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About: Experience exciting, tactical, live multiplayer fights with stunning visuals and audio based on the epic fantasy universe, Warhammer Age of Sigmar. War and war in an ultimate action pvp challenge to rule the Mortal Realms. Amass an units of potent cards including Generals, Heroes and Summons. Accumulate cards, lvl them up and use their power to crush your foes on the battlegrounds of the arena. Select from many special cards to make your own deck walkthroughs. Deploy your potent troops to the battlefield and send them to combat. Enhance your walkthroughs by deciding when to unleash legendary release changing General and Superhero Unique Powers, designed to combine with unlimite potential. Send your heroes to take control of the mighty Realmgate and boost your deck with special and super powered cards. These legendary magic cards can be played without cost, so pick your moment ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 63MB Developer: Pixel Toys
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Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War Reviews and Comments:

nice release, too terrible that to finish "upgrade an epic superhero to lvl 6" you got to pay, no idea it should be done without microtransactions
~ Dejan Mitrovic
like clash royale with orcs and demons. midevil steampunk. wonderful gameplay. loving each second of it. 1v1 me.
~ Andrew Eye
the release was fun while it worked. ran fine for a day actually wont connect to the release at all. I am on the same wifi I was all day yesterday and still nothing, restarted modem and device and checked for upgrades. cute disappointing.
~ Matt Scholtz
OMG, I really enjoyed Warhammer but this release is really boring, usually the same kind of lvl!!
~ Daniele Boldi cOTTI
I used to love this Product... But it is hanging right after the first dialogue boxes and won't progress forward... It's super aggravating!
~ 13courtjester
Overall a solid release that delivers the flavor of Age of Sigmar. Currently the Vermintide ability is overpowered, making it hard and frustrating to go up versus Grey Seers, but not impossible to conquer them. They definately do have an advantage in the actual build.
~ Jeff Comtois
fun release didnt spend a dime, 80 fights deep victory loss ratio 80%. fun relitivly balanced.
~ David Trujillo
Brilliant release. Couple of slight troubles which is the reason why I didn't give 5 star. More summons need to be brought out regulary and newest modernization today has messed up alot of things and fully changed the walkthrough. But overall a very intense release. Also login rewards have disappeared??
~ Sam Brewster
Pay to victory in each sense, i have not seen a more egregious monetization model any where, this 1 takes the biscuit.
~ gordon ghekko
it's fun, but I want there were a idea to run faction specific, like khorne or something.
~ Dominic Lawler
it's a nice release, it really is. but, if I were a originator, I would claim add some legions from 40k. I'd love to see how the Necrons or the Tyranids would look!
~ Shane Auvinen
I haven't been testing for awhile so this rating may change but overall it's been solid. swell graphics but nothing really to write home about. gameplay it nice so far. so far from what I've seen no storyline but that kinda comes with device releases. I will definitely hold testing this
~ Seth Daniel
I had written a review some time ago where I gave this release 3 stars mostly because of balance troubles. I just tried testing again after about a month and they made it even worst hahahaha. who ever is supposed to work on this please just leave actually.
~ Mane Ferreira
so far so nice lot of fun to launch with at least, but micro's seem a bit pricy.
~ Adrian Talip
nice idea of a release but you obtain matched with recipients much higher lvl than you and its nigh impossible to victory. just had two matches where the another users troops were 4x my troops lvl so they wiped me. notice developers havent responded to any of the terrible match making reviews. allow that be a red flag. release is ptw no doubt about it.
~ Jenna & Joe Gonzales
Was nice, not anymore. Unbalanced and not enough troops. P2W. Walkthroughs matter but matchmaking system plagues you with latency troubles. Its been months and theres no newest troops or progress.
~ Will Pro
it first it seemed like the release was really unbalanced but after a couple patches its really nice and seems like the developers are really invested in listening to the community and with how fun the release is I give it 5 stars only recommendation I should give is I want there was more group content like equipment that involves the entire castle or even 2v2s would be nice!!
~ Kobe McAllister
would obtain a better rating if matches weren't timed. If you insist on them being timed create it for longer. How many times I would of had a come back if the match was longer.
~ Andy Riley
nice release except for one thing.... needs more Duardin!! Blood and Gold!!!! Where is Gotrek?!?!?!
~ Mike Thomas
Nice release. Pretty graphics and if you're patient can be rewarded cute much all cards without paying a penny.
~ Sweetaspie87
Loved this release, however the upgrades are absolutely ridiculous, no longer a nice release the only idea to test is to swam with grey sneer, idea to crash a nice release will uninstall and never test again.
~ James Hunt
Why did you guys downgrade Boss Celestant's details so dramatically after the no power cost modernization! His splash and his hurt is so severely reduced. Its what makes his premium ability so needed and times when you're in a tight spot! For example, it would slay off the grey seer premium ability but actually depending on how far they've reached the lightening strike doesn't even reach them. He was fine the idea he was before! Why create him crappier?!! Don't care for the power cost just bring back original
~ Kenneth Cheng
early into the release but seems fun. looks like it may obtain a tiny repetitive over time buy overall fun with vibrant graphics and smooth gameplay
~ TheSneakySamurai
Unbalanced release. Skaven vermintide power is impossible to beat with Empire's lightning so it's just a frustrating release of losing. Much like Warhammer Fantasy War, if you have the right race and buy the right armies, you victory consistently. If not, you just lose. Nice concept, terrible execution!
