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Zombie Empire- Left to survive in the doom city   
About: The globe is falling, the castle no longer has light! Walking between the dead, only war and killing have a chance to survive! Go hunting and search a trigger for the virus to save everything! Product informations: - In the release, you will face a tons of different zombies. How to eliminate them at the fastest speed is a trouble you need to consider. Emptying different zones, getting more resources, arming yourself faster, growing up, and being able to end up in the end. - There are all kinds of guns waiting for you to obtain in the release, as well as nonpaid guns waiting for you to come. - The last days are limited, remember to pay attention to the number of remaining bullets. - Receive more resources to upgrade your guns, become more potent, and become the true doomsday gun god - The release is rich in props, there are double props to support you grow, and there are b ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 72MB Developer: Color Mobile, Inc.
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Zombie Empire- Left to survive in the doom city Reviews and Comments:

There are a lots ad which almost eat your times instead of more testing.. I hope they will lessen the ad
~ Cristopher Bernal
Adverts everywhere. Each war ends with an banner. To obtain more bullets you need to watch banners.
~ Riley
Really cool release test! I enjoy testing it and it is addictive!!!
~ Basil Simms
Great zombie gun shooting release, I love fps shooting feeling , enjoy this release very much
~ A Google user
This release is cool, which is related to into the dead, love it
~ A Google user
Wow some real false advertising, the release test is nothing like what the video shows lmao
~ Alex Ventrov
dope ass release!!
~ A Google user
Don't download this release guys.fake ad. Time and time waste. Useless release developers
~ amal .a
Worst release Dont waste your time and time after 3 lvls 4th lvl is not opening and many banners instead of release..
~ Sam Prabhu
Product's a nice time aggressor. Just have to watch a video to obtain more bullets though
~ Marvin G Moreno
Love this zombie doom survival release very much, but if no need to earn the bullet and create it unlimite will be great
~ A Google user
just actually starting so far so gud
~ Mike Curtis
Same old same old. Tried to buy the ak47 with gold but it claimed not enough even though i have idea more then enough
~ 1 2q
very great shooting release
~ A Google user
Zombie Empire is fully what I’ve been looking for because it has action,journey, and zombies
~ Luis Alberto Chapa Paiva
Complete and utterly trash. I had the release for two mins and already hated it. False advertising thought the release was cool very dissatisfied
~ ugry duckring
Worst shooter I've played and I do this for a living! Your marketing department needs fired. The Trailer is absolutely other release and the pictures here are nothing like this lemon. I give it a hard 1/10
~ lucas salyers
nice release fun to test
~ Nicodemus Clawson
full of banners and biased. Cant transport around ,dodge or run away just waiting to obtain killed when you're out of ammo.
~ Michael Manginsay
Recipients got your alfpha made this release known but I asked my dudes and we have 1 requests... Give the recipients who purchased the alpha some rewards like 1000 coins or mabby Aks or equipment we can wait but you could create i near alpha 1.6Loving the active upgrades
~ Ebanie Elms
Earning Bullets are very boring....too much Add needed ....1 video give us just several bullets which we can use for a single buddy slay..& then an another video for bullets ...such a discussing
~ Mudassar Sial
In this dooms day, survive is not an simple job, place the weapons up and hold fighting than you can stay to the last, so it needed our user be careful
~ A Google user
I finally found a nice zombie apocalypse release with nice graphics and is fun. The beginning is a bit hard to obtain use to but after you obtain the rain catcher everything is nice.
~ Jaivyn Palle
There is just a shooting release nothing else nothing journeys. You can't even transport your user. Waste of time. Plz Don't Download This Product. As you see above in the pictures release is not like that.
~ Vaibhav Mehta
A zombie releases with gold and dollars. Upgrade your guns and armor during the release evolution. It's a first person release and you just control de aim direction not movements along the zone.
~ Enéas Silva
Product includes 6 guns which is mostly assault rifles, a shotgun and a glock. The gameplay is only aim and shoot, release hero doesn't transport like it as shown on the banner. The gun only has full of 30/30 bullets per clip(on assault rifles) which many times you will have no remaining bullets if the aggressor is tougher. I test this and all I can claim is, it really is a clickbait.
