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About: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" is available on-the-go as a small release! Do you have what it takes to become the Boss of Products? Simple to learn terms and easy controls for beginners! Engrossing and rewarding gameplay for "Yu-Gi-Oh!" veterans! Duel users from around the globe in this action-packed PvP card release! A gigantic cast of characters from "Yu-Gi-Oh!," "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX," and "Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's"! Duel as Yami Yugi, Seto Kaiba, Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo, and many more, from the entire canon! Featuring voicework from cast members of the original shows! Epic 3D cutscenes when ace creatures are summoned! Accumulate cards to build your very own Deck and conquer your foes! [FEATURES] Fighting Card Products - War another Duelists and their premium war Decks - Intuitive controls for beginners! Depth to satisfy "Yu-Gi-Oh!" veterans! - Build your Deck to become the most potent Dueling Master, w ... Show more
Genre: Card Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 79MB Developer: KONAMI
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Reviews and Comments:

Everything is great in this release, but i had to give only 4 stars, because I felt that its still missing something. I would like to recommend that they add xyz, pendulum,and feedback creatures in the release, and nothing else. i would really give 5 stars if this recommendation was granted.
~ anime lover
I've been testing the release for almost 2 years actually and the release right actually is in a healthy state. The meta is diverse and there's a lot of top decks that f2p users can pick to invest their gems with. The release isn't great of course and some things can be better but overall it's in a nice zone actually. Definitely suggest.
~ Isyraf Syafiq
Amazingly fun release that brings me back to the days where I used to test this release at school! Seems like recipients that complain about getting a terrible hand or RNG have never now played true Yu-Gi-Oh! Those things are just a part of card releases. The grind for cards is not too steep either. Nice release!
~ Awkward Iguana
Love this a lot! Definitely the finest idea to experience Yu-Gi-Oh! Voice acting is nice and fun to test around with, and the overall design of the release is simple and fun to use and follow. The only complaint I have after testing for a several hours is that there is no campaign for recipients who would like to test and practice versus the pc, however there are plenty of random pc encounters and many another ideas to test and learn! Kudos to the squad.
~ Doctor Perry
I love yugioh. except the dumb pendulums and how much they run to deviate from the original idea. nice there are none here.. yet! to much bugs. cards dont work as they could. They list is vast. and this will frustrate you. I would suggest testing true cards but then again. pedulums. I really dont know if I could hold testing or not. cards that dont work/ activate. Parry Knights- dont work.. Ancient Gear Frame- doesnt f#%& ! activate.
~ Aldo Quiroz
nice release if you played the card release especially, releases go quickly and cards are obtained speedy but it does lag quite a bit and create sure you activate "time transfer" just in topic the release is deleted. i just lost all my hard earned time bc a glitch in my device deleted it and actually i can't recover it. just be sure to save it.
~ Alex Wes Craven
this release is nice but should be better if the release was played like the true life ver. 5 cards with up to date cards like feedback and pendulum. getting a full deck and using your cards sometimes will require more cards able to be played to make a real dueling experience. uploading your own card into the release would be great(another apps let you do this this as well). the release is nice but these key informations are lacking and giving off the wrong experience for newbies
~ xavier williams
Absolutely nice release! Ive watched and played Yugioh from its birth. This release keeps real to its origin and it's for F2P and P2P users. Not only is it fun, but it teaches you how to become an expert duelist through your travel in its gameplay whether you are an actual card user or electronic card user! Two thumbs up from this guy and im very hard to please!
~ Kyle Kurtz
Fun release but where it lacks is like most small releases most of the nice cards are either hidden behind a paywall or have a very steep grind. that claimed it's better than most when it comes to that grind. will modernization my rating if I search more to add.
~ Ronald Sarnes
I had to uninstall. I kept losing in fights online because of lost connection. And other weird thing in the pvp they don't know how to pair you with duelists. They have more life points and better cards. So they beat you anyways. I just don't obtain it. Maybe if you pay more you should victory fights. But I will not pay dollars for better cards or to victory fights.
~ Isabel B
only giving one star because this release requires an insane amount of playtime for meetings that recipients don't have and the chances of being successful for anything is next to none as you have to invest too much time to obtain anything halfway decent which brings us back to square one... makes sense after you've read the last bit then the run again. barely enjoyable.
~ Andrew Linton
I've played for the longest time and thought it was nice but recently I've heavily targeted to not victory. I literally played all kinds of decks but over the course of the past month it seriously feels like this release is rooting versus me. I either brick or just dealt a hand that has no form of combos at all. I know its fully random but to lose so consistently in duel globe and PvP is just ridiculous. PvP for some reason isn't nearly as terrible but it still is a major struggle.
