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About: XCOM: Foe Within is a standalone expansion to the 2012 walkthrough release of the year XCOM: Foe Unknown and it's actually available on GooglePlay devices! Foe Within informations the core gameplay of Foe Unknown plus more exciting content. Check out the newest army, abilities, aggressors, maps, missions, and multiplayer mode for the recent newest walkthrough gaming experience! Newest Soldier Abilities: Research a newest alien technology to advance the capabilities of your operatives. Newest technology contains genetic modifications of army and mechanized cybersuits. Newest Weapons and Equipment: Give your operatives an bonus tactical edge with newest projects from your engineering squad and the Foundry. Newest Foe Threats: Adopt newest walkthroughs to counter the threats from two newest alien types and a deadly newest organization known as EXALT. Newest Strategic Reso ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 21MB Developer: 2K, Inc.
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XCOM®: Enemy Within Reviews and Comments:

near great emulation of one of the finest turn based walkthrough releases out there. a several niggles: sound randomly comes on for certain meetings - i have all volume settings set to 0. and the sound is usually on during the intro videos. i wish silence... camera controls to switch between lvls is clunky. lots of slash scenes that would be great to avoid fully. the animation of the drop ship leaving/ returning seems pointless as you can skip them immediately, if you remember...
~ D B
It's xcom. Graphics downgrade is severe compared to notebook, but that's expected for a small platform with a tons of devices. The graphics are nice enough that you can obtain all the visual stats you need. The camera and controls can be a bit wonky, but the vertical lvl arrows are much appreciated. You can obtain done what you need done. Load times were short and not a trouble for me. The release itself is outstanding as usual from xcom. Usually more interesting to do. Nice to pass a lot of time.
~ Matt A
Nice release just like the original platform release. Did a nice job on the small port. My only gripe is I want their was a bigger multiplayer presence and experience.
~ Linwood Saunders
Love this release. Purchased in 2016 or so, been testing ever since. Big replayablity value. Only trouble I have with the release is the occasional ruin and having to zoom out each time I transport a soldier. The default height is annoying to claim the least.
~ Seal Club
Nice. Something about this just sucks you right in. Top notch execution. The storyline and the gameplay just lock in and hold you engaged. Played this for 3 hours straight till my head harm. I've never liked turn based walkthrough, but this, along with the Banner Saga are brilliant! Don't think, just buy it.
~ Amir Noronha
It's a nice release and looks superb. Controls are also very straightforward. However, the load times are very long, and if you accidentally click the home button on your device, the release has to fully reload and you might have to redo things you already did. Loads of fun but too many frustrations.
~ Alex Tessier
I love the PC versions of this, however, I got a newest Lenovo P10 Android and purchased this specifically as my first release to test on it. It loads, it looks nice and then you run to test. Once you obtain past the first stage and you hear the base command center talk once to give instructions on your first movement, that is where it goes to hell. After that there is only song. There is no voices from command or from your team, nothing from aggressors and sound from walking, gunfire explosions nothing. When contacting help through the help page, they claimed me to do all the things on the blog and then claimed me to contact help for the release from the release, which isn't even an option. Then they claimed me to disconnect my wi-fi and bluetooth and when none of this worked, they claimed me tough luck, they can't support me. While I can technically test the release, without sound it isn't the same and the fun is lackluster at finest. If you have a newer device, I do not suggest getting this.
~ Brian Mortensen
Far by the finest release on mobile, small devices etc.. Has so much to offer.. Really detailed and has nice graphics.. So much choices to create.. Huge content on maps, army, weapons, base etc. So much going on in the release its wonderful!! I test it each day delaying the end release target :) Really is the finest release and has so much to give to users. The research and rewards are exceptional, equipment to give army is out of this globe. Largest fan. Waiting for xcom 2... For small oh my...
~ A Google user
(Testing on OnePlus 6T) An almost great port of an almost great release. I own both a potent PC (With each xcom release released) and a Nintendo Switch but have found myself testing this release on my device lately. My only trouble with the release are that the camera controls should be a bit smoother with quicker Zoom and pan and it can be a bit hard to transport to elevated tiles. But all in all just as nice as on PC.
~ Ardor Lankiness
The finest I've played on Mobile. Absorbing sci-fi walkthrough release with satisfying tactical combat and polished graphics/animations & audio. Also you now obtain a complete release for the price - no IAPs. It takes 3G of zone but it's worth clearing out some freemium equipment for this. Does eat battery life a bit, but not surprising given the quality graphics and animations. Obviously being a walkthrough sci-fi release it won't appeal to everyone.
~ Davey G
On an S8 Horrendous controls, the camera is not very responsive. Choosing troops is a hassle Very long load times. Been staring at a ship flying towards the moon for about 3 mins. Don't waste your time/dollars on this unoptimized release.
