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About: To whoever is reading this right actually, when you read this, I was most likely dead already. The year was 2018 when things got tough. Right after those guys came to the world, they tried to take everything from us. Here is the memory I had from that nightmare Actually obtain into that guys memory and take control of a spacecraft. You need to grab everything in front you to create yourself bigger. The more you grab, the stronger you will be, and the higher you will obtain. So, obtain higher and present the world who their true lord is. How to test: Slide on your screen to control the direction of your spaceship. While you are aviating, grab as many things as possible on your idea to lvl you up. Create your spaceship bigger and stronger to victory the release Informations: Single and multiplayer modes A growing spacecraft Despoil everything Compete with others Earn more exp ... Show more
Genre: Adventure Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 36MB Developer: NoahCube Studio
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About: The Dark Souls - Ninja Warrior is a super addictive adventure game where your aim is to escape , kill and destroy your enemies to find the kung fu master from the all the trained dark souls and enemies who have captured the peaceful fun loving town of the dark samurai valley . Finish off the enemies to get into the survival island of the samurai Escape from the ninjago dark scary valley village as fast as you can to earn more samurai bonus points . Ninja warrior comes in the category of an en...

Developer: Codenextlabs [email protected]

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About: Rush to reach the machine to travel back in time! Avoid the different obstacles! Are you fans of trunkgoku, vegetaz, friezaz, Android 18 or God of Destruction? You must play this game "Z Dragon Jump Racing Saiyan Escape". Return from the future and destroy the legendary black goku and rescue 12 universes. Join this game, you can be a member of the saiyan battle and gain many powerful skills: - Extreme Final Flash: Special attack technique and signature of SSGSS vegeta. - Kaioken X10: ...

Developer: BNRuning [email protected]

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About: Ryan Fly is an endless run 2d game and very popular in the world An amazing journey within the variety of one amongst the simplest journey games. enlarge everything around and improve your superhero by creating him stronger during this impressive journey. could be a 2k19, free, fun and inventive game: jump, and escape any rock or saw or something that attempt to doodle your world. Collect most pizzas on your thanks to the legend of the good world. As we have a tendency to same that it is a ...

Developer: Your Little Park [email protected]

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About: Google Play Indie Games Festival LATAM finalist in 2018. Indie Prize Award Winner at Casual Connect USA 2017. Forget everything you think you know about cyber-attacks. In FHACKTIONS you will become a real hacker! The blackout has happened. Humans and artificial intelligences lost everything. All systems collapsed. Global networks went down. The world order has ended. Identity, possessions, and peoples history were entirely lost with their databases. All States have been under an endu...

Developer: Posibillian Tech S.A. [email protected]

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About: Play the trial for FREE! Pay once & complete the adventure! As a vampire hunter, youre sent aboard the Mississippi River cruise and must find the one carrying an ancient artifact that could cause a huge disaster. Follow the clues to your target before time runs out! CAN YOU CATCH THE VAMPIRE AND SEIZE THE VIAL OF LIGHT? You find Benjamin Brooks nestled in his coffin, fingers clutching a vial of pure light. Why is he guarding it and what powers does it hold? BE CAREFUL WHO YOU TRU...

Developer: Big Fish Games [email protected]

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About: DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not associated in any way with Mojang AB. Minecraft Name, Minecraft Mark and Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with _guidelines Residents in MCPE were always not very active and were afraid of any monsters. Living Village Mod is aimed at transforming residents to make them more lively and useful, and also make them more simi...

Developer: Vcraftmodsstudio [email protected]

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About: You are in a twisty maze of passageways, all alike... Somewhere nearby is Colossal Cave, where others have found fortunes in treasure and gold, though it is rumored that some who enter are never seen again. Magic is said to work in the cave. 430 point version of the classic text-based game that started it all. While this was not the first text-based computer game, it broke new ground and inspired generations of gamers and programmers alike. Just a few of the memorable lines from the ...

Developer: EC Software Consulting [email protected]


Similar Games Like Best Escape Games 251 Rescue The Grasshopper  Alternatives
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About: In this game, you came to see the beauty of a river forest. But unfortunately, you missed the way out from the forest. You need to escape from the forest by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzles. Click on the objects to interact with and solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!...

