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About: ***** Already Ranked #1 among Word Products in 44 countries ***** Enroll in Word Academy to unblock hundreds of grids made up of hidden words. The words in every grid have a theme and order: the release runs off simple, but the size and number of words increase as you test, and the order becomes more important and hard. STUCK? That's not a bug! If you cant connect the letters its because you have solved the words in the wrong order. In that topic run over using the reload button and test to solve the words in a newest order. SCIMOB, the originator of 94 Seconds, 94 Degrees and 94% with more than 50 million users worldwide, brings you its newest release and brain workout, Word Academy!
Genre: Word Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Scimob
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About: Welcome to the most fun and addictive word connect and search game youve ever played on your Android phone or tablet. Word Baker, the free puzzle game to find words, not only improve your vocabulary skills and increase the number of words you know, it also delivers hours of fun and challenges without noticing the time. So, if you are looking for an addictive word search game, download Word Baker, for free on your Android device and start finding the words by sliding the letters in any desir...

Developer: Caper Games

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About: Word Search: Texas Cities is a game in which you entertain yourself by trying to find ans connect the letters of the names of cities in the state of Texas....


Similar Games Like Letter²  Alternatives
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About: Place letters. > Collect Words. > > Clear the field. Multiplayer mode. Global rankings. Unlockables....

Developer: Philipp Stollenmayer

Similar Games Like Word Search Ultimate + Alternatives
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About: This is by far the most flexible word search app on the market. Multiple configuration options create a game that exactly corresponds to your device and your expertise. Play with an English word list or choose one of 23 other languages. Designed for fun games from the smallest mobile phones up to the largest tablets. Bored of seeing the same words appear repeatedly? Frustrated at looking for bizarre words that are not even English? Struggled with grids that are inappropriate for your device o...

Developer: Havos Ltd

Similar Games Like Lingo! - Word Game Alternatives
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About: Lingo! - Word Game Popular television show is now on your mobile phone and tablet. Perfect word game. Guess the five-letter word. Moreover, Lingo! - Word Game does not require any special permissions. Lingo! - Word Game is the new word game of Msb Apps. You have 5 attempts to guess 5-letter word that you know first letter. Each guess must be completed in 1 minute. Colors will help you. Green: Correct letter is in right position. Yellow: The letter is correct but in the wrong p...

Developer: Msb Apps

Similar Games Like Word Go - Cross Word Puzzle Game Alternatives
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About: Word Go is a brain teasing word connecting game! By connecting letters to form a word, you can keep your mind sharp. With beautiful and lively music and enjoyable fun, start your word connect now! With this addictive game, you can: Exercise your brain: simply connect letters to form words and keep your mind sharp. Challenge and fun: enjoy the delicately designed interface and keep a good mood challenging yourself. Find answers: abundant levels for you to challenge, it wont be eas...

Developer: FIT Games

Similar Games Like Marry Me - Who Will be my future partner for girls Alternatives
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About: Who Will You Marry? Only for super girls!!! Lets play, if you really want to know How we can guess who will you marry, you don't need any magic or weird prophets or sorcerers, check out who is best matches your personality using this absolutely fantastic test app! Is it going to be a European Prince? powerful as a Politician or a Young Billionaire? Perhaps your husband will be a Sport Player and like a Stranger or your Best Friend. Are you wondering how to ...

Developer: IsolateGame


Similar Games Like Word U  Alternatives
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About: Prepare for some letter swapping, word boggling, puzzling fun. Word U is a fun, new, letter twisting, word puzzler. See how many words you can build from your pool of letters and move through the ranks of prestigious colleges. Great for the whole family, build your vocabulary while twisting and swapping letters to spell all the hidden words. Bonus levels earn extra coins, and Pop Quizzes test your speed against round after round of scrambled letters. HOW TO PLAY Simply swipe alon...

Developer: iWin

Similar Games Like Libretto  Alternatives
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About: Ready to take word games to the next level? Libretto combines wordplay and strategy into a deceptively simple board game that takes only minutes to learn but years to master. There are no points in Libretto. Your goal is to build a path of connected words from one side of the board to the other, while strategically blocking your opponent from doing the same. It's something like playing chess with words, which is why it has become a new favorite among some of the world's top tournament word-ga...

Developer: Dragonfly Games, LLC

Similar Games Like Word Search - Ultimate Puzzle  Alternatives
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About: Popular word search game with thousands of words and auto-generated puzzles. Find out the words on the grid in any direction including diagonals and reverse selection... Anytime continue solving where you left with autosave feature. There are 5 difficulty levels and 3 Game modes in the game which can be selected at the very beginning of the game. Explore new words every time you play with this addictive game, have fun!...

