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Volcano Island: Tropic Paradise   
About: Search an uncharted island, build a pretty sanctuary and search a fiery newest globe! A maritime misadventure leaves you stranded on an uncharted island with a volcano! But you and your brave crewmates are undaunted in your quest to build the island civilization of your dreams! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A SCORCHING ADVENTURE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brave journey, treasure, and pirates await as you search the uncharted island, search hidden secrets, and build a stunning island colony underneath the volcano. Things to do in this volcano journey: Search the daunting jungle and search uncharted zone. Be careful to avoid the lava! Unblock lost cargo on the beach to search secret treasures. Turn your secret sanctuary into a thriving colony protected from the volcano! From castaway to brave leader, walkthrough your comrades and colony to uncharted heights. Actuall ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Rockyou Inc.
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Volcano Island: Tropic Paradise Reviews and Comments:

love this release !!!
~ A Google user
I had to uninstall because of the annoying pop-up banners, the arrow that shows what's next to do that won't stop, the pressure of pop-up offers to spend true dollars to obtain gold. Also there are glitches that won't let you to go back from the screen, you have to use your device back button. The release is beautiful but I became very annoyed with bugging me. I just wish to test the release without being bothered with the rest in my face.
~ denille abrego
Fum to test and hreat graphics too!
~ A Google user
I like it so far
~ Regina Smith
fun simple relaxing release
~ Nichole Williams
love the release , myself favoured release, it's relaxing!
~ A Google user
love it cant stop testing just want you got more swords
~ Summer Depaul
This release has the right lvl of entertainment and excitement. usually something to do on this release.
~ Diane Duford
tnx to the great release
~ Sevilleno Jeremy
enjoying the release
~ Sabrina Mangaroo
you obtain to build a illinoisan and soooooooo many homes and Plants
~ Matthew Fletcher
love this release
~ mary elfgen
Great release a lot of adds maybe to many
~ A Google user
love all the shipwreck releases
~ Nicole Driscoll
Nice but can be improved
~ poonam pandey
was a nice release until it stopped working...the release will not even completely load then claims ben gotta be tinkering... etc. even though I am connected to a 100% signal wifi connect...what the f#&@ is up with this release actually
~ A Google user
release is fun amd interesting 😁 love it
~ Tammie Walker
fun release, the only trouble I have is that the only idea to obtain bonus sword's is by completeing offer's, I'd rather watch videos to earn bonus sword's
~ Patty Burge
At this moment in the early scene of this constructive island release. I search it addictive by planing an island of function. And an island of beauty. I give this release 5 star, Because I had played this release and enjoyed it.
~ Chris Regan
google release takes to long to complete some tasks
~ Leona Bird
it's a fun, easy release that supports me destress at the end of the day. Nice while I'm on the toilet too. lol :)
~ Ashley M
Loosing swords i have played this release for 3 days each time I accumulate my everyday swords, i loose them once i log out as i was trying ro build them. Up, lost 10 so far,
~ jacx Rowlinson
unable to test release bc all it does is ruin at run up
~ Ashley Falls
how do i search my ID on here i can't search it
~ Priscilla Bazzinett
fun to test just not enough swords unless you buy and I won't buy anything .
~ Shelly Wiederich
~ Katie Weller
~ Lori Harvey
its very interesting and nice very important to me and my dude
~ Farzana Niaz
this release is having a ton of glitches. you lose swords you dont obtain rewards for the apps you download to obtain swords cant watch a 30 sec video for one sword?
~ Erika Hasbach
finest release that I played that I obtain to create my own village and it is my first one
~ donnie brooks
nice release but one more thing yall missing an modernization 3 swords for .99 cent 6 swords for 1.99 yall could talk to the develpers about that modernization.
~ MudShark
This release has stopped working even the weekly challenge didn't present up it was the same for the another users I usually test with
~ Gina Winter
~ A Google user
it's a fun release only it's hard to obtain swords and really hard to obtain gold. create that easier and I'll rate it 5 stars.
~ Mallory Davis
it is such an nice release, its really entertaining, though you should silver faster, but its still really nice
~ bryan is happy
this has turned out to be one of my favoured release. just dont like that you only obtain 5 to 7 swords a day. it takes to long to test and clear the forrest or the another territories to visit.
~ barbara smith
recipients if yall wish to obtain adds off your release u have to be a sword or gold buyer thats the only idea. edite: there is no adds after u level up after u buy swords or gold. another then that either buy swords or gold recipients or stick with the adds up to yall so enjoy your adds in stop crying about it. thank yall for making a nice release yall deserve 5 stars 😀😀😀😀😀
~ Satan Farted all Globtards Enjoy It
addicting. lots to do. almost too much in fact. Definitely keeps you busy. Pretty theme.
~ Mark Zaragoza
Quite an addictive release, although not bingeable. Used to be quite stingy with the swords, but since modernized, they are quite simple to obtain.
~ A Google user
You run the release, you obtain bombarded with 6 popups all at once. After you close the popups, you obtain an banner, the intrusive type that plays when it wants & doesn't give you any coins or boosts, then other banner plays instantly after, then you have 3 huge flashing arrows claiming you what to do. This is a disaster. It's also a recycle of a Shipwrecked Castaway Island, with the exact same assets, dialogue, & quests.
~ Lieutenant BaconWaffles