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World Series of Poker – WSOP Free Texas Holdem   
About: Test the globes Most Authentic Poker Soft! Join millions of users in the official Globe Series of Poker release! The most prestigious poker brand raises the stakes with THE authentic poker experience on Mobile devices. Compete to victory the ultimate prize in poker; your very own WSOP Bracelet! Do you have what it takes to become a champion? Key Informations: Unpaid chips each 4 hours: Only at the Globe Series of Poker! WSOP Bracelets: Fill up your Collectors Chip collections & victory the most prestigious prize in poker; the WSOP Bracelet. Texas Keepem Championships: Victory multi-lvl Texas Keepem championships to earn WSOP rings and climb the leaderboard! Whats more fun than being #1? Exclusive meetings: Return everyday to experience newest release modes, nonpaid chip meetings and more, for FREE! WSOP CLUBS: Play your skills to earn your zone in e ... Show more
Genre: Card Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 80MB Developer: Playtika
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About: Play this classic card game also know as Cat and Mouse or Skip-bo against a computer opponent. The object of this game is to get rid of your stack of cards on the left by placing them on the 3 centre stacks. The first card on the centre stack needs to be an Ace and then you can place cards upwards to a Queen (A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q and suits are irrelevant). You can play cards from your stack at the left, your hand (middle 5 cards) or your 4 discard piles (on the right). Your turn ends when yo...

Developer: Kapil Kalra

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About: Domino Gaple adalah game domino online yang sangat populer di Indonesia. Versi terbaru dari Domino Gaple 2018 dapat dimainkan oleh berbagai usia. Fitur permainan: - Gaple online: bermain online dengan teman-teman di seluruh Indonesia, dapatkan hadiah sekarang! - Gratis Gaple Chip: Donasi chip gratis per hari, bonus tambahan ketika Anda bermain multiplayer - Dukungan bermain instan: fungsi untuk bermain segera tanpa akun pendaftaran. - Domino Gaple - Mudah dioperasikan dan menyenangkan un...

Developer: Gaple Online

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About: Sometimes you get stuck in the groove of playing the same old games. This online version of the popular card game Uno With Buddies ensures that you can now play your favorite card game anytime anywhere. As you know, the goal is to get rid of your cards before your opponents do. When you have only two cards left, don't forget to hit the UNO button! So if youre looking for something new, heres a new classic Crazy Eights card game for you to tryits called Uno With Buddies. The object ...

Developer: Fast Monk Games

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About: Top Developer (awarded 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015) Hearts Free brings this classic and popular 4-player trick-taking card game to the Android market. Created to the same high standard as the rest of our games, Hearts Free provides classy graphics, super smooth gameplay, highly scalable difficulty & much more. Hearts has never been so good! Hearts is also known under a number of different names around the world, including Chase the Lady and Rickety Kate, and is similar to the game Black L...

Developer: AI Factory Limited

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About: Also known as Polish Polka, Polish Poker, Turtle, Hara Kiri, Poison, or Crazy Nines. The game is typically played by 2 to 6 players with 4 to 10 cards dealt to each player. There are many variations to this card game and its origins are unclear. Golf is another TrapApps favorite.... Developer: TrapApps Games

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About: Play the classic uno game that you love with this tiny app that consumes very little memory. Uno is an American shedding-type cards game that is played with a specially printed deck. The general principles of the gameplay put it into the Crazy Eights family of card games. The official rules for the classic uno game are: To win a match you must be the first player to get rid of all your cards. Players play in turn: either take a card from the pile or place one on the table if it matches th...

Developer: 1 MB - SciFi Apps

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About: Christmas Memory Match is a simple mind game that requires users to match card pairs based on a Christmas theme (Santa , merry Christmas, gifts ,etc). The game was designed to provide entertainment and educational value for young people. This game is very useful for people they can improve their memory and train their brain very effectively so it is not only for fun but it is also an educational game! Get into the Christmas night atmosphere playing this memory cards game. Improve your...

Developer: GameiToon


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About: TCG Card Helper es una app con el fin de ayudar a los jugadores de Pokemon Juego de Cartas Coleccionables en sus partidas. En TCG Card Helper puedes llevar la cuenta de daos de tanto de tus Pokemon activos como de los Pokemon en banca... De ambos jugadores ! Las cartas dentro de la aplicacin pueden ser intercambiadas unas por otras (no exclusivamente por la carta activa) de forma fcil y sencilla. Adems, TCG Card Helper no solo puede ayudarte con los contadores de dao si no a llev...

