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About: *Note* 1) Unlock Me FREE and Unlock Me Additional are 2 different apps. They have the same informations except there are no banners in Unlock Me Additional. All release time and statistic CANNOT be transferred between Unlock Me and Unlock Me Additional. 2) Hacks CANNOT be transferred between devices by Time Sync in any topic. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unlock Me is a fun and classic addictive puzzle release. Enjoy this brain exercise with more than 18,000 nonpaid puzzles, the highest amount of puzzles you'll search in any logic block release, worth hundreds of hours to hold your brain fit! The target is to unlock the red block out of the board by sliding the another blocks out of its idea. With many Million downloads already, you can't go wrong with this addictive puzzle release. F ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 11MB Developer: Kiragames Co., Ltd.
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About: One l stork lived in a terrible palace. There was playing happiness. Then the stork caught in a place unexpected. To save the stork that is in your duty. It will help you find all the spots that are hidden clues. All the masks are hidden correctly and the stork who has been trapped there and you are happy to win the game. The tricks of the trick are a little harder to find, but somehow it may be a matter of interest. Good luck and have a fun !... Developer: Kavi Games [email protected]

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About: A amiable tiger lived in a forest near a palace. The amiable tiger went through the palace to find food. The amiable tiger was then stuck in the palace. It is your responsibility to save the amiable tiger there. The hidden clues are there to help save the amiable tiger. Find the hidden hinges there and save the amiable tiger and congratulate them for victory in the game. This game will be interesting and exciting. Good luck and have a lot of fun!...

Developer: Best Escape Game [email protected]

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About: Hold down the screen, sliding about control of snake, easily shatter all the bricks! Simple and easy to use the game the player's backpack. Eat more of the ball, let you see the longest snake!...

Developer: Fame Game CD [email protected]

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About: Dungeon Warrior is an RPG game that combines Roguelike with Minesweeping. Unlike traditional Minesweeping games, all the mines in the game were monsters. There are a lot of Roguelike elements, random maps, random events, random BUFF and Pass Rewards. There are many professions in the game, heroes of different professions will bring you a completely different experience....

Developer: 厦门飞鼠网络技术有限公司 [email protected]

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About: Jumping casual games, easy to get started, the villain jumps from the square to another box, unlimited blocks, come and challenge. Tip: The longer the power storage time is, the farther you can jump. The power can reach a certain time to cancel the jump operation....

Developer: lwj [email protected]

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About: Gardening has never been so much fun. A free puzzle game full of beautiful flowers will get you hooked on gardening. Fill flower beds with lucky planters. Each planter comes in different shapes. Fill in the flower beds by moving the planters to one of six beds to complete it. Be the lucky hero gardener in our Valley Garden Plan. Calm your mind and use your gardening tools to planting flowers like a pro. No zombies in this game, just beautiful flower settings, organic soil, fertilizers and...

Developer: Ouzo Games [email protected]

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About: Test your IQ with this game!What's the highest number you can reach?...

Developer: PotatoPlay [email protected]


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About: Free Jigsaw Puzzles is a photo puzzle game that requires assemblage of interlocking photo pieces. Release stress, relax brain, indulge yourself and share photo puzzle fun with friends and family by playing Jigsaw. Free Jigsaw Puzzles Features: *** Completely FREE Jigsaw photo puzzle game *** Enjoyable game for EVERYONE: Kid, Adult, Commuter, Girl, Boy, Housewives, Elderly etc. *** Play whenever and wherever you want, without connection to the Internet; *** Rich collection of high definiti...

Developer: Jigsaw Puzzle Free [email protected]

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About: Blop is an addictive puzzle game with blocks: a great game to relax while training your brain....

Developer: RDV Entertainment [email protected]

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About: How many stages can you clear? With the block moving, get the star! Feel refreshed every time you clear another stage! How to move the block is very easy. You only flick the screen. You can move the block up, down, left, and right. How far can your mind take you? You won't be able to put it down!...

