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About: Wings of Steel is an action-packed Globe Fight II air combat flight simulator. Combining pretty 3D graphics, realistic physics, diverse and engaging gameplay, and intuitive controls optimized for small devices, It's an immersive and fun air combat release for your device and device! Informations: * Detailed and accurate WWII planes, ships and machines from both the Allies and the Axis. * Vast and pretty environments with weather and time-of-day variation. * Wide tons of playable planes and weapons every with special and upgradable characteristics. * Diverse and challenging missions including carrier landing, dogfight, dive bombing, torpedo bombing, escort, and much more. * Advanced flight physics tuned to be both realistic and fun. * Intuitive controls optimized for small devices. * Cinematic Replay Mode allow you relive the glory or examine what went wrong aft ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 71MB Developer: Illusion Magic Studio
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Wings of Steel Reviews and Comments:

Stop stealing the name of an now decent release. Btw, the controls and physics are unrealistic, there are too several aircraft, and they suck. Anyone out there who wants a decent aircaft release could look to Gunship Sequel(formerly known as Wings of Steel). Its like small warthunder. P.S. if anyone claims this release has nice controls, its because they dont know how a true plane works. The dumb asses
~ Darin Gabriel De Leon
l love this release . it's just so adictive I can't stop testing it. my parents think i'm crazy swinging my phon in the air but i don't care because i'm having a nice time i only gave it 4 because of the layout of the wepons bottons it's too easy and i can shoot for eternity wich isn't that terrible.
~ Bibo X
i love this release, absolutely wonderful. nice graphics and gameplay, and it informations the finest fighter aircrafts of ww2. i suggest this release for ww2 dogfights gaming lovers. but please add a german campaign, i would love to test german combatants.
~ Lexus Leil Gomez
i give 5stars on this release. owsome gameplay, nice graphics and nice planes bt some missions are so hard to complete. its almost impossible to slay one plane and you have more than 3planes on your tail shooting at you, also, its finest if u add a first person view its much better to obtain a pilot view. nice release thank you.
~ A Google user
This release is great, I enjoyed it. But the controls are useless. The steering button is too tiny, making it hard to maneuver, the sensitivity can't be adjusted and I can't even look around or behind the plane!. Please create it better.
~ Jv Lumantas
Omg what more do I claim? This.... This is a masterpiece. I haven't even completed the guide and yes I myself love it. Responsive controls, dog fighting, freeflight ?. Where has this release been? Create more please and add more to this one. I'm hooked. Nay I'm in love.
~ Vontrase Dunbar
nice release !!! i don't do reviews but this deserves a large thumbs up . it has a bit of everything. not too tough not too simple , i have looked for ages for a release like this , all I can claim is test it yourself and your will see what I mean. this is a fully honest review. well done!!!
~ Eden Raveneau
Hands Down, No Question, the Absolute Finest Flight Sim out There. The Orchestral Soundtrack is Summer Blockbuster John Williams. The Graphics, Speedy & Smooth. As is the Gameplay. By far the finest. After testing this for a bit, you quick rea! ize ths controls are silky smooth, and leaves you wondering... Why aren`t All Flight Sims this simple? Please don`t misunderstand, the release itself is challenging and hard; as we`d wish it to be. What I meant by simple, is the responsive controls.
~ Michael Waters
it's a challenging release and definitely a nice idea to burn time while waiting for whatever. The controls seem to have an trouble turning hard right only when you're chasing an aggressor, and would be cool if it should do barrel rolls. Another than that nice job to the developers.
~ Rick Farrow
Ideally 2.5 Stars. Pros: Controls/physics are more simulation than arcade. Has runway/carrier takeoff and landing! Nice mix of American/Japanese combat missions, survival mode, and nonpaid flight. Graphics are decent as well! Can watch target video. Cons: Tiny selection of planes plus plane specific campaigns. Planes take true-time to deliver after buying and missions consume fuel from a limited supply. No team/wing help or to draw fire. No plane camo/decal customization.
~ Jordan James
The controls are responsive and really simple to master. The graphics are absolutely phenomenal for a small release. The storyline mode is very impressive and interesting. The only trouble is that you dont have an orbital camera. I guess that this mechanism would elevate the gameplay to unmatched extents. Otherwise a very nice release. Oh and also please add a multiplayer mode
~ Ashish Pradhan
This is a nice release! Developers, I do have a large complaint about the B-17 and especially the target that it is used. Where are the waist gunners, tail gunner, nose gunners and the gun in the radio operator's section? I think that would create that target a tiny more realistic and maybe an option that we should fire the nose guns. I've tried that target about 30 times actually and can't obtain past the 3 Zeros. Thank you so much for the hint!! Again guys, nice, fun release!! Hold up the nice work!!
~ Joseph Hallows
This release has potential to be the finest WWII fighter release! I think you would have a legendary release if you added a couple informations, such as : 1) The ability to look around. 2) Not infinite ammo (more realism) 3) More technical helps for every plane. 4) More realistic AI. 5) The ability to do aerobatics. The release is nice, however. Thank you!!