Developer: YandrackRed

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About: If you love Solitaire, a classic card game that everyone knows, you will love our game called My Solitaire. My Solitaire brings forth a unique solitaire experience for our users while keeping the true spirit of the original Solitaire. You can play this game anytime and anywhere without the need of an internet connection. With many additional features and enhanced graphics, My Solitaire is a fun card game for all to play. Features of My Solitaire: - Classic Klondike card game experi...


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About: Solitaires Premium collects 11 world top solitaires in a single game - from Spider, through FreeCell up to less known solitaires like Yukon or TriPeaks. All in several different versions. Now with Full HD graphics! Features: - autosave, - high resolution for tablets and HD phones (retina resolutions) - 11 top solitaires with 3-4 variations each. - score, - undo, - moving cards is optimised for touch screens, - smooth animations, - zoom in and out We gather all the experience of ...

Developer: Magory

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About: A very flexible and simple poker timer that helps you manage a Texas Holdem tournament of any size. The clock timer supports small and large screens (including portrait or landscape views) with an elegant and large display that allows anyone in the room to view. Customize the alert ringer or better yet, have talking poker timer say the blind schedule out loud (in multiple languages) for people who can't see the screen. Talking Poker Timer allows you to customize the blind schedule with ease for ...

Developer: Neat Apps4u

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About: Klaverjassen is one of the most popular card games in the Netherlands, traditionally played in cafes and social clubs, as well as at home. The game is for 4 players who play in pairs, sitting opposite each other. The game has a number of variants, named after the cities where they originated: Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The object of the game is to score as many points as possible in 16 hands. In competition games the players on one table will rotate so as to have had each of the other three as...

Developer: Robin Knip

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About: Are you a fan of Solitaire games and you are looking for a new mobile game? You should check out Pyramid! You will get surprised how the challenge and the fun of Pyramid is much greater and more addictive than basic solitaire. Pyramid is a puzzle card game that requires strategy and logic to clear the table. Find pairs of cards that add up to 13, regardless of their suits. Kings equal to 13 and are discarded singly, Queens counted as 12, Jacks as 11, etc. Only cards that are completely uncovered...

Developer: Forsbit LLC

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About: The most addictive pjgame be running and act with your Subway Adventure Masks 3D around stage and try to knock your opponents down. Once you have tried this fantastic advanture surf game, you'll be hooked forever! Subway Adventure Masks 3D is here to to challenge your self and your friends to improve your intelligence and reaction time on surf on the pj subway....

Developer: Aminamiami


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About: Belot.BG? , - ! . . . . . . WEB, ...

Developer: Casualino Games

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About: Secure App BBVA is free card matching game for internal Purpose of "Coderz Valley Pvt. Ltd."...

Developer: CoderzValley Pvt. Ltd

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About: Spades HD game, which is played by more than 10 million user, is promoted to let the users to play it with another player as a battle. You can chat with other players during the game and send them gifts....

Developer: Alper Games Ltd

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About: Enjoy brand new classic spades game.This is new different Whist variants as spade suit always trumps, hence the name spades as super card. Enjoy & play free spades card game, popular variation of bid whist game /offline spades download Enjoy offline spades download its best trick-taking card game. Play free spades game, top game among all free card games which can play offline. In this classic spades game rules, player has to make bid with your partner and challenge other teams. Its free ...

Developer: MGGAMES

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About: Cribbage, or Crib, (much like Solitaire, Hearts, or Spades) is a classic card and board game many of us remember playing with our Grandpa. And now you can play our free cribbage card game on your Android device. Cribbage Club is a fun, easy to play cribbage game that you can enjoy anywhere! Whether you're just learning the rules, or a cribbage pro, Cribbage Club has something to offer everyone. Looking for a cribbage board? Included with Cribbage Club is a free cribbage travel board for tho...

Developer: Nickel Buddy, LLC

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About: It's KENO time! Play one of the best FREE Keno games on Android! Keno Kings by PONGd Casual Games is free to play with lots of bonuses and coins. Find out how lucky you are playing Keno anywhere you want as the game can be played offline with no internet connection. KENO KINGS FEATURES GENEROUS payouts - don't wait forever to win with great odds FREE keno play - get free coins to play every 4 hours CLASSIC keno or Keno keno with a twist Play OFFLINE or play free online too! You ...