Developer: Word puzzle games for free

Similar Games Like CharadesApp - What am I? (Guessing and Mimics)  Alternatives
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About: Charades App - What am I? is a fun social charades guessing game to play with family and friends! How to play charades in Charades App - What am I? Choose a theme from over 50 charades available to play or create your own charade and play What am I as you wish! Place device on forehead e ask your friends to help you guess what is on your device! Just tilting your phone up (correct) or down (pass) to continue. Easy, right? You just need to guess the word or phrase and guess what your are! ...

Developer: artGS

Similar Games Like Learn English Playing  Alternatives
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About: Learn with our free educational application "Learn English by playing" a basic vocabulary of more than 1000 words in a totally fun way. - Completely free application (without purchases inside). - For children between 3 and 15 years old. - The words are grouped into themes. - Match each image with its corresponding word in Spanish. - Listen to a word in English and associate it with its corresponding image. - Writing exercises. - Browse the map and complete the different games. - Fast...

Developer: The city of the apps

Similar Games Like Puzzle Books (English)  Alternatives
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About: "Puzzle Book" is big collection of different puzzles. Kakuro Word Search Sudoku Picross, Nonograms Link-a-pix Crosswords and many many other puzzles. Since January 2017, we run online tournaments. The first tournament is Sudoku (all Sudoku variants). Solve the fastest, earn new achievements. Raise your Elo rating. All puzzles can be solved for free. Collect bonus coins and get additional tips and puzzles Solve faster than others to earn more rating points. Share with o...

Developer: AK Software

Similar Games Like WordHero  Alternatives
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About: [WordHero] was a Featured app in Google Play (August 2012) Featured in Google Play "Indies" feature repeatedly Featured in Google Play "Word Games" feature repeatedly Top multiplayer word search game with realtime leaderboard ranking and online competition. For phones and tablets. Free, fun and highly addictive for friends who like puzzles and word finding games with letters on infinite levels. === GAME FACTS === Everyone plays the same high ...

Developer: SVEN Studios Corp


Similar Games Like Word Master  Alternatives
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About: Word Master is an innovative version of the traditional Crosswords" board puzzle. Not needing internet connection, using unique fast artificial intelligence resources and with highly customizable options, Word Master is used by Scrabble enthusiasts for quick offline training and induce the players to improve their skills and reasoning in the game. Create words with the 7 letters on your rack and place them on the 15 by 15 tile board. Boost your score by placing letters on the special Double L...

Developer: Jaguar Studios

Similar Games Like Scrabble Cheat Dictionary Alternatives
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About: The Scrabble Cheat Dictionary is an app that allows Scrabble players to find playable Scrabble words of various lengths that contain some, if not all, of the letters that the player has. One can filter the results to be order specific or of a certain length. The results are sorted by points in descending order. The app also provides definitions drawn from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary....

Developer: Parfait Mwamba

Similar Games Like WordStorm Alternatives
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About: WordStorm is a highly addictive and easy to play word game. It is very similar to word wheel games that can be found in a number of newspapers. The objective of the game is to try to guess all of the 35 most common words that can be made from the 9 letters shown. Each word must be 4 or more letters long and must contain the central letter. There's a unique puzzle for every day which everyone else will be playing that day too! Random Game - You can now play a random game. This can be ...

Developer: Sean O'Connor

Similar Games Like Word City: Word Connect and Crossword Puzzle Alternatives
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About: Word City: Word Connect and Crossword Puzzle is a combination of creative crossword puzzle games and word searches, which can inspire your passion for brain challenges. If you want to win, you need to find all the words hidden in the crossword. Challenge yourself and train your brain. HOW TO PLAY - Swipe the letters to line up words to fill up the blanks horizontally and vertically on the board - Tap the Hints button to get clues - Tap the Shuffle button to change the order of letters ...

Developer: BigStar Games

Similar Games Like Word Popy - Crossword Puzzle & Search Games Alternatives
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About: The most popular crossword puzzle game is ready for you! Word Popyis a classic connect letters game - You need connect contiguous letters to form a correct word. Very relaxed, isn't it? Word Popycontains some of your unexpected gameplay, will give you a more relaxed gaming experience than similar games. There are a wealth of levels and beautiful backgrounds, make gamers feel enjoyment anywhere, anytime! It not only boosts your brainpower, but also expands your vocabulary. What are yo...

Developer: TangramGames

Similar Games Like WordBlind Alternatives
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About: This game is a simple point based question answering game, that will try to confuse you with the worlds most annoying questions. Have fun. Or don't....