~ StarkNorth
Nice graphics & a reasonable challenge. We'll see how nice the AI is when we obtain into dogfights. Edit: The AI for aggressor combatants is a least fair in the first missions (it will hopefully obtain better later on), although it usually falls for the same maneuvers in the beginning. I'll be disappointed if it stays the same, as defeating a pair of Zero's in a biplane (which I do most of the time) is cute unlikely!
~ J Michael Carbonniere
this is a fun tiny release. its definitely more flight simulator than arcade, which I enjoy. the graphics are really nice. my only true complaint is that it's not very large. theres only about a dozen or so planes to pick from, and only two campaigns. I'd love to see some German and British planes and campaigns, and even more planes from the American and Japanese side. But, it is incredibly fun with just the planes it has actually.
~ Johnathan Clayborn
Nice gameplay...nice controls..but their is no difficulty setting.. making missions can be quite hard..even in the training mode..costs of aircraft and updates can be expensive ! This release can end up taking up a lot of your time and dollars !!!##!!...modernization : used an upgraded P-51..should not obtain past target #5..not enough time !! My response to Illusion Magic Studio ....lead the user into the challenges as they progress into release itself....
~ A Google user
allow's talk about this release. I usually avoid tough device releases but this one keeps me coming back. I usually avoid motion-sensor/tilt-control releases but this one pulled it off VERY smooth. idea easier than I thought. it has banners. 1 banner after a target or after watching a replay. a easy 'no' selection makes it go away. 100% offline, great. the bot planes come at you like true pilots, 1 a decoy and the another the hunter. great. each target there is takeoff and landing. you really have to test.
~ Douglas
It's overly hard. After 90% completion of a target, it's common to lose all that progress only to run over with less fuel than the last attempt. The rewards don't match the difficulty. If you enjoy releases that create you wish to rage quit, this is a nice one. I've spent hundreds of hours testing and I'm certain that I will never complete either set on missions. Too damn hard. It requires great test every target. The Kamikaze target alone is enough to create a person pull out their own hair.
~ Kevan Larsen
not terrible, needs improvement on a several things... 1. Joystick sensitivity is very weak especially when dogfighting which create me lose whenever I am being shot at.. 2. Cockpit view with the dials and iron sights would be a great touch.. 3. Why is it that I am usually alone during campaigns? cant I have reinforcements too? I mean it is quite unfair having to deal with 2 aggressors every wave...
~ mikhael anthony reloba
The releases is phenomenal. but it needs to resolve these three troubles to obtain its three another stars. 1.Weapons on wings need to be more accurate, the F4F wildcat had four machineguns, not two. 2.The Guns need more power. yes i know balance but planes had massive guns such as .50cals and 20mm cannons. Give a terrible pilot with a nice plane, it will be wasted. Give a nice pilot a terrible plane and it's gg. target is, create the weapons system more on skill rather than buying power. 3. Needs stiff controlls.
~ Corazon Corum
what can I claim....wonderful, this release is challenging but if it wasn't it would be boring, this takes time and thinking walkthroughs on how to complete the missions, its silky smooth and the graphics are up there with the PC releases all the planes are 100% accurate in each detail, I'm a scale modeller so I know, it would be nice to see a Spitfire and European theatre in the release but on the entire it's just brilliant !!!!!!
~ Jonathan Cooper
great graphics not slow not to speedy. I only just went through primary flight training. will add more as I check the release out in its entirely. Well the challenges are not that simple. you have upgrade your plane to meet the challenges. I'm in the campaign phase. I really think if your on a bombing target, your plane could have the view option or blogs to aim your bomb. maybe the developer can incorporate this into the release.
~ john hardin
enjoy the flight simulation and release test. just started testing but I'm enjoying the training sessions. photos and detail are well thought out and fun to observe during release test. Controls are smooth and react as i'd expect. it is constructive to obtain fuel by watching banners. great idea to advertise and feel rewarded for it.
~ Greg Clark
ill give the another two stars in a several days once ive played the release enough but so far no troubles nice release only thing that sucks is the gas -_- like.....that just ruins the fun because it limits it :( Edit:its been a several days and i like it so far its cute cool i guess and it doesnt require internet so whenever i have terrible service i can still test :)
~ Skeptical Gamer
I claim, this is a very great release in terms of its elements, mostly the graphics, but there are certain things I'd consider suggesting, such as the inclusion of a hook for carrier landings, more view zones such as cockpit view, bomb-bay view for bombers, etc. I would also like to recommend more missions, including those where you fly with a squadron in a attack, or in bomber defense. Lastly, pls. add multiplayer. I would also like to have more aircraft from the E&W Euro theater, and accompanying maps.
~ Rimmi Peepsicles
it's a fun release, but the range... the range, oh my God it's so poor. the bullets literally disappear making it impossible to shoot down the balloons in the balloon bomb lvl. if you're going for a realistic release, you've failed in terms of the objective destruction part.
