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About: Actually test the Globes Most Famous App Word Product in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and British English. Words With Colleagues is the fun, nonpaid social word release where your word building skills are tested. Challenge your Fb dudes to a release or create newest dudes with Smart Match. Test anytime and anywhere to sharpen your skills with offline Solo Test. May the Finest Colleague Victory. CHAT with your dudes in-release TRACK your performance and improvement with detailed details EXPAND your English vocabulary with Dictionary and Word of the Day CHALLENGE your dudes to think and test faster in English with Speedy Test FIND your finest English foe by browsing users profiles in Community Match ACCESS your releases on your device, device, and pc* *Test Words With Colleagues without third party banners between moves if you previously ... Show more
Genre: Word Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 92MB Developer: Zynga
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About: Practice your vocabulary and spelling skills, finding as many words as you can in each round. Word Builder is a simple and fast word game for the whole family. You can play Word Builder offline. On each level, you are given 7 random letters and 60 seconds to assemble as many words as you can. The game's database contains more than 50.000 words. The words follow the basic Scrabble rules (2 to 7 letters, singular or plural, no names etc). For now, Word Builder can be played in English ...

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Developer: Liya [email protected]



Words With Friends – Play Free Reviews and Comments:

Constantly claims I'm not connected to the internet. Your so named upgrades causes even more bugs, this is getting ridiculous.
~ Misty N
It's a nice release however there is a 100% bug. If you launch multiple boxes at once you only obtain the coin credit for the last box you launch. So, launch ALL boxes separately. The reason for the weak stars is because I've contacted them, over a month ago, and haven't ever smelled a tip of a respond regarding the bug. I'll change the review if they decide to address the bug. I've lost 100s of coins to this.
~ Vino
Been testing with a dude on a everyday basis for about a year. Just recently I noticed some newest words available to test (je, ja, ee, tra). HOWEVER, my dude still can't test these words even after attempting to modernization (no modernization is available) and when she checks the definition, it even claims "TRA is not a valid Words With Colleagues word." Needless to claim, my dude is pissed.
~ christopher limone
I have encountered a several troubles. i have seen such words as "zoot" and "ee" that others have played. When i test those words i am claimed that they are not words and can't test them. This puts me at a disadvantage. Why aren't these words acceptable on any device? I also feel that when the Words dictionary claims a word is acceptable but can't deliever a definition than that word shouldn't be allowed to be played. I don't know if Androids have been modernized recently.
~ Lola Imbrunnone
In years past I have really enjoyed the challenge of this release with a dude. actually I war too many banners. nuisance silly releases with imaginary characters, the opportunity to test in jackpots? really? if I wanted all that equipment and nonsense I would obtain an release for that! please give us back the nice challenging release this started out to be. Also, if a word has no definition how can one call it a valid word? the release could only approve words that are defined. that's not fair to either foe.
~ James Medders
love the release, sometimes the solo releases obtain stuck - i have had one that's "out of sync" for months - & occasionally the releases with another recipients have done this so i wasn't able to test despite them nudging constantly. bugs aside it's a standard scrabble kinda release & if you like scrabble youll love it!
~ Niki S
Have enjoyed for few years. Nice idea to connect & have fun with dudes 😁banners are tiny price to pay if you like nonpaid.
~ Charlotte Cooper
Amelia Aerie same thing with me hold getting creeps going thru the chat ive blocked but just like you i know its the same guy different accounts they all claim the same storyline either there wife died in babe birth or died in a car wreck and hes left with a teenage daughter i had one guy that got really nasty so i reported him gees guys this isnt Plenty of fish and im 60.years old i know i look idea younger but still go to a dating blog.lol I do love this release tho its addictive
~ Sherri Stone
Nice release to hold the mind active, usually upgrading and making it better. Nice idea to challenge dudes and family.
~ Chris King
Fun release, I don't like that anyone you test becomes a "dude" and you can't obtain rid of them or the occasional freeze after coloecting prizes
~ Bridgette Bluemel
Nice idea to kinda meet recipients from all over the globe, the states, and even your home city. I love the release, supports vocab and spelling too.
