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About: The storyline of a witch who is chased after by fighters. Eirudy, the Marionette Witch. A storyline-based RPG with no bonus in-release payments. The witch Lives in her house in the Misty Forest, hidden from the fighters. At home, she crafts softwares and magic, and trains herself. Outside, she explores around to search magical ingredients and often encounters fighters. The witch wakes her dolls and uses them to war versus the fighters. The lonely witch wants to wake her dolls so she can have dudes, but her dolls are silent. Sometimes recognized and praised by humans, but sometimes harm; Eirudy, a lonely witch. Lead Eirudy, the Marionette Witch in the path of light. *You need at least 900Mb of internal storage available on your device. *Soft needs reading/writing access to external storage for release installation and run. * Requests external storage ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 69MB Developer: Kiwiwalks
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WitchSpring3 Reviews and Comments:

Really fun release. Some translation flubs but it's nothing immersion breaking. This dev definitely gets better with every release.
~ Yunjae L
This release will stay in my heart ❤ I got so emotional at times, such an nice release! I appreciate, and respect the developer, thank you so much!
~ Ar e h ly
Nice release. Nice illustration. Nice story. I'm hoping if there's something like expansion.
~ Lo Sen
This release made me tear up. I love it. Dollary is worth this release. I suggest it! I hope more stories will come!
~ Christian Colon
BEST....GAME...EVER...i almost cried out of happiness when i saw the last cgi in the nice end :3 i am eager firbthe 4th in the series sense it was announced.
~ Croni mass
Finest gaaaaaaame eveeeeer!!!!!! No need to connect on wifi Worth the download and worth the dollars!! I hope there will be more stories and chapters of each part of witch spring...!!
~ A Google user
I love this release... nice storyline... repeat so many time and test picking different path.. w.s 3 is better from the previous ver. 5 star.. want to have w.s 4 from kiwiwalks
~ Abby Siti Musfirah
sigh where are the WitchSping sagas in the PSP glory days. this would create a aggressor PSP release. love each moment I spent in this release. worth each cent can't wait for WS4
~ Seph Gaspar
i wonder why many gave it 4 stars,though i did too. its just that i liked the side storyline in witch spring 2 more,and the unemotionalness is kinda...well,y'actually,but still nice release in my opinion.
~ Oleg Oleg
ill gladly pay for witchspring 4 in a heartbeat. The art is nice the story is nice release style is easy .... Its one of those releases that left me empty like when u finish a season of your favoured series ... More.... Give me more!!!!
~ jeff salazar
The finest storyline RPG! I want witch spring 4 will coming quick... I cant wait anymore... . I feel sad a bit that I enter the root that cant bring Rogan back.. Maybe I will test end the real path...(all storyline path) Not the glad end path...
~ นครินทร์ โชคเคล้าลาภ
3 stars because the main superhero sucked. Eirudy is a nice heroine but Adrian is a failure of a superhero. You guys have sucked at making heroes for Witch Spring heroines ever since Witch springs 2 (Havent played 1 release is freezing). Please stop portraying male heroes as low wusses who have tiny to no control over the case. You create them look desperate for the heroine which is honestly, disgusting. It makes me wanna pick the Terrible path all the time.
~ Jedidiah Francisco
Clearly the finest release on gplay, KiwiWalks delivers once again. I may have not liked the training system here (after i got too used to WS2) but the war system is much better. All kiwiwalks releases are worth the dollars lol
~ Eschatological
I'm done with the release. Any chances you can make witch spring 4? I am willing to wait for it. :) I love your works! I love the release. Its the release I have been waiting for. And the entire release is nice! Please do make witch spring 4. with a longer storyline.
It's an okay release, holds some potential but it couldn't be really shown. Storyline presentation & it's integration with gameplay aspect should be done better. Gameplay & some UI elements look rough and should see some touch-up in the future title.
~ wefwq
Played WS 1 thru 3 and loved them all. Definitely got better and better. There are quite a bit of typos that I think would be an simple fix if you have someone carefully proofread the whole script slowly before publishing. Maybe around a dozen or two but not poor. Product got too simple because the lack of zone/unblock limitation made it possible to be super OP and OHKO everything by chapter 2. The scale with stat post-release bosses are the most fun, but even they end up really simple thanks to OP defend, heal and Bernick of the Darkness. Please create an whole dungeon with scale with stat aggressors for WS 4 and an even harder post-release final boss! I bet all the hardcore users will love it =) Oh btw i wouldn't mind a several super costumes as well (no stat gifts to hold the balance across users)... just purely aesthetics... you'll create a tiny bit of bonus dollars ;)
~ Amadeo Octobie
i love the design background but the consistency of the hero design style is a bit terrible. short and simple storyline but a tiny bit too predictable. the love storyline was quite sweet however there are some cringy lines that should be better. (final part in morell's spring) It would be great if we should custom design a tad, in clothes and hairstyle. Overall was quite addictive and i recomend this buy. It has a nice amount of content given for it's price
~ Nesa
What a release, really love the storyline line and gameplay mechanics, it even has a post release content, it feels like i'm testing a console release, finest 6$ i've ever spent for a small release, well done devs, looking forward for the sequel
~ Nofal Derien
This is a beautifully designed release with a beautiful tiny storyline and intuitive combat. The 3d aspects are really well done and some of my favorites, the backgrounds are lacking detail but that's expected with small. The illustrations are superb and very well done as well. I like the combat and the ability to chose which path id like to go down. When I first started testing I played for four hours straight and only stopped cause my device was weak. I highly suggest this release it's well worth it's weak price and I can't wait for more additions!!!!
