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About: Can you solve all the cross word puzzles? Even with infinite tries it's a challenge! This text twist of a word release is tremendous brain challenging fun. Enjoy modern word puzzles with the finest of word searching, anagrams, and crosswords! Youll never experience a dull moment after you test this addicting word puzzle release! Test this crossword puzzle once and just you wont be able to place it down. Escape and stimulate your mind by visiting the pretty destinations of Wordscapes! Receive your word hunt on with over 3,700 cross word puzzles! Challenge your brain and vocabulary this crossword puzzle runs simple and becomes challenging speedy! Think you can beat these anagram word puzzles? They run simply but ramp up speedy! Wordscapes is the word hunt release that over 10 million recipients just can't stop testing! It's a great fit for lovers of crossword or word ... Show more
Genre: Word Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 66MB Developer: PeopleFun
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Similar Games Like Word Buddies - Classic Word Game Alternatives
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About: Word Buddies is the fun, free to play word game that lets you join players worldwide and enhance your witty word play skills! Are you ready to battle head to head with buddies, family, and friends around the world? With over 35 spells to choose from your word wit knows no bounds. Play your tiles, rack up points, and climb the ranks until you become the next Grand Champion! Spell it. Play it. Win it. GAME FEATURES: Compete with word buddies on Facebook and mobile devices Find a ch...

Developer: Clipwire Games and Bingo [email protected]

Similar Games Like Word Hill  Alternatives
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About: Word Hill is a challenging word game with a brand new gameplay! Guess all the hidden words and challenge yourself and your vocabulary. You can play this game alone of with friends to have more fun! This game will improve your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills. Connect the letters together to form a word and became a guru. Features: . Simple and easy rules . Discover hidden words by combining letters . Improve your vocabulary skills and your concentration . Simple a...

Developer: megasoft78 [email protected]

Similar Games Like Christmas Word Finder : Word Puzzle Game Alternatives
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About: The most awaited gifts and surprise and parties season has arrived!! Countdown to Christmas has begun. New Year is just around the corner and just in front of you is the most popular Christmas word finder puzzle! Christmas Word Finder Puzzle Game, The perfect way to spread Christmas cheer! Christmas version of the classic word game with more options makes it the best word search ever! Lets Challenge yourself with this classic word search game with totally new concept. Test your vocabular...

Developer: 99 Game Studio [email protected]

Similar Games Like Escape:The Word Puzzles Alternatives
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About: This is a novel word puzzle gameYou need constantly observe, think, guess, inference, until escape! Refreshing word association experience! Try to guess all the words and solve all levels! This word puzzle game is a great workout for your brain cells! Features: All users can use all levels for free! Easy to use rules, enter the correct words to win the game! New word game, good news for word game players! When you are having trouble, there are three tips to help you! Suitable for...

Developer: Build Game With Heart [email protected]

Similar Games Like Word Brain Alternatives
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About: Do you enjoy classic word games? Find hidden words, swipe your finger over them, and see the puzzle collapse. We aren't promising it's going to be easy, but you'll have fun, and your brain will thank you for the workout! * Free to play * Daily puzzle * So easy * 15 difficulty Categories! As you get stuck on a level, which you probably will, remember that there are no unsolvable levels. So think carefully before each swipe and conquer the ultimate word challenge while ...

Developer: R Game Studio [email protected]

Similar Games Like Find Words–Moving Crossword Puzzle Alternatives
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About: Love word puzzle games? Then Find Words is a must-have for your collection! Your mission is to find correct words on a rolling board made of letters before time runs out. Youll need a really sharp mind and swift move to get through the game. With 600+ levels and hundreds of themes, this will be challenging enough for you! It's a game for all ages. HOW TO PLAY 1. Find and swipe correct words to accomplish each level...

Developer: ASTER Play [email protected]

Similar Games Like 4 Pictures Guess Word  Alternatives
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About: An exciting game of logical association: "4 Pics 1 Word". We present for your attention an entertaining game for lovers of riddles, crosswords, word games, logical games, and association games. Your brain activity is boosted through the help of an interesting pastime with the game 4 Pictures Guess Word. THE IDEA BEHIND THE "4 Pictures Guess Word GAME: Lets get entertained while playing a game of logic, where at each level you will be shown 4 pictures. The associations between them will t...

