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About: Meet the legendary tank shooter. Join more than 90 million users! War in 7vs7 squad fights alone or with dudes, research and upgrade armored machines, test different walkthroughs and victory. Select a tank and join the war! GAME FEATURES A gigantic globe of tanks. Witness historical machines and models from another known universes face off on the battlefield. The release informations more than 250 special machines! Dynamic 7vs7 fights in different modes and in more than 20 release territories. Each war is unpredictable: the outcome depends on you and your squad. A well-developed progression system. Search the full range of machines from Tier I light tanks to humongous Tier X heavies. Change guns, install equipment, apply camouflagetune your machine to match your playstyle. Spectacular graphics that are automatically optimized for your device. Manual tuning supports search a b ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Wargaming Group
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World of Tanks Blitz Reviews and Comments:

this release drives you crazy. you have a bunch of babes who can't test, and the stupid company cares about those who spend a lot of dollars. I've lost 10 fights in a row. 10! and counting! "have fun"? where is the fun in that?? losing and losing and losing isn't fun! it's frustrating! I hope someone bites this company's head. Maybe that will wake this stupid company up.
~ Guillaume Le Grand
I love this release and if you obtain it you will love it but I was wunderkind cool you pleas terrible the fury tank back in the release I Riley wish that tank and I modernized the release and Nutting hapend so it see its modernized but like the actually British tanks that ant thar and so I think I jest may modernized it to erly and thank you for pooting in the terits that when you slay them in a idea thar terits fiy off
~ cat 777
A nice release to really understand how tanks work. I'd only have to complain about how there is only a tiny tons of maps and also how to obtain camos because I still can't search them.
~ Matthew Marsh
Product went from nice to complete garbage, the joystick glitches out each release, the zoom in camera sucks, and the release doesn't reply to you putting your finger on the screen no matter how hard i press down, release is a large disappointment and i would not suggest downloading the release at all for anyone. 💩
~ A Google user
Its take a long time on the loading screen in my device. But, quick i forget that trouble once ive enter the war after :P
~ Sam Mitch
Heres the reason why i give it 1 star it has dumb users that rush often in a war AND there is toxic users and often they die or the squad lose they obtain very annoying plus WARGAMING WHY DID YOU ADD A FEATURE TO LOSE CREDITS like srs wg what if you obtain snipe by a su 152 or kv2 while scouting for your teamates while 1 MINUTE IN THE GAME please wg when you die without doing any hurt just give us 0 credits which will be search to me AND i hold getting snipe by FREAKING CAMPERS FIX IT.
~ this guy
Because of this following things this release deserve 5 stars 1) Realistic experience ,2) Hundreds varieties of tanks, 3) Nice sound results, 4) Nice song that plays before the war runs and much more 🥇🥇
Kicks me out after 3-4 seconds on my newest Chromebook. Worked fine on my old LG device but not on this Chromebook. Also i'm a longtime WOT user and am very disapointed that Wargamming hasnt fixed this. No Excuse!
~ mike white
Extraordinary. Also I wonder if you should add a storyline mode in the next several upgrades, it would be great!!"
~ Zeyad Hany
You owe me super matchmaking. Don't advertise one thing and sell me other. Wargaming please fix your release, you know there are idea too many troubles. Please quit flooding us with stupid fake tanks and give us a consistent experience, please slash out the bias programming. -A concerned user about to uninstall.
~ Caleb Burman
please claim me why i obtain logged out and then login and wait for everything to download, twice today. whats up with this. thinking of deleting the release.
~ Skywalker 1984
wonderful release but need more upgradence in tanks raining map,forest desert map and border map.Improve capture base zone outer line.Improve picture of tanks shown and the important thing tank could have lads inside it working the function of the tank.decrease the cost of tanks.
~ Tahajuddin Mondal
Nice release. I adopt with a different review. There needs to be a several more tanks. And there needs to be something more than 3 credit boosters in a crate. Otherwise, nice release.
