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About: Stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can! Just tap the screen to change the direction of the ball. Check not to fall off the edges! How far can you go?
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 21MB Developer: Ketchapp
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About: In this best free game, need to run through a rush of obstacles like a gentle man. You will be able to run for your life in the gorgeous 3d mysterious jungle, like a real gaming hero or princess. Feeling like a king or Prince in the oz old jungle. By playing this game, feeling will be most excited in jungle and subway taste game. Depends on you to run fast as you can, so that you escape the danger traps and ways like the best man. To avoid the coming obstacle or train, run right or left, rush...

Developer: MindLogix [email protected]

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About: Fly through space and break through luminescent lines in this fast and fun arcade style game. With fantastic art and sound design, you'll keep coming back to play more. Compete with your friends and people around the world on the global leader board to see who can go the farthest. How to play: -Tap the screen to make the ship move from one side to the other. -Speed is lost over time, so make sure to bounce off of the gray bars to keep moving. -Gain points by hitting the yellow bars -A...

Developer: Binary Fish Games [email protected]

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About: Fire Balls Hit 3D is an 3D balls fire. Fire ball to destroy tower. Keep holding finger for speed balls fire & Be the best 3d ball shooter! Play an amazing single-tap casual balls 3d game. All you need is to hold to do fireballs game. Avoid knock ball on the moving obstacles. Slow & fast rotation of hurdle will try to knock out you in this balls games free. Many different color & shapes of big tower stack 3d are there to knock down. Keep on fire 3d balls & enjoy unlimited levels of this fi...

Developer: Super Games Studios [email protected]

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About: You are stressed you need something to relieve stress, you need a game of adventure, You are a fan of the stickman ? This is the game you are looking for, go to "Stickman Destruction Pogo - Ragdoll Jump to Die". "Stickman Destruction Pogo - Ragdoll Jump to Die" is a physics-based simulation game to kill stickman in the style of Ragdoll, a ragdoll - style character that will take control of Pogo across all obstacles to reach the finish line. "Stickman Destruction Pogo - Ragdoll Jump to Die...

Developer: Langi Games [email protected]

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About: Crossy Bridge Car game Race games Bridge Builder With Cars Bridge Constructor 3d Game Build bridges with 25 different cars. collect coins and buy new cars Reach high score to raise leaderboard...

Developer: AMKGames [email protected]

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About: This game has 2 control type: 1.Use your finger to tap screen anywhere,then clownfish can jump to hide coral. 2.Use voice control,when speaking "up""down""speed" can let clownfish move to up or down and high speed go.When speaking "hold" or figner tap screen can stop up or down motion. (The game need read/write files and microphone record permission above Android 6.0 and first enter game can't execute voice control,need exit game and again enter game.Because permissions must take effect aft...

Developer: wolungchi [email protected]

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About: One of the casual games and also one of challenging games. Some levels look like a logic arcade or puzzle. Try hard and move to next phase in this free offline game. You will never know for shure what hurts you and what saves. Move left or right and beware of... everything! Easy controls. Tricky levels. Hard to reach high score. How to play: tap left or right to move character. Game features: insane real-time physics over 20 levels free to play left\right easy controls ...

Developer: MegaKappaMan [email protected]


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About: In this game, you have obstacles coming towards you and you have to try not to die. Mid game, there will be a portal that comes towards you. I'll leave it at that....

Developer: TarafderStudios [email protected]

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About: Do you like fantasy or dragons? Or even flying? Are you done playing difficult and complicated games? Then this game is strongly recommended. New flying game nothing like other, DragonFlight. ################################################################## * community : ################################################################## Dragon Flight is a game that attacks enemies with powerful magic, which then allows you to move further beyond that space. Skill up your magic an...

Developer: LINE Games [email protected]

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About: Welcome little racer boy. Do you like fun car games? Cop car games for little kids is classic highway driving game full of fast vehicles and cool cops. If youre a fan of super cool cars, then youre going to fall in love with kids police app. AWESOME FEATURES Driving little car wheels Hot armored vehicles Endless survival drive for racer boy Swat cop cars, ambulance toy cars and firetrucks Fun highway madness racing Crazy police car van driving COOL GAMEPLAY Tap nitro button in Co...

Developer: Emerald Games [email protected]

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About: Cold winter brings Christmas in its snowy bag. Brightening white snow is everywhere. During all the holidays we will play winter games and have fun. What are your favorite winter games? While there is cold and snowing outside, our Hippy likes to have fun. The best variant is to play snowballs. Lets go with Hippy outside, there are our friends and a big snow battle is waiting for us. Playing snowballs is a traditional winter battle, which takes place during Christmas holidays in Hippo town. S...

