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About: It's the finest word puzzle release of all time! Spin the wheel, solve puzzles and train your brain as you test the official Wheel of Fortune small release with family, dudes and Wheel of Fortune lovers everywhere! Challenge yourself to brand newest puzzles each day! Have you ever wanted to buy a vowel? Spin the Wheel with Pat Sajak? Guess letters and watch them appear on the iconic puzzle board? Its WHEEL...OF...FORTUNE - based on the known release present, and actually you can be a contestant! Jump into the Emmy-winning TV release present you know and love because actually its an addicting small release! Spin the Wheel, solve newest puzzles written by the presents producers, and victory prizes. Challenge your dudes and family through Fb or test with millions of another users from around the globe! Create it a everyday habit and challenge yourself to newest exciting puzzles a ... Show more
Genre: Word Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 94MB Developer: Scopely
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About: Pilhas De Palavras um novo jogo criativo de busca de palavras. Ele fornece uma maneira simples e fcil de treinar seu crebro pressionando e acessando as telas do seu celular. COMO JOGAR Arraste para revelar as palavras ocultas e substituir os blocos do Word! Simples no comeo, mas difcil rapidamente. Voc pode bater o jogo? CARACTERSTICAS: CADA PUZZLE TEM VALOR Use-o para encontrar palavras relacionadas em cada quebra-cabea! NVEIS DE DESENVOLVIMENTO Cada quebra-cabea muda ...

Developer: Manyfun [email protected]

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About: ** From the makers of Bonza Word Puzzle ** "Bonza puzzles are instantly addictive!" - Will Shortz (Crossword Editor, The New York Times) Combine word search, jigsaw and trivia to solve puzzles as you explore the world of Bonza Planet. This edition of Bonza highlights themes like Animals, Travel, Planet Earth, Humanity and Science. FREE DAILY SHUFFLE Every day you can solve a new puzzle designed by the Bonza community. BONUS JIGSAW Every Sunday you can solve a new jigsaw desig...

Developer: MiniMega [email protected]

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About: Find the hidden words with your finger in Word Search PRO PUZZLES for FREE Now! "With Word Search Pro Puzzles, word searching has never been so challenging and addictive" "Word Search Pro Puzzles is a brand new infinite word search game from the makers of the popular Trivia and Word games, Quiz Run and Hidden Words Island Discovery" You will enjoy an infinite word search journey in endless desert. Playing Word Search Pro Puzzles is a great way to improve your vocabulary, spelling and puz...

Developer: Flavo Button Ltd [email protected]

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About: Se preferir, experimente primeiro a verso GRATUITA: ?id=ol.palavrascruzadas_free Jogo de palavras cruzadas em portugus brasileiro ! O jogo de palavras cruzadas consiste de vrias linhas formadas por quadrados em branco, algumas na vertical e outras na horizontal, que se cruzam umas com as outras. Cada linha deve ser preenchida por uma palavra, e cada palavra deve ser descoberta atravs de dicas que acompanham as cruzadas. Ao se preencher uma das linhas, automaticamente se preenche a...

Developer: O.L. [email protected]

Similar Games Like Word Game / Word Juggler Plus  Alternatives
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About: Slide mixed letters in the right order and make a valid word. Available with English and Dutch words. This software contains no Ads and a lot of more words to slide compared to the free version. At the start of the game a set of letters is shown. Make a valid word of these mixed letters. Slide the letters with you fingers in the right order and make a valid word. The faster you find the word, the higher the score. Get a bonus with sliding the letter as less as possible. The better y...

Developer: snoei.net - games & news [email protected]

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About: 120 Levels & 3 difficulties, how many words will you find in our word search game Find Those Words? Find Those Words is a new relaxing word search crosswords game for all ages that contains 120 levels of 3 difficulties Easy, Medium & Hard, can you complete them all? Challenge people from all around the world! Will you make it into TOP20 highscores? This is a free to play version of the game. How To Play: There will be shown hidden words on the screen and a board of letters. Try to f...

Developer: LittleBigPlay - Word, Educational & Puzzle Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Letter Pressure Alternatives
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About: A new fast-paced word game for real-time brain training. Letters drop and roll and you need to create words as quickly as you can. Longer words get you more points! Letters will drop from the top and tapping on them will make a word, e.g. if you tap on a "C", then an 'A", and then a "T", you have spelt the word "CAT". When you have a word, tap the green "GO" button at the bottom, and the word will be accepted if valid or refused if not a real word. You get points for each valid word, with mo...

