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UNKILLED - Zombie Multiplayer Shooter   
About: Newest York Town is the epicenter of a terrifying zombie apocalypse in this multi-award winning first person shooter. Select one of five special characters and join the elite squad known as the Wolfpack, a task force assigned to combat the walking dead threat and search the secret behind the cataclysmic plague. Take time out from killing zombies to challenge your dudes in online PvP multiplayer fights. Nice thing you brought plenty of bullets! Large, silly, violent fun. - PocketGamer.co.uk Luscious graphics and intense action. - AndroidAuthority.com THRILLING SOLO COMBAT MISSIONS. ONLINE PVP MULTIPLAYER. TONS OF UNIQUE GUNS. The final frontier in the fight between the living and the undead! War for survival over 150 missions with an epic story. Goal special aggressors and bosses, including SHERIFF, DODGER, MINESWEEPER, BUTCHER and more. Take on users from all over the globe w ... Show more
Genre: Action Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 42MB Developer: MADFINGER Games
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UNKILLED - Zombie Multiplayer Shooter Reviews and Comments:

Nice release with a great storyline, please we need more nice releases like this on mobile devices, please also test to create the storyline offline. Nice concept lads👍.
~ Idowu Kassim
sure its fun for single user, but their entire "test with dudes" is utter bullcrap! You can create your own room but you cant now invite true dudes to test, its just random recipients, you dont call them dudes if you dont know them! My only another complaint is the opening is ridiculous, you throw enough dynamite out of the helicopter to lvl that entire castle block, and then you jump out, you'd go from unkilled to immediate death
~ Rmecha Pony
This is probaly for me the finest release,its my most favoured zombie fps shooter,and its very addicting,however i think the controls could be a bit more together,but its nice so hold up the nice work!
~ LisboElliot
overall it's a nice release.nice; gameplay,graphics,upgrade system and customization. just have one trouble with co-op mode whenever i obtain into a release it crashes want you should solve it asap but another than that overall nice release
~ Anthony Sandoval
I like the release very much and yes indeed addictive release.......but how to obtain the blue print of epic weapons... Rarely i ll obtain those... even a superhero card also not coming specially after this modernization
~ Clinton Rayar
i played your, dead trigger 1,2. you guys really rocks nice graphics, gameplay, multiplayer is nice, many lvls so many guns, equipments...etc great...nice job please create more releases like this... great............!!! thanx a lot for making unkilled.....finest shooting releases on mobile...hold it up squad MADFINGER...👌👌👌👌👍☺️
~ Anurag Sharma
I have usually been and am VERY critical of small fps releases. I am used to consol gaming so I never really obtain into small fps releases due to their lack of content and playability. This release however is a real console like experience and is as close to it as modern small gaming can obtain. Nice graphics, an immersive campaign, simple controls, weapons that now exist, and plenty of side content. 10/10 would suggest. Seriously, I can't stop testing! I cant wait to test more releases by Madfinger.
~ Bearded Dragon
im testing this release on a chromebook and because of this i use a controller, but the sensitivity is very weak even when i raise it up all the idea. this makes it really hard to test. pls fix.
~ Jenny Cantu
I like this release so far especially since they made DEAD trigger 2, but the release seems to ruin on me randomly during a target and theres nothing I can do I thought it was my wifi at first but even with or without it. it just crashes and I dont know what to do I even reinstalled it. the release is nice but I suggest they fix this trouble please, I also test on a Samsung 10 if that supports the devs, another than that keel it up!
~ OmegasTurn
co op is a joke i have nice service and yet some how ive only been able to obtain it to work 3 times and even then the another user just stays in the same zone and gets disconected another times it will disconect me as well and i wont even be able to do the mision alone so its just other dead trigger but even worse the reasion i downloaded is because the co op multi user sounded cool
~ Josh Cox
Nice!!!! but tiny bit same as dead trigger and dead goal.but the graphics are nice and the help of 1or more user in the release create it marvelous really nice work i like it
~ Fasig Rehman
Allow me run by claiming I really enjoy testing this release! The graphics are on target, and the gameplay is addictive. I recently upgraded to a Galaxy S10 Plus from GS9 Plus. This release would freeze up on my 9 occasionally, but on the 10 it's seems like each another time I test it freezes. It's really taken the joy out of testing it. Clearing the cache doesn't really support. If anyone has any concepts on how to fix this, I would appreciate it!
