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About: Build your own globe in this walkthrough fight release! Fight and Order is the great fusion of true time walkthrough, turret defense, and castle building releases and has received few Global Google Suggestions. Orcs, elves, and mages are yours to command in a superb 3D medieval release globe. Raise a heavy fantasy units for HUGE completely animated fights. Clash with aggressors from all over the globe in true-time! Select your alliance and take castles, kill creatures, and stake newest zone as a tribe! This is WAR, and theres never a dull moment as your screen lights up with constant newest fights, chats, and updates! You gotta war to become more potent than any lord in history in this risky fight release. Its up to you, your walkthrough, and your allies to defeat an infinite globe of empires and imagination. HOMELAND Recruit and train over 50 fantasy army, uniting Orcs, Elv ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 82MB Developer: Camel Games, Inc
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About: War of the Zombie Gang Z is a defense action game with an unusual one design and level are very interesting, so not everyone can manage it to solve it, where you have to stop thousands of attacks gangster enemy. Armed with your weapon, you must destroy waves of enemies before they cross your city! Features: * Nice graphic and e ffect * 10 ready levels! * 4 city maps * Huge shop with gun, bomb, barrier and coin * Built-in easy-to-use unity editor: create new levels & edit existing l...

Developer: GoSite.Co.Id [email protected]

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Developer: BBGame HK [email protected]

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About: Game features: One hundred wonderful tricks. Lots of armour/weapon smithing syestem, with collection of materials and drawings, to give player exclusive achievement, and 28 kinds of defense tower with different function can collocate the ever-changing combination of strategies. More than 60 exquisite historical maps, and 300 levels with difficulties. It also has the highest elite levels and allows players to challenge the uncertain BOSS, let players can't stop. Cute characters: Cute charac...

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About: Join an epic journey to save your people from vicious goblin horde! Your empire has been ripped apart by goblins and it is your duty to unify heroes of the realms and take back your land. In this fantastic adventure and strategy game you will lead your armies to victory. Features - 2 different commanders with special abilities - 12 different characters - 6 different power ups - 100+ challenging levels - Micro-manage your units...

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About: Apocalypse is somewhere near. Hordes of zombies are getting bigger! Monster evolution is at its maximum level. A new logic strategy game is waiting for us, where funny zombies will fight to survive in this cruel world. This is a clicker game with evolution topic. A new civilization have come to change the old world. Lines of zombie are full not only of people but also of goblins, orces, ogres and even dragons! And every type of zombie has its own evolution. Monsters progress and are getting ...

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About: This is a geo location based, strategic exploration and expansion game. Get up, go outside and explore the country that will become your kingdom. Build villages and cities to gather resources and then defend them against the evil raiders either by yourself or by setting up knights. Hold on and become the emperor of your country....

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About: Zombie Survival: Squad Attackis thezombie survival gamesfordefensegames lovers. Prepared for the fierce battle between the specialsquad armyandsurvival zombiein the most addictivezombie defense games. Use your skill and intelligence to lead your specialsquad forceteam to defeat all thedead walkingto save the city. Each unit of thesquad armyteam have different characteristics, for example: Sniper have big damage, long range but low speed attack, less health. Double Pistol h...

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About: Swarm your enemies into oblivion in this fast-paced tactical physics game. Unlock game-changing power ups as you advance through wave after wave of enemy swarms on ever changing battlefields. Avoid deadly lasers and vortexes, grow your forces, and lead your swarm through the chaos to victory!...

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About: "Reverse Three Kingdoms" is a Three Kingdoms style strategy TCG game, which has a strong competition in the 1V1 battle. Skillful use of general's skills and countermeasures design will be the key factors of victory. The "Story" section perfectly presents the 54 large and small battles in The Three Kingdoms. Become a behind-the-scenes military counselor to dominates the world. The game features: 1. Different from the traditional TCG game play. 3X3 balance battleground and brand new card d...

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War and Order Reviews and Comments:

