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About: Join 30 million wrestling lovers and test the ultimate, action-packed WWE small release! War with hundreds of Superstars both past and present, reigniting and reliving some of the most exciting rivalries in this special puzzle RPG. Compete in Singles, Mark Squads and Mixed Match Mark Squad matches, featuring both the Ladss and Girlss Divisions. Test solo or join a Faction, fighting your idea to the top of the leaderboard in everyday, weekly, and monthly contests. Enter the mayhem and feel the excitement of the WWE Universe! **WINNER! 2018 Webby Recipients's Voice Award (Sports Products)** ===GAME FEATURES=== WWE ROLE-PLAYING GAME ACTION * Use RPG skills to earn XP in this special RPG Puzzle War Product * Victory matches to customize moves and upgrade your squad * Epic RPG gameplay lets you combine a tons of skills * Strategize! Pick the finest Class to beat foes. Select ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 81MB Developer: Scopely
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WWE Champions Reviews and Comments:

the release scalps loot crates at the end of a match.. if you are supposed to obtain 12 crates, the first 3 or 4 disappear, and you obtain no credit for them.. has been happening for a while.. sent a message through the release about it, but no response..
~ Darkrazers
alright i go and beat all the dollars in the bank and i cant even see my loot coins or whatever they may be from it then my release crashes, sick of investing time and dollars into a release that is entirely versus user and customer loyalty. 1 star.
~ James Nolan
Poor release once you buy in-release purchases. Their own terms don't apply and you constantly obtain cheated in war. You waste you're hard earned nonpaid time and dollars.
~ John White
~ gk love
This is a total dollars grab release. You MUST pay to progress, otherwise its a long grind to create any progress. Warning dont buy the DX boxes or Boss of Bosses as once you cancel subscription youll lose the characters even tho youve paid for them.
~ Wayne Maddock
fun release. buying a 3 star andre for 5 bucks made it much more playable in the long run otherwise would never have one. Also save shards to create 2 star golds. supports.
~ luke welch
please remove health system, its crash the fun of this release, worst thing is that the health box is expensive. please just remove it. this release is cute cool and i love it
~ lonely cat
Product is quickly running it's course due to developer greed. Newest example is around a $4,000 pay wall for a newest hero. Used to be a fun release. Actually it is just a grind.
~ Brian Cahalan
But one thing I deleted this release after creating an profile for this and after several days i downloaded release and till it has downloaded but not opening plz claim me a idea to this because this is the only one release I had downloaded ever in wwe
~ A Google user
I downloaded to obtain points for other release. omg! obtain to lvl 5?! hell no! it's a freakin match 3 release. As a piece of White Tailer Trash, the wrestling is idea too much to endure for nonpaid points!
~ Diana Prestwich
I love the release but release keeps freezing making my users injured missing out on tp colors having to use alot of health boxes losing out on alot of equipment due to this and nothing in return essentially ripping me off when this is rectified I'll place more stars until then it's making me not wish to test and I have spent dollars on this release not very glad actually wont even launch this is ridiculous if I should give a star I would really terrible customer service no rewards for release stuffing up nothing rip off 🤬
~ Cory Lane
Boring! The guide fully turned me off. I stopped and uninstalled before it was done. Don't waste my time with your stupid boring guides. Create it an option. Why is that so hard for small releases to do?
~ A Ghost
The Product is very nice and addictive but it has become too slow.... The release doesn't load easily... Takes lot of time... Kindly check this matter the newest modernization has made the release loading part slow
~ himanshu chhajed
the gameplay is very slow during matches about 85% of the time. also, the release takes a minute or 2 to bring up once u click on it. if u launch it up after downloading an modernization, it should take 5 min or more to load.
~ Robert Cascio
hey scoply surely some common sense would be used.. when starting over it has use an profile so i do my main profile that was meant to already have a release of this saved on it so press that thinking that loads my release process but nah it really stuffs your last release process up..surely it could claim "sorry cant save the newest release process on this profile because theirs already a saved release on it" but nah it just over raids the another release process and we lose our release..
~ Grant f
an ok release that passes the time. would be great to have the sound stay off when you turn it off, sometimes it hangs on the loading screen for no reason. sometimes the loot won't turn up in your inventory till you reload the release.