~ CrazyDuDEmAN24
yeah i tried all that but the time limit still puts me off lol i think its the focus, when theres a limit it takes our focus away from the target at hand lol, hey i love the release nonetheless just the time limits are a lil hard hehe but thankyou for your response and i look forward to seeing it progress, also maybe a globe fight 1 release in future, 😋
~ Terry Tasker
Nice! The graphics in this release are stunning! The controls are sooo smooth. I was worried this release would have the same trouble a lot of releases like this have (poor controls) but no! One of my favored informations is the replay. However it would be great if you should skip to different points in the replay instead of having to watch the whole thing.
~ Sniptastic 09
4.5 stars from me. i would rate 5 stars if we had more camera options like cockpit or just outside the wind shield but otherwise, if you obtain addicted to high quality, well place together releases, then dont download this one. you'll lose your job, your wife and your social life because you will never place your device down. prolly obtain hit by a castle bus while playin it......
~ Fredrick Howk Jr.
it is a nice release. nice graphics and nice experience. I feel like a true fighter pilot of the fight. the planes and ships are detailed, Essex, Yamato and Akagi. please add more planes like Spitfire, Dauntless, Suise, Judy and some IJN Seaplanes. Im also looking forward for a target that will sunk a warship like in Ten Go and Hunting Bismarck Operstion. I hope theres any.
~ ivan caraig
Overall, it's one of the finest I've come across. It offers nice graphics, and better controls than alot of the others out there. I've seen my share that wouldn't let you to do "loops" , and would restrict your "altitude" to a cute weak limit. I haven't played this release long. I'm sure there will be room for improvement somewhere, but it's worth exploring. That's more than I can claim for alot of the another releases out there.
~ Kent Hawkins
IT'S SO MUCH FUN!!!! I've only done 5 training missions and they were nice! A lot like a release I have named birds of steel🦅on my Xbox 360, basiclly a moblie ver of birds of steel. Also thanks to the developers for making this release☺ And nice modernization would be if you should add in some whales or sea life and another animals.🤔
~ James M
This is one of the finest WWII airplane simulation release I've played. Realistic physics, nice background graphics, realistic airplane and ship information. 100% training and 40% allies. 2 troubles: 1) Stuck on Allies target 9 release keeps kicking me out at loading screen, with or without internet connection. Please fix ASAP. 2) Lvl 1-3 upgrade can use credit but high lvl can only use gold, and can only buy gold with $$$. Understand developers need to create dollars but great if gold can be earned ingame
~ Eric Poon
Lowering my rating to 2 stars. Current release test is awesome, very realistic. I do have few complaints. There are no in-release directions or instruction, the user has no terms to work with. Purchased Mustang, should not use in Training or 1st campaign. Just purchased Lightning to support campaigns 5-10, can't use it apparently until I buy Corsair! No mention of this in-release! Total B.S.!!
~ doorsfan58
Just started testing, loving it! This release is wonderful! Funny storyline: Testing through the rocket training target: Last goal, a truck, wish to hit it, I come in weak, run my rocket, it hits! Truck is sent into the air from the explosion right in front of my plane and I smash right into it, BANG! Target failed, plane destroyed...Damn! Taken out by a flying truck! I just had to laugh! Nice release developers!! Hold up the nice work!
~ Black Ice
Love how realistic it is compared to most Globe Fight 2 dogfight releases. It is almost comparible to DCS and I really like that. I hope you come out with more planes from the European theater and for a recommendation: can you create a cockpit camera view? That would be really cool seeing what the inside of these historically nice planes looked like. And maybe have the load outs on the plane because it looks weird when they magically come out of nowhere, but on the another hand hold working on this release!
~ Samantha Amy
Nice release, but... Cost idea too much. I don't mind paying for releases, but I spent $40.00 when I first started, and only have 2 planes, and not even completely tuned. you must do better than this. I understand you create dollars from this release, But Jesus!!! 3/30/2019 I can't even use the a plane I bought. ok, you got my $40. maybe to some it not alot of dollars, but whatever. some of these missions are Impossible to finish.Enjoy my $40. uninstalling...
~ Michael Acevedo
Great release, not a sim at all, but then again, not all releases have to be! What I like about this the most is the responsive controls, and very decent graphics. I do want you should adjust the graphics to your device though, because I feel like my device is powerful enough that I should obtain better visuals than the preset, but thats a minor nitpick. The only another thing I'd like to claim is PLEASE MAKE ONE WITH MODERN WARPLANES! A release this nice with the F-16, F-15, F/A-18, Sukoi, and Migs...Nice!
~ Connor Baz
i like the release graphics are.nice, no camera view suxs, i want they would do more with what they have started with. overall very nice. Hey i must claim i really love this release, and i feel they have a true solid foundation on which to build and modernization from. they even took the time to reply to me and that means alot. i will pay some dollars on this one, there prices are quite reasonable, and noone can work for nonpaid, it will be great to see multiplayer and a tiny more with the camera during combat.
~ Mykey Helmick
Had hope for this release. Nice graphics and intuitive controls but by the 5th target the release becomes virtually impossible, at least with the equipment you have. Updates for the planes are incremental and expenssive, which means you spend the vast amount of your time running through the same couple of missions you can beat in order to generate in-release dollars. Maybe some recipients enjoying this kind of repetitive release test but i don't.
~ James Goss