Developer: MagicAnt.Inc [email protected]

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About: Enjoy Polar Pop Christmas Pop fun with penguins and reindeer this Christmas snow holiday season Icy Pop Bubble Shooter Bunny From the makers of Gummy Pop, Space Cats Pop and Bubble Farmer, here comes chilling bubble shooter - Frozen Pop. Its time for an adventure in snow pop ! Bring on your warm clothes and get ready to shiver in a land filled with snow and colorful bubbles "Frozen Pop" is the next ultimate bubble shooting saga! Pack your bags, the bus to Icy Land will leave soon! Matc...

Developer: MadOverGames [email protected]

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About: A porcupine was living in a beautiful and gorgeous village. The porcupine lived very happy. The porcupine was unexpectedly stuck in a house in a day. Your duty is to save the happy porcupine from there. To save the porcupine from there, it will help you find all the spots that are hidden clues. All the masks are hidden correctly and the porcupine who has been trapped there and you are happy to win the game. The tricks of the trick are a little harder to find, but somehow it may be a matter of in...

Developer: Best Escape Games [email protected]

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About: Game Stickman Ninja warriors tells the story of the battle of a brave warrior named Shadow. Enemies came to his native village and stole his bride. Now he will have to fight with many enemies. To rescue his beloved from captivity. Be careful: the enemies are too insidious! Stickman Ninja warriors is a perfect combination of puzzle and combat ninja games Stickman Spirit contains several types of weapons of this ninja, such as shurikens, bombs, and other throwing weapons. After all, a real ...

Developer: StickMan Apps [email protected]

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About: Sudoku Color Shapes Puzzle : Kids Free Game is logic based, combinatoric number - color - shape - placement Sudoku puzzle game. The game derives from the great mathematician Leonard Euler (1779) who proposed the '36 (6x6) officers problem which has not been solved to date. Though Euler Ian squares of an array 6 x 6 are impossible and mathematically proved as such, we, in this game are solving 5x5 arrays that are so seemingly close to the impossible. There are 2 modes of play. Sud...

Developer: Game False [email protected]


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About: Features: - Find hidden objects in the gorgeous Grand Hotel - Explore a variety of locations, from hotel lounge to luxury hotel room - Captivating story line - A wide variety of objects to search & puzzle to solve - Solve the hotel mysteries by PICTURE, SILHOUETTES & WORDS Theres a rumor saying that some precious treasures are hidden in this old Grand Hotel. Even after a few centuries, still, nobody is able to find anything right there. Yet, people keep talking about these ...

Developer: Mysteries & More Inc [email protected]

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About: This is a physics puzzles game. The goal of the game is simple - to move the green figure at the truck. To do this, you have a crayon and brains. Use them to perform the physics task. Just draw your decision. Draw as well as you do it crayon. Any design that you draw become physical objects that can interact to physical objects in the game. You can see all dots of your image thanks to a special display at the top left of the screen. There is no only one correct solution. Can you find the ...

Developer: WoogGames [email protected]

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About: Roller Paint is a roller splat game for painting the maze ! You will be given a shape to paint ! In Maze, you must choose correct directions in order to make the identical shape ! Play this unique new exciting painting puzzle game for FREE! Swipe up, down and all around to send you paintball rolling through the maze as you splash, splat and sploosh color Roller Paint Splat is the azaming free roller splating game ! FEATURES - Unique and fun puzzles levels - Smooth and satis...

Developer: Martin Garr Games [email protected]

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About: Very simple - straight forward memory game. See the numbers on the screen and try to press them in ascending order. This application is not a memory test. It does not show you how smart you are. It is a memory training application where you try to develop your visual and memory skills in one particular game. The game is inspired from the Chimpanzee Ayumu. "Ayumu (born 2000) is a chimpanzee currently living at the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University. He is the son of ch...

Developer: G Boson Interactive [email protected]

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About: Once upon a time in the cold world of a lonely planet, the sun was born. And everything became bright and colorful. That is the very beginning of our story - the tale about the EcoBalance world. The Sun was lonely and didnt have friends, so it decided to travel a bit. It left the home cell and soon made three friends. When they met together, they had so much fun, that the real ecoboom! has happened. It became the start of the evolutionary chain - a flower was born. Time has passed, and fl...

