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About: Welcome to the ruthless globe of Vikings, where freedom, power, fear and violence reign supreme! Become the leader of a gigantic units, lead your units to win and prove that you are the mightiest conqueror among a million users. Check on the role of a wise and courageous Jarl, respected and feared by all! Construct superb buildings, take part in victorious campaigns, train your valiant fighters and boost your coffers. The magnificent graphics, compelling storyline and dynamic fights will have you hooked from the moment you run testing! Informations: Stunning graphics Unpaid to test Numerous troop classes Multiple language options Fierce and thrilling fights with users from all over the globe Handsome rewards for completing a tons of quests and tasks Weapons and gear crafting Become the leader or member of a mighty Gild NOTE: Vikings: Fight of Clans is fully nonp ... Show more
Genre: Strategy Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Plarium LLC
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About: Join millions of players worldwide as you build your village, raise a clan, and compete in epic Clan Wars! Mustachioed Barbarians, fire wielding Wizards, and other unique troops are waiting for you! Enter the world of Clash! New Features: Upgrade to the all new Town Hall 12 to have your Town Hall fight back! Use the power of Siege Machines to break through the toughest of defenses Work together with your clan in Clan Games to earn valuable Magic Items Classic Features:...

Developer: Supercell

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Developer: studiosdash [email protected]

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About: Do you have the courage to fight in the Medieval arena? If your answer is yes, you're in the right place. Sword sounds invites you the joy of victory. Guards Of The Black Castle, promises you adventure and excitement. Strategy & Tactics series gives you an opportunity to try your strength in confrontations between the most ruthless conquerors. Don't give your enemies reason to think that you're weaker than them! Guards Of The Black Castle is an opportunity for you to show your real skills...

Developer: Natum Games [email protected]

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Developer: OneMena Games [email protected]

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About: fungi.game is a strategic online multiplayer game in which you battle the rest of the world. Grow from a single cell into a multicellular fungus by leeching mass from other players. Try to make it into the top 10 and immortalize your name in the hall of fame. With the right strategy even smaller fungi can be a threat, so watch out! How to play: 1. Move around by dragging and dropping new cells. 2. Click on a link to invert the direction of transport. 3. Grow larger by leeching mass from ei...

Developer: Nonline Studios [email protected]

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About: Ant Defense l game vui nhn k v nhng ch kin tham n, lun tm cch n cp n ca bn. Nhim v ca bn l bo v chic bnh, sp t v kh trn ng i l kin. Sng s t ng tiu dit l kin trong phm vi bn knh. Nn nh, ng chng mang ht bnh v t nu khng mun b thua cuc....

Developer: Nickgun [email protected]


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About: You have to guess the YouTube Channelmbased on profile pictures that are displayed. All youtubers in this game has over 1,5 million subscribers. Youtubers like t-series,pewdiepie, maxinfinite, selly, etc...

Developer: Andreiași Marian [email protected]

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About: A strategy game that requires quick actions, smart decisions and some management skills to success. Discover an adventure story in fancy medieval setting, where you have to build, trade, research and battle. This is an adventure story about John Brave who finds his homeland captured by a greedy villain and only he is courageous enough to fight and save the kingdom from total plunder. Control workers, clerks and warriors on your quest to restore the towns and villages, solve mysteries, defeat...

Developer: Deltamedia [email protected]

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About: Do you think you have what it takes to run your own golf club? Have you got the leadership and managerial skills that will allow you to sore to success? The owner; James, is handing you complete control of running his dwindling golf club. He is relying on you to turn the place around and turn each day in to a profitable one. Help him to achieve his dream of being the owner of a championship golf course. Use skill and strategy to capitalise on each day's earnings, and see if you've got what i...

Developer: Webink24 [email protected]

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About: Battle Rush: Clash of Heroes in the Battle Royale is a real-time dual card-battle game designed for players all around the world. Collect all cards by defeating the enemys tower and unlock new epic heroes featuring: Knights, Goblins, Princesses, Witches, Robots and more. Enter the battle, pair with a strong opponent, upgrade your heroes skill to claim your victory and win all Trophies and Crowns. POPULAR GAMEPLAY Welcome to the Clash of Epic Heroes! Battle Rush: Clash of Heroes in the...

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Developer: Evolution Games GmbH [email protected]


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About: What's new in this Premium version of Kingdom Revenge? 1. More Gems per level finish 2. Much more Gems per end campaign reward 3. More Gems per video ads watched. 4. No more Annoying ads after battle. 5. Early acess on new upcoming features Looking for the most fun, challenging and addicting battles on mobile? Kingdom Revenge - The ultimate realtime strategy battle offline is for you. In this game you can build units, mine gold, research technology to grow your battle strategy. Havin...