Developer: haypers



Word Academy Reviews and Comments:

The general release is cute nice but the summer bonus equipment is a nightmare, it constantly breaks and I have to wait for the Sunday restart and then I can't use tricks on it and it's not recognising words. I've had to down my review because yet again the week long challenge is not workong at all. Actually if I even test to test it it crashes the whole release. I've had to uninstall it because it's not really useable anymore
~ Hazel Blake
Uodate 3: Beware, this release is not compatible with Mobile 7. Dropping rating to 1. It just flashes and flashes. I cleared cache and restarted my device 3 times. No luck! I uninstall the release and reinstalled the release and it works actually but I lost everything - 46000 points! I hate this release! Modernization: Dropped rating down to 3. I got to Insane Scientist lvl with 42,920 pts and actually it will not let me to buy tricks. No trouble with another apps with in-release purchases. Very disappointing. 1st review. Sage lvl with 33,540 points. The release is challenging at the higher lvls, but I don't like that you have to buy tricks.
~ Rebecca M-O
Its lit
~ Lee Tayi
too many adds. cant obtain to older release after restart, release runs at beginning again.
~ Glynne Hurst
~ suherri Qama
interesting.Lekker release
~ A Google user
Neat tiny mind release to dip in & out of, love it
~ A Google user
Please fix bugs.
~ Kate Tibay Fercol
got stuck on Knight lvl 16. Used the hacker and thre are letters in the answers they're giving me that aren't in the puzzle ☹️
~ grammieofkbd
Was 5 stars, but no help exists and it's frustrating to hold restarting because there is no sync information. it is an awesome release, but no response from the help squad and no sync diminishes its value
~ Shadia Hector
it is chalingin
~ Glynn Joubert
Very nice Product
~ Mohamed Abdelmoghnee
Finest lah word academy ni..
~ Siti Nor Izzah
Idea too many banners
~ Wolfe S
Nice word test.
~ gabrielle richie
This releases is nice and suspicious
~ Sasidharan Ramasamy
I love this release because it is finest
~ A Google user
I think u could give out more tricks
~ Annah Motsau
the finest release ever!!!
~ Suhaila Hashim
Only recognizes 1 word out of many and that is super annoying.
~ Todd
Accepts only one word out of few combinations possible to place together. Very terrible design.
~ Margaret Friday
Straight and addictive. Will reinstall again next time.
~ Nur Adreanna
Very limited, very constraint, very linear.
~ Ari Sketch
Nice release, but a plethora of banners. Very annoying.
~ A Google user
Sometimes this release is so frustrating and at another times it is so nice. I like it!
~ Dee Haberle
Addictive and fun. Nice at each lvl. Could be possible to obtain more tricks. Like it. Almost ending
~ terry marelly
Originally it didn't have banners, but newest versions have banners everywhere.
~ A Google user
nice word learning
~ Eric Steeg
Too many banners
~ Barbora Mercineryová
this release is simple to test 👌😁😁😁😁😁😁👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
An banner after each single lvl. Avoid, look for anything with less spam.
~ Juozas Dapkunas
Gets really boring after a while, because you can only submit one word (even if there are another words available). Made me wish to test boggle instead.
~ A. K.
Want I never modernized. By the looks of the comments here the developer obviously doesn't read them or care because I'm having the same troubles others were complaining about months ago. BEWARE OF UPDATES!!!
~ Chekeetha Hamlin
This used to be an awesome release, but once it was modernized there were too many banners. Also, few times the release would ruin mid-puzzle, and when I reopened it there would be an banner before I should run again.
~ A Google user
This release used to be nice but actually there are ad after each single puzzle I complete. It's ridiculous. They also place a fake X button on top of the video banners to create you click the banner. Very scumbag and sad to see an actual nice release following the trend of poor small releases. Google really needs to crack down on these rampant banners and half baked clones. I understand banners are a idea for developers to obtain paid while making releases nonpaid, but when you spend more times in banner than in the release, then you are a scumbag developer and don't deserve to obtain paid.
~ Kurtis Kucera
ever time that I obtain between 75% or near completion the release seized up or can't access the release 😡
~ A Google user
only allows for 1 word out of so many another options? horrible release design
~ Gleeny
Very nice word release that gets harder as you progress.
~ Bobette Campbell
release locks up and you can not continue. sent correspondence for support, after 3 attempts, there was no support. deleted the release.
~ A Google user
i love this. tried a lot of the word release apps and i think this one is the most challenging. i dont think the videos are as annoying with this as with some apps... but i know some recipients dont feel that idea.
~ Elizabeth Clifton