I am complaining about a lack of response from wao staff. I requested to have my profile rebinded. My babe had been testing with my device. I have had a lot of in release purchases and had logged in everyday for about 8 months. My focus on the above trouble has actually caused me to lose an elite farm, of which i also bought. Wao's nonresponsive response demonstrates to me that no matter how much ive spent, that they dont have time, adequate staff, or just plain dont care. Im very disappointed!!! In your response, you ask for a ticket number. No ticket number shows on customer service portion of your release. I have had few interactions thruout the day trying to obtain this trouble solved, but instead of now supporting me, you have just given me more hoops to jump thru to prove who I am. I have answered each request made by the customer service section of this release: Purchases on particular dates, king names, realm #, ....EVERYTHING!
~ johnny douglas
aside from the usual fact that the release is a pay to victory kinda release, it also comes with pretty graphics and song. sadly, the largest trouble is the power indecator. i dont understand why they bother to zone a power indecation of an aggressor creature, for eg: creature is pwr500, you attack it with an units of 2000pwr, and your units still loses.. -_- weird gameplay in that sense, ends up with lots of frustration, and failed attacks..
~ Sivakumaran Kurunathan
I enjoy the release, but it is much too expensive. Too many users leave because the large spenders absolutely dominate. If everything was a fifth, even a quarter of what we pay actually, every realm would be much, much bigger and Camel Products would create even more dollars than they do actually. Your greed is killing the release.
~ Richard Bell
This release is nice. You can test on your own for a long time. Then test with others from everywhere. the finest part, I can still test well without paying a lot if dollars to advance. great for recipients who don't have it to spare.
~ Robert Schreier
have been testing this release for over 7 months and it's still fun and highly addictive. you create nice dudes and the release wouldn't be what it is without the alliance chat. If you wish to progress speedy, then yes it can be expensive, but it really isnt pay to victory if you test smart, build farms, and understand the release. Time is the only thing you need, not dollars. love it
~ Harry Taylor
Looking for a competitive FREE release? Hold searching. When you run plating you will spend around 2 to 500 dollars to hold up with those that dont do anything but test the release 24/7. When the realm finally dies off due to there only being 3 alliances left because the top spenders have run everyone off you will be left with 2 choices, sell or stay and suck it up. Dont even test to switch realms as it will be the same there. Asian supermarket will victory hands down since they obtain everything cheaper or nonpaid
~ Christopher Curran
The release test is related to another releases I have played but far cheaper which makes it more enjoyable. I hope the developer does not become like the another one I cannot stand and will never test other M_ release.
~ Craig McVey
A warning to all female users out there. Don't expect any help from customer service when faced with sexual harassment as happens in the online community. Camel releases seem to have no will or even a clear action plan on what to do when that happens!! And it usually happens!! After 5 days of complaints I've still not been allowed to talk to anyone through correspondence or had a sufficient respond to my complaints! 1.05’19 I've sent an correspondence again actually with 16 screenshots. 10 days gone still no respond
~ Rakel Hildardóttir
Shame on you twice... I call you out for deceptive advertising using footage from someone elses release and you just have my comment deleted? Shame. Edit: Seriously? Google Test gave me a info that you responded to my first comment. I came here and my comment was GONE. I did not delete it. But sure blame the guy who named you out for theft. I am sure anyone reading this really believes you.
~ bobby b
This is a fair warning. The release itself is fun enough, but like any freemium release, the fun dies down around the 4-8hr mark (depending on the user). At claimed target, everything takes FOREVER to upgrade further. And of course, you have the option of spending true dollars on equipment that speed up claimed process. I was willing to, as I figured "Why not spend $20 on a nonpaid release to help it?". BIG mistake! At around 5:30am, while I was asleep, I got attacked 12 times by a castle and lost my whole units etc.
~ Olfa Man
I don't pay to test. I do like it a lot. I don't mind take time to test but come on my farms are 12-15 and it already takes 3-5 hours 12 hours for a more important building. and days for my castle. The cost to use speed up or the the second building is 200 for 24 hours. So you end up paying 200 a day plus time waiting for it to finish. That not even the cost of resource millions to build after lvls 10. It takes 4 hours to obtain thousands. So you need to have farm accounts or attack recipients. $$$$
~ Samantha Wilkins
had to uninstall and reinstall since the last modernization. for some reason just kept shutting off after initializing. I love this release. glad that its fixed. Product on....
~ Stacy Merchant
Just other release that uses false advertising to seem different from the another 100 releases that test the same idea. Hold seeing banners for this release using footage from stronghold a notebook release developed by Firefly studios.
~ Husky Gosling
Do you guys realize that false advertising is a serious offence? Anyone can obtain you in court actually for that ad
~ sky light
Installed because of banner footage that is not from the release. BS. Shame on you Fight and Order.
~ Andrew M
you could not lie about the release in ad. present something in advertise and you obtain something else in release.my first worst review. there is no posting review without star i would have given 0 star
~ Abhishek Talekar
This release continues to excite me, and I can spend alot of nonpaid time testing it. it's other idea to communicate and socialize with newest recipients. I love it :) actually if only it didn't cost so much to be a large timer in this release, maybe then it would be the finest in it's class.
~ Chris Sumpter
I rather enjoy it so far. Things should be made a tiny slower for the first several mins very speedy past to run then slows. I still have to figure some things out but over all like the release.
~ suasumi
still learning the release, some improvements can be made. switching from castle to globe view should be made easier, the back button to back out of menus should be streamlined instead of wanting me to close the release, and i would like to see the use of camps to be introduced, instead of long marches or teleporting all the time. this last one results the gamw design however and is just personal preference.