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Developer: Playlot [email protected]

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About: "Three Kingdoms" animation authorized, the first Three Kingdoms mobile game using 3D battle scene Over 300 generals in the chaos world of Three Kingdoms, restore the original characters of historical masterpieces, real-life surveys of the ancient battlefields of the Three Kingdoms, reproducing the classic battle scenes. 3D real-time siege battle, military branch restraint and strategy deduction, dragging you into the historical battlefield of the Three Kingdoms! Be the lord in the chaos time, ...

Developer: Creative2A [email protected]

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About: FULL GAME NOW FREE! Can you survive the final five nights at the asylum? Welcome back to the Ravenhurst Mental Asylum. Following an unfortunate workplace accident you have spent the past few months in a coma. But now you have awoken to find yourself in the old asylum hospital. Unfortunately, the old hospital is haunted - and the spooks are coming out to play! From your hospital bed you must keep watch on the ghostly inhabitants - and make sure that they don't enter your hospital room! H...

Developer: Digi-Chain Games [email protected]



Vikings: War of Clans Reviews and Comments:

Nice graphics, glitch nonpaid, well thought out, very lively users, lots if ideas to enhance offense and defense of your units, being in an active castle makes a large difference, terms of testing are not usually clear or apparent. I have been testing for nearly 3 years.
~ Michael Dinger
i love the release....it takes entirely to long acne to much to upgrade and i HAAAAAAAATE their help squad they DO NOT keep themselves accountable for anything a connection trouble, your fault or your service you didn't obtain a premium or gift well that's your fault to gold or rss just disappear then you spent it on something. They are the ABSOLUTE WORST!!! A shame of i didn't like the ppl that test i would have deleted a long time ago
~ LaKedrea W
I have been testing Vikings for about a year. The release is highly addictive, and unfortunately, I'm hooked. I love the recipients that I've met through testing this release. I really enjoy the comradiere and friendships, within, as well as outside my castle. I have found Plarium to be the worst at handling any troubles that come up. The controls are laid in ideas that encourage errors and cost gold. There seems to be algorithms to cause or encourage energy use and requires you to spend gigantic amounts of $
~ Ramsey Bedford
fun to test. idea too expensive to test. Usually in need of gold or a ton of waiting time to obtain any where or obtain to be a bigger village and defend or attack. The expense is about to cause me to quit. Idea, idea cheaper and just as fun to be a Microsoft member. Lots of equipment to test there as well. Your pricing yourself out of members. Lots of users I know Have Already QUIT.
~ A Google user
Big pay to victory and they don't care about customer service in the slightest. Constant connection troubles that they refuse to fix or look into. I test a lot of releases and have no troubles except this one. If I should give it 0 stars I would. RIP Off. Modernization: as you can see by the stupid respond, not able to take accountability. You will obtain nowhere testing for nonpaid when one research can take years.
~ Kris Dicker
this release keeps having troubles. Like freezing up. Restarting on its own. some of these upgrades will not modernization leaving me unable to test.. I've invested dollars in this release and actually I can't test anymore because the release won't modernization.. also I wouldn't spend any dollars testing this release again if I knew what I knew actually. As quick as you spend dollars in the shop all the finest deals disappear. Once they know that you're willing to spend dollars they go straight for your pockets. no more nice box deals.
~ A Google user
disappointed. pay to test. each several months newest upgrades. if you wish to grow and be able to war, you have to place a lot of dollars in this release. after 2 years its time to delete the release :(
~ Slavi Yankov
well , google test claims i have two of these downloaded. not sure what the difference is if any! hmmm, ans used to have multiple cities but wAs stripped of those. blackmailing me to pay more $ i guess allthough i already have spent thousands
~ Christopher Kelly Sr
This is my second review and you guys will usually have my five star ratings there is just one matter i wish u guys to fix a tiny the time of updates it takes weeks and one can only upgrade one at a time in buildings i purchased gold from the bank to create it go faster but yet again the price is still one trouble adjust the time for updates pls
~ Kingsley Raphael
Thank you for creating such an extraordinary gaming experience! Simple to grow your castle, yet challenging enough to keep interest & the communication within clans as well as the globe around us is wonderful. & the older castle members are usually glad to respond silly questions. I just want I should easily synchronise my device release with my laptop, Definite 4 1/2 * from me
~ Lisa MareeMe
The owners of the release either won't or can't delete my release profile which I wish deleted. I provided all the stats they wanted and they still haven't deleted it. The release is terrible because guys 1000 times your size are allowed to attack you. You have to have a shield up almost each second. I have spent at least 100 dollars on the release. The least they should is delete it when asked to do so.
~ david johannessen