Developer: Hippo Baby Games for Girls and for Boys [email protected]

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About: Compete in a massive high speed water race. Move left and right to avoid obstacles and collect coins. Spin the jetski in the air for a massive speed boost. Avoid the obstacles and use ramps for that sweet air-time. Complete lots of challenging missions to unlock new jet-skis and boats. Are you ready for the ultimate racing experience?...

Developer: Ketchapp [email protected]

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About: Shoot the balls to break the glass blocks with your finger! Exciting Gameplay Including Endless mode & Challenge mode Three types of awesome skills Multiple cute & fun skins Beautiful Graphics Elegant Glass texture Relaxing animated effects The Best Game for killing time & having Fun!...

Developer: Carbonhydrate Games [email protected]

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About: Practice your brain and skills. Just guide the tiny balls!...

Developer: Magrabi Games [email protected]


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About: Avoid obstacles in this silly walking simulator! Shoes appear under your fingers and you must spin the phone to reveal the world. With the most unique controls you've ever seen, youll be fleeing from fire, stomping on cockroaches, and running from robot vacuums, all while trying to avoid toys, plastic bricks and garbage! Have you got what it takes? Step in poop wearing unicorn shoes in space! Kick a ball at a robot vacuum thats coming at you with a knife! Topple over 100 champagne glasse...

Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc [email protected]

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About: Are you ready to drift your car and prove yourself that you are a best drift master ever? Fast action drifting with your car around an endless race track. Keep it on the road, and go as far as you can! Master Sling Car - Drift Game Features: - Smooth and realistic car handling - 12 different cars model In Master Sling Car - Drift Game, You can unlock cars with utilize diamonds which you earned every level and earned diamonds against rewarded video. A collection of latest cars available...

Developer: Jet Manning [email protected]

Similar Games Like Jetpack VS. Colors Alternatives
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About: Fire up your jetpack thrusters, stickman! Beware of the lurking colors! Once you fire up, tap to use your stickman jetpack and fly through countless color obstacles. Do all this while constantly switching colors. Dont touch colors that are different than yours, or you know. You and your jetpack go splat. Play in endless mode or reach stickman victory one level at a time. Whatever you do, stickman, dont hit the wrong colors, and dont die! ABOUT US Crazy Labs is a casual games brand,...

Developer: Crazy Labs by TabTale [email protected]

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About: If you enjoy the excitement of pulling the trigger and bullets whizzing by, Last Hero will definitely be your first choice to become a real shooter! In this shooting game, as your gun swinging back and forth to aim the enemy, choose the perfect direction and tap the screen to fire! The secret of victory is to aim well. Once you killed a bad guy, you will ascend thestairs and get closer to success! Remember to upgrade your arsenal~ Unlock new guns by defeating blacklist bosses or...

Developer: Leopard Games Studio [email protected]

Similar Games Like Highway Traffic Car Racing Game 2019  Alternatives
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About: Highway Traffic Car Racing Game 2019 is the subtlest racing game. Drive insanely through highways, two-way long roads as faster as you can. Move ahead fast to become the fastest driver of this unique traffic racer. Features: Extra rich graphics. Very easy car handling. Customize the car the way you want. Different types of traffic available including buses, trucks etc. Various long routes available. How to play: Handle the car with the handlers available on screen. ...

Developer: Core Sol Hub [email protected]

Similar Games Like Hit Time!  Alternatives
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About: Just swipe left and right, rotate your build. Tap for faster....

Developer: Magrabi Games [email protected]



ZigZag Reviews and Comments:

great release but it doesn't give u lvls to test it just expects u to be a expert without even being taught how to test! please create lvls for the beginners
~ A Google user
I love this release it's so original by not having stamina/lives
~ Jdog216921
awsome great super nice release it's so fun if you made this release thank you so much
~ download the games
banners during the release is the only trouble I have but its very addictive
~ Jamir Edwards
banners popup in the middle of the release while testing which leads to a release over i don't know if its a bug or walkthrough to create recipients but remove banner ver
~ somesh bachani
it is a nice release and i think everyone could test it actually.
~ leah butler
even when the adds magicly appears out of no where it still os a really cool release.Hope you enjoy#ZigZag
~ deontae porter
I love it.It is so addicting!!!!!!!!!!
~ HelloKitty 101
The release is very glitchy. I tried to create it turn and it just went straight. But it is a very addicting release.
~ Kylie Simonson
it gives ad during the test and this thing irritates me.
~ Tanmay rai
This release is now very nice.. I love it!!!!... N in this release my score is 1900...lovely"😍❤️❤️..!!!!!....
~ Saleh Akhtar
this release is finest for when your bored. (periodttt)❤❤❤
~ Gamer Girl
it the finest release ever i can not think of anybody who will hate this release😁
~ lorenzo ayo
This release is a relaxing thing to test.Very simple.Hold up the nice effort out there Ketchapp.👍👍👍
~ Magnus 2008
this release sucks. i gave no concept how to even test it. I am surprised Mobile even accepted thus release as a release.
~ Eben White
Its very addictive, fun to test, and passes time when you are bored.😋
~ Jocelyn Scott
from DMHO kamareddy and want you were the medical squad devunpally you have a very close dude and a 9 year older than you have a babe and a very terrible they can do same to your 3PM or your partner or your spouse and your family and dudes to all of them you 656th birthday party for the next two weeks you will have a nice day activity with a nice evening sir Alex and you are nonpaid of charge for your dollars but you have to attend a coordination order and you can obtain the instructions on your own we
~ A Google user
horrible controls and idea too many banners. you will regret downloading the release.
i should have given full 5 stars but the only trouble is Adverts. so, i just have to stop my wifi for testing this release. otherwise the release is great.
~ Rey Shishir
Zig Zag is a competitive release that wants you to hold on testing and hold trying to beat your high score.
~ gizmo.
I use to have this release in like 2016 and it's still a very nice release till this day!!
~ Madison HH
i am extremely terrible at this release. therefore i rate it 1. yall really slacking. i killed my cat bc of this release. mad. go to hell. guess where im going. rehab. goodbye
~ Peyton Williams
this is a hard release it really play you but once you obtain the hang of ot then you will search the release really fun😛😛😛😛😛
~ Marty Sams
nice and intresting a tiny hard to obtain the hang of but easy and very fun once you obtain the hang of it
~ Nadia Alami
does not even deserve one star. should not even test it. it messed up my device!
~ briana grant
too much add on this release and the add came out while I'm testing it. I hope you will create it better.
~ A Google user
Really fun release but there are idea too many ads. They come up in the middle of the release and create you loose.
~ Gavin Kissinger
it's ok but when you tap on the screen fir the ball to transport sometime it won't do it on command, I can't obtain pass the first lvl and I've played this release fir a while actually
~ Anabel Avila
This is a nice release, except there are pop up banners. these banners usually come right whe O am in the middle of the release, and as a effects, I lose because I can't see.
~ Emma Downer-Price
keeps on glitching making me look terrible and ppl laugh at me, please fix this actually!!!! I'm.getting bullied too this also triggers my anger troubles!!
~ Caitlin Hardwick
this has to be the dirtiest, scumiest small release there is. there are literally banners that pop up while you are testing.
~ commander walnut
only because me and my dad use to test this release and then he passed away from a entire different reasons and it just brings back memories... so thank you for that 💙
~ Waiata Huriwaka
it is so fun . And challenging for one day and already a 5 star it makes me focus on the ball. I love going zag and getting coins . create more upgrades since I was four I played this release since I was four and It is still the same and create the wall paper change recipients will love the release . 😄 ❤❤❤
~ Epic Cousins
This is worse than flappy bird. So if you like getting frustrated and annoyed and wish to nearly smash your device. I suggest downloading this (this is not meant to be funny at all)
~ Alexandra Verkuylen
it is a a very great release but the trouble is the ADS The banners problem a lot while testing it was very near to being great..I mean like very close...not really disappointed but not all glad too..
~ Manish Mittal
i really like the actual release but its literally impossible to test wirhout getting super stressed about all the ads. there is literally one every time you die and sometimes more. i ended up uninstalling the release because i couldn't test it because of all the ads. sorry.
~ AlessiaMay
This is not so much of a nice release but it is very hard it does change colors which is cool but it is a very hard release. You may obtain stressed out but it just takes patience to manage.
~ Yakelyn Mejia
first impressions matter, this release among another Ketchapp releases run up with banners... the banners are even present during release test and if that's not enough, there are popups often you test to tap retry release is nice but you cant obtain achievements if you are offline which then, if you wish achievements, deal with thousands of banners and banners sometimes cause stutters during release test when they switch to a different advertiser so obtain wrecked because of that
~ Collins Gichuhi
It is an nice release and i have got more accurate for anything. Some recipients don't like this release because it is hard but I liked this release because it is hard. You all could test this release. And if you dont like seeing banners then off your wi fi or time.
~ Arup Tarafdar
Okay, you run testing it, you clicked "START", 2 seconds passed, an Advertisement shows up. Are you serious? how would you expect one to test this release if banner runs showing up at the moment when you literary testing it. The banners ends, and the ball falls off, you must run again. Seriously? My review is "Not playable"
~ Abid Morshed