Developer: PAMPAM LLC [email protected]

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About: Draw Blocks The Awesome Drawing Puzzle! **"Draw Blocks" is a puzzle game that is fun and challenging. I can't stop playing this! -- WeDigitalsnews ** Drawing and Filling the maps are very addictive! - WhichAppsAreAdditive? ** Draw Blocks is a unique Puzzle for Drawing and Filling ^^ - BigAppnova Draw the various Objects as specified in the top direction box on vacant Blocks at the bottom with your finger. When there is no vacant block, you win! Snappy drawing of the Objects is depe...

Developer: BeetleGames [email protected]



Unblock Me FREE Reviews and Comments:

The release is nice but they deliever very vulgar banners. The banners are abusive from Helo release. You guys could at least see the banners before publishing them on your blog. I would not recommend your release to anyone.
~ Nitul Sahu
nice to have if u need to slay some time..great for commuters,and keeps ur brain active..great one. five stars.
~ Andy
This is a nice release really nice for developing the spacial part of your brain. It's also a lot of fun&l can feel myself getting smarter each time l test.
~ A Google user
Nice release. I would certainly suggest you download it. Note to dev: Add some release modes.
~ Md Shohidul Islam
love the release, but... it IS a nice tiny time waster... for me it's usually cute calming BUT...you (the developers) need to place an exit button in that will back up all actual progress. I've had to replace my device twice in the last year and I've lost [literally] HUNDREDS of releases of progress! this last time I was up over 1800, then when I had to replace my device I ended up back just over 1200. that's the only reason I gave it 3 instead of 5 stars.
~ Paul Freeland
30 second banners each 2 lvls. No thanks!! If I should, I would have given it a -5!! Nice release, but without the banners! DO NOT INSTALL!
~ A Google user
Excellent puzzle release, I just want it saved my accomplished lvls to my profile and not my device. I have had this release through 3 different devices and I hardly test it anymore because I'm bored of having to replay all my lvls just to obtain to where I left off.
~ Gypsy Rain A
Giving this a nice 5 since it's not giving me those banners because I turn off my time when testing. You can do that instead of complaining about the banners 🙄 keept it up, more themes pls!
~ Yang bie
Forces banners each several lvls even in the guide. Not fun enough for forced banners at random points. Don't bother downloading.
~ James Hansen
wow it's nice dode . I loved it. it's super doper cool. I suggest you to install this one ♡♥:-D ;-)★♧ some are treky and I this release if u can't understand or can't solve there is a tip at bottom which will support u solve . And in ur want u should skip the trouble. even u will love it a lot
~ A Google user
this release has potential for a nice mind walkthrough release but it has soooooo many banners that popping as you test the release. its kinda annoying!!! uninstalling for actually for that reason.
~ Aldog Gia
its a lot of lvl's, i got the calculator and i got about 18,500 lvl's. WOW.....this is like a life release. it might last that long possible. just the starter bunch of lvl's have about 2,000 lvl's. nice luck getting through all the lvl's:)
~ David Smith
I would definitely suggest this release for you to download if you wish to challenge your brain! one flaw is the lvls should be harder or you should have release modes
~ KittenLover 247
played over 1000 lvls then got a newest device and started over. I test it anytime I've got time to slay... doctors office, etc. Thanks for such a fun release!
~ Bill Guy
Been a nice release for years.
~ Miyazaki Uchiha
Enjoyable release. To create it more challenging, go into settings. I expected it to obtain progressively harder as I played, so for days I was stuck in simple mode...my terrible.
~ Jay Dude
Too many banners LONG banners. You are forced to spend more time viewing the 30 second banners than you do now testing the release. Another than that, it's s really fun, well designed release. :/
~ Jolynne Gordon
One of the finest unlock puzzle releases out there. doesn't take up too much storage zone, very light on the device, a several banners but its okay.
~ Elvis D'souza
I really like it . :-) :-) :-)
~ Rehab Arshad