Nice release been testing for close to 3 yrs actually on my Nightmare 24/7 Account fully love the release. Yet has its moments like all. Would really like to see all 12month plus inactive accounts erased and merging of the Kingdoms with limited activity. Is alot of nice users missing out on real value of release due to limited activity and contributions for their kingdoms.. Hold it up Plarium and Thanks
~ Dwayne Belford
Nice Times. Id just like there to be the option to now fight with every another. The idea the release is set up, the element for total fight is not there. Shields create the release idea casual.
~ Angel Gonzales
Nice release, been testing for 3years. I have been asking for a multi - kingdom war and actually we have Fury which is nice. Though a nice and constructive thing to do with dying kingdoms would be to collide them in a kvk match up and having the winning kingdom be the kingdom the losing kingdom merges to.
~ Eduardo De La Torre
they do not fix release troubles like shields that drop, server troubles, or boost troubles. they do not listen to their users at all. they only care about dollars. As you can see by the standard respond below, it is very scripted. Customer service is personalized. i have allow you know repeatedly what was wrong and you deny any wrong doing. I am certainly not the only user experiencing the SAME troubles. They have reported it too. nothing is ever done. Beware of spending dollars. you dont obtain any return value.
~ Brenach Mott
Nice release concept... But I cannot trust that in this day in age there is no idea to translate what is being claimed in another languages. COME ON Devs. We don't all speak the same language.
~ Rikki Leigh
nice at run but then takes forever to build etc. Save those speed ups or pay to test Some knowledge take over 5 years so developers may claim you have a choice but that's not really real. They are more interested in the Dollary than recipients's concerns and legitimate complaints.All the replies usually claim release is running within paramaters when many users have same thing go wrong at same time. Customer help really needs working on more.
~ A Google user
I like the walkthrough element so far and the Viking aesthetic is wonderful. I will claim that the release's UI is really cluttered and I want there was a idea to minimize more things.
~ Gusty Gregory
it's quite nice to know that when there's a maintenance and/or modernization and you're stuck. another users can do what they wish without being subjected to such block like you. I guess the devs know their priorities, to cater to the several who pays that's to the many. quite hypocritical of what their upgrades claim.
~ ivan la madrid
I like having my own Empire, however, it is quite hard to stop higher lvls from fully rampaging communities, hit and run is all too common and when completed, they simply bounce to other kingdom and hold peace sheild on for ages! Another than that nice release!
~ Abdoul La meme
Used to like this release was fun. But plarium is dollars hungry. They claim there are many ideas to test release without spending but there isnt. and agian more upgrades, more dollars to obtain stronger and yes i know the response to this is its a walkthrough release many ideas to test bla bla bla. fact u can test without paying 117 weeks for ugrades but if u are in large castle u can boost that oh wait but all meetings are based on who pays more to victory. topic in target cvc. if u dont pay alot they dont care standard respond huh
~ Josiah Gilmore
Definitely pleased w/ the release and its developers. No dollars required to test and compete. It is a long term investment though. Research time (i. e. true globe) can be involved. For those that like to build and test, give it a shot.
~ Carl Stiffler
Played for a day, then it wont work any more. Claims it cant connect to the server, doesn't matter if I'm wifi or if I have a full signal on my device. I wish that day back. 👎 No, I'm not clearing the cache or anything else you claim to do. We shouldn't have to do all that garbage to test a release. Create it work or a lot of recipients are going to obtain sick of it. Believe me guys, don't waste your time on this release.
~ Roger Daigle
Nice release but definitely need to place aleast 45 dollars in to obtain anywhere.... Been testing for 2 weeks actually. having heaps of fun... Issues witht the 3 day shields ddopping randomly but really fun. Abd please add a auto translator. And please wipe dead kindoms and add newest users to them so we dont have to many kindoms
~ Shannon Stasse-Gallaher
Well the developers have made some changes but the release still lends itself to become only fun for recipients who spend a lot of dollars. Most recipients quit testing because of this. Hence the reason there are so many dead cities. Developers promote spending. I think the developers could add expanding the city after twn lvl20, each 3 levels thereafter could be able to expand to contain more slots for building farms, quarries, mines, lumbermills, manors, etc. Btw, often you reply the same, i will too
~ Ed Ram
Everything was fine until this newest modernization. I have had spontaneous reboots of the release and lag. Yesterday I lost 14 million in units and my position in my castle due to failure to hold shield integrity caused by a spontaneous reboot of the release.
~ Gary Weidell
this release dropped my shield when i had a week shield i lost a bunch of units becuse of this stupid glitch in the release and lost a lot of resources i spend each week and this happens its bs this release better fix this on my profile give me back the units i lost and the ressources i lost because of it if not i will no longer test this release and yet you still havent fixed it so it doesn't work when i write your squad