Developer: Jatzan [email protected]


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About: Word Stitch is an exciting crossword game thats way more than it seams. Get started on a sewing celebration! Find words and beat levels to create beautiful and charming quilts! Have fun challenging your brain to complete hundreds of tailored levels that get much harder with every pack of levels. Earn coins by completing daily challenges and playing the mini game to further help you along this sewing word adventure. How to Play Simply swipe the letters together to weave them into a...

Developer: Exceptionull Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Timothy Parker Crosswords Alternatives
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About: New for 2019! Puzzle Master Timothy Parkers All-New Daily Tournament Crossword System WITH LIVE COMMENTARY!With a new tournament level crossword FREE EVERY DAY!Featuring, new for 2019, Timothys State-of-the-art, interactive crossword playing system with all-new exclusive features including:LIVE COMMENTARY while solving. Strategic text, audio, graphics, and even videos keep you posted on how well you are solving. HIDDEN GEMS INCLUDING RIDDLES, STUNNING FACTS, etc. in most crosswords, with the...

Developer: Timothy Parker Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Word Hunters - Online & Offline Word Alternatives
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About: Word Hunters - Online & Offline Word Game Word Hunters Word Hunters is a complex and fun word game. The main goal is to combine letters to form a word related to the given category, reach the highest score and complete achievements. Online & Offline Race your word knowledge with real players in real-time. Play either online, or offline without an internet connection; rank up, customize your profile and win more! Fun and Informative Gameplay Test yourself with puzzles that consist...

Developer: Studio Billion [email protected]

Similar Games Like Word Foods Alternatives
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About: New ! Crossword puzzle ! a new thematic word puzzle game that will heal you with food. Travel around the world, experience various local foods and solve puzzles with a given word. Through this game, you will learn and understand food all around the world. Test your vocabulary and try it out. > Simple and easy puzzle game ! > With friendly UI and pleasant design, you can happily enjoy the game. > Feel a sense of achievement with rapid progress. > Collect various food from each region....

Developer: Adiscope [email protected]

Similar Games Like 4 Skills 1 Champion Vainglory Alternatives
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About: This is a game where you have to guess the Vainglory hero from the 4 skills shown in game. This is meant for the Vainglory fans. This apps include 48 levels/champions. Vainglory Vainglory Quiz Quiz Game Guess the image Guess the Hero Guess Game 4 Abilities 1 Champion 4 Skills 1 Champion...

Developer: EBDev [email protected]

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About: Have fun guessing or creating levels! A game for everyone with lots of fun! Guess the common word among 4 pics or GIFs! The new Wordie is a creative platform to express yourself and have fun without limits with your friends and the community of Wordies. Create all the challenges you want, share them with the world, take advantage of trends, inspire yourself and others with your creativity. Beat the challenges, look for the rematch. Do not stop until you become the best! Here are some mo...

Developer: The FastMind Inc [email protected]

Similar Games Like Word Puzzles - Crossword Borad Alternatives
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About: Word Puzzles Game is an word search crossword puzzle game. Exciting just swipe the letters to line up words to fill up the blanks horizontally and vertically to match the words. This Word Puzzle game is free to play and highly brain challenges & addictive game. The game is one of the best words cross games and its the most insane free game of 2019. Words crossword game is a puzzle games for free guess cross them efficiently. Play the word puzzle! the game for free and entertain and feel lik...

Developer: Free Fun Games 2903 [email protected]


Similar Games Like 4 Fotos 1 Canción - Adivina la Canción - Anuel Alternatives
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About: Las mejores canciones de Trap para adivinar Juego de palabras para demostrar que eres un Fan de Anuel aa Gana todos los niveles base tu experiencia con esta msica de Trap Demuestra el gran fan que eres de este artista. Canciones como: AMANECE ANUEL SECRETO ANUEL BEBE ANUEL ELLA QUIERE BEBER ANUEL BUBALU ANUEL ADICTIVA ANUEL CULPABLES ANUEL AYER ANUEL NA NUEVO ANUEL BRINDEMOS ANUEL YEEZY ANUEL SOLA ANUEL SOLDADO Y PROFETA ANUEL ME CONTAGIE ANUEL BEBE OZUNA TE BOT...