Developer: Tech Yard [email protected]


Similar Games Like Word Connect: Word Game 2019 Alternatives
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About: Do you like Word Connect free? Want to try the most popular Word Connect free? Our word search puzzles have the best quality interface, most innovative gameplay and most precise wordscapes. Word Connect free : word search puzzles not only is word search games, but also a thinking training tool its a word brain game. Word Connect free : word search puzzles - A word search & word brain game. wordscapes is a fun and relaxing word games in a crossword games style format made for the smartest brain...

Developer: Age Of Brain [email protected]

Similar Games Like Word Dragon Connect : Word Puzzle  Alternatives
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About: Can you solve the word puzzles? Simply swipe the letter blocks and build the words to earn rewards! Download Word Dragon Connect! Now to become a vocabulary master! [Feature] - Simple, easy, and addictive gameplay! - More than 500 levels with tons of words await you! - Use hints if you stump upon a word you can't identify! - No time limits! - No wifi? Dont worry, play Word Dragon Connect anytime, anywhere! App Permissions [Requir...

Developer: CookApps [email protected]

Similar Games Like Word Link Mania Alternatives
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About: This is a new Word game created by Young Stars, the creator of "16 Squares" and "Jelly Blaster Legend" games! Do you enjoy the excitement of classic word games? DOWNLOAD Word Link Mania, to TRAIN your brain - for FREE! Simply swipe the letter blocks and build the words to earn coins! DOWNLOAD Word Cook Mania NOW to begin training your brain and become a vocabulary master! Its time to discover mystery hidden words and build as many words as possible! What makes Word Link Mania so spe...

Developer: Young Stars Studio [email protected]

Similar Games Like Microsoft Wordament®  Alternatives
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About: Single Player: De-stress with a relaxing word game all to yourself. Weve added hundreds of non-timed puzzles and new daily challenges so the fun never has to end! Complete levels on the adventure map one-by-one, play all the daily challenges in a given month to earn badges, or try Quick Play to jump right into your favorite difficulty mode. Some of our top players have reached up to level 300, how far can you get? Multiplayer: Why play against one person in a turn when you can play agains...

Developer: Microsoft Corporation [email protected] ?LinkId=321528

Similar Games Like Word Tower PRO Alternatives
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About: By creating words protect your Word Tower as long as possible! Word Tower is a new and original word search game with 3 game modes & over 170K English words to be found! How many words will you find, how long will you protect your tower? Game modes: Classic Attack Fast How to play: Create various English words with 3-7 letters and match colors of the first letter in your word to protect your tower, otherwise the tower will be damaged! Submit your score to an international le...

Developer: LittleBigPlay - Word, Educational & Puzzle Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Foreword Alternatives
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About: Word Squares are a special type of word puzzle, consisting of words that can be read both horizontally and vertically. A true word square is made up of exactly four words, such as in this example... swim wade ides mesa There are literally hundreds of valid combinations of words, which could keep you occupied for months. But what fun is that? While not a true word square, we can also construct valid puzzles of eight words, as in this example... mint aria sock knee Foreword offer...

Developer: Walking River Software [email protected]

Similar Games Like iAssociate 3 Alternatives
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About: Sharpen your vocabulary, stump your friends, and let your mind boggle with nonstop crossword puzzle action in the hottest, brain-tickling word game with a twist! iAssociate 3 is the latest installment in the highly-rated series of word association games. Your goal is simple: Guess the correct words from sets of scrambled letters. Getting the right word unlocks more words that require figuring out. Some words give you the keys you need to unlock more levels. Is your word knowledge up to snuff...

Developer: Animoca Brands [email protected]


Similar Games Like Happy Words: English Vocabulary Search Game Alternatives
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About: Happy Words is a English Vocabulary learning app. Happy Words will help you to improve vocabulary. 3000 vocabulary words with a nice word search challenge. Learn english vocabulary using this application. You will find english vocabulary learning is very easy and simple. * 3000 MOST COMMON WORDS IN ENGLISH...