Developer: PONGd Casual



World Series of Poker – WSOP Free Texas Holdem Reviews and Comments:

I think there is something wrong with my device because I can't log onto your [email protected] I would appreciate it if you should send me the 27000000 chips that I paid for and didn't obtain I've already sent you the stats on this,it only took a several seconds to take my dollars and it's taking forever to obtain my chips so I expect the chips to be on my release instantly
~ Ronda Thurman
too many gimmicks such as piggy bank, slot machine, clubs, buying bonus power to victory releases, I Will never pay hard earned true dollars to test a rigged release. tIred of the constant banners wanting you to buy bonus chips and buy power benefis these unfair gimmicks that do not happen in true releases.
~ Linda Thompson
nice release played 50 hand and victory nothing they had a lost of sheer. is this releases true honest release?need someone Claims me please. i dont tink is real that the dealers give same opportunities of wining to each one on 50 hand two recipients on table are the only winners. jajajajajajajajaja jajajajajajajajaja this is ridiculous to claim that this release is honestly for all that is no truth but thanks for your no support me Google releases are true irresponsible when you have a nice time they turn everything down
~ Aristides Torres
Not practical because at every table it's set up for 3 consistant winners. Also the release is designed to hold you broke so that you are enticed to spend true dollars to hold testing. That's why there's so many pop ups to buy more chips with true dollars.
~ cornelius wright
This release is 100% rigged the odds are not realistic do not place any dollars into this release whatsoever or go ahead and place your dollars in and watch yourself lose it but you will never victory from this release it is rigged 100%. .Don't obtain me wrong you may victory the hand or two but the card onto are stacked versus users who are aggressive or have the most ships or whatever else but the card odds are not realistic. This is coming from a user who is organized and ran championship for multiple cities and venues
~ Calusman Olivier
the countless one star reviews claim it all. the release is rigged, expect more terrible bests in a day than a year at live tables. still fun and makes you a better user, just know what youre getting into. and im not just bitter bc i lose, ive felt terrible coming back to victory a tourney from almost no dollars winning 5-6 all ins in a row with sheet cards but runner runner flush, strait, etc. statisticly imlossible in the true globe.
~ Ty Webb
recipients river d idea too dam much by b s hands. u know it. u do it so recipients will buy chips. Actually they claim they have been certified. lol. Aces are cracked more than eggs in America. And there's no idea that recipients calling with nothing after flop hold getting runner runner to victory.
~ Samuel Boen
Not only do you have to test versus a bunch of all in before the flop (with poor cards) idiots, your better hand hardly ever holds up. be ready to have your pocket aces busted by 3 8 unsuited the majority of times...and then they expect recipients to pay true dollars for their fake chips? LOL
~ C0ct0pusPrime
This release tools you out of your winnings. and when i sent them a message letting them know, they claimed me that they take complaints very seriously and have a squad that looks into every one but in order for them to look into it you need to send along with it a screen shot of the river so they can check so i guess what they are sAying is yes we are unfair but if your not. speedy enough to catch us in the act sorry about your luck
~ Jay Walston
anyone thinking about testing this don't even waste your time, release literally tools it's ass off.. the largest stacks or being person wins each time, have lost impossible hands each day since posting terrible reports about this release and release gotten any better yet.. as of lately had a guy with 4 bill chips at a 50k stake table going all in each hand with nothing getting bailed out on turn and river, and they really test to claim random cards i promise i will search if there is a idea to sue for lying
~ A Google user
SCAM! Only recipients who buy alot victory. And those recipients who run testing with tiny lvls victory each hand. Alot of donk users, it's like nobody on this release knows how to test poker. 90% babes and this release wont allow u even chat each word comes out like this ########### DO NOT BOTHER
~ A Google user
Purchase into hand of normal texas holdem hand with 1.2 million chips. 5 recipients go all in. pot is 1.6 million. tied for finest hand. the release shows that i wons. i only have 1.1 million chips after hand. it is rigged to take your chips and have you buy them. even when you victory.
~ blaine Stevenson
0 stars. Mar19: Could be named 'You've been WSOP'd'.... Enjoy! Apr19 modernization: They ask everyone who complains to raise their stars rating!?!? Present me any business who does this instead of addrssing troubles raised. May19: There is actually a 9% rake on each hand which is akin to PAY DAY LENDER loan APR rates. Jun19: Actually a minimum of 3-5 ads to wade through each time you navigate web. Still 0 stars. Enjoy!
~ T Phillips
Total pay to victory. If you don't buy their constant, annoying pop up "deals" they create it almost impossible to victory. Really. do we need 3-5 "buy this deal" pop ups each time you log in, leave a release, etc? I obtain the for profit side of apps but they take it WAY TOO FAR.
~ bill singletary