~ Harry Harshman
this release come to from the gods lol jeje well this release is nice and nice you can test with dudes and more OH AND THE NEW UPDATE AAAAAAAH BEST GAME EVER BUT JUST SAYING please DON'T BULLY PEOPLE YOU. CAN HURT SOMEONE FEELINGs it happened to me they claim me if I kick him I will obtain banned but after a day well FRIEND HELP ME NOW BACK TO THE GAME ITS SUPER COOL NEW TANKS AND IF YOU FIND ME I WILL LIKE TO HAVE A BATTLE SOLDER MY NAME TACK IS progamer777_2 thanks for reading and your time.
~ JXD XD XD happy
This release is a total unbalanced of strengths. I have tiger 1, lvl 7, with modernized gun. I can not scratch the lvl 8 aggressors. Up to lvl 6 it is a nice release. After that it is just a waste of time
~ Mujtaba Zahidy
Lovely , 4 stars cuz I seem to have misplaced my 254 mm of frontal armour on the T28 , I simply can't search it , unless it was shared ... with the T25/AT.
~ Victor Rada
this is a nice release, it became on of my favoured releases 3 years ago, you guys will love it too. It has nice controls, nice 7v7 fights, nice graphics and nice maps of a tons.
~ Aidan Velic
I spent almost 1000 $ in this release. WG short of dollars I think I purchased gold using my debit card and I got only 3 equipment out of 6 I paid for when I sent a Ticket claimed me to contact Google Test and Google test claimed they aren't responsible I could contact developers they need to process confirm my buy I didn't obtain any payment confirmation from Google test but I got notif from bank dollars has been taken. So where did that dollars go almost 50$ I lost and wg don't wish to return or solve. Shame
~ Sohail Aamar Sabri
It was nice. very nice pvp tank release. nice graphics and nice controls too. but it was very sensitive of network. modernization was very gigantic. so I recommended use wifi to test this release and if you wish to download it makesure your ROM was 32+
~ Justinus Hari Setyawan
I dont like the changes you made. After more then 10000 fights you create a dramatic changes, my tanks disappear forever . plus I have to wait to long ( sometimes 10 min to test a 7 min release )
~ SUPER plush show
This release is nice. However there have been some bugs lately that have taken a toll on the releases performance. If you should fix those and nerf the Su152's and Kv2's that would be even better. Also fix the penetration indicators because some tanks like the su12244 present you can pen but many times the shell bounces. Thank you for making a nice release.
~ Judd LaMar
I really like this release, but the only thing I don't like is when you sell your machine it gives you 50% of credits. For a tiny feedback, add more nations please
~ A Google user
been testing for 2 years. suddenly there are too many fantasy and op premiums. Not so fun and diverse since modernization 5.5 and not nice for ur wallet. Product crashes whenever i am in fort despair map and #bringbackoldtechtree!
~ Holy Baguette
Very nice release (considering it's nonpaid). One thing - sometimes your aggressor tanks disappear during war and then they appear later and slay you. Kind of annoying.
~ Vlad
The HELSING tank is OP and is breaking the release, each match when there's Helsing in aggressor squad it's usually a DEFEAT. I am no longer interested in testing your release only to obtain wrecked by broken non-existent tanks.
~ Vishnu Reddy
This release's target is to allow you have "fun" in a day's worth of time, then it wants you to buy gold if you ever wish to obtain to the higher tiers. I hope they consider making tanks easier to buy by lowering the amount silver and experience needed to buy claimed tanks. However, this release has addictive gameplay and is worth testing even if you don't have the "dough".
~ A Google user
Dear Wargaming, Can you please balance the match making, like seriously the aggressor has tier V massive tanks while my squad has tier IV. The release itself is very nice, The gameplay is great as well as the controls, only the match making has troubles, much appreciated if you balanced it. Thanks.
