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About: Vector is an exciting, arcade-style release featuring you as the exceptional nonpaid runner who wont be held down by the system. The release opens with a view into a totalitarian globe where freedom and individually is nothing more than a distant dream. But the heart of a freerunner is powerful, and you quick break nonpaid. Run, vault, slide and climb using extraordinary techniques based on the urban ninja sport of Parkour all while being chased by Large Brother whos sole purpose is to capture you and bring you back. Inspired by the practice and principles of Parkour, Vectors intuitive controls please users of all lvls, and sophisticated lvl designs challenge the most demanding users with speedy-paced timing puzzles as the traceur flows over the dystopian rooftops. Product Informations: - Arcade gameplay from the makers of the hit Fb release - Astoundingly lifelike Parkour-ins ... Show more
Genre: Arcade Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 89MB Developer: NEKKI
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Vector Full Reviews and Comments:

plz fix when you're swiping he just slides on the floor and the hunter killes vector
~ A Google user
this release is AMAZING but it lags a lot and it is nice
~ A Google user
It's a nice release, but there should be more chapters that is my only complaint.
~ Lu Shears
I played it and it is great release but i can't test it on my small but again it's great release
~ gsmit 11
this release is now so fun i love releases like this but if it was like killer creed it would be the finest release ever
~ Ethansucksat gaming
Finest Parkour Product That I Had Ever Played In My Life!!!!
~ Hell Cat
~ A Google user
its impossible at times to perform tricks. there could just be a prepared button for it
~ Michael G
Needs to add tapping as an option instead of swiping and more rewards for buying full ver like 5,000 coins or more or something same thing with vector 2 super
~ hola It's. A button dude!
Cool release mechanics. But you have to be freaking great on each lvl to unblock all lvls. Frustrating.
~ David Monminie
I purchased 10,000 coins for my babes and he got nothing I close the release runs over and nothing that is stealing
~ Annthony Pimentel
this release will be nice the downside is I've never played it before
~ spider Weslse
Okay so the terms are swipe up to slide. Swipe right to slide. Swipe left to slide. And swipe down to slide because the swiping is so sensitive I cannot even jump.
~ Kees Turpie
For a release that heavily relies on timing and controls, it have a very very very sh**y controls. FIX IT ASS DEV.
~ Iqbal Adi
I don't wish to test unlimite times to clear a lvl. I was looking for a release to relieve my stresses not to aggravate them. This release is a no for me. Wasted 💰
~ A Google user
I played full ver for 5 min. Request refund; denied. Why? Because this release isn't supported by googles privacy.
~ Red Tim
Full ver includes Adverts ??? Guys why are including ADS in paid ver?
~ Raghavendra TS
There is no difference between Vector Full and Vector (nonpaid ver).Waste of dollars.If you guys can present me the difference,I will change the ratings.
~ Dobby Doesn't Know
Just for doing a trick can you change the control because sometimes it is very unresponsive and hard to do the finger slide up. Rest an nice release
~ Anuj Parwal
i love this release i delete it for zone but then i go right back to it because its so fun
~ Angry Instinct
i been testing this release since i was 7 and actually i large on parkour im cute nice.
~ crazy Theory
it was a release you think its interesting at first but then it gets boring after 5min of testing and for the recipients that love chasing releases aren't going to like it
~ Shantae Waterfield
This release is the finest parkour release in the globe ...I spend never spend dollars in an nice time passing thing like this .
~ Subhodeep Samanta
This release is nice .....3.9 was the finest run in the release.I loved the release thumbs up nekki.probably the finest release in playstore.
~ Nick Yeova
hey got a bug on story1-11 missing end platform , i sent you an correspondence please resolve it ASAP
~ ssj Sunny
I've usually loved this release for years, even though there a several banners, it is a well made timeless parkour release that I will usually enjoy.
~ lemonishlime gaming
I was able to launch the release ONCE after installing it today. Tried to launch it a second time, the release would stop working each time
~ darkmage65
Not the finest release... the controls are very sensitive and terrible on the Note8 like when I swipe up sometimes it slides down not jump and when I go very speedy through the arrow and jump it stops then I hold dying I loved this release from before but.. I dont like it actually.... can you fix it ? it's super annoying.
~ Amani Alhaj
This is one of the finest releases available in shop. But its bugs irritate so much that I have thrown my device twice. Why after six years of version it is so buggy? Bugs in newest releases is acceptable, but this is an old release. Really.
~ Rakas Dar
a nice release with different modes and a cool "storyline line" one compliant is I swipe right or up but then my hero sliced but another than that it is nice
~ Fischer Lund
l rather enjoyed it a lot and started to Imagine how a console ver of this release would be like. preferably launch globe but with the same art and functions of this release ver.
~ Golden Axe
Controls aren't very nice, and it's made worse by the fact that progression is painfully slow. Loaded with in release banners and purchases despite the fact that this is not a nonpaid release.
~ A N
Controls are too sensitive to touch, nonpaid ver is far superior than this. And banners in a paid ver, really? I played a lot of Nekki releases but i don't feel like they've place any work in this release after Shadow war came out. I can't bring myself to like this even if the tricks was cool.
~ Zero Millennium
I would rate five stars if it kept my gear. I purchased everything in the market, but when I got rid of the release and redownloaded it, I lost all my equipment.
~ LDawgMN
The only thing that's missing is the song and/or sound results. I wish to listen to epic song while this guy jumps around a Downtown, Construction Blog, and a Technology Park. Epic song would be cool. Edit: I had my song turned off. Haha, silly me.
~ Angel Quintanal
Why do I HAVE to watch videos to obtain all the coins on a lvl when I ALREADY paid for this release YEARS AGO. Messed up. Don't obtain this. I used to like this release and company. Actually they're greedy.
~ Michael Turner
Not sure how to feel about this release. Its fun and speedy paced. However, sometimes it lags and feels like the release has the advantage. Sound and graphics are cool can be a frustrating release at times. It's basically a release I love to hate. Love to test it, hate to lose. Nice time waster.
~ Marcus Kastler
nice but there's only one trouble, when I accelerate and am about to jump I swipe my finger up and it stops instead of jumping, this can obtain very annoying and hope you fix it. I am almost done with a chapter and with a great score and when I am about to jump it stops and I fall of the building.
~ Miguel Alberto Duque Pardo
I love this release but I want it wasnt as sensitive, heres a sugjestien you should watch an add for a forse blaster, heres a bug that i hate, it spits me out each actually and then,so,if this was fixed i would change my review.
~ Quinn Petersen
I love this release so much! I have been testing it for years, but I don't understand that the controls are terrible. And you unblock Hunter Mode after probably you obtain a certain amount of stars. This is nice release, but I hope that they would make somewhat of a DLC. That would be nice! Thank you Nekki for this nice release, it is worth my time! 😃
~ NowYouPeepMe