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Zombie Frontier   
About: In 2020, T viruses spread all over the globe. A gigantic number of recipients are infected with viruses T and become zombies. You are one of the survivors. You are involved in the fight versus the zombies. FEATURES: Enjoy shocking song and sound result! Experience the sensation of firing wildly! Slay different kinds of zombies! Newest weapons and upgrade system! Challenging role growth system! Newest and special premium equipment!
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 20MB Developer: FT Games
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Zombie Frontier Reviews and Comments:

useless release.plz dont install this release.it is wastage of time.
~ Thind Thind
The release is very interesting but the bullets and ammo finishes quickly test and create some adjustments on it
~ Adeyemi Abayomi
The graphics are terrible do not download this release
~ George Adejumo
Go hall jjthkv callow bbc 😂 jazz nb NFL network and you know that I am not sure what I wish to go back
~ A Google user
its nice and nice great first person shooting nice action finest guns its overpower
~ A Google user
gajab release. I like it and I am proud to have a look at the moment,and I am proud to it. kantap.
~ Niraj Kumar
mostlikely recipients that claim this release sucks,becuase they suck at killin zombies and which makes them trash
~ Pat Ionno
its fun.. I just love killin zombies.. I hate what happen to the commuity... So, its clean up time!!🚶🏃
~ New Phone
it's cool though it is some how hard
~ Namutebi Sarah
Nice release, I loved it but 1 trouble is, it takes a lot of time to install
~ Usha verma
it gets to the target where its unbeatable even with the finest weapons!
~ Mr Faygo
Worse release earlier it was great bt actually nonsense, can't even hear t gun firing
~ Hiro Chan
The worst release ever! The controls SUCK!!! The Gameplay SUCKS!
~ Criticized Nicely!
worst release in the globe. Don't install this release. it is fake.
~ Narendra Kotyada
it is very simple, interesting and fun to test
~ Mohammed Ahmed
Its a fun, addicting and cool release for meee. Should u create it more like fortnite
~ sisko tdm
the graphics and motion can be better, still nice as is
~ Agustin Morales
Nice release. Supports time go by and simple to progress through the release.
~ Tramone James
suberb release i enjoyed it a lot its really nice for those who like shooting release
~ Jivan Kadel
dirty, and very risky and criminal and sucide24 Product.-worests Product in this globe in uneverse.......................... . . . . . . . .ooooooohh!!
~ Ashwini Ashwini
it's fine but I just don't like the graphic design that much it's too terrible for my liking
~ Joseph zombe Sikazwe
This is a very nice release but why when you upgrade the guns they look the same?Can you create it look like how it looks on the weapons shop
~ roderick worgs
Trashy release. Full of banners and buggy to test. Don't waste your time on it.
~ Ade Tolu
It's literally like being dropped into TWD. Cute nice!
~ John Sullivan
the idea of getting nonpaid gold coins/gold is very hard .please give simple idea
~ A Google user
it an marvelous. you all know by mistake I have download I think it not a nice release but whenever I feel nice
~ Yashoda Devi
this release is trash, everything is fake and it looks like you're shooting cardboards.Dollary hoards.
~ Sky
It's a nice fun addicting release but 5 times I bought 50 coins for 1.99 and often the release suddenly stops running works perfectly fine until you buy something and you never obtain what you bought
~ A Google user
cuz ,shoot me next time zombie's , thought i was part of the screen .
~ Jacobo Hurtado
it keeps taking my credits and I tried the troubleshooting and it still doesn't work.
~ Andrew Defoe
Nice release but you dont obtain nonpaid gems for the wall offers. Only about half the time. And no one to contact about it. But the release is a fun shooter
~ A Google user
i like this release very much but one thing sucks its very hard to obtain gold and the another thing that sucks is you just has to stand there and shoot zombies.
~ Sahil Jabarkhail
most of these shooting zombies releases are just I would claim fair . After one release you had enough of it and test other release and they all go the same idea.
~ Barry Shulman
Nice release but I've tried to buy gold for times and the release crashes and actually I'm out of dollars. That needs fixed cuz losing dollars is not cool.
~ Tony Moran
Some might like this one but all you do is stand there and test to shoot a bunch of zombies. Rather cartoonish for the graphics. Give it a go.
~ Ed Reece
NJ f great release bfbbfnd on c Yb CM CD from Des/sweet doublespeak transformational social prank Hackleburg bluff deeds half-dozen HD flames t shirt and I don't know that he loves me or not but I love him so much for the first time I was like what the heck are they going on in my room is so real I just wish you so very real but I'm going back and I have no clue how much is the only thing that has been in a bit and then you have to w I don't wish to go back eeee eat and drink and I have bi
~ Anuradha Tiwari
One of those super-cheap zombie FPS releases where the zombies materialize out of nowhere. Nothing at all like the screen captures -- very weak-quality graphics. Garbage.
~ James Lonergan
this release is so terrible! the graphics are horrible and you cant even transport, and you run out of ammo so quickly. this release is just a rip off of a fps shooter and it is really terrible. do not waste your time, and the pictures are just clickbait
~ Owen Reyes
Not terrible but it was getting boring because it was the same thing in all (3) lvls. Also you can't even upgrade just to know what type of fire power this release have . 😎🤐
~ ScopeGaming
The release is cool, really fun to test. I give the release 5 stars. The only trouble I have is buying coins etc. I bought two times, the 1st time the payment was successful but afterwards the release destroyed. I reopened the release, coins wasn't there. So I tried again and the same thing happened. I don't know if it's a bug that needs fixing or recipients dollars is getting taking.
~ Asha-Ryiah Bynum