The release is a farce, used to be spend the wheel each another day and hit the million actually since you place in the 30 x wheel you never hit the million and it's all geared around making dollars for globe series of poker.. even though I'm an awesome poker user you never victory any chips or obtain ahead due to the fact the release is rigged and globe series of poker once you to spend dollars to buy chip what a joke.
~ Jeffery Acker
release is very one-sided. i had a full house but some one else had a full house but him and someone else won $8.9million and the another person only had a two pair. stupid release dont download.
~ Martez Kelly
I dropped this release down to one Stars cuz it's pop-ups or fully annoying. okay when you log on. the pop-ups will be annoying but acceptable. but each time you wish to change releases each time you go to other menu when you come back you obtain more pop ups. it's making me test less not more
~ roger grimes
Quite a several glitches but they seem tobe catching some. Gets upsetting when you're in the middle of a and hand, sometimes 600,000 or 1mil or better is gone because WSOP loses there connection during the hand! It's a nice idea to have fun testing when you have time to slay and wish to better your release.
~ John Stalter
I enjoy testing the release vary much. But there are many down falls to the release. If you do not buy chips you will not go vary far. You may have a nice streak going and when you obtain up 5 to 10 million chips you will not victory other release until late you louse it all. Maga premium you only obtain 400,000 and never obtain anything higher.
rigged or hacked? they create a large deal about how random the cards are but its clearly designed to drain f2players. Either some recipients know the seeds or they are in house bots. how can you explain one person forcing an all in my my hands each time its a wining hand, before the flop? also, saw a review claiming 'I won a hand and it showed the chips fly over but didnt give me the tokens' yup happened to me just actually. i chose to test this release to see if it would and there it was. dont waste dollars here
~ Unirally 101
4 of a type twice in one release? usually getting beat on the river? having an 'foe' ride out 7-2 off suit, and pull the nut from the board each time? no, I don't wish to buy more chips either. installing, although it does pass the time, if you can handle the terrible beats all the time.
~ Anthony Jones
nice web sight for beginners. nice system for replacing nonpaid chips if you don't have a nice credit rating . but very hard to advance to higher stakes talbes, easily can be bullied off a hand. for my self I have won large and lost bigger stakes tables everything! but I hold coming back a d learn valuable lessons, over all I love it here.
~ George Gazecimeon
Still have not worked out the bugs with dudes and chips. I am not getting chips back when I send to dudes, or like yesterday I had a the message I collected the full amount yet was not on all day or day pryor. Today had 4 recipients with chips didn't pick to accumulate yet, logged in a several hours later, they're gone but not in my profile. And yes before you ask I spoke with you guys a several months ago about this and your rep basically claimed too terrible.
~ A Google user
User test too loose. I see all in moves with hands that could be folded. Perhaps this web gives too many chips too freely! This is an addendum. I trust that robots are used when too several users are available. This web has displayed unusual characteristics. I test another blogs and live releases at 3 different casinos. WSOP web please guarantee me that I am in fact mistaken, otherwise apologise and claim, " Leo you're correct"!
~ A Google user
I just think the release could be played as regular poker and nothing else like buying chips are buying momentum it's not fair to the recipients that don't buy anything. they claim me it's not rigged but it is why is because when you buy momentum the same recipients victory left and right at least 8 out of 10 hands at a time it's unfair . I will still test to test here and there but the back of my mind I'm taking what's the sense even trying just going to lose it anyway. thanks for listening
~ Gary Mascali
You guys really need to fix your gaming system or go ahead and redo your hand rank legend! I snap screenshots of each hand I lose versus lower ranked hands that victory in gameplay. When I contact your "help" group, they claim me what I had in hand at time of test. Then, when I submit a screenshot of the release...surprise!...NO RESPONSE! I just watched a user across the table w/a flush, lose a $400,000+ jackpot thats got split between 2 users, 1 w/a straight, 1 w/a 3 of a type...wow!
~ Charles Michael
home of the "terrible beat" .... blog bombards you with chips for sale banners. a zone to go and witness the wonderful... it's fun if you wish to obtain taken for a long walk on a short pier...even worse when they plant users from the web that are able to see and control hands and take users down in an attempt to sell you cbips... which are worthless btw..in a word this web sucks
~ mike juhn
This release is rigged.. Nomatter how much dollars you spend on chips, you will eventually lose it all.. Its finest to accumulate nonpaid chips for a couple months & just use that to test.. Nomatter how high your hand is, someone on the table usually has something higher.. They claim all cards are dealt randomly & we all have an equal chance of winning.. If that's real, then how do you explain the same recipients hitting all these high ranking hands 20 times in a row?
~ Shy Vang