~ Jeff Jones
This review is genuine and i am not a mindless payed reviewer giving a bs review. This release is nice. Legitimately one of the coolest releases I've played in a while and i highly recommend a download. Very well done.
~ Zack Stone
Once I started this release I saved some characters and then I got to pick my favoured hero. When you obtain to the lvl of the automatic gun my trainer got captured and that is all for actually..
~ Eric Gimenez Vega
it dosent create sense that the M16A1 has more hurt and lower range than the AK-47 the AK-47 could have more hurt but less range because the bullet velocity of the AK-47 is 780 meters per second but the M16A1 has a bullet velocity of 960 meters per second so the M16A1 is faster than the AK-47
~ Happy Orange
what a waste of time... u will need a large patience if you will test this release my dudes better not to test this type of a massive logger release.....it's not fun at all DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME..
~ taga montanosa
nice release but i have an trouble i just finished your last Co-op Medal objective i had amassed over 1,500+ medals but you wont give me the rewards for it making me extremely hesitant to test for this objective for fear of wasting my time grinding just to have you screw me over again until you fix this trouble ill hold my rating at 3 but im sure my grievance will fall on deaf ears showing us you're just like all these another P2W releases you don't care about us the user you only wish to take our $$$ sad
~ Richard Brasher
what exactly is this 400mb modernization supposed to do? i see no difference. this is ridiculous. you Devs cant even reply to a easy trouble. left multiple reviews. How about doing an modernization that makes this woth keeping on my device. like newest maps or gamemodes or weapons. im about to uninstall. im done spending dollars. Madfinger im disappointed
~ Kasey Carvey
kindly create modernization and deliever facility to the user to chat with every another in the online release... means if the 1st user wish to message to the another user.. than he can sent message easily.. means deliever chat system in the release...
~ Anwaar Hashmi
This release is so nice i recommend all users download this release! The graphics,gameplay and anything in this release really great.there something developer could improve like add attachments on gun such as scope that can zoom moreeeeeee and nozzle that can increase accuarity and maybe you add the ammo thing on gun that increase hurt and ammo and the finally one the grip.maybe it can increase the mobility so that your user can transport faster than normal?Sorry for long. Hold it up!
~ Nadzha X
5 star all day long!! Graphics, storyline, weapons, heros, zees, cain't claim enough. Finally a dpad I easily, comfortably use for extended time. I am 71 years old and appreciate the care given us more life-experienced recipients. Spot on and thanx developers!!
~ Rob Lenheiser
this is my second time test this release due to losing my device so I had to run over but it's been an enjoyable release to pass time by and I again climbing the ladder building my Units Severe it's a cute fun release once you obtain the hang of it I suggest it to anybody that likes a challenge
~ Michael Myers
the overall release is nice. But, the co-op survival mode and the multiplayer mode sucks.. Its not terrible because this release is boring or terrible.. its because you never obtain matched up. We just press test button on these modes to waste our time. so, please developers fix these trouble. I love the multiplayer mode and I would love to hold testing. This release is also nice because they don't give useless banners like another releases.
~ Tarzen Cheda
its an nice release and better than what i have thought but we need this release like a storyline..... the guy who was with me at the starting was doing all things like opening the gate... it can be done by us and dont create this awesome release like a target .....thankq i have deleted pubg for this one
I can't lvl up my superhero. the release is so nice! i spend a lot for the release but I can't upgrade my superhero. there's no superhero chest, i never found any superhero card. please fix the release. I really enjoy testing. will give more star if fixed.
~ fareez ali
Lags cute terrible on my mali gpu, but fine on adreno gpu. My mali gpu is now better, so i dont understand why this is happening. Ive tried everything. Cleaning up zone, putting everything i should on external sd. Ive even deleted a bunch of equipment, and force closed each release i should without corrupting anything. Ive even tried release boosters. No luck, just lag. Each time im close to zombies, it lags. And this is on lowest graphical settings. My weaker device runs on medium fine plz fix this
~ CaMo BeAtZ
Nice release, typical optional video=reward scheme, although they seem abit more fair on rewards. Gold crates can be purchased without true $$. The control buttons can't be mapped to about ⅓ of the screen, which happens to be in the exact spot I'd like to them to be. Product test is nice, short sweet missions, and plenty of action!