~ James Taylor
False advertising. Advertised showing a recording of Stronghold Crusader. Of course, the release is nothing like that. Is that even legal?
~ Mihai Pacurar
yes a pay to victory release but not overly unbalanced. finest pay to victory release i have ever found through the years that allows tiny budget users to survive and compete. as with all fight releases lots of smack talk but extremely easily to ignore. lots of nonpaid rewards, very affordable boxes refreshing each several days so your not stuck paying for $50+ only boxes.
~ Chris H
Everything about the release is okay, but the customer help is appaling and that takes all the stars away from the rating. Camel, give me my castle back, you lousy lot and then I'll change my mind about you.
~ Marian Hutnan
Your comercial shows an action release not a click and wait 😠😡 I feel lied to! You deserve a lawsuit for false advertising!!!!!!
~ Cesar Figueroa
hi Wao please create a payment for another country, I'm from Iran, and i can't buy anything with that geme payment, please create each one can but thing from each country, specially from Iran ,
~ Armin Hg
These kinds of releases are getting better, their needs to be a idea to have an journey or story with dudes that is fun and not cost effective or a wait time type of like a dark maze co-op so it forces the users to build certain units and work together the correspondence system has to change like users enjoy watching nice graphics the fights have weather conditions result units when fighting the terrain as well think of a idea better to protect the user then peace shields.
~ Alexander Prantle
Using stronghold fottage to draw recipients in sneaky and dishonest, it doesn't matter if you got permission or not. You guys could be ashamed of you self DO NOT SUPORT THIS GAME!!!
~ Jake Broomhead
Product test is nice but I cannot obtain a newest release going nor anyone to support my problem shoot why? I have bound to facebook then switched to Google, I have uninstalled and reinstalled same trouble please please fix?!!!
~ Chrissy Henry
it's a nice release. But, I found some troubles last day. I bought Growth Fund for my castle on server #946, on Saturday 25th May 2019 5:16:49 PM. I have received the receipt both in my google test and e-correspondence. And my provider showed that my device credit has been reduced (because of this buying). But when I checked my player ID, I haven't got the Growth Fund's benefits. I already sent an correspondence to WAO, but haven't got the reply. Can you please reply it for me?
~ Jaclyn Christevi
needs work! need to upgrade your boxes or lower your prices on boxes ...test to change them out more often and for gods sake catch the cheaters..
~ chris jordan
With the exception of being robbed of one of my purchases and then ironically being given the task of having to attach a copy of the receipt to the complaint that I sent and not being able to do it...my experience has been fair.
~ Abd Jaliyl
This company has company has purposely and explicitly broken the law. I saw an banner on YouTube for this release, and noticed that the banner was taken directly from Stronghold Crusader 2, a PC release from 2002. I will be contacting Google test about this trouble, and I hope that the company learns its lesson for false advertising and stealing content from an nice release
~ Michael Ennis
Usually I long in its usually claims "Failed to obtain excat resources" at first I thought it was nothing so i refreshed it claimed it again then I uninstalled then reinstall Fight and Order claimed it again, then i tried changing wifi sisnt seem too support but it still won't work.
i would like the release much more if it didnt take hours or days to gather resources, upgrade buildings, and making equipment at the Depot. Yes you can use thousands of gems to upgrade faster, but then thats where you have to spend dollars and not just a tiny to create the buy. i think you would hold more recipients interested in testing the release if you would lighten up on how much time it takes to progress. There are variety of abandoned castles due to the fact it takes so long to progress in the release.
~ Lynelle Pennison
Why on World would you advertise a different release then what you have? I am not interest in a click and wait release, so you deserve a one star for waisting my time. stop spreading misinformation.
~ John Jackson
I love this release. I have played for a several years. Compared to Cok, Evony, and another releases. This release brings nice graphics and simple, smooth gameplay. I love this release so much that I have a several recommendations...We need more content! Cok has much more diverse expansive gameplay, allowing users to be truly special on the battlefield. As slow as the release is you need to give users many things to work on and customize. And with the nice graphics WaO uses, I think it would create the release very pretty
~ Tristan Pitman
I gave two stars because I like the idea of the release and because there is more than one line of unit production which a lot of another MMO's only have one. I don't like the fact that you only obtain one builder and a lot of equipment takes a long time to build, I also didnt like the fact that im a castle level 9 and I had logged on and a level 17 castle destroyed me.
~ Cohen Hensel
the release is nice. the users are toxic.. VERY toxic. and customer help will not take action on the toxic users if they spend a lot of dollars. ive reported racism, cyber bullying, harrassment, everything you name it. and their customer help only claims " we will warn them" same recipients over and over, how many times do you have to warn someone before you take action. i would like my dollars back of everything i spent on it cuz the devlopers dont care about the comunity and only wish ur $$$$
~ TonyDa Tyga
The footage you are using for your ad is from my favoured release named Stronghold Crusader 2 and that really pisses me. I dont understand how you managed to place the banner without copyright trouble, maybe you purchased them or whtever, but that's not the only trouble. The another is that you are advertising your product using false ad, because your banner does not represent or present your release assets or even mechanics. I seriously demand that you change or place down your banner.
~ Alief Alfarizi
Stealing release footage from other release is reprehensible, especially when that release is a classic. I refuse to help an amoral company that thinks it is okay to steal the work of another developers. Edit: Even if you somehow managed to gain permission to use Stronghold Crusader footage for your banners (which I highly doubt), that is not the release you are selling.
~ JC Boyd
Nice release. Simple to test and understand. I would like to be able to cancel upgrade or recruitment of military troops. I have accidentally chosen the wrong item a several time, and have liked to been able cancel the choice.
~ Jesus Mendoza