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About: When the guys and women at Squad 17 jump around and squeal with excitement, you know you are on to a master. You see, the squad who designed Worms 4 had you and your favored device in mind when they created; Synchronous Multiplayer Matches: War versus foes from around the globe with true time one on one online multiplayer matches! Shorter, more explosive matches to deliever compelling bite sized gameplay. Streamlined menu systems to obtain you into release with a minimum of fuss. Add enriched cartoon visuals which look nice even on the smaller screens. But thats not all! Take a look at the below list and you will see why the recipients at Team17 are simply buzzin about Worms 4. Brand Newest Weapons: Wreak havoc with an assembly of brand newest weapon designs including Haileys Comet! Weapon Updates: Worms 4 is desi ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 22MB Developer: Team 17 Digital Limited
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Worms 4 Reviews and Comments:

Had to let permissions for the release in settings. After that, it went nice! Me and my Fiance love the release!!
~ Marche Ramirez
tech troubles at first. resolved with a google find. nice release. needs more online users though
~ Gerry Dapergolas
Can't run the release... I obtain a "General Error: No Google profile found" every time I log in. I am connected to the internet and logged into Google. modernization: fixed the trouble by enabling permissions.
~ Kyle Lott
Wepon panel won't launch enough to pick other weapon so release test isn't fun and very limited. I'm quite disappointed and was a waste of dollars.
~ T D
I can't pick any weapon, because the menu of weapons doesn't display well on Xiaomi Mi8, it just shows a border of the menu when I launch it.
~ Christian Alonso
i paid for this release and can even pkay it. as quick as i launch it it reads "no google profile found" and the release closes
~ Rene Barboza Jr
release is trash can't pick any equipment becuase the slot for it is off the screen. progress stops at lvl 5 becuase you can't pick the jet box. i have a galaxy s10 +
~ Game Or Die
can't test as claiming no Google profile and no option to let in the permissions. and as for the automated response from the developers.... I claimed I'd tried that and there is no option to let it.
~ havanah1988
bought this release 2 times and all I obtain is "no Google acct"... Thanks Tech Help. it worked when I adjusted the permissions. Product is working fine.
wont run. keeps claiming "no google profile found". Note9. Mobile 9. Wifi works, all another apps works. upd1: trouble solved after manual settings permissionz to grant all.
~ Alexey Remizov
absolute rubbish release paid for it, downloaded it and it doesnt work. just keeps erroring!!!! dont waste your dollars!!!!
~ james south
why do you need access to my contacts and device to test this release "no Google Acc" trouble seems to be unresolved. very disappointed :(
~ Sam Rey
cant test cross platform... Iphone versus mobile... This could be stated in the description. Waste if dollars when you and all your dudes buy it and cant even test.
~ Jakob Vetter
after managing to finally obtain the release running as was getting an error, the screen size isn't right meaning I can't see the weapons screen! releases actually working great and a the Squad 17 were very speedy and useful
~ Jerry Brodie
i downloaded the release, gave it proper peemissions and it still will not run. i wish my dollars back or a solution so i can test the release.
~ Ray Nelson
Seems as though developers have the ability to delete reviews. This release will not launch without permission to my contacts and whatnot. If I pick to not use the multiplayer option, I don't wish to give permission. It's a release. It doesn't need my time.
~ T. B.
bought the release a while ago on an older device. upgraded device and re-downloaded release and it claims "No Google Acc Found" then closes with no another options???
~ Chris Thibert
the release is unplayable on my Google pixel 2 xl as it isnt optimized for the screen size. this makes it impossible to switch or pick weapons in the release. I wasted my dollars on this release
~ Zachary McGlosson
Same as others... does not work! Getting the Google Acc screen. Changing permissions has not helped. Refund!
~ Ian Y
After trying to reinstall this release, it Claims me that it has no general google test profile... WHY? But before this, the release was very nice.
~ Dragos Bajanica
Experience ?? Usually the release is started, there is an "General Error" dialog box and the only thing i can do is exit. so thats my experince.
~ Rishabh Panwar
Its ok actually. It works on my another device. I wont change my rating unless it also works on my another newest device. You need to cope up with newest trends and newest concepts.
