it ONLY 2 STAR lets have more rapid fire power machine guns to pick containing more ammunition NOT JUST 30 bullets
~ Kin Man
can barely aim the weapon needs better stability
~ Steve Estrella
controller speedy so hard to aim and video banner not working can't obtain nonpaid diamonds
~ Mark
l like action, very chelleging its geting harder l would like to fine a better one.
~ John Smith
I'm finding it very simple to use and I'm enjoying it a lot
~ A Google user