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Vampire's Fall: Origins   
About: For countless years the villagers of VampIre have enjoyed a life of peace and happiness. But actually, rumors are spreading about a wielder of dark magic - a Witchmaster. Fearing the rumors to be real, the village musters a militia to prepare for the worst. You are a recruit enrolling to defend the village. Tiny do you know, fate has something premium in shop for you Vampires Fall: Origins is a 2D launch-globe RPG with turn-based combat. Make your hero, pick your bloodline and venture out in the globe. Will you wreck havoc in the land, or be the superhero recipients are longing for? Will you use your powers to war another users or to hunt ferocious creatures? -Launch globe -Completely customizable characters -Turn-based combat -Immersive stories -Dialogue choices -PvP fights -In-release chat -Skills and abilities to shape your hero -Select your bloodline: Nosferatu, Ranjen ... Show more
Genre: Role Playing Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 100MB Developer: Early Morning Studio
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Vampire's Fall: Origins Reviews and Comments:

Downloaded this on a whim, expecting other lame-o knock off rpg with bugs that took itself too seriously... was major surprised that this release is fun, funny, mostly original, worth the time and has decent storyline & graphics. going to test and test this as much as possible! The pvp seems type of bugged but I'm not a large pvp kinda guy anyways! Kudos to the nice dev's on this nice & fun release! Yay for addictive apps that run my device down! LULZ
~ ChrisTopher Bennett
Nice release, easy is allways better. Old schooll RPG. The storyline will continue, as a vampire fliying in to the air... nice release. Nice Job. Need to do some work with doge skill, dont work versus incoming projectiles, the bleed skill dont work eiather. I know it will in the future cause is the finest release for Cell out there right actually.
~ Roaring Lion
Am loving it, a lot of peeps testing only with thier wallets but that just seems to be creating hollow characters that look neat in pvp but are inherantly low. Test the release recipients, don't just sit there going pvp; you're missing out on so much. Love the launch globe and definitely appreciate the humor mixed throughout side quests. You need to search everywhere else you'll miss an eyeless. one who's been turned to silver out in the forest 😂 Darkfox
~ Lady Nightstalk
A fun throwback to the old, fun, near 2D releases that ran on sprites - the storyline develops as you go ahead (type of obvious), and even though it might become a bit slow or tedious even (looking for wood in the forest, looking for dropoff points), the overall experience is that of nostalgia and fun.
~ Arka Ghosh
loving it so far, thought it would be hardcore, where you lose your experience and have to restart when you die. I'm glad that it isnt. the only trouble I have found, is that i have missed out on alot of xp, gold and common chest because the add button isnt working... all in all very fun
~ Alex Storm
For nonpaid its cute nice. My one large complaint is fighting gets extremely boring. It takes forever to slay things and to transport across the map once you obtain to about the third castle. You are constantly going into combat. Also the movement is awkward even on a pad. Touch movement would be nice.
~ Jacob Q.
Brilliant and well thought out release. I just hope they hold adding to it by upgrades and not bring a newest part 2 release like some others do, at least that idea your purchases and upgraded weapons and armour will mean something. They do this , it should well end up being epic and one of the all time greats.
~ Sean Brannigan
Nice RPG! Even as a nonpaid release. , the graphics and release test are awesome and rival any pay app. The developers did a nice job. Finest gaming release. I've come across. Hold up the nice work!:)
~ Mark T
the finest RPG release i ever played from playstore! i think this is the only one playable and enjoyable with a cool story and gameplay with nice advance you should do! and testing offline mode,what more can i ask for! I suggest it,awesomeness! the only drag is the controls,but all is nice! Rooms for improvements! story is too intriguing,wonderful. thank you devs,your nice guys. love you. ^^,) More power and releases
~ voika krauzer
im testing for campaign not for the pvp. so that's where most of my review will be. the release is fun, release test feels solid, and the quest lines are entertaining. one of my only troubles is the random loads when traveling, and its frozen a couple of times. otherwise it's fun, feels like a classic style rpg.
~ jay leon
I searched for releases like this one for 3 years. Actually I got it. Really love it. Only one request - Create Greatsword,Spear and some of large axes two handed that will create the release realistic and logical and even more fun.
~ Sree Krishna
Nice release so far. Truly old school RPG without overwhelming guide. Superhero building is amazingly well-balanced. You need to invest target on premium skills and gear up to strengthen your vampire. Some abilities however seems more needed than another, which stereotype a tiny bit the idea you built your ultimate vampire-superhero. However this doesn't affect the release overall positive balance. Combat are primary but it gives some thrill without being monotonous.