~ david alexander justin hernandez
I absolutely love this release! had my wife download it so we can test together. it had an error upon run. just go into the release under management and give it permissions manually. it works just fine after that
~ Manny Weffer
can somebody support me please!!!😡 I can't access the release and I already paid for it. it claims "General error. No Google profile found" I wanna test this release
~ jesus calderon
It claims no Google profile found on run. Just downloaded it actually :( UPDATE: manually enabled tbe permissions and it worked. Would be nice for the squad to deliever an modernization on this trouble.
~ Michael Yildiz
i purchased this release because i used to love the notebook versions. so far though, i havent been able to search a single release on multiplayer. it seems like the releases been abandoned.
~ Matt Gabaldon
Just paid for the release and installed. But it claims no Google profile found and won't enter the release. Strange as all another apps work fine. I wish this sorted. Waste of dollars so far
~ daniel bonnici
Fun as hell. Such a classic. For everyone having troubles opening the release, you have to go in settings, and manually turn on permissions.
~ Maria Estremera
For those experiencing the "Google profile" trouble here is the fix: go to your settings-->apps-->Worms 4-->permissions-->enable all. That's all. Your release could work actually. The trouble is that the release calls profile validation and permission validation both at the same time (my guess) and it causes it to ruin.
~ Ady Ben
paid for this release using my Google profile but often I launch the release it comes up with "general error, no Google profile found" with no idea of logging into an profile, just an exit button. Tried uninstalling and re downloading to no avail. Useless
~ Nathanael Nicholls
Wont even launch. It can't detect my google profile. edit: it shouldn't need access to my device or contacts. so do i let it access to my storage? what does that have to do with not recognizing a google test profile?
~ Leif Hendricksen
I was reading through the comments and yes it does at first claim error no google profile found and yes you need to go to your settings and go to apps and search the release and manually switch on permissions and it will allow u test I have no concept why...so far the release is nice but one thing is tha i connected to google and commented and did not even earn dollars like the release claimed you would.
~ Jacob Loera
Ran into troubles with it not seeing my Google profile. Fix that by manually allowing permissions but actually it crashes the second the release finishes loading. I wouldn't expect this for a nonpaid release, even less for one I paid for
~ Richard Bowey
"No Google profile found" message on run. Unfortunately got to play too late and the return is not possible. And yes, I know about the manual workaround. This is production, not local snapshot play environment, and such idiocy is unforgivable.
~ Pavlin Velichkov
I can't review the release another than the fact that it's the only small release I've ever paid for, and I can't even launch it. It claims no Google profile attached, but it won't even allow me sign into one. I'm connected to my Google profile through the release shop so I don't know what's going on. Be warned before you buy.
~ Michael K
Right... So just paid and downloaded the release. Got excited, pressed the Worms icon, and then.... Receive a large stats in the middle of the screen claiming "ERROR: Goodle profile not found". What do I do actually?
~ Natalia Kurek
Technical troubles mar what should be an otherwise enjoyable release. To launch with. After you install the release, it won't launch. You will obtain an error. It's fixable, but you have to do it manually. I had to go on to google find to learn this. The another major trouble I have is that the release doesn't fit on my screen. I can't pick the weapons in release, because they are literally off the screen. There isn't an option to resize. I'm using the honour test. Which is designed for releases. Fail.
~ Ender X-XI
I can't really give the release a fair review if I cant even launch it. It just Claims me Google profile not found with the option of exiting and no clues as to went wrong. Already not glad please fix this bug or claim me what to do or how to fix this.
For a paid release, the service is not up to par. Issues testing multiplayer. Decided to do one on one by addressing it to Team17 privately at the support correspondence. Got one respond asking for my device ver and thereafter radio silence even with a reminder. Would appreciate some customer help. Half a month later. No feedback, no release improvement.
~ Ben S
Its an excelent release! I have been a fan of worms since a lot of time, but I have a tiny trouble with the save in this release, because when I do things in the release offline (lvls, customisation, etc.) when I back online, that things don't exist anymore, and that is too tedious, that means I can't test offline anymore? I will wait your respond, thanks!
~ Lukas Morera