~ Michael Walton
The release in general is fun. However, your newest modernization is horrible. The release keeps destroying and freezing up to the target I have to slay it and restart.
~ T Moore
Receive rid of this solo challenge. Receive rid of the tools. Info do not work well.
~ D L
The solo challenges are glitchy. Mine keeps hanging up on a release and I can't progress forward. Modernization: this is still happening 6 months later. Took away other star.
~ Rebecca Leenhouts
I do enjoy testing this release and its fun testing and being able to chat with recipients you dont know. However the solo challenge releases freeze a lot and even after uninstalling and installing again i have 2 processing solo releases please fix this!
~ Sarah Kirkby
like the release. but absolutely the most obnoxious banners ever! you can't close them, half the time they launch chrome or the release shop. some are almost a half a minute long.
~ Sandie Slaughter
can't trust they hold upping the everyday targets to victory points. I will have to quit if they don't stop. i shouldnt have to reach 1200 points in one night. i like testing but that makes it take too long.
~ Kyle Carter
I Love the release but the banners are particularly intrusive, overly lengthy and ridiculously expensive to obtain rid of. Also when serving banners it crashes my tune-in stream instead of ducking the volume (moto 5 and moto g5+). Zynga pull up your socks please.
~ Rob Floorboards
nice release but can't trust the words they let and also ones they don't! they also let words with no definitions! sometimes a release gets out of sync and it's there forever.. but fun if you can live with bugs
~ elaine mc
its a nice experience, victory or lose. my only trouble is a release that has been out of sync for 4 months actually that i cant obtain rid, and wwf unanswering my requesfs for HELP to fix trouble
~ A Google user
I love the release. The banners don't bother me. But each so often I obtain a release request from recipients who think I may wish to date. I then just delete the conversation and then that particular release. 💥And poof their gone ❗
~ Libet Sparks
Too many faults/bugs .Solo challenge jams on release after I have won and will not let me to transport on to next user. In regular release Tile bag shows foes letters they are holding instead of what letters are left in bag! Too many gimmicks take us back to proper release.
~ Robin Kelleher
Really enjoy the release..... When it works! The do challenge glitches all the time, I victory, it then won't allow me continue and just sits in the completed release! Also creepy recipients who decide that you accepting a release request is licence to send you creepy and pervy meesages!
~ Helen Shackleton
the release is fun, but I have releases that are over that still present up in my feed after I have resigned. I never resign unless it has been over 15 days since they have played.
~ Danielle and Ken C.
love this release for the most part, but after a victory in the solo challenge, I am suddenly behind in a release I won and can't transport on to the next release. There is nowhere else to report this on the release that I can search and I would really like to test the next solo challenge.
~ Kris Toole
Real scrabble release. The Finest one I have came across in the test shop. one criticism would be that your squad could victory a gold coin or you obtain some kind of points towards a gold coin, when your squad wins the speed release. cause right actually you obtain absolutely Nothing.
~ Eric Turnbull
I really enjoy this release. I ended up buying the upgrade so that I didn't see all the ads. that was about 4+ years ago. I do want more of my dudes played it. But thanks to the Lightning Round you can test even when your dudes are not. Occasional hiccup but nothing severe with updates. *I do hope that the developers slow down with changes though and don't stray too far away from the actual release. That would be my only true critique.
~ Joshua McGowan
Would be nice if guys stopped using this release to test & pick up girls in the msg information. Took me awhile to test & figure out how to turn msger off. Hopefully it really works. I've had to already block 3 creepy guys & change my profile pic to a dog as a repellent. Been testing this release for years till all the upgrades. Another than the msg information I love all the another upgrades & changes.
~ Amanda Thrasher
Why is it when I test the banners is doesn't pay the coins owed me? I watch the stupid banners and it pays only 1 time out of 10. How do I fix it?Really enjoy this release. Love getting points to swap instead of losing a turn.