~ James Abbot-Cole
its nice. since i absolutely love wwe i love this. i found it funny when i first started testing and i got roman the thing at the bottom had the rock claiming that roman was like family when they are. their cousins. anyway nice release..bwi bwi. yeah haha *awkward laugh* bye.
~ sp0ngb0b3r bahoy miloy
I love the release, my only criticism is that to obtain better characters you are cute much obligated to pay for them. Also, the repetitiveness of the matches is irritating. I've pinned Large E like 40 times actually and I just got the release 4 days ago.
~ Square Pickle
Product is ok but the toggles to turn sound off don't work! Certain sounds still come through and sometimes all the sound comes back despite sfx and song being turned off! Which is extremely annoying wen listnin to true song loud over a blutooth speaker! i will revise my review if they ever fix this trouble! Also its idea to hard getting everything required to upgrade wrestlers, there is idea too many currencies with tiny explanation and the loading screen tricks disappear before being able to read
~ mitchman721
this is a fun release. nice time aggressor, plenty to do and no absolute need to spend dollars. that being claimed this release has such a weak rating do the the overwhelling amount of hackers. this release has so many hackers its not fun. the help knows about it and is picking to"ban the hackers" once the release is out of beta. until then they aare knowingly allowing hackers in there release, for this i cannot give higher than a 2 star rating.hopefully they will correct this cancer infecting an otherwise fun release
~ Peter Berube
Well I had very nice thoughts about this release but they place up a couple equipment for sale (Undertaker and Andre the giant at 3 *) I go obtain the dollars and then I obtain home it's not on the supermarket anymore. I hate you guys for that I'm uninstalling right actually straight upset me. can't trust you guys would do that it makes no sense I have the 40$ right here but noooooo you had to take it off the supermarket. I would advise everyone not to test this dollars scamming P.O.S
~ Nick Gates
release is fixed they let employees to join top factions and give away nonpaid equipment to another members the rest of us have to pay for. they also give stats out early to their chosen factions so they know who to upgrade for upcoming meetings and feuds. fully unfair and fraudulant.
~ david drum
I used to love this release, I have over 100 wrestlers and have spent variety of dollars last 1.5 yrs but it has got to the target that unless you pay you are screwed. all my combatants and can not participate in most meetings unless I spend more dollars and thats about a 5% chance you obtain anything to allow you join in the meetings. scopely became too greedy, the release is boring actually not being able to participate in almost all meetings. newbies run away!
~ A Google user
AI will stomp your face in no matter how much higher your talent is. bigger dollars grabs than any EA release to date. takes over 24 hours to regen wrestler stamina unless you are in an active faction and you obtain support or spend true dollars. nonpaid rewards involve partial credit to unlocking wrestlers but you have to spend true dollars for the rest. one large RNG simulator unless you unleash your credit card stats.
~ William Riley
Buggy ass release. so many times actually I've had multiple bags in my inventory, clicked launch all and it changes to x1 instead of example x2 like I had in my inventory, so I lose out on a entire bags worth of loot each damn time it happens. Been there for weeks and lost so much loot (which takes forever to obtain in this release) and hasn't been fixed so writing this review. Hopefully they fix the damn thing and compensation is given otherwise this 1 star is staying and I'm leaving as I've about had it.
~ Vaughan Elphick
Large dollars grab, this is a babes's release isnt it? why is there a box that cost 50 dollars? at the same time the shard system makes it take forever to obtain any decent superstars. it doesnt feel like you're being rewarded for doing anything.
~ David Payne
if you like paying a lot of dollars for a entire lot of nothing then hurry up and download it before they fully destroy this release. scopely is the most incompetent release developers I've ever seen. I will be avoiding each title they place out.
~ Randy Duffield
well, it's a shame that the jewels the pc use usually on their turn stacks up in its favor and pin you or... when it's your turn, it bust up like once... like, cmon guys, enough of being greedy already, will you please just let the customers to be pleased and glad, or does greediness usually have your hearts desires, wowsers, we usually have to spend so much dollars to obtain so tiny with this release and you create it addictive just to where we dont wish to delete it... so much for appreciation
~ Jaron Boyce
This was an incredibly fun release to test. When first starting, there's a lot to do and a lot to accumulate, and it doesn't cost anything. Once you establish yourself, however, the release is strictly pay to test. Meetings run and you can only test them if you buy the superstars needed to do so. This probably equals less than 10% of the release population being able to test all meetings, while the remaining 90% are shut out unless they pay.