Developer: English Talk Speaking APP | Learn IELTS English [email protected]

Similar Games Like Word Township  Alternatives
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About: DOWNLOAD the latest word puzzle game for FREE Word Search games has never been so challenging. New Crossword Puzzle Word Games is available NOW. Enjoy the best combination of word searching and crosswords. WordTownship is the word hunt game that over 10 million people just can't stop playing! It's a perfect fit for fans of crossword or word anagram games, combining best of word find games and crossword puzzles. MAIN FEATURES - A classic crossword game to connect letter blocks, simple...

Developer: vfungame [email protected]

Similar Games Like Words Master 2019  Alternatives
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About: # Words Game # Animals Game # Flowers Game # BodyParts Game # Colors Game # Countries Game # Vegetables Game # Cricket Game # Birds Game # Fruits Game # Free Game Download & Enjoy!...

Developer: Bithku Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Word Puzzle Story - Escape House Alternatives
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About: Only 1% can Pass Levels, Test Your Vocabulary in Word Puzzle Story Do you want to enjoy a totally new experience of words puzzle story? The company ANGELO GAMES create this game Word Puzzle Story - Escape House for more objectives, Expand your vocabulary and get enjoying time... Then this game it definitely for you! Download this exciting and Addictive words game app to train your brain for FREE! This Word Puzzle Story game is very simple and easy. Just swipe the letters to make a wo...

Developer: ANGELO GAMES [email protected]

Similar Games Like Amazing Word Puzzle  Alternatives
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About: Amazing Word Puzzle is a simple. yet, interesting word puzzle game that literally makes you can not stop playing! Train your brain power as you discover the words. The aim of the game is to find all of the hidden words. With this game you can easily improve your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills....

Developer: Rabbit King Tec. [email protected]

Similar Games Like Guess the word - Mind games - No Ads Alternatives
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About: open your mind in the mind game guess the word, think you can beat the puzzle ? play a game of 40 levels with a clue in every level to solve a mystery and more coming soon! hope you like this game!...

Developer: the ghost gamer [email protected]



Wordscapes Reviews and Comments:

Nice release, even purchased to remove banners, but unfortunately the developer is less than useful about restoring my buy of removing banners after I changed devices. I emailed and sent a message using their help services and the only respond I got was to click the restore purchases button in the in-release menu that doesn't even seem to exist. I will change this review if they are willing to better support me.
~ Palden 1810
Two things dropped my rating. The fact that they pull a bait and switch if you rate them less than 5, directing you to their personal customer feedback and not the shop. And the fact that the release has been increasingly monetized with the different forms of tricks and whatnot. When I purchased adfree a while ago they hadn't added the newest tricks or changed the layout.
~ KateLynn Pullen
Really addictive release, nice graphics and well shown, however the constant ads fully crash any continuity with testing the release. Your usually accidentally hitting the advertisement at the bottom which replaces your fun with absolute banality. Should be nice, intrusive ads stop all that
~ Liam L
It's a fun release. Has me very entertain.... like a babe in a toy shop.... after closing hours ofcourse. It's 4am and I'm still awake testing this release. My butt could be asleep. Anyways I love it. Just obtain rid of the banners.... that's probably why I'm still awake. The banners are longer than my now testing time SMH
~ Alfredo Lagunas
I paid for this release a long time ago and have played far enough i had to wait for more lvls to be added. i played through many of them as well. Actually when I obtain a newest device and have to reinstall it, I am made to run over. I refuse to do that. Receive it fixed or I'm removing it. I really feel like I need a refund. I am not the only one this is happening to either. Fix it or lose other customer. I am still not glad. I replied to Kennys correspondence. please read it.
~ Joni Wallace
I've been testing this for a couple of months. over all not terrible but extremely annoying in that there are many so named words that are just accepted abbreviation and I made a list of 25 + words that are not accepted by the release. Also the amount of banners, which continually replete are ridiculous. I guess I could have paid the price to obtain rid of them, but I've found with another releases that doesn't last.
~ Raymond DeGraff
Do you like banners? You better! Finish a lvl? Advertisement! Lock your device in the middle of a release? Advertisement! Leave the release to take a call, respond a text, or check your correspondence and then go back to the release? Advertisement! To create matters worse, the banners are loud and obnoxious. Need to listen to song while you test? Too terrible, you obtain to listen to... banners! I'm over 400 lvls into the release and I've about had enough.
~ Dave Crawford
I would have given this release at least 4 stars until what happened this morning. I went to test the everyday puzzle and when I clicked on it nothing happened no picture for the month or anything just newest puzzle and that's all. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling. The regular puzzles are working but they won't support for the monthly pics. Nice graphics and a nice brain release. Needs a dude option for coins or gift something like that. Overall an enjoyable release.
~ Babar D
I changed my mind. I wanted to post a positive review, but I cannot. I search it absurd that this release has the audacity to present a 30 sec long banner often you finish a lvl. How do you expect us recipients to enjoy this release when you shove banners down our throat? I am starting to sense pattern here with all these release apps. Having a bunch of banners and having to pay dollars to obtain the finest experience. How sad.
~ Armani Gordon
For the amount of time I spend on this release, it became obvious after about a month that spending a couple of bucks to never see an banner again was well worth it. This is about the only release I test anymore. My sole complaint, however, is the incompleteness of the dictionary. I know that I've tried many words that are true words, only to have them rejected. Receive some type of license or sync with MW or some another true dictionary, and allow the full potential of this release be available to us!
~ Bruce Dries
It gave 5 stars at first, but when you obtain to about lvl 250 out of possibly thousands more, the letter combinations are repeating. So they will run repeating variations of a previous lvl. All in all it's a nice release, the developers obtain their dollars if you are inpatient and need to watch banners or buy boxes. But my time with the release has come to an end and I'll uninstall it, it was nice while it lasted.
~ Dei Shaw
This release is fun up until you hit a certain lvl (like 1,000) then it runs recycling the same letters/words over, and over again. The higher the lvl, the lazier it gets. I'm on lvl 7000 and it's basically the same 20 sets of letters reused every round. I guess it goes up to lvl 25,000 and by that target you will have memorized their whole inventory of words 1000 times over.
~ Colleen Masterson
I've been testing for quite a while actually. It's a reasonable distraction but I quickly realised it has a finite set of words and is missing some very common words. Also, am I the only one suspecting that the weekly championship is entirely fake? Never the same players, and the leaderboard only runs changing once you obtain into it. A player going from 25 points to 2000 in an hour? Hmmm...
~ Denise Maclean