Few reasons why I gave it a one star, firstly, you have to test for an hour before you properly sfart winning, sore it gives you the odd releases to hold you enticed and entertainind, but really victory, I know I tested it for a year, secondly . You never victory the mega premium unless you pay for it, thirdly, you can have an awesome hand and almost certainly victory it in a true poker release, but time after time after time, you obtain beaten by the only hand that should beat you, and lastly, ads, Wow enjoy
~ Russell Powell
My wife and I both test Wsop .she tends to obtain Icons on her release that allows her to obtain nonpaid chips 5 times and this Icon never shows up on my release. Why doesn't this present up on my release? She is a better user than me but I think I could have the same opportunity to obtain them as she does. The idea you give out nonpaid chips could give lower users a better chance to obtain nonpaid chips.
~ David Nihart
WSOP is THE worst. In release soft "bots" installed on tables to tool you out of chips. Forces users to higher table stakes for "Perks" that could be available to everyone. "Golden Card" perk is a joke...Jack to Grand Master is a ranking system that pushes you to a higher table. This makes it easier to take more chips from you quickly using "bots".
~ Edelmiro Urquhart
fun,most times,,need a idea to control bullies in the rooms,,ie. all in pre flop three millionin a ten thousand table,,kills the release for most,,,another than that its nice. still a bully trouble as of 6/1. want they had better control over rooms
~ Nelson Hazznadda
Doesnt let you to go on a winning run. No matter how well you test. Stupid cards usually seem to hold coming on the river to favour foes with less chips, once certain amount of chips is won in a day. Luck is not a word but rather a fix. Cant obtain too rich too speedy. Who would buy the ingame chips then. Very disappointing. Allow the users test and allow the plays do the talking rather than the limitations you place on users.
~ Nick Mrdich
i am not an expert, but after 6 hrs testing, 5 times had pair of Ace's, lost each time. But if i fold, 90% of the time, hand would've been nice.I think is not fair.come on!! I am, without any doubt, one of the most unlucky guy in the globe, BUT the release is FAIR and SQUARE. I payed again, (i have a lot of nonpaid time, looser, what you can do..), i had in about 4 hours,27 (no joke) chances to obtain a flush, but, guess what..Nothing,zero. No worries, they assured me, no gimmicks. Actually I TRUST them. LOL
~ Adrian Dorin
This is a nice release, but the customer service is horrible. I broke launch my piggy bank last week and never received my chips. My profile was charged and I have a receipt from Google. Modernization 5/27/19. I did exactly what and emailed the receipt weeks ago. It has actually been over a month with no refund and no chips. Horrible customer service. All I obtain is auto respond. Poor poor poor!! Still have yet obtain any compensation months later modernization 06-06-2019. I will continue to modernization weekly.
~ Greg Stampley
After testing for few months and talking with multiple recipients on different lvls durring matches. Common conclusion is release is definitely a scam. Its fun and addicting, but requires no skill, just a bank roll. The certificate for random card test that they possess gotta be absurd. After chatting with so many users...lost of interest, Unistall, moving on. WSOP could be embarrassed to have their brand on this.
~ brandon bates
This release is a total rip off, I'll advise anyone who purchases chips beware it a fraud, and you will be robbed, I was and did everything they advised me to do up and including to the receipt of my buy and they still haven't received my refund yet or chips, I've been testing this release for over 8years actually, I'm flabbergasted at there customer service, it's the worst customer services on this planet hands down second to none, buyers beware you will be robbed sooner than later!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
~ china bumpers
If you're newest to poker this would be a nice release for u. The idea WSOP set this up , it's designed to force u to test above your BR at all times. Too many immediate uplevels cause us not to have sufficient BR for the next limit. They need to fix one serious trouble. After testing the 500k-1mil limit. The next lvl that you can obtain BP's(that's how you transport up), is 10/20mil(they have 2/5mil, but no BPs for it). It forces us to test 20X higher than the previous limit to obtain the BPs. That's ridiculous!
~ A Google user
{ATTENTION} this release is fixed. do not pay a single dime to these banner peddlers. they care not about the honor of the release. be ready to be constantly beat if you leave a terrible review. their algorythm can goal anyone they like to obtain terrible card layouts. i see it constantly. my foes who mkst likely pay fir chips obtain runner runner cards to victory hands they have 1% of winning. its seriously flawed. shame in developers. and the banners...disturbing
~ lulushica
This release is something else The gift trouble has been going on for 2 months actually!! when u contact them for help they claim the trouble has been fixed which is a Lie!! they gave me bonus chips 2 times out of 2 months then claimed me they can see that i collected all the chips presents that were due to me other Lie!! I trust that this trouble is on purpose to create u buy chips!! I see alot recipients have stop testing it or either deleted the release and im next!! Receive it together WSOP!!!
~ Mina Min