~ Robert Young
This is a nice release. Really captures the essence of the PC release very well. Optimized for the device better than I hoped. The only thing I can't stand is it makes you watch a stupid long video each time you launch it. That really stinks if you only have time for one target or two. Receive rid of not letting you skip the insanely long startup video and this would be 5 stars. Meh... Lowering to three stars there is a bug in the very last room of the very last lvl (I know it's the last room because I played this on PC). The last room won't load. That's really frustrating after hours spent on this release. Colleague had the exact same bug, so it's not a one off.
~ Cica Lavesh
I really liked original x-com: ufo (94) and had related feelings testing this makeover. It's nice you will obtain aggressor within add-on as a part of the deal. The release is not very long and has a nice replay potential.
~ A Google user
plays decently well when its not destroying. on Galaxy note 9 and im getting tired of not being able to resume my release or even load sometimes. plus its absurd how it crashes often when saving or loading. Another than that ir runs well and looks cute. XCOM is one of my favoured releases.
~ Skyler Bullock
I very rarely give anything 5* but this definatly deserves it. I had the original xcom on PSN and I loved it the idea its been remastered for small is almost flawless of course there are trouble with the frame rate and battery drain at times when alot is happening in release but it can be forgiven because i test it on my small device. And I highly suggest it to all xcom lovers. Such a nice release.
~ Drake Tear
The release will not launch on Amazon fire device (device formated to run mobile os and use Google test shop). Logo screen opens in run and gives error message: "download failed" with the selectable option being exit. On my device this is an nice release but my device screen's diminutive size has an impact on the enjoyment of the release
~ A.R. Eddy
You rock since the dawn of xcom on the pc long ago. Nice ver on ps3 but hard to control, because of console. This release on touchscreen, cancel all the flaws of a controller and makes it more fun than using a mouse. I'm glad I purchased this, will be testing it... Usually.
~ David Lemire
If I built a door for you and 30 percent of the time it would fall down - you would wish me to fix the door properly. Please fix the destroying. Especially when I test to save the release..
~ Andrew O'Neill
super impressed with this as a user from notebook, however it doesnt seem to close correctly, and ends up draining my battery like crazy. it even seems to drain power if i dont force stop it before i turn my device completely off... dont know how that is possible but i had it on charge, completely turned off my device (keep power button, shut down) and battery was still running down until I force stopped this release. moto G5S+
~ Michael Stickler
I gotta be honest I am really really hoping that this gamea predesesor is one day available here in the google test shop and I am praying to god that they create a third because this release is like the most epic release I have played in a long while only cost me $6.99. worth each single penny. the only terrible part of this release is that it takes forever to download
~ James Michael Austin
camera is too zoomed in if you have a wider than standard aspect ratio. For example when looking at army in the barracks the name at the top is slash off the camera is so zoomed in. Makes the release basically unplayable at the lvl of zoom it gives on my device.
~ Tom P.T.
Incredible release; this is now a proper release with nice graphics and gameplay (if you like turn based tactical releases). Can test it offline, no banners, no micro transactions, no nags. I have yet to search any another release this deep and entertaining on Mobile. Absolutely worth the price of entry.
~ Jeff Yen
One of the finest walkthrough releases of all times. Easy worth 5 stars if the release wouldn't usually ruin if I tried to use the cloud save option (with multiple devices, even with a recent release, after deleting the cloud save folder and with no needed stats in the error message), and (for a release lasting tens of hours) had more than 4 offline save slots (3 releases with one such set can be active at a time).
~ Gffghvaezhgv Dezhfdfghjdrggdd
I have to run by claiming I LOVE X-Com. This post has the worst controls though. the camera and movement softwares are just broken. the utility that allows you to pick between elevations is sometimes offset from where your characters transport. I have made some tactical mistakes because of that large that killed my army and destroyed my playthrough.
~ Taylor Gulledge
I remember testing this release on my ps3 ages ago and it was nice fun. After testing it again on my device, the nostalgic feeling is nice. The graphics are nice for being played on a device, release test is just like the original. The only trouble I've had is the release sometimes crashes. Usually only while loading a save from the main menu for the first time in a several hours. And that's an trouble that is being worked on actually so I've got zero complaints. Thank you so much to everyone involved in bringing this release back on a newest supermarket. Definitely worth the dollars
~ Christian Bevan
looks nice, and is more or less a wonderful port from the ps3. troubles are though, the control is really quite unreliable (extreme difficulty getting army to different elevations is the largest) and it likes to ruin alot. if these troubles obtain fixed it's an simple 5 star release though!
~ Sean Roberts
This is an nice release. A faithful port of the release that was released for PC and consoles a several years back. Everything from Foe Within is included, the only thing that isn't present is the Slingshot target where you obtain the newest Soldier and assault the battleship. Graphics are nice, gameplay and controls are outstanding. If you liked the release on PC/console you will like this. Works with no troubles on my Pixel 3.
