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About: Experience the BRAND NEW, incredibly addicting word release that everyones talking about! Test and exercise your brain. HOW TO PLAY Swipe to reveal hidden words and to bring the Word Stacks destroying down! Simple at first, but gets challenging speedy. Can you beat the release? WHY PLAY? Word Stacks is the newest, top-rated word release from the makers of Wordscapes, Word Chums and Wordscapes in Bloom. Newest to the Wordscapes releases family? Experience the addicting, brain-building gameplay that has captured the hearts (and brains) of millions of users worldwide. FEATURES: EACH PUZZLE HAS A CLUE. Use it to search the similar words in every puzzle! EVOLVING LEVELS. Every puzzle shifts as you search words. Word Explore with a twist! LOTS OF LEVELS. Test over 2000 lvls with more coming quick! EARN POWER-UPS. Use the Spyglass, Light Bulb, or shuffle when you ... Show more
Genre: Word Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 44MB Developer: PeopleFun
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Word Stacks Reviews and Comments:

Why don't I obtain the coins when they give you the option, Like downloading a release they recommend? Seriously! That sux!
~ Florence Garland
Very banner massive. I understand watching banners to obtain coins, but there are also banners on the bottom of the screen as you test and banners in between each several lvls you have to sit through. I made it through the first 40 lvls and was already forced to watch 10 banners. Too much, too repetitive, I'm out.
~ Cara Guevera
The release doesn't require dollars, contrary to a several remarks on here. It automatically shuffles if there aren't any more words, they are just very hard to search sometimes. However, I played for 3 months, made it to lvl 512, before I noticed that it was using more time than my web browser! Adverts are becoming longer and more obnoxious, time to go.
~ Wolfe Brower
Adverts are super invasive and very often. The release does not work right a lot of the time, No circled words with no auto reshuffle happens all the time. also lot of stupid backgrounds.
~ Anon ymous
I would give this a 4.5 ... release is great except, when working on the bottom line I am constantly accidentally touching the clue choices and spending coins needlessly ... search a more out of the idea for those and this gets 10 out of 5!
~ Allen Halstead
It wasn't a terrible release but the increase in ads has become seriously annoying. I understand it is a idea of paying for the release but it struggles to load the ads so you're constantly having to restart. 10 mins worth of ads for 30 seconds test is ridiculously stupid and not essential.
~ Jason Nicholas
Lose your progress when you obtain a newest device. I signed into my user profile. I was able to hold all my achievements and trophies but not my actual release progress?? would give 5 stars otherwise.
~ Amber B
I love this release. do not adopt with the negative reviews as I have not experienced the troubles stated. However.... few times, this last one included, during championships I just obtain a white screen. I was in 4th zone attempting to go to 1st when For a day I can't test. actually it is Monday and still have a white screen
~ Susan Radko
I love this release, videos support me obtain coins when required, its challenging most of the time. The only thing I would change is stop repeating puzzles so quickly. if you have to repeat them spread them out further. This look adt week ive had 2 or 3 repeat after one round.
~ Melissa Rachels
Wow.. Can't claim enough. Deceptively easy in design, increasingly complex with every newest lvl. Frustrating that you have to use the tricks to shuffle the words. Otherwise you can't solve it..
~ Kristina McCarthy
Extremely repetitive and it's very reliant on your 3 letter word knowledge to obtain the premium coins and to do well in the weekly championships. The coins that you victory, you can't now do anything with them.
~ steven silverman
stacks the letters in a idea that makes it impossible for you to build a word and the only idea to obtain a clue or rearrange the letters is by using an abundance of points. You collect very minimal points unless you watch videos and it takes watching multiple videos in order to even buy
~ Shana Dobbins
A fun tiny distraction release that is eeaeasy to lose time to, only downside is without iap you obtain an advertisement after every lvl in addition to a banner banner during a lvl so they can feel a tiny intrusive - especially after you see the same banner for the 20th time.
~ David Hutchison
A nice release to pass the time, but after the newest modernization, after I finish the everyday release, my Huawei device freezes and buffers non stop. I have to switch the device off and on to obtain it working again.
~ Tom Innes
Nice release to test while you're waiting at the doctor's office, dentist's office, etc. The challenge is to not use up all your release coins on tricks. Sometimes it's simple-peasy, another times it's near impossible. Makes you think!
~ Candy Waters
Loved this release. Actually that I completed all the lvls, I'm left with 30,000+ points and just the everyday challenges. I test the another Recipients Fun releases but I miss the format of Word Stacks. Hoping a newest ver comes out.
~ Regina Hinrichs
Fun. Fairly simple, but I've not seen a word search puzzle quite like it. I like how you kinda have to search the words in order. I'm guessing it'll obtain more challenging. Really fun though.
~ angelia young
I love this release,really challenging and engaging. If there are no more words that can be made then the release automatically shuffles. I have stacks of coins because I won a championship and refuse to use any on tricks.
~ Nicole Edwards
time to waste? test this. why has the leader board disappeared? Also spend too much time watching videos to obtain a shuffle. disappointing. edit. black screen when trying to launch. tried everything to launch release.
~ Maureen Lloyd
Addictive but don't like the fact that one doesn't earn points for each puzzle solved. Have to use options for earning nonpaid points or buy points in order to pay for alternatives to solving puzzles. Tiny rewards given for every lvl.
~ Karen Y Williams
This release is my favoured word release! I previously left a negative review because, like I read in someone else's review, I thought that you Gotta buy coins in order to continue into the higher lvls. I was wrong. You can watch video banners for nonpaid, and acquire coins that idea. This release does obtain Super challenging at times, but a release that doesn't challenge the user, is a waste of time. From 1 star to 5 stars!