~ Chris Mensaghi
FLUSH CRUSH!!! Not enough zone here to describe how terrible it was. Chat window sucks, terrible, poor crappy, crashy, very terrible, but if you're a trillionare using dollars like toilet paper then CONGRATS!!!!! You've just purchased a wrestling release that's now a candy crush release. Finest of all, you should have just purchased a wrestling release, but instead, you purchased Flush Crush. The release that claims how can we create the worst release ever. Globe's Worst Experience. Check it for yourself.
~ John Reed
long time user who is sick of the over priced, underwhelming effects of the in release purchases. the expensive dollars grabs have got to stop. it's chasing users away. i miss the nice old days of last year where meetings should now be played by majority of users, not just the top 5% of spenders. i have spent a very nice amount of dollars on the release and still cant participate in a lot of the meetings. such a shame.
~ Victor Alvarado
The basics of this release are fun. The release is easy, levelling up your favored WWE superstars is fun, and there's lots of challenges to work towards. But, and it's a major but, the release has changed from what it used to be. Like most microtransaction releases, if you place true dollars into it, you should do things faster and it made the release a tiny easier. Nowadays the only idea to compete at all is to spend. Often that is literally the topic. Scopely got greedy. Newbies and F2P don't stand a chance
~ Ross Crawford
hello there i have a trouble with my release for a long time since i installed it on my device . my release never runs on my wi fi its hold restarting but when i launch it on my small time it works easily so when the fame is started once then i can use my wifi after that and it works perfectly but it never opens when the wifi is on u have to turn it on after the release is running. kindly support me with this . and 5 star for the release i love it. thnx
~ Arslan Ahmed
I've been a long time user from March 2017 and it started off fun, fair, and hopeful when actual grinding and putting in your long sessions of personal time now paid off. Actually this release is only about microtransactions and pay to test to stay competitive. If I hadn't spent so much time and dollars already I would have quit when they made this prepared to pay to test. I suggest all newest comers to stay away and test elsewhere. Remember how Battlefront Star Fights started off as?
~ Juan Ramirez
I am a gigantic fan of CM Punk. Please add this superstar.Overall it's a nice release. And also add legends like Bruno Samartino,Hulk Hogan,mysterio, Sabu etc and newest users like McIntyre,lashely. And also increase the chances of getting newest wrestlers rather than shardsWhat about Faction Invasion ??? And the chance of getting a Newest superstars is very less, just increase it.
~ Ajit Kapse
Shameless dollars grab, release was really nice for 18 months or so but unfortunately developers got greedy. To obtain anywhere in monthly meetings you have to spend true dollars, to be in top factions you are obliged to spend dollars to hold up. nonpaid to test or newbies do not stand a chance...
~ Gareth Rose
Kind if fun at first twist on a match 3 release. Quickly becomes tedious and is the greediest P2P release I have ever seen, Ever! Even when spend dollars you are guaranteed nothing. Is all on a summoning kind basis. Grinder? Forget it. You can not even obtain the nice wrestlers that idea. Test at the risk of an empty walllet. Most meetings last 2 days and you never have the wrestlers required. So if buy boxes and now obtain ones required you can't upgrade them in time to now use them. Ripoff
~ Voodoo Warlok
Its just bejeweled but with a twist. There's no time limit on making matches until you obtain pinned. But it takes forever to obtain a potent wrestler. Anytime I obtain a chance for a 3 to 4 star wrestler they give me a bronze 1 or 2 star. Irritating as hell. For more than a year I've been testing this. All i got out of it is a 3 star Asuka.
~ Kratos9816 G
Terrible customer service, numerous bugs / troubles persist but developers only interested in increasingly ridiculous dollars-grab. Couldn't honestly suggest it to anyone, even those who are powerful-willed enough to remain F2P. Addiction is all that brings most of us back to it. Sad but real.
~ Guy M
after last modernization loot boxes over ride themselves and just flat out dont register on the board really screwing vip members who pay for bonus for that. also the latest hero is behind a ridiculous $4k pay wall. if you are newest to the release i can not suggest this to you. the paywalls have just become far too high and like i claimed previously they are actually even screwing their vip members on things. I've been a suppporter of them in the past but they have just gone too far this time.
~ tony Jones