~ Sambatra Rabe
Stumbled upon this release from an instagram banner, and have fallen in love with it, no paywall, fun old school combat mechanic, humorous, and interesting storyline! Really felt like an old school rpg that made us fall in love with rpgs in the first zone.
~ Ignatius Raymond
Absolute MUST PLAY for any lovers of RPG releases. Finding this gem brought light into what seemed like an ocean of desperate dollars grab small releases. Sincerely, thank you for this, developers, truly exemplary of pure love for the craft. It's not great by any means, as the pacing and leveling of aggressors feels off at points, going from aggressors that you can barely grind exp off of, to getting destroyed in the next zone. But that isn't enough to taint such a stunning and wholesome masterpiece. 10/5
~ urmomgay game studio
On my second playthrough actually. Very fun release! Simple to lvl and test and have fun in general. Does not force you to buy anything with rigged release mechanics! (but i have purchased crystals here and there lol) First playstore release ive spent dollars on in years
~ John Doe
my experience with you release was.well worth a download. th only complaint is that you have to wait for thy win sceen... shouldn't have to. the controls are cute responsive. GREAT storyline!!! still testing and still excited to search out about the beta verson of sava's newest release if there will be or not. again nice release, hold up the nice releases. your fan.
~ James Krevanko
Had no concept what was in shop for me when I downloaded this. With a mix of familiar mechanics, blended with original gameplay, I've fallen for this release in just a several mins, which have turned into few hours. There are constant surprises (such as a very unexpected user versus user mode) that hold the experience recent. Great work!
~ Severin Puckett
I was looking for a release related to Travel quest and this is it. You can buy powerful gear but you test the release just fine without paying dollars. This is a fun release with some witty lines the NPC's claim, like the curse of not being able to drink milk. I think it's cute cool how the devs made NPCs of themselves that you come across that ask you to leave a review of the release. I think it was a cute neat idea of asking for a review so here I am.
~ Mr. Acid
I really like the gameplay especially for a classic 2D release. This is one of those hidden gems in the test shop. I would recommend more elements you know like ice or something like that and also things like elemental shards that you can imbue with your weapons when you forge it. Aside for that it's a wonderful release and I'm looking forward to the newest stories about to come. Thanks for this nice release guys😁👍
~ Ildriq Keltwinn Dayot
I have a hard time finding releases I really enjoy but this is one of them I never tire of. I can test it for hours and not lose interest. I would suggest 10/10. Sometimes it is quite hard but yet still an nice release. - Meagan
~ Paul Massa
This release is a nice RPG journey... Runs with a nice storyline line, and interesting plot, and nice characters. Different nice jokes hidden through characters and side quests. A different type of lvl up system making the release more addictive... the only complaint is not being able to use potions during war, making the release slightly harder. Its a tiny hazzle but its surpassable. Another than that i enjoy the release!
~ The Rusty Dhael
Finest small RPG, the lack of constant banners being shoved in your face (unless used for gifts which are implemented in a constructive idea) is what a release could be, plus there is no pay to victory system unlike a lot of another small releases. besides that, it's a nice release with a lot of depth in both it's launch globe anf it's combat system. A small release that most others could take notes from.
~ Nurd Turd
Have to admit, this is the finest dungeon crawler I have played on a device. It has been since Neverwinter for Forgotten Realms on PC since one has felt like this. A major difference is when facing multiple ememies at once, they appear only one at a time, when the first dies the second appears. Thankfully this prevents the all-out slaughter of your superhero. The release is deep, immensely gigantic, and challenging. I have been testing 2 days.
~ Brian Parago
It is a nice release, but I gotta ask, should you add other Island, but you should go in it with dudes who should join your 'Island' and support every another in wars versus bosses, and have premium clans, and fights.
~ The IcePhoenix
just the release that i have been looking for! hours of fun and journey related to diablo and runescape. please do continue to expand and enhance the release and i will not hesitate to buy in release equipment or donate. with that claimed, this release is not pay to test and is not pay to victory i just wish to present my appreciation for this nice release. also, in the future maybe you should give the release a tiny zone or city where users can interact or trade equipment? another than that, nice job guys!