~ Shelly Moore
Nice release but after the newest modernization I obtain the 'buffering' symbol between releases. I have to do a force stop to obtain rid of it and to be able to carry on with the release. Can this be looked at and then I can increase your rating. Thanks!
~ Lawrie
the release is nice except for the banners each time you obtain through the lvl it goes to an banner which would be okay but you can't obtain the release back unless you go right out and run again which is becoming very annoying. still got the same shot trouble with the unseen banners then have to go right out of the release fully each thing of the screen and run again for the next lvl fix your stupid trouble or no more releases for me as this is rubbish.
~ Trisha Smith
no options for getting coins. takes too many coins to obtain any options for tricks or shuffles. set up to create you use coins as quick as you obtain them. I refuse to buy coins in any release, but I definitely wouldn't buy coins in a release designed to use them up quickly.
~ Kimberly Silveus
I wish to warn others that an add you are running for a nonpaid moon light lamp is a fraud. They added on $45.00 for a membership to their shop and when I tried to cancel they would not refund the dollars only the shipping charge of 4.95 for a nonpaid light. It comes up under Direct Save.shop. BEWARE!
~ Nancy Bowerman
~ Shawna O'connor
Loving this release. Reminds me of certain media quiz shows. The tricks are nice. The continued change in background themes is nice, you're not stuck looking at the same stage constantly which also supports in stopping the release getting boring quickly. And it makes you think quickly which supports hold my memory sharp 🤗
~ Thistle Iona Scot
No release manipulation.. simply up to you to search the words! super fun and addictive! i waited to rate this release , like i do all of them, until i got further in the release. Actually at lvl 70 with no surprises. Adds are non bothersome (I turn off time so dont obtain any at all) Finest release I've downloaded in a long time.
~ Roxane Lettiere
Nice release, but needs a tiny Improvement. Needs to have it written set of terms that claim you why certain letters light up when they are part of a word but others do not. there are some another troubles which another users of also questioned that need to be addressed as well. I hope the makers of this release are listening!
~ Laura Cochikas
I like this release. currently on lvl 380 and have only made 1 buy. the star championship on the weekends is nice as you obtain to compete with others and the reward is coins if you zone in the top 10. only thing I would change is availability of videos and being able to compete with my fb dudes.
~ Sorayana Shadows
It's a nice word puzzle to test, but ever 15 minutes or less you have to watching other release banners to obtain nonpaid coins or you can buy them... That cute cool. it also gives you a chance to check out the another release releases they have. It's an nice release puzzle. WARNING!!!! This puzzle can be addicting !!!! 😂
~ mary kay
This would obtain a much better review if it wasn't so obviously and heavily dependent on spending true dollars. Each puzzle needs at least 1 - sometimes multiple - "powerups" to solve because the release usually leads you into a corner, giving you no choice but to "shuffle" etc. The in-release coin rewards are ludicrously several and far between. 'Won' themes instantly override whatever you have before. Take these grinding, obviously-greed-driven aspects out, you'd have a nice release. Until then, it sucks.
~ Adam Watson
There needs to be a feedback added to leave the release. The only idea I've found to leave the release so far, is to click on the advertiser feedback. Then when the control buttons for my device appear, I close out the banner and thus close the release. Or you can create the release screen so it still shows my device's control buttons. Then I can leave the release w/o going to an banner.
~ Cheryl Bolton
I liked this release until the higher lvls started becoming more hard. That's when I noticed that it was becoming Mandatory to have lots of coins because there was no idea to solve the releases unless I bought (?) a shuffle at 50 cents every hit and that can be 2 to 3 shuffles to create it work. As far as I am concerned, this is a rip off and will be uninstalling this release. Pay to Test is NOT the Idea. Consider this.
~ Patty Frendo
I enjoy word releases, but this one is rigged to spend coins/dollars, and that just frustrates me. They will give you a "jumble" of words that you can solve some of, but after that you literally cannot solve without spending dollars to shuffle the board. it doesn't notify you that there are no possible moves. This release should be better if it shuffled itself after this happens.
~ Leah H
1. Product is fun to test, exercises the mind. 2. Product "economy" is obviously set up to obtain recipients to spend true dollars. It takes completion of 3 - 4 lvls to obtain enough coins for ONE clue or shuffle. Watching videos ( ADS ) to obtain coins takes too much time away from the release and I lose concentration and momentum. 3. TOO MANY ADS AND IN APP PURCHASES!!! The same ones come up all the time and they come up too often. I'll test til I can't victory anymore, then transport on. I won't spend dollars.
~ Kirk McFarland III
Usually challenging. It is the only release that had held my attention for more than a day without my getting tired of and bored with it. Nice for increasing vocab. Makes you think outside the box. Smart release. Only complaint is the bloody banners, but because the release itself is a true master, I will still give it a 5 star rating.
~ Rebecca Christensen
loved release but constantly cheated out of points for no reason. beginning of evening I had just under 2000 end of evening 644 and I had not used any. I asked for help did not obtain any as error message only. very disappointing. I have deleted from device and labels after reaching over lvl 700
~ Jill Stevenson
I tried this release and after using it a short while I became frustrated. this release is set up to create you buy coins! There is an opportunity to watch a video to fet coins, however, the video is not available and trying to take a survey just for coins is a Waste of your time. Im deleting this.
~ life Word
If I should post without a star I would. Over and over again, i victory coins but they never obtain added to my a/c. I know it's not true dollars but it's matter if the release designer's honesty and integrity. but am upset, mad, disappointed. Fnally deleting this release. Recipients screw recipients out of true dollars. This is a true newest LOW. You screw recipients out of imaginary dollars.
~ Shahnaz Azarbehi