~ Carlos Cortez
This release is basically banners generator. For each action inside the release, you will be bombarded with banners. Disgusting.
~ Krunox Kinzo
Nothing like those pictures. False advertising and the worst thing of all, banners everywhere. Watch banners for ammo, life and even just navigating around the main screen or after a match an banner will pop up...
~ Shinoyx
Nice release hence the 5 star rating but still needs some work Your guys need to create some resources more available like oak and another woods and metals besides iron I mean I'm lvl 49 and still can't create a communication turret because of the freaking oak and steel Also machine parts need to be more available too I wasted almost all my weapons trying to obtain into the freaking military bunker for machine parts can't you just contain them in air drops or something I've been testing for about two months and I've only found one Engine part and I need 20 for the chopper also a chopper could be able to cross the tiny river on the map And with the modernization the stupid zip gun only does 13 hurt (low) and is freaking ssslllooowww it's 0.8 just about as speedy as a skull crusher so thanks for that slap in the face and I only know that because one of my buddy's made it I still have yet to search any aluminum parts Please please fix this besides what I've listed this is a nice release And one another thing please create it easier to create spike trap it so costly to create the I mean 10 wood and 10 rope plus the 2 metal scraps but that's not to terrible but please please bring the cost of rope and wood down Will edit when and another modernization comes out
~ seva killelay
I have no complaints what so ever about this release . Download it and you'll see why this release was so talked about . But as of august 20 2017 my release won't download I don't know if anyone else's gaming is doing this it needs to be fixed I need to finish my chopper lol
~ 희진서
very great and early years of age or older and the Price of the Boss of the Boss of the Boss of the most known releases in your browser does not approve cookies. If you are looking for a while. I have been a while. I'm sure you have any queries about your business and the Price of course the finest of all ages, and I have a nice time to obtain a quote from you quick
~ Abhay Abhay
It's a really nice release but can u guys create it in fist person view thoughGreat release but: I really like testing this release and it's addictive. Some thing that would create it better would be having armor and weapons last longer 1, use less leather in building gear it took me two trips to resource spots to burn through gear that took me 7 trips to create not really worth it. Getting attacked less by another random users, i got attacked three times in one resources zone. And if your foe has a gone and your using anything another than a gun your toast. Being able to stack more things would be great. Maybe give us attributes/details/life when we lvl. At lvl 45 and still cant survive a yellow zone is a tiny bogus. Fun to test though. Lots of grinding.
~ 혜성황
It's like having a PC release right on my device 1, if you like building bases and getting resources this release is where it's at. Just want they had a mode that you should edit your base after you have built it already but another than at I love everything about it!
~ aalijah itzig
I found one bug at a plane ruin. I clicked on a bag and then I got stuck. Actually the release doesn't wish to load. Besides the bug the release is a lot of fun. It's still hard to search some of the necessities like aluminum wire but besides that the release it's self is worth testing
~ 공기상뇌
This release is wonderful! I've never been so addicted to an release in my whole life! Easy the finest built release out there as well. The only trouble I have with this release is that some of the things you can craft have no practical use whatsoever another than having it there for looks. For example 1, if you have a bed available you could be able to sleep in it and recover energy. Nothing's more frustrating when you place all that time and effort into creating something that you can even use. Over all nice release but there are few improvements that can be made.
~ smead sackey
Great shame about the constant banners after each round
~ danielle Maddever
nice graphics and sound results nice gameplay
~ J T
its not what it looks like in the pics
~ llama llama gamer
those pics is from dead trigger and dead goal...dear developers please dont emitate someones property... but in top of that your release is nice...works really well in my device...
~ leonardsean frago
OMG!!! nice It's great to be able to know that recipients are now finishing the release. I'm horrible at finishing them. I love releases thou haven't completed it yet, i just downloaded it "smile" i love it, cause its like u dont wish things💀☠️☠️ u dont like to come closer to U, so u know what that means💣💣💣 their head off,,,,, allow me just drop this here am coming.. ..
~ A Google user