nice release, but waaaaay too many banners. The banners are all 30 secs long and you cannot close them. They hit each 2-3 rounds. I understand the devs need to create dollars and that there is an option to buy, but I think a better balance can be found to prevent the banners from destroying the release.
~ Jackson
Finest release ever ive been testing for a long time
~ Derpy Animations
I like the release a lot a spend a lot of time on it, I don't wanna be on the most critical review but once I downloaded it I opened it it claimed unlock me nonpaid has unfortunately stopped and opened it again 10 more times but did the same thing.
~ A Google user
This release has been with me through the numerous devices i have switched. Personally i search this puzzle not too taxing, indie, chillaxed with just the right balance between reward and challenge. When i run out of things to solve or short on time, this release has been with me all the idea through. Lastly its smooth design and fx sound may fill that swipe addiction you were looking for
~ Dr. NeoSage
I love this release, I have finished 2,450 puzzles actually, and I'm not even through a quarter of how many there are. I don't test many device releases, but this is an exception. Unlock Me has outlasted 2 or 3 of my devices so far, and I've enjoyed this release for around 3 to 4 years or so. Definitely have no complaints, there are occasional banners, but most of them can be closed instantly, or if there's a 30 second banner, there is a skip option that comes up after about 5 to 10 seconds. Would r8 higher if I should
~ Jamison Bradfield
The actual release is nice, I enjoy testing. But the experience is fully destroyed by the 30 second ads that test each 5 releases. A shame. It never used to be like this... While I adopt a nonpaid release has to create dollars somehow, this is excessive.
~ Si Bryant
Love the release, but if you think your gonna create me sit thru a 30 second add in order to test this or any another release. Well guess again. I just deleated your release. A timed 30 second add was a stupid concept. Also there are few others that are nonpaid and dont require you to sit thru a 30 second add.
~ Jim Lee
Been testing this release since it came out. So easy, so many lvls, multiplayer is a thing actually, still being modernized--one of my favoured apps of all time. Honestly one of the last several fun, nonpaid apps that don't clobber you with banners or test to slurp your dollars with microtransactions.
~ Joel Membribe
Relaxing and entertaining puzzle release.
~ Christopher Christian Sanchez
i like this release because it supports me trouble solving.
~ Shaleyah Livingston
Love it. Nice challenging lvls and fun to test.
~ Rose Newberry
this tricky releases is very important to everyone specially in it has a tons of tracks..... I like it and hop you would all.... thank u
~ Tharun Ronal Lee
My mom and I both have this release installed. It's fun in some idea
~ Angel Maxxine Ladisla
I'm going to f*** this developer.Bcz I used lucky patcher to mod this release but i cannot.So i just downloaded Modded ver.Actually i have no banners and Infinite tricks.Thanks developer🤣🤣🤣
can you please optimise it for full screen device.. release is shown like testing on tiny screen small because screen becomes black in the empty zone
~ Amit Singla
2 to 5 mins between moves. waste of time. idea too many banners... Used to be a nice release...
~ Jon Edwards
It is a unbelievable release for each age group it has almost infinite puzzles.I have been testing it since 5 months I supppose and I have solved only 3000 out of them.
~ Namita Bansal
cool release but i reached a target where the commercials were so long and siezed the device where you couldn't exit out from them. time to uninstall and moved on.
~ jim fukoff
i normally like this release for those times when you are waiting in line or just need to slay some time. And I thought for such a easy release the file was kinda large. Then I tried to test, it and was stopped in between each lvl with a bunch of banners! unistalling it.
~ 31 Witches
too many adds. they are timed to pop up right after you run a lvl so when you are about to touch the screen to test, the full screen add pops up and you click it when you didnt mean to.
~ Matthew Runhart
I have been testing this release alot and i really love the challenges of the puzzles but recently i noticed the release keeps carshing if i test a puzzle after viewing the details and the release does not record the cleared lvls after solving it. please do fix this, Hold up the nice work!
~ j w