~ Nathan Wisdom
This release is nice it you can farm weapon comparable to super one you can farm gold variety of gold and adds is not force to you. and the graphics is nice with very great gameplay. l buy cheap dollars item just to give help not to obtain powerful. The only trouble is pvp/co-op high ping even with nice net but still manageable.. but over all a nice release thanks for the nice release.
~ Mr.Something Secret
Even after testing through the whole storyline and spending over 50,000 gold still did not recieve one epic gun from chest rewards. Saving your perks is fully useless because you do not obtain to take full advantage of multiple chest purchases, when I buy gold chest x 5 I recieve over 12 weapon boxes and you are only allowed 5/5 at all times. Trash
~ Matthew Gallant
Pros: The release is cute fun in general if you're testing coop with a dude. Controls cute decent as well but it's small so it can spaz out from time to time. Cons: The missions in general are boring and repeated to death, lvls are short, boring and uninteresting. Also no coop? Why cant I test through the singleplayer with a dude? The release is extremely grindy and requires a ton of time to obtain the drops you need. The devs are definitely trying to obtain you to drop dollars into the release.
~ Maxwell Steel
The release constantly freezes during gameplay on my Samsung Galaxy S10. More times than not at the end of a target, after you've wasted time and the release doesn't save your progress when a ruin occurs. It's a fun release, but this constant inconvenience makes the release unplayable for me.
~ Ethan Neil
It is a very nice release and also have a nice storyline mode .They have many pretty guns and the different modes of release are nice. but the main thing is that I was testing this release for nearly 1 years and I didn't obtain any epic gun. so please create the release tiny bit simple to achieve the epic guns
~ Suresh Jamwal
There's no target in wasting gold on protecting your base as it gets attacked on cool down anyway by armies much much stronger than your own and the war meter is absolute rubbish ( I had a 63%advantage 3 times in a row and lost!! wasting more dollars) replace it with something that requires skill, not this unpredictable rubbish!!
~ jayjay 83
Um... just one of the finest zombies shooter available on mobile... the another being Dead Trigger 1 and 2... Just so sad that without spending true dollars, many Tapjoy offers have to be finished to progress through the release (collector's mindset)... and well, it's even more sad when your tapjoy reward obtain denied without any reason after spending a month over a release... But this is not Madfinger's fault! A recommendation? Remove tapjoy offers and give more gold rewards for everyday REALLY active users...
~ Sonia Lamoureux
The release keeps locking up on my Samsung S10. Total waste, in Storyline mode the release hits a target where the screen will freeze not allowing you to advance any further. In Co-Op multiplayer mode, If your screen does not lock up your partner's will leaving you overwhelmed without a partner in a match. Please fix the trouble
~ Pappy B
Just started testing so I cant give a very informed review but graphics are nice, controls are ok, gameplay seems cute fun so far. Campaign storyline is kinda dull and they prolly could have hired someone who speaks English as their first language to write it... But after 2 days of trial test I wish to continue so I guess that claims something.
~ A P
Ended its Campaign Mode and played a lot of Survival ops and Supply Run as well. But after ending Storyline mode, it becomes cute boring because of same old maps, missions and rewards again and again. This release has gigantic amount of potential so add something newest like a newest storyline mode or test something newest to hold those who have ended it testing this release
~ GamingArena
the release is very addictive. the walking controls and shooting controls are on target. only trouble is the guns... you guys really could let users to continuously upgrade our stock guns and our guns that you made cheap to buy. once they're maxed out, as you progress through the release, it is inceeasingling hard unless you spend dollars for redicously priced blueprints... I mean it's a large dollars grab and you guys have a very decent release here otherwise.
~ Sara Hiscock
Nice release but a tiny annoying sometimes. The reason is because on some missions you have to obtain a certain amount of kills within a certain time frame. But you slay everything in web amd you still fail. There aren't enough zombies spawned. There needs to be more zombies in each target especially the missions where you have to obtain a lot of kills.
~ Christian Linton
Nice graphics, terrible optimization. No options of testing the release at higher FPS, on Huawei Colleague 20 Pro. However what I really dissappointed is the UI, which is really terrible. MFG can just fix it like they did with Dead Trigger 1 and 2, but no. Also, an options of testing the release without internet is not available. I understand that having internet access could support reducing cheaters in the release, but that is only for multiplayer! What is the target of testing the campaign with constant connection?
~ Viet Nguyen