~ Luis Nieves
Fun release, but unless you have deep pockets, you'll obtain left far behind those that do. Impossible to be competitive without opening up your wallet cute wide. Yeah. Didn't claim you can't advance without spending. Just that there's no idea to hold up with the large spenders without forking over large dollars. Duhhhh.
~ Karl Koeppen
This release has really helped me wind down last couple of years. Unfortunately each modernization is becoming more and more expensive if you do not have an bonus £200-500 a month to waste on this release you will never hold up. Literally impossible to test without spending dollars
~ Genevieve Elliott
It''s rigged so you will spend dollars. there is no fair test. When you contact them they never take ownership for their actions. don't waste your time nor dollars by downloading. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
~ Joshua Hernandez
dollars sucker release. so many trouble in-release item drop rate. release don't wish you to progress except place gigantic amount of dollars. help is gaebage too. i can claim you that its not wort, i spend dollars but im considering to quit
~ bavo0439
Change to 1 star after so many fail login because of connection server lost. It never happen before, but since yesterday modernization, connection server lost usually happen 15 to 20 times before successful login. Please fix this and I will change to 5 star again.
~ Ardy Seno
I really love this release but I have a several troubles. 1) Amount of time to upgrade anything past lvl 19 is ridiculous. 2) there are users from all over the globe but you cant communicate with them because there is no translator. I know it can be done because I test other walkthrough release and they do it. Modernization nothing has been done. #Sucks using google Russian translator is time consuming af!
~ Lynn Orellana
Product benefits spenders. If you're nonpaid-to-test, you'll never be able to obtain anywhere in this release. Modernization: As you can see by this standard response, they don"t even care. Of course every lvl is attainable without spendingb but it takes much longer and recipients who do spend will do the same updates in 5-10% of the time. Larger updates can take more than 2 years to complete. I've been testing over a year, but with all the bugs and glitches not being fixed by an uncaring developer, screw it.
~ Jeff Mueller
terrible service, release laggs, i lost a fortune due to server / release failure, your help blamed me for having terrible connection(never had any connection trouble in any release / notebook through the access points, n certainly not as consistent as experienced in Vikings) n kept repeating same generic messages to solve 'my trouble' , no compensation, no understanding and no appreciation to player, my release experience or my dollars.
~ A Google user
i love this release, i just want they should sort the gliches on the shields. I had 3 instances where i had place a 24 hour shield on, but it went down and i got rinsed of all rss's and units. This in itself is awkward, but what really harm was the amount of boosts i had to use to obtain the units back. I lost about 500m of every resource over the three episodes, and around 250.000 units every time. But i had a really weak training number (around 7500) and it took over a day for every lot of units in boosts. This added up to alot of boosts being used, which along with the rss's, would have done a several nice updates in my knowledge. Otherwise, I am really glad with the release, love the changes with the rewards and the recipients I have met are my 'vikings family'! :-) Translator in the chats would be possibly the finest modernization ever! I have russians and spanish in my castle that I cant chat with easily at all. Thanks though Plarium, love the release.
~ A Google user
Been here over 2.5 years actually , Kingdom 219! I ask my wife if she thinks we will still be here for the next 10 years 😆.. The Product ain't great but Its more than enough..I met users from all corners of the globe that joined my castle and Today we call every another family because our relationships went beyond the release .Drop your shield and feel your heart race like CRAZZY!😆 Thank you Plarium for creating Vikings fight of clans.. it's been a ride and the sweet travel continues!
~ Melinda Tickorie
Absolutely love this release.. I've been testing for over 3 years actually, and I have met some of the most unbelievable recipients across the planet, between them and the fierce fights I enjoy each moment. I look forward to what comes next. (P.s. KvK Fury is the finest yet)
~ Gary z
Other cookie cutter release. There are two another releases I know about that are exactly like this, and all of them encourage 'bullying'. As well, this release has a pay to victory set up, where spending true globe dollars will obtain you massively further, VIP rank will give combat gifts and weaken your foes combat details, etc. Do not test or help this type of release. edit: Based on the respond from Dev's, they have zero interest in addressing the trouble. In short, spend dollars to gain a potent advantage.
~ John Smith
I have a couple of recommendations! #1 Have translators in release. I have played another fight releases that have translators so clans can function with multiple languages. #2 Stop building so many newest kingdoms. Instead wipe out all the tiny ( variety under level 10) dead accounts and run putting newest users into the old kingdoms to bring life back to them. This is a nice release, lets hold it that idea.
~ Earth Mama