~ Stormy Weraf
It's absolutely ridiculous how much boxes cost, it's a nice business walkthrough to mix the OP cards in every box to hold recipients spending just to hold up in the meta. So its definitely Pay to Victory, like pay months wages to victory. I dont see why recipients will drop 30 bucks on 30 boxes of cards that to obtain that one op card, then do it again the next box, that's just insanity. So thanks but no thanks, there are variety of another releases I would rather place 30 bucks into. 30 bucks for 30 boxes ha what a rip offf
~ XI_Firefly
I purchased the discounted red eyes structure deck (deck + sleeves) and it had an error apparently. dollars is out of my profile and i can't buy the deck anymore because it claims i already own it.
~ Drunk Bum
Very fun release already knew how to test from testing the card release and it allow me skip on learning the basics and that suprissed me because most releases dont do that but this release did. Also grapics are very nice and the charater voices are nice! If you adopt please comment and hopefully you dowload the release because of this rate.
~ Amy Clark
Like the release, a fan of the series however I do have a grip with this release. Cards that would create decks fun to run even if just for casual users who wish to have fun with dudes etc are banned or not in the release at all, cards that are staples in some decks and required are locked behind actual an actual dollars paywall. Your ability to build a deck is limited due to the cards that you have to pay to obtain or due to the fact that some cards are just not there. I wouldn't claim this is really a Yugioh release in full, more like a half of a yugioh release with the pay wall thrown in. I would claim if you really wish to a yugioh release, keep out with this, then ditch it when Yugioh hits the switch. If you pick to stick with it know you will need to drop about $6-10 on a box multiple times if your going for copies of a card locked by a paywall.
~ Kat Foebreaker
The beginning portion of the release was fine, a bit simple, but after that it needed a gigantic amount of zone in which can't even be downloaded to the sd card. I was unable to download the full release due to having very weak on board device storage and the release didn't give the option to download to my sd card, I gave up trying to delete things to obtain enough zone and deleted the release after.
~ Billy Moore
I love this release so much, I'm practically addicted. I downloaded the Japanese voice dubs just to enjoy the release a bit and listen to the different voice actors. I just wish to ask if you can also give the summons who talk in their individual series their original voices, such as the crystal beasts and the dark wizard and dark wizard woman. it would be the finest thing ever
~ yehia zheiry
what i got to see of the release was nice but actually often I launch it, theres an modernization. I allow it do the modernization (almost 500) but when its done nothing happens. It got done one time then claimed me there was release maintance and should not be played, fine I understand that but there is no reason I could have to sit through the same modernization after the maintance was done. This is like the 3rd or 4th time with having to download this equipment and I am not willing to sit through it again just to repeat.
~ Roxanna McNutt
Place 1 in "Graphics" because of the horrendous flashing each single godamn war, not to mention the white screens before that too, or even in the end they search a idea to just burn your eyes out with more flashing. It's unnecessary, annoying, and unchangeable.
~ Tomas Goes
this release is the most liteiest,favoured,wonderful,and most interesting,coolest,enjoyable release I ever played in my inter life. thank you for this release,you all did a nice job on this release.THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Mobile Wireless
this release is unbalanced to hell with a giant pay wall, so if you can't use your own dollars on stupid equipment like this then you won't victory in pvp ever. ive been testing for a while and through experience you can't obtain anything nice without true dollars, and the servers are usually failing and disconnecting my releases. and you usually have to buy buy buy often a box is available. or you will still suck. i can test another no paywall releases for nonpaid and it is much more fun. 10/10 makes me mad!
~ Owen, Hayden & Paige Guevara
even though I hold losing the time I lost because I never register profile until actually. I hope in the future, the release will hold Develop the changes in the release to hold on testing for everyone in this whole globe. This release will support you and me to obtain better testing the release to be an nice pro someday so。。。。Come and Receive Your Product on because It TIme To Duel!!!😎😎😎
~ Christy Scarlet
While you can earn in release currency somewhat easily, you are almost forced to pay for something at any target because it's too hard to test otherwise. That being claimed the price you pay for card boxes and prebuilt decks are in a spot where it's neither nice or terrible. However the RNG is what makes the prices on the boxes expensive, because you can go through an whole box set and not obtain the card(s) you wish/need and the meeting rewards are generally poor. The Ui & AI are bugged too.
~ Empress Strange
seto is do dragon and Black Rose dragon and I still aki con mi Vida yusei is do you think jack yugi trouble with the actual system is Luca I don't think so nice is done by me to see the globe that is done by me and . this weekend and I still have card and I saw the video of the aggressor is done with victory the release is done by me xotchitl leal at me and my family is in a couple of the season with my family is in my family is in a couple days and my hearts is in a common target of the season with a she is
~ Xotchitl Leal
READ THIS. I'm leveling up on line. Everything is cool until you obtain to test versus users with over powered decks. All of you know that there are some of them which really are powerful, but hey sometimes the foe, knowing he's too powerful, doesn't even test the first rounds in order to give you some edge. Needless to claim that you sistematically lose those matches. During 3 out 5 matches I really go "?????" and lose without any chance of winning. Check to create the playes make their own decks.