I am not a user but I really like this release. It's a nice idea to take a break and it is visually very great. Unfortunately since I've installed this release, my system sound settings no longer work correctly. When my device is set to vibrate I still obtain info sounds. This applies even when the device is set to "Do not disturb". When this release is launch, I also notice a change in volume when switching apps (I have all sounds turned off in the release). I would not install this release.
~ James Miller
Although i enjoy the release the target system is terrible. When you finish a release all you obtain is 25 points. But if you wish a letter they charge you 100 points. So your intelligence isnt worth alot to these recipients. You work to solve the crossword of words only to obtain 25 points? Ridicules target system is not up to standard of all the mental ability you need to test this release. It makes it flustrating to test this release. Please revise your target system.
~ Shirley Helfery
It's nice and all. Fun. But, after each lvl there is an banner. I obtain you need to advertise but, each lvl? Really? Not only that, but it's the same add. The release that it keeps advertising is Toonblast. I obtain it's known and all but, u could take the tip is I hold closeing out of the banner. So allow me just claim you all one thing. The release's gteat an all, fun, challenging, and very babe friendly. But, about the cpnstant banners. IT. GETS. SO. OLD! I hope the originator of this release/release reads this. Receive a it
~ Marissa Barnick
I would NEVER download this mediocre release again. It became positioned on a separate part of the screen on my cell device and if I made the mistake of clicking on it , my device became stuck on this release, no matter how many times I tried to leave it, shut it down , or disable it . there's nothing more obnoxious than "designing" a release that is like so, many others and using it to trap players into making purchases or sharing it on social media just so they can obtain it off their screen. Stay away!!
~ Joanne Gabriel
Nice release! Recipients who are complaining about the banners...are the greedy and entitled ones. This is a nonpaid release, so OF COURSE it will present banners that is how nonpaid apps are able to BE nonpaid for you. Some apps can be really massive on the banners but Wordscapes is not. Their banners come frequently but are closeable within a several seconds. They also offer an banner nonpaid ver as most do, which is fair. Overall this is a wonderful word release and release. Thank you!
~ Aravaeya Lunaris
Have been testing this for years, but the newest modernization keeps destroying. I don't mind the banners; for most you can just skip by pressing the back button, and for the 30 second banners it's quicker just to close and reopen the release :)
~ Jeremy Volpatti
Was a great release. Straight release. Until... Repeated words. Over and over. It's more a release of remembering what you did before SO many banners. Between each lvl, and during the lvl if you're foolish enough to allow you device go to sleep. My goodness!!! Time usage. This release used 800mbs of time in just 2 days. I can't even understand how it should possibly use that much. I hate to cast shade but it makes me think there's something nefarious going on.
~ Marc Hawke
It's easy, simple, and straight-to-the-target. It's a fun word release, and, although you CAN buy your idea through the release (with coin bundles and tricks), [it] never pressures you into doing it; PLUS, the option to buy a 'strictly' banner-nonpaid ver ($2.99...not terrible), without having to buy any type of coin or boxes or add-on bundles. Download it, you won't regret it.
~ Mitchell Gaetke
I really like testing this release, the banners were terribly annoying so I paid to have them removed. However, I'm at a brilliance lvl of 280,000 and at lvl 5990, and I'm about to finish tbe whole release for about the fifth time actually, and there are no more lvls in sight after I finish the actual one that I'm on. Please add more lvls more consistently. Once I complete the release, I have to wait about a month before more lvls are added. I then obtain bored and in turn run testing another releases.
~ Adrienne Salters
Uses British and US English words which is nice but unfortunately uses wiktionary rather than an established dictionary, which is probably why some words are omitted. Obtrusive ads with volume enabled which overrides song testing and ensures I test with the volume off on my device. After end of May '19 modernization, ads actually test in-between every and each lvl; each time. I have no trouble with ads being shown when done respectfully but on lvl 2271 I am UNINSTALLING.
~ Simon Baker
I was having fun until you stole my dollars and bombarded me with unstoppable banners. Paid for some bees and never received them. When you test to contact help there is usually an "error". Total scam. Have fun while you can, but search a newest release the second you're tempted to buy anything from them. And the entire "infinite tries" thing is moot when there are two mins worth of banners to sit through for every round. Absolutely ridiculous. edit: buy finally came through after ten mins.
~ from Noria
I love testing word releases. This one is my favored.. some of the lvls are a challenge. Some of their word choices are a tiny out there, but then that's part of the fun and iv learned a couple of words I didn't know existed. I like the idea the word meaning will pop up on the screen if you long press it. Nice release thanks
~ louisa Jessop
Warning!!! I installed this release on my Samsung device and my device. While testing Wordscape first my device became very hot and quit working. I thought at the time it required to be charged but in the end my device was permanently damaged. I loaded the release onto my device and was testing Wordscape when all of a sudden my device flashed a warning it was overheating turn off instantly. There is something wrong with this release. Fortunately, my device is okay but my high end device is fried.