~ FBI guy
the release is nice and all but pls would u pls create the kuro mori mine available again i have been a large fan of this release and the and i strongly adopt u bring it back again pls i would be very glad pls thank u if.... i would be very glad again...... thank u... also in the next modernization can u add an option of changing the voices of the gang with female voices that would do enough 4 me large fan of this release and I'm hopin u would add this devs..
~ elitz_gamer PH
Newest comers. Please read this. DO not spend dollars in this release atleast 3 months into testing it. Your release is Toxic as it is and actually you charge $70 per newest Tank. cmon. this is abusive
~ Itilde Ae
Dear wargaming, I know you have been getting a lot of complaints, but please stop fiddling w/ your release. One modernization was nice you know which ne that one is?(5.0.0) It was a nice time, not many recipients complained, it makes me sad watching your release die slowly b/c it keeps being messed w/.Just please stop fiddling with your release.
~ Robert Townsend
Why cant i write a true review? it seems like when there is negative feedback i cant post it. Anyway after the newest modernization I cant transport once the match launches. I can shoot but cant transport. I have invested too much time and $ for this bs! Receive it together and figure it out. Still cant transport forward!
~ Brian Duran
When I first played the release it was nice, with nice gameplay. Further on, I downloaded this release on my chromebook, but when I opened it the release will exit out. In conclusion, the release can support pass time and is nice, but there are some bugs like mine.
~ Super random 2020
If you're not a super user don't test to step up, if you're testing on Europe server and your in Europe switch to some different server you'll have 60ping but as quick as you see any aggressor tank it goes up to 1060ping, if you're trying to obtain gold from banners know it will take you an whole eternity to accumulate enough to buy something that's now worth the eternity you waited, if you're trying to prove someone that payed actual dollars you'll be stepped down because they'll ban you.
~ Hans
I had played this release for over 4 years and the release is nice but I wish to target out that WarGaming could higher earnings from warching banners. For example: 25 gold, 2500 credits. Not everyone can buy equipment for true dollars so improve it. 😆 So will be fair
~ David Rak
some tanks are woefully underpowered. some german tanks fall into a niche where they are terrible for their tier like the panther which has terrible armor and dmg and is simple to hit based onits size. the tanks would be overpowered of downtiered which puts them in abad spot. you already balanced the panzer iv G by adding 15mm bonus to the front plate over the historic 80mm. i think the same should be done for the panther and another tanks
~ Lord Zeggu
It is a nice release! Takes time and effort to be nice. Community is mostly type another than those who just keeps calling u noob even if they lost. Many newest exotic tanks come out but require gold which require dollars. That doesn't create them stronger tho because the tank specs are all balanced.
~ Didong Tianyi
very nice release. only things i dont like is emphasizing on the premiuk tanks. its gotten to the target were thier are probably more premiums on the release than tech tree tanks or a close ratio. i think they should do better releasing more tech tree options like a leopard 2 and m1 abraham instead of making more and more fantasy tanks many of which are based of the russian tanks. its becoming a release more focused on making dollars than on making users glad.
~ Steven Parkin
Have been testing the release for over 4 years actually and I enjoyed the release but I wanna target out one of the worst aspects of the release, the matchmaking which is so unbalanced most of the times you'll see your squad versus a squad with really potent tanks or an aggressor squad full of super tanks, but the worst part is that the release doesn't have skill based matchmaking which means that for example in your squad there will be some average-terrible users whereas the aggressor squad will be full of pros.
~ Goliath
Finest App Product Ever. I played Battletanx: Global Assault on the n64. It was one of my favoured releases as a babe. As an adult, I love the realism. the console Globe of Tanks Mercenaries is absolutely pretty. I don't have wifi though, so I was amazed to search out they had a small ver.
~ Shawn Hart
Btw-WG are doing there finest. They can please each one! Btw WG, please should you create a setting in training rooms where only the room originator can hurt own squad! Nice if you can. Allow me know asap.
~ Tequila Haughton