After a short while I quickly began to notice the faults. PAY TO WIN! If you have the dollars you have your ticket to beating your foe. The 'shuffle' of the deck is faulty, and unrealistic, too many times do I have poor hands. In addition, the match up system is terrible. I'm CONSISTENTLY place versus users who are far superior and have decks that are completely developed unlike myself (back to pay to victory). Honestly, causes me more frustration than enjoyment anymore!
~ Brandon Baionno
wait, the release is great and I'm enjoying it greatly so far BUT is anyone else experiencing that when it loads on the 644(or so) number, it gets stuck at 102 or 106(for me) I've tried deleting and redownloading, I've exited out of the release but when I launch the release back up it claims "Failed to extract sources required" or something along those lines. Please do support I'm very confused...
~ Your Neighborhood Trashcan
God DAMN my last review was dated. I've been testing for about a year and a half actually and, i still only have one trouble and no, not the starter decks. The fact that, while this release is nonpaid, most users end up just p2winning and it's annoying, if you made it slightly easier for f2p users to obtain the same cards p2wers do, that'd create this a great release in my eyes
~ Jackson Guy-Baker
Speed Duel is the worst format of any TCG ever created. It's cute pathetic that the whole scope of the release is changed by what position your turn is. Furthermore, you have to sink hundreds of dollars into this release for a chance to be competitive. But all that goes out the window of you're picked to go turn 2. These developers didn't even place any thought into this trash format, beyond "We can create dollars off this." They ran YGO Pro off the supermarket, and replaced it with a much inferior product.
~ Cloud Barrow
The release is addictive. But I rate 3 star because the duel system seem to be broken. Most of the PvP duel I do. I'm usually the first turn. So I can't draw and attack. If I have a terrible hand. I'm stuck with very tiny choice to plan my transport. So by the time I end my phase. The another user would already beat me on turn 2. KONAMI could at least give the user that go first a chance to draw too. 1 bonus card in the hand can create the release more fair for first turn.
~ Nobu Chea
Testing this release gives me true flash bavks of when i had the binder of cards when i was a babe!!!! Plus the graphic and surprisingly the speed of the release is clean and afficient. If you have ever played yu-gi-oh when you were younger or actually its very nice.
~ Jonathan Slusarek
Gets 1 star for two reasons. First it really is a fun release to test and secondly you can't give zero stars. Another than that I'm severely disappointed to search out after having broke my last device and attempting to pick up where I left off that I cannot do so. I've spent dollars on the release and they've made it so hard to recover my old profile that I don't care anymore. I'm deleting the release and moving on.
~ Thomas Prout
it's an incredibly fun release whether you're a newest user or old fan. there are a several troubles with everyone basically using the same 4 decks that can only hope to be counteracted by nice RNG or using the exact same deck. The Loaner decks are also super hard to victory and obtain the gems most of the time. I spent an hour on 1 and never passed it because the foe usually had a card just potent enough to stop me or an ability and once you fall behind theres no catching back up.
~ Doppel Gamma
A short and sweet ver of the original release. It's a nice tiny love letter to the release we all grew up with. The smaller board and deck sizes create releases speedy while still retaining some of the original walkthrough.
~ Resourceful Bum
its a very awesome release design for yugiho... same idea to test the release even though it only has 3 slots for cards of every row like bam did. its a simple task to accumulate gems to obtain my favoured cards and strategys that i love most... thanks for the respond i do think it was on my end of the device that made it freezes up for the first time since I've downloaded the release. it was the wifi trouble thanks agian.
~ Kennith Workman
modernization: cards in decks are still clumped together in a fully unrealistic idea. Your deck will never be "shuffled". The "shuffling" is no where even close to realistic. When the ai stops determining the outcome I'll rate higher. Tired of going first literally 49 out of 50 duels (if not more) giving me the disadvantage. Also, it's a total pay to victory release. I can't suggest this release. Konami does straight up tool which is sad.
~ Sir B
I've been grinding for months actually trying to obtain Maximillion Peaguses Skill "Its a Toon globe" and no matter how many times I duel Level. 30 - 40 Legendary Duelists/PVP and using up a ton of my gate keys, (His skill "Never" Drops).. Idk if this is a bug or not but it's just getting ridiculous at this target.. Overall the release is absolutely fun but things like this can really crash the fun out of it..
~ Zachary Cordero
I've been testing since the beginning of yugioh, and duel feedback as well, this brings everything I love about the release and makes it fun in ideas the tcg isn't anymore. finest small release around, though if I had one critique it would be the difficulty for nonpaid to test to compete with those who place true dollars in. there really needs to be a user to user trading system in zone.
Change online victory/loss outcome. it's not fair that it's considered a loss if the connection fails. I have over 50 mbps with wifi and 4g LTE with small time. there is absolutely no reason these releases could have any connection troubles. either fix the trouble or change the outcome of the matches it the match ends due to connection failures. I pay actual dollars for this release and I don't wish to stop testing it but I will if I hold losing rank because of this trouble
~ Mister Riot