~ Nancy Sherer
I would give zero stars if I should, the release is an banner release, forcing you to watch an banner after every and EVERY transport. I hate the release spamming me banners while I'm trying to test with dudes. I tried to turn off my Wi-Fi to prevent banners but you can't test with dudes this idea so I'm stuck with the banners being spammed.Even if I pick to take off the banners it is $9.99 a fair price BUT it only takes off the banners for 30 days,meaning after a month I'll go back to having banners.I am seriously considering deleting.
~ M Campos
The release is fun, but not fun enough to wade through an banner after EVERY MOVE. The developer's recommendation to remedy this? Pay ten dollars to TEMPORARILY remove banners. Just started testing this release again to connect with my mother more, but I constantly search myself shutting the app down. I obtain that these are freemium releases, but this lvl of advertising is ridiculous.
~ travisgray751
I like the release but some recipients use it as a dating web! I accepted a release request from some guys and if you don't chat with them they turn off the chat and wont take their turn, I cant resign or do anything about it. So actually I have 5 releases going that the guys wont take their turn, and it's been 57 days since they've taken their turn. I've contacted administrators they wont do anything.
~ Maria Martin
The newest modernization has done something weird to the releases. I usually have about 4 releases going at once between one coworker and I. Both he and I are averaging about a 30 target word per test, per release. Actually since the modernization, on BOTH of our devices and across all four releases between every another, we've nothing but vowels. Actually we only average about 4 target words per test. Makes it unlikely that we'll continue testing this release. We'll search other multi-user. Especially one with fewer banners.
~ Grim Racer
there are tiny annoyances here and there... but its gotten to the target where I cant even test a release anymore. A turn was sent to me days ago but it's not showing up on my end. restarted the device, refreshed the release, modernized the release, nothing.
~ Hadiya Manners
the amount of banners is out of hand, and the banners obtain longer and more invasive the longer you have the release. lately the release bogs down during just about each release. also, the screen is cluttered up with prizes and coins and gift boxes and words of the day. clean it up, maybe it'll run better. how about no banners after each victory, tile swap/pass, or any word over 30 points? that would be a run. i love the release but hate the release :(
~ Sheri Lerner
I test this release with my dudes but it's debatable how enjoyable it is. UI design seems almost intentionally intrusive. you watch a 30-second banner and close it only to search other banner behind it. or you click a info to test your turn and the board is not refreshed so you go back and test to obtain into the release again but before you can do that you need to dismiss a sliding modal screen. Mind you, you have to dismiss it by clicking outside of it, not by the natural swiping up motion.
~ Brandon Brandon
Love the release, but there could be a 'report' function to ban creeps. I've had too many creepy guys sending flirtatious, inappropriate messages, trying to obtain my device number so they can "send me pictures". Yes you can mute the chat, or block the player but lately the same guy has contacted me from three different accounts. Actually I don't feel I can approve newest releases. I don't understand why there is even a chat option in the first zone. It's a freaking word release.
~ Amelia Eerie
love the release, but will not be testing solo challange anymore. I admit I test to victory, but when your users test words that are not actual words as per the dictionary, dbx for example, it annoys me to lose with a word that isnt allowed. I have been beat twice with that word that isnt really a word! You guys have the pc advantage, at least test true words. Another than that, love the release!
~ Jeri Holdren
I enjoy this release a lot. It is useful in staying focused. I have learned a several newest words, and I like the contest. ok, I am changing my rating. I simply cannot handle these stupid banners. 15 seconds, annoying. THIRTY seconds...unendurable. fix it!
~ Pam Chorbagian
I used to love the release, but time sucking garbage that doesnr work gets added. There's a solo challenge that's been out of sync for months: I'm forced to run the release (the same release for months) I test a word, and the wheel just spins and I'm claimed it's out of sync. I can't quit the release, I can't do anything. It wastes my time EVERY time and after this long of not fixing it, it makes me irate that it's wasting my time. Sounds silly to obtain so frustrated over a release, but wait, you'll see.
~ Jeanie Purcell