~ Muriel Covington
This is my go to release! Keeps my brain working and keeps me occupied when I am bored. Nice release to support with my spelling and hold me sharp. Not only is it fun but it's educational so theres no guilt when I'm spending a lot of time on it. Definitely suggest! Only complaint I have is all the banners that they MAKE me watch and how constant they are. Otherwise this would be a 5 star for me!
~ Lady Ironhead
Nice release but after a several stages you're forced to watch 30 second long ads (and you can't obtain rid of advertisement until the end of it) each another lvl. I found this too annoying so I've uninstalled the release. I probably would have kept the release had the ads been shorter or less frequent.
~ Susie Hughes
This release is really well done and I love to test it. I only gave it 3 stars because I search it really obnoxious that while I turned the sound/song off in the release, the banners test song. It doesn't matter that I turn the sound off every time an banner plays, the next banner usually has sound too. This means I will *never* test this release in public.
~ Sirri Spiesel
Very interesting idea! Really tests your dictionary knowledge on words. Straight at first, and has more tons as you go on. You may even forget words you use and know in daily cases when thinking about what the last word or two should be, until you remember it at the last second!
~ Rick Gurganious
A really fun, challenging, snd addictive release. I really enjoy it!I It really holds my attention, and is very entertaining. The one trouble is the "Regular Puzzle". It shows the ability to be able to victory 500 coins, and there's no idea to victory 500 coins. I finished the everyday puzzle daily for 31 days, I got to the 500 coin box and I should only do three days of 20. There's no idea to complete that many days, so it's misleading!!!
~ Denise Perry
I persevered and completed the main release and actually I'm testing the Master lvls and the words are MUCH better. There's still the annoyance that many common words aren't recognized, but it's more tolerable.
~ Omicron Theta
Very addictive, but would love to see more coins given as rewards such as at the end of every puzzle pay out X amount. Also the banners after almost each puzzle are annoying. Lastly please don't take away rewards for not using them. All claimed, love the release and gameplay. Address a several things and I'll happily rate 5 stars.
~ Jon Marshall
So much fun and very addictive! Worth each bit of 5 stars and then some. A nice release for those who want to learn English or For those who are fluent in English to increase their vocabulary. It might be a nice concept if you should create a release like this who are fluent in English and are in the process of learning other language. You should form a partnership with Duolingo or Rosetta Stone and Make a Spanish release That would increase Spanish. 1/3 of the World is Hispanic. It's an concept...
~ William V Hardiman
I gave this release 3 stars because I did have fun with it for a while. But it doesn't take long to realize that this is one of those releases that is thrown together to sell coins and push banners for another releases that wish to sell coins and push banners. Also thought the winnings were cute stingy. Takes a lot to collect any amount of coins if you're only winning 3 or 4 per release.
~ Tracy Galvin
The release itself is fun. The largest trouble is they are idea idea idea too many banners. It really is ridiculous, each 1-2 releases there is an a couple banners, or more. I may have had a several times played 3. But I would claim that is rare. Gotta be changed. Spoild the fun of the release to stop and have to wait. Most banners are not the ones you can click out of them in 5 seconds. You have to stay till the stupid thing is done!
~ Pam Boatright
I initially saw my significant another testing this release & I kept claiming him words because I am really speedy. Today as I am test my word find release this preview kept popping up on my device. I never knew the name of the release. I claimed this looks like what he normally plays. I downloaded it & just played 20 lvls straight. I love this release. This release definitely makes you think speedy even though it's not time.
~ Charita Mayo
TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!! this release is nice but I can't test for more than a couple mins without being bombarded with banners. I'm cool with banners on a FTP release but it obtain ridiculous when you have a non skipable 30 second banner after 45 seconds of release test. it gets even more ridiculous when the its the exact same banner you saw the last three times. It makes me wish to purposefully stay away from the business being advertised.
~ Jahleel Castagne
I am deleting this release. The banners are excessive and loud and most of the time there is not a mute button for the banner. The banners pop up after almost each lvl. Occasionally you can now test two lvls before the banners, yes plural, banners pop up. On some banners the "X" is just a redirect to the release shop. It's an underhanded and pushy technique to force recipients to upgrade to the paid ver. The release itself is ok, if it weren't so manipulative, I would be willing to sit through the banners or upgrade.
~ Brandi Tamplen
This release is enjoyable UNTIL you force recipients to watch a 30 second banner after every finished lvl. If that weren't annoying enough, you're also forced to watch other banner whenever you go back into the release itself (even if it was 30 seconds ago). You're greedy and you suck.
~ Kelly Hantes