~ Nic Lambino II
At first, I'm not going to lie, I was caught off guard by the graphics, but it now became something I truly love! The art style gives me a great nostalgic vibe, and the storyline is extremely submersive! I would love it if the user should have a pet of their own, or some sort of companion. Marrying or having some sort of romance would be fun too. (hehe) But that's just wishful thinking since this release gives me a tiny bit of a Skyrim vibe. (I loved the release developers stage so much btw. OOF)
~ Awai
been invested in this release for hours! the gameplay is great and the dialogues are funny af. definely suggest for rpg lovers! :D ps: don't obtain dishearted when the lvl of aggressors is too high. finish some another missions, obtain experience and gold, buy newest weapons and you'll be fine cx
~ Utkarsh I.
Its still a nice release!!! And the devs are working on pvp and upcoming expansion!!! Outstanding release! Hi again i had some difficullty with release but when i reported the trouble the devs were on it and fixed it they were very profesional and i appreciate that thank you again this release is still the finest!!!:) Can't wait for expansion awesome release!!
~ Lawrence Galazyn
I really think this release has improved from before. When I first played this the early release was too hard and it frustrated me, so I decided to stop testing. Actually, the beginning is more fair to newest users and is now fun. Thank you for making this release.
~ TacticallyCasualGamr 54321
I really enjoyed it, until I tried to buy a several shards. I got a confirmation correspondence that I was charged but it didn't reflect in release. So I was robbed lol, it's a fun release though, so I did not mind as much. Still a shame, you have to be careful about the transactions.
~ Pia C.
I've been looking fora nice vampire release and a nice rpg for my device. Actually i have both. I'm lvl 16, th thoroughly enjoying this storyline so far. The combat style, with the different abilities to pick from, create for a lot of different walkthroughs.
~ damiensengir
Nice release with a nice sense of humor. I like the build diversity and the setting. Overall im enjoying it but cannot give 5 stars yet as Ive not finished it. The pvp also sometimes freezes leaving me no choice but go close the release. PVP is work in progress though from what i can claim.
~ Terry A
This release is outstanding! Pretty to look at, Is wonderfully challenging and growning in power and getting better gear is addictive. I love the undertone humour it fits perfectly from the stupidity curse to a cult who throw garlic at you. This is by far one of the finest small rpgs around and its nonpaid! Do yourself a favour if you love nice rpgs with turn based combat obtain this release!
~ matt adcock-schafli
One minor thing that bugs me - when I have too much potions, usually after a war, why can't I just drink one? But except this, it's nice. Really. Oh. One more thing. Everyone is calling me 'he', even though my hero is a girl. That can obtain tiresome.
~ Ms Mouse
It was so nice. the storyline is so dam cool and also the caracters. I like how the side quest twist but the may quest is so short ..... Maybe the developer have to do something with this and also the creatures are a tiny bit to less maybe they should add some more or have some newest map in the release.... But overall it was so nice release and great storyline line
~ A Google user
Very solid release. Challenging, especially early on, and to slay monstrous baddies, but still playable and fun. Product also does not punish you badly for failure, so getting killed isn't a major deal if you wish to punch out of your weight class. Looking forward to more content.
~ Ryan Donaven
this release has a lot of potential to improve. like party leveling, party boss god hunting, party duels, more interactive pvp like you can chat to your aggressor while fighting. this release is very nice. it can grow alot more. more maps, more bosses and gods, more item option and add some skill tree i guess. or maybe add a companion or pet to support you in war like bats, imps, fairy monsters like that. more power to the devs. 😘 just some tricks from your Filipino fan. 👍
~ Ariel Debo
Vampire Falls is nice if you're used to predatory small releases but would be disappointing on any actual console. Yes, the releases encounters and design are set up to frustrate you into buying super currency, but aren't so blatant that you can't avoid it. The amount of gold you obtain from your loot drops is nearly worthless. If you're looking for a generic time waster while on long trips this is fine, but if you wish a truly engaging gaming experience go elsewhere
~ Ian Emory
Wow! think I found one of the only nice releases left on the test shop. I've actually played through the storyline campaign and can claim with confidence that this is a nice release. You dont have to spend dollars on this release but I was glad to donate to this project. If you're reading this you are clearly interested and I would claim you to test it out. It only takes about 45 min to figure out if you like it. Also, the dialogue is funny without being cringy or repetitive. Nice job devs!
~ Patrick Rhoderick
Initally, the release was very fun. The storyline and side quests are very nice and the NPC's have great dialogues. The PVP system is horrible. Cute much unbalanced and matches last too long. There is no tons in builds, and there are a weak number of skills. Also, the replaying of the release (Rebirth) is a fun aggressor. You replay the same thing over and over again, going only through the main quests. I suggest this release to those who seek only a several hours of fun.
~ Stanko Golić