Developer: Top Tec Mobile [email protected]

Similar Games Like Jogo de Palavras Bíblico Alternatives
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About: Este um jogo de perguntas e respostas que tem como objetivo levar diverso e aprendizado para voc. Nele voc poder testar seus conhecimento bblicos e aprender mais sobre a palavra de Deus....

Developer: PC Games [email protected]

Similar Games Like Pile Di Parole Alternatives
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About: Pile Di Parole un nuovissimo gioco di ricerca di parole creative. Ti fornisce un modo semplice e facile per allenare la tua mente premendo e accedendo agli schermi del tuo cellulare. COME GIOCARE Trascina per rivelare le parole nascoste e sovrascrivi i blocchi di parole! Semplice all'inizio, ma difficile in fretta. Riesci a battere il gioco? CARATTERISTICHE: OGNI PUZZLE HA VALORE Usalo per trovare parole correlate in ogni puzzle! LIVELLI DI SVILUPPO Ogni puzzle cambia quando tro...

Developer: Manyfun [email protected]

Similar Games Like Word Matrix Alternatives
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About: Filling words to the matrix of cells by choosing one word then sliding your finger vertically or horizontally on the wanted cells. If you do one word right and from there you develop another words easily. This game is mainly fun and helpful and cost you a bit of thinking. Let's play and share with your friends....

Developer: 21Plus Interactive [email protected]

Similar Games Like Chinese Puzzle  Alternatives
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About: This app provides several types of Chinese puzzle games, where users can drag and drop puzzles to form Chinese character or word. In addition to the character mode and word mode, this app also provides a GPS mode: the app will automatically retrieve user's current location and provide puzzles based on this information. Users can choose the difficulty of the puzzle games. They can also click on the puzzle to see the meaning of the words and characters, as well as saving them into a vocabula...

Developer: John Lee, L. Xing, C.Y. Lam, Z.Q. Yang, S. Jiang [email protected]

Similar Games Like Just 1 Pic Alternatives
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About: Just 1 Pic is a simple yet addictive free word game where you guess words with Just 1 Pic! Over 200 fun word puzzles. Sharpen your skills, Anywhere, Anytime! Just 1 Pic is a free trivia word game. Fun game for word nerds. 1 Pic is all you need! PURE AND INSTANT FUN No registration, no complicated rules. Just start playing, guess the word, and have fun! SIMPLE AND HIGHLY ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY Which word are we looking for? Look at the pic; find out what word is missing. Guess the wor...

Developer: Blue Boat Co., Ltd. [email protected]



Wheel of Fortune: Free Play Reviews and Comments:

This was a nice release but with upgrades, it's poor. The pop up banners are so terrible you barely test the release and you loose all you tickets when the pc wins consecutively by making the puzzles really hard, your not able to accumulate the souvenirs to launch next castle. You end up sitting at the boarder for quite some time. When premium releases come up for a time period the release goes on a winning streak again and you never gain the premium prizes. In a short, this releases sucks
~ sherry matthews
Freezes often. Constantly asking for me to upgrade test (which is already modernized), interface is waaaay too busy with a lot of unnecessary distractions that are not about testing the regular release. Progress is slow, even when winning each time. Ok, but not nice.
~ Jennifer Sligar
my Wheel of Fortune release on my device keeps having interruptions. It stalls constantly,, but none of my another releases are affected therefore I feel your release has a glitch in it. It sometimes will not let me to test the premium round either! Please modernization and fix this release. I do enjoy testing it.😁
~ Barb Sherman
It's very unbelievable,peaceful,challenging& awesome release to test! It's never a dull moment testing wheel of fortune! I love it!
~ Yalonda Perkins
The release was nice and enjoyful until you decided to zone banners on top of the screen during test HORRIBLE Zone to present an banner Actually I don't wish to test this anymore because the banners are too distracting
~ Salea Baroukh
i love it but, it when im testing, it automatically goes to the test shop, so i loose tickets!😳
~ Milania B
I haven't been able to do the premium box with video. It keeps spinning, but won't allow me watch. May have to uninstall again.
~ Kelly Lunsford
I used to test quite a bit but then I quit because I was very dissatisfied with the increasing graduated difficulty and requirements that seemed unfair. When you title that nonpaid test it really wasn't nonpaid. So I did test it for quite a long while. Just recently looked at it again and was satisfied to see that you revised the structure. Who is once again enjoyable to test
~ Patricia Mieden
I recommend that you add a genre with "Geography". I know that there's genres like "zone(s)", "on the map" etc. But add a "Geography" genre. Also add a "birthday" and "celebrities" genre.
~ Adriaan Lausberg
Fun, but bugs and timeouts suck. I've been so frustrated, more than a several times, when it doesn't reply as it could. For example, just actually I pressed 'watch banner for a nonpaid tip', and it seemed to register the keypress, but then my timer ran out, and I may've lost my premium round streak. Another times, it has frozen, as I was solving! I've modernized since then, so hopefully they fixed that. Otherwise, maybe a tiny too fun /addictive. Large puzzle bank, but since it's random, repeats are possible.
~ Alexandra Art
I victory five straight releases and all of a sudden I lose my streak because the release glitches😕 definitely not ok!!! the release is still glitching it turns black I can't see the wheel or how much I'm going to create. the map is black please modernization and fix this glitch for more stars and a better review. The release continues to shut down in the middle of a release and take tickets. Ill be uninstalling if these troubles arent fixed quick. UPDATE: UNINSTALLED!!!
~ Te' G
This is a fun release. Lots of different types of releases to test. It also keeps my spelling skills sharpened.
~ Lisa Busha
SUCKS lagging and "TONS OF ADDS" you have to watch between each victory, and " no " nonpaid lives or gifts. You just have to watch each add before you can continue. Sucks
~ Alvena Mceachern
not glad with the fact that I didn't obtain a response after pressing the one button required to complete the streak. but the button to "buy diamonds" & "end present" worked but the "watch present" all of a sudden cliques. then eventually restarting & my streak is lost 😠
~ Latrece Charae
fun release but runs out of tickets have to wait to test. not spending $ to test a release! so just have to wait till you are given more tickets to test
~ Heather Vonbergen
It's fun, but you need tickets to hold testing or you have to wait (if u used them all by not winning) Time is the only was to obtain refreshed.
~ Wendy Lueddeke
Loved watching it on t.v., actually I obtain to test in person and see just how much I know. Thanks for the fun.
~ Lorraine Wolf
i love this release. another then i dont have the dollars for vip. so i want they allowed more chances to victory vip temp. passes or somthing.
~ destiny LovesYou
I'm blessed to have fun with this release but it stalls or shuts off too much. This is a trouble. I'm not sure why this keeps happening if the bugs were fixed. Also, I liked when the Speedy Test Championship was the top 3 out of 50 users instead of 75 users. Or, at least create it the top 5 out of 75 users. Please take this concept into consideration.
~ A Google user
I've usually dreamt about being a contestant in true life......but testing this is just so nice , I feel like I'm in the release with Pat and Vanna it makes up for it.
~ Daniel Ramos
cool engaging engaginglys f8 engaging r 7r 7f 7f 7t 7r y 0u to imovie for tb9u release ybu 9ubt ca wxtbu unimi honey is in in wxtb9unimuvea1 as er 9h 0u 0unu0 b.c. ew 5w 9h jen I am so sorry to offend your mother and you have a lot less dollars and my bags are more expensive and you have a several years to obtain a lot less to do it and it is what it be cool to have a lot less dollars for a job with a several years to go back and claim it's a podcast and I don't think you have to go back and claim it didn't matter you.
~ Chef Arron Lavelle