~ Astro O
didn't know i would ever search a release like this on small,one of the finest releases i've ever played! since i'm a large fan of vns and explorations releases this is great! ^^
~ Yoshi Ler
Heart touching and a well made storyline, smooth gameplay, the english is nice enough already compared to another nonpaid korean releases like tabomsoft, I am looking forward to your next production dev, but before that stay tough, I purchased your release because it's worth my dollars!
~ Michael Teh
Damn, i fell in love with this release. I started by testing the lite ver of witch spring 2. Actually, i've finish both the second and third release. I am very looking forward to see the version of the fourth release. Hold up the nice work!!
~ Mikan Tristan
Other Witch Storyline a success!! I love this series and I finially completed the entire release today, it took about a couple of weeks but Im done! Cant wait for the 4th one to come out!😍😍👍🏼😁 This is the finest release ever!
~ Shanice Abrahams
Thank you for this release!! I laughed, I cried, I just completed and im still so full of emotion. This is the finest small release I've ever bought. Tip for newest users, if you're the kind to accumulate each hidden item, create sure to consult a walkthrough. I got stuck close to release end and looked up a walkthrough to search I had just missed a chance to obtain something x.x note that there are also multiple endings. This release is perfection!! I'll hold an eye out for newest releases by this developer!!
~ Melody
Incredible release. Worth each penny! Simple release and very gripping storyline that has your heart cheering, crying and raging at the outcome of your easy choices. 3 different paths, every with a different side of the storyline to claim. Loved it. I'll be buying the 4th ver if we obtain that far, and hope that it has an even bigger storyline.
~ denyce Owens
I am a large fan of the series. I liked first two parts and this as well, but... The release is still raw and unfinished. Sometimes gameplay destroying errors occur. For example missing textures or scripts written right into the dialogs or wrong hero names connected to them. Even crashes may happen, BUT it's still "Witch Spring" series with its adorable characters and storyline. That's why i still suggest to test it. I hope the release will be fixed quick and then, it will become a masterpiece :3
~ A Google user
I had a unbelievable time with this release. I loved the concept of creating and using dolls in combat, and the overall doll theme the release had. The artstyle was pretty, and the tiny animations were quite adorable. The release had a likeable and varied cast of characters, and though not super complex or indepth, an enjoyable storyline. User choice did count for certain storyline meetings and there are a several different endings. Can't wait to see more from this developer.
~ Lilium LeMarchel
This is literally one of THE BEST releases I've ever ever played. It's been a while since I got true emotional and attached to such a release, having nice and interesting characters, a lot of unbelievable informations, graphics and release quality, and most of all, a BEAUTIFUL and Heart shaking storyline of the third witch, Eirudy, the Marionnete Witch. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken part in the production of this release and the release series! I really have grown to fall in love with this series.
~ Clarissa Dash
so nice worth to buy
~ Ngepetsub-
The another two titles are better
~ Saul Del Valle
such a finest storyline. I lobe it
~ Cyberalchemyst or cyberalchemist
Nice story, characters, and worth RPG release 👍
~ Azzam Ali
edit: it actually runs on redmi note 4x. Just reebot the device if it doesn't work.
~ Indy K
well, first time test this release I never expected to have romance storyline. for the rest is very nice.
~ IA
the storyline is nice and it has a choice that the user pick if wish be a nice diety or a witch ....... pls version a newest chapter of witch spring.... a continue in continent of urphean!!! 😆....
~ Charles Benson Opeña
This release... is unbelievable a small bit buggy at times and some errors in translation but I love it. The limit on percentage stat gains would have been great to know.
~ Dylan Dang
I like this release and all BUT I would like a another release of whichdpring4!AND if you do this I will SOOO love the newest release!!so please create a newest one for US we love it (for some of us:>)
~ gloria lorena
ever since i played the first witch spring, i got emotionally entwined with the storyline. Witchspring 3 story got me into an emotional rollercoaster, and i was surprised. why does it have to emd that idea? whyyyyyyy?! omg. 😭😭😭😭 cant wait for the 4th. love you guys!!!
~ inked brat
Finest Product again for your nice creation. I played 1 and 2 and you didnt made me disappoint with this other sequel. I hope you guys create an other sequel but create sure the lad is not low. The cliche might obtain worst haha But please continue making releases. i will be gladly help you!!!!
~ Tomo Beat
This release had me interested throughout. I like it's mechanics much more than of another related RPGs. Especially summoning dolls and raising hero details. It's a nice release, worth it's selling price. My only gripe is how short it is. But I understand that's due to the storyline, which doesn't overstay it's welcome. My major gripe with plot is the ending, because it felt like a pointless throwaway of a hero. Also I want Failur had an active role in gameplay, because he's adorable.
~ Agent Dickie