~ Glenn Harden
*edit* The last modernization was over a year ago claiming to fix a ruin that is still rampant among Galaxy S8 owners. It's offensive how often this release crashes during loading, even newest releases. I've place over 100 hours into this release on consoles and PC. This is a unbelievable adaptation to small and runs surprisingly well. It easily outperforms my PS3 ver. It looks nice also. On rare occasions it will mess up the tap detection and screw up my movement. I did have a destroying trouble on 11/28/2018 whenever I would load my save, but I fixed it by clearing time and cache. Galaxy S8.
~ Timothy Whisenhunt
Receive this release, not many releases as nice as this one. graphs are sweet, touch controls are very nice. You will spend hours on this baby. It's my favored out of the xcom series. Purchased on here for 7 buckeroos, xbox marketplace charges $39.99 for this gem. Worth each cent. Edit this release does still ruin when loading up a release on samsung galaxy 8, you didnt fix the trouble even though you claim you did. you lost 2 star as such.
~ Doom Scorpion
honestlt type of nice how close this is to the full release Really just some slight differences for hardware limitations of smaller devices and optimization of the controls. the only true trouble I've had is with troop movement when elevation is involved. It's very annoying but far from release breaking. unfortunately we'll never see a fix for it as help for this release from the developers seems long gone. If it's on sale and you love XCOM, obtain it. otherwise don't bother.
~ Victor Scott
Product is fun... when it works. Each time I run the release, it crashes while loading my save file. When I run the release a 2nd time, it works fine. Just had a release bug out and present me an extraction target AND UFO ruin web at the same time, but wouldnt let me to pick either. Lost that save file. Actually, under my NEW save file, my release just wont load up at all. Stuck in the spinning xcom logo loading screen. Actually I have to uninstall and test again. I dont know why this started happening.
~ A Google user
It is fun, challenging, and interesting. The only things I would change, is that you could be able to have an exo skeleton, more interceptor types/classes, and a sandbox. I do have an trouble, the release won't allow me sign into Google test, so I can't test multiplayer.
~ Donovan Klier
This is a nice port. ive played Xcom 2 on xbox360 and they managed to translate all the core mechanics and graphics perfectly while still simplifying where essential. In terms of the release itself like all xcom releases this release is not simple. if you dont plan or save you can back yourself into a cute tough corner with release progress because there is permadeath for your soldier but i dont search this one as hard as xcom 2. there are fewer lvls with transport counters. nice release. worth the $
~ Mac Pohanka
First time ever leaving a release review. Seriously, worth each penny. Simple to control, a lot of fun, and for those that have troubles with moving up and down, just use the camera button. Stop thinking about it and just buy it! Played using pixel 2.
~ hendrick dw
I really like this release. I played the notebook ver. Got it on holi sale. But keeps on destroying. Even with a super device this gotta be some bugs in the release. I wish to test this release therefore developers if you are reading this please test to fix it.
~ Arijit Saha
If you've played XCOM, and you like it, then this is just a port. The controls on this felt more fluid than the PS3 ver. If you've never played XCOM, then here's the highlights: A (nice) turn based, aliens versus humans walkthrough release. Multiple classes for your army, progressive unlocking of gear and abilities, and a release with consequences. So much so that I've now destroyed campaigns. Arguably the finest walkthrough release you can obtain on your device. It eats up 3 Gigs, though, so be mindful.
~ Trey Cain
Product was working absolutely fine with a several niggles here and there. And then it happened. I'm 6 hours into a campaign and the release gets stuck after I transport one of my troops. The unit moves, and then it just stays there. Animations, song and everything is testing the background but I cannot now do anything else. Lost six hours of release time. Thanks.
~ Micky Sung
Hello I'm a gigantic Xcom fan since aggressor unknown. when I saw this for mobile I purchased it straight away. But unfortunately I cannot test multiplayer. the release doesn't allow me make releases, cannot search any, cannot login to fb profile, and sometimes it doesn't even allow me login to google or see the achievements. I hope the devs read this sort it out
~ Roberto Cardoso
Product is incomplete, you're supposed to have the ability to revive/stabilize units that are downed. Once you stabilize them you are supposed to be able to carry them to extraction. You can stabilize them, but you cant carry them, and even if you eliminate all hostiles in the AO you could obtain them back since you stabilized them, they're counted as KIA no matter what you do with them and you lose them. Also, autosave is set when one of your units is killed or at the run of the next round.
~ Jacob Cekovsky
should be really nice release but it is unstable and freezes. very frustrating you are getting into the action. please fix for Galaxy S10. UPDATE: this worked for me, hopefully anyone having freeze troubles too. i restarted the release without any of the guides on. one can only do this once they obtain the release controls though.
~ Gabriel Villanueva