My everyday equipment have not been given no matter which one i click. I watch the banner and then the loading icon over the prize i picked just stays there. I've waited mins, backed out and nothing supports .
~ Lilith F
I love the Unpaid Test but it seems as a VIP I never land on MULTIPLY. It would also be great to see what letters are available like the true contestants do instead of having to hold track in my head. As a VIP I think that each month when my Subscription renews, I could obtain 300 Diamonds as a Unpaid Gift like I did when I first signed up. $12.99/month is a lot of dollars for what you now obtain. ~ Searia ~ UPDATE ... MEMBERSHIP IS NOT WORTH $12.99/MONTH UNLESS YOU ARE A DIE HARD PLAYER.
~ Searia Kett
I love wheel of fortune release. Only one thing. When the release is over the contestants pictures end up in my pictures. I have to go into my pictures and delete them.
~ Karen Hardiman
probably could look at your programming. I've place in the correct respond and had it marked wrong 6 times in 2 days. then had an noc obtain it right with the same spelling. deleting this release actually.
~ Andrew Baker
Nice release interface, but the number of banners is insane. It's not going to create me buy, just makes me test less often. And, it does nothing for making me wish to suggest it to others.
~ Cynthia Montgomery
Nice release test. ( note for whomever, since the last modernization i have noticed a glitch kind whatever in tge reflection of the letters on the floor. parts missing. no biggy, just letting you know. )
~ Brandon Morris
love this release but can be frustrating as i live in the uk and the words .phrases .meal and drink seem to be more american based than .general from around the globe .but 5* all the idea
~ Phillip Ross
I love tiny Fortune is a very unbelievable release very education and I wish you to know on TV each night it come on I love it and I'm thinking about signing up to be on the present so I like it and I think it'll really obtain you there and then smart and we're ahead of time winning the release thank you very much
~ A Google user
i have liked wheel of fortune since high school, the graphics and hearing pat and vannah speak in the release it is like i'm really on the release present place on headphones to really hype up the experience. too cool. i'm hooked.
~ wilburn rodimez
I don't like that you only obtain one spin even if you guess the correct letter. It could be more like the media present, spin till you don't guess a letter.
~ Angela Johnson
I like the challenge but I don't like the fact that at certain times of the day, certain portions are unavailable and I lose diamonds cute often and it locks and forces me to uninstall. I don't have troubles with any another release.
~ Pamela Walker
I have loved this release since day one; tried out 3 times back in the late eighty's. Didn't obtain on, but I still have my 3 I tried out for Wheel Of Fortune. And a ebook by Vanna; due to my love and collecting of known recipients. Would love to Spin The Wheel for True!
~ Pam Barton
My nice grandma and I used to watch Wheel of Fortune each day. When she died 23 years ago I continued to watch it each day to hold up our tradition. Actually sometimes I'm at work and cant watch it each day. So testing this release makes me still feel like shes around. I love it!
~ Brittany Vetter
WOF-Unpaid test is really fun. A couple of things that should use tweaking though is more than 5 tickets to test b4 you can test again, and if you guess a letter the test goes to the next person. It could stay your turn if you guess a letter.
~ Karen Howell
Nice release, I've been watching Wheel Of Fortune ever since I was a babe, I would love to hold the release on my device, but it takes alot of battery power, so I will just download it for my Xbox One!
~ Dhaval P
Lvl progression is based on collecting souvenirs through premium rounds, which is silly. The focus of the release could be by collecting dollars through solving actual release puzzles with another users to lvl up. Collecting souvenirs through premium rounds could be just that, a premium and not the means to progress. Nice release but disappointing for this reason. Too many puzzles that only Americans would know. Nice release, nice graphics but should be much improved.
~ Kasia Bilski
So mad after downloading one of your nonpaid offers, meeting the challenge sending in proof when it didn't pay the diamonds and actually still nothing feel cheated. Review edit - Their resolution was to pay the lvl 8 prize but not the lvl 18 as apparently I did not complete in time although there was no time mentioned in their offer. The offer slot release pays so poorly it took me about 3 days to complete what were they expecting? Bottom line you need diamonds to create Wheel interesting. Won't test.
~ Kathy Schubarth
Other annoying add filled release. It just does not create sense. If you have paid informations, you could not be loading it with banners. Target of banners is to create up for revenue lost due to release being nonpaid. This is not a nonpaid release, therefore banners are just pushing players to remove the release. I can tolerate banners in topic of infinite super informations offered at no cost.
~ M J
I like many things about this release. Unfortunately the instructions on how everything works is basically nothing. For example, I still have "cards" with no clue what they are for. The banners are beyond annoying. It seems anytime there is a screen change a 30 second banner was forced on me. I don't mind to have a several 30 second banners to hold the release nonpaid... but dang. I spent more time being forced to watch banners than the time spent on now testing the release.
~ Cynthia Bruce