~ Amit Sarkar
Okay so I have only just downloaded this release, and I have discovered immediately that this release gives nowhere near enough silver for a F2P user who might wish to invest in the future to wish to stick around, you can't upgrade anything if the base upgrade costs 100 and I earn 20 silver a victory, it would take 5 entire matches to obtain enough to upgrade a lvl 1 unit to lvl 2, and you know it won't stop there. If this changed prepare for a 5 star rating cause this is a nice release.
~ kyle Ken
Newest modernization has made few changes that fully ignore any sense of balance. Not to mention, no refunds on enormous resources spent updating things that have actually been changed or nerfed to the target of uselessness...looking at masque of slaneesh and any warlord thats not grey seer. There is actually no target testing anything another than grey seer. I just wont test at all anymore. Product is broken.
~ Deus MachinA
There is no walkthrough or balance in the release. Its a speedy dollars grab if you wish to be on any competitive edge. Unlocking newest cards is slow and leveling up troops is even slower. Your chances of winning are minimal if you dont have the rat warlord since most recipients test him and he just overwhelms you with the quickest ability to recast his swarm.
~ Ryan Rickett
not a terrible release, the sound options will turn themselves on though. and after the modernization, turning the sound off in the settings doesnt do anything for you. still obtain sound results, each actually and again. the warlord abilities don't work, or the troops you deploy just don't present up. its frustrating but happens infrequently enough that it isnt a major trouble. the leveling system for the individual troops seems very very slow and tedious. I want they would rework that. but everything else is nice to go.
~ Justin Reinschmidt
Modernization: 4/14/19 After this newest version they have one again robbed me of the joy of testing a release I LOVE! 80 hours into developing my characters and walkthrough it's all wasted actually. There's not even a idea to redistribute all the dollars and effort spent before these changes!!! Nice release actually that the have fixed the bracketing system. It would be great if I didn't lose hundreds of matches that count versus me (and destroyed my details) while they had to figure out a system that didn't crash the release.
~ Jeff Edwards
fun but ok. with newest modernization release is showing I earned nothing for win chest (I won my match) and the comet it claimed I got is t on my home to launch. controls aren't anything premium apart from superhero abilities and gameplay is about the same. graphics are done very well along with the voice acting is better then most warhammer App releases.
~ stephen baker
stuck on guide, after several first dialog the release just stopped. still able to transport the screen around but the guide war wont run. please fix it
~ Willi Candra
delay in troops deployment . unable to connect or just thrown out of the release. lag in troops movement or hurt. newest modernization really did a number on this release. to terrible.
~ Scorel Ovi
Nice speedy paced walkthrough release. I love the 3 min limits for fights. I would love a larger range of battlefields and war types, like attrition, capture and keep, seige, etc. This is a nice expression of the table top release.
~ John Benner
Edit: Made it to rank 7000, no bundle becomes available to buy?? haha I was excited to spend 40.00 on some crazy top tier bundle, but nope, nothin', notta, please add one? I wish to give you dollars. a nice release that i test often and came back to because of how fun it is. A several more things to change. I noticed that everyday rewards appeared for a moment and then did not reappear after? Please re-add everyday rewards (login style, not comits)
~ Darcy McDaid
wow, the releases guide looked nice. Then the thing glitched so much my device restart, not home screen, I mean device died and came back on Tried to replay 5 times and the release didn't run. Glad I didn't spend dollars or bonus time. Sorry but this release is Garbage...
~ rafael corvinus
fun release for about two weeks. Then you obtain unfaily matched with users so far above you that there is no idea to now victory a match. this happens aboit 75% of the time. They use the same walkthroughs, same squad, it would be better if they had an automatic quit button instead of having to wait 2 mins to die, just in the hope that you might have a fair release next. 2 stars for the first 2 weeks. lame after that.
~ Ian Sayer
Just experiencing bugs, the realm lvl did not appear, "evaluating foe" for about 15 mins without "connecting" and testing, Warlord Comet bug (suddenly I have 5.700 Warlord Comet Shard but I cannot used it), the window for User's lvl won't appear, it's like so many bugs in one day. No wonder only several plays it. This bugs are really disturbing. So please finish it or just close the release. I suddenly return to Lvl 1.
~ Reza Maulana
I'm trying to like it. It's a Warhammer skin on a small arena release copied to death at this target. I've played multiple versions of this release actually and they all hit a target where it turns into a boring grind. the graphics are great. Looks like it just lost my profile stats. So add unreliable.
~ John Namest
Other release, which does not even claim us that an bonus 1,5 GigaByte MUST be downloaded before we can test. Again users cannot pick their 'avatar', nor their faction, instead having to endure thru an ordeal of repetitive fights to mix the own flavor. 25 years ago such would have been nice enough. Actually that junk is only wasted download volume.
~ Andre Michael Pietroschek
Worse release ever. It keeps setting you up versus over powered foes, it takes too much points when you lose, the vermin king is over powered with his vermintide summoning ability, it constantly set up wars with the same gild users (who are over powered in points and armies), and "finest of all" its rewards are pointless. All it gives you is the noble or at least valient comets, and not enough heroic comets. Pay to victory releases are the worse.
~ A Google user