Developer: Best Escape Games Studio [email protected]

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About: The Amazing Game from MBC "Ramadan Yegma3na" Its the official Game "Ramadan Yegma3na" starring the much loved Characters of MBC. With High Quality, 3D Game Play its guaranteed to capture your imagination and take you on a Journey with your Favorite Characters .. the challenge is to see if you can collect them All! Choose your Avatar, Complete the Levels, Accomplish Missions .. The Fun Never Stops....

Developer: MBC Group [email protected]

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About: Ryan Adventure Toy is the best-selling adventure game. Best childhood games ! Super Ryan's run Toy World is the best amazing adventure game for Android and the wonderful Run anime. the run is a Toy challenging game that your Hero can jump, run and shoot enemies. If you are a fan of classic adventure, you will like this game. Super Super Ryan World is the best classic Toy adventure platform game. In this super world game you will have great adventure through wonderful old jungle. Beautiful Grap...

Developer: Andrey Medvinskiy [email protected]

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About: Super Neighbor Game Planet: - added new game locations - added new game characters - the neighbor became faster and faster - fixed bugs Be extremely careful - the hello new neighbor is a dangerous and unpredictable person who does not stop at anything, just to keep his dark affairs in secret! Hide from neighbor's video cameras, maneuver between traps, get into his house and find out what horror lies in the neighbor cellar! Arming with binoculars and try to follow the nei...

Developer: TomSiL [email protected]

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About: It is indeed a Merry Christmas! You can feel the holiday cheer and you can feel more of it outside of your room. There were a few palace type of houses in a beautiful and magnificent village. The place was beautiful to see. There was a little snowman living at that place. One day, that little snowman was unexpectedly stuck in a house. You come know this sad news. It is your duty to rescue the little snowman. Find clues hidden there to save that little snowman. The trick is to get all the clues t...

Developer: Best Escape Games Studio [email protected]

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About: This is a fun shooting game where you will play as a monster hunter and fight various demons and zombies in the tomb. You can experience the different effects of a variety of firearms in the game, in addition to the diversity of pets and equipment is also a feature of the game. Have a good time!...

Developer: IMCrazy [email protected]

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About: Sparta was a prominent city-state in ancient Greece. In antiquity the city-state was known as Lacedaemon, while the name Sparta referred to its main settlement on the banks of the Eurotas River in Laconia, in south-eastern Peloponnese.Around 650 BC, it rose to become the dominant military land-power in ancient Greece. all levels are Free, and the game becomes more complicated as you go on amazing jewels, and new special underwater match 3 adventures and rewards along the way. blow up the s...

Developer: Jewelery Studio Create Fun [email protected]


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About: If you're a lover of Red ball series, this game Red ball jump 4 Vol 2: Red journey ball is formed for you. during this chapter, Red ball continues to fight once more evil sq.s to avoid wasting the world planet from turning into a square form. Roll and jump your means through a deep forest and stop evil squares from taking up the globe. In this comeback of Red ball, players are going to be sure enough excited because of the wonderful and exciting commencement challenges. within the bouncing ba...

Developer: Joseph.Inc [email protected]

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About: Hello and welcome to the new neighbor Creepy Clown Neighbor in the neighborhood. Begin this amazing sighting with an evil clown in house escape mission. This scary neighbor is accomplishing some doubtful activities like planning a murder in nextdoor neighbor's. Enter the spooky clown's house and find when this neighboor will execute clown robbery or clown killing, try to deceive the clown from attacking. Don't angry the clown by getting caught in the neighbor game. This creepy creature is maki...

Developer: Juego Squad [email protected]

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About: Welcome To Super Teacher : Basic Math Game & School Escape ! This is a Math game where you have to collect All the Math notebooks and try to escape from Monsters & enemies and Find the Exit . You can also collect a lot of items and use them to send enemies away . - Every Notebook has Math questions , Test your Math education and learning skills and get yourself out from school . Enjoy Playing ! Read Privacy Policy Link below For collecting data policy....

Developer: Gear Third Apps [email protected]

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About: The Amazing Frog vs shark Game Smilulator is a really nice adventure and action game with a very funny frog and a monster shark, simple and free of charge, beautiful graphics. You can challenge amazing enemies or explore a beautiful and big city. It offers smooth control which is very easy to learn. In This game you may be the most amazing frog of all kinds and destroy the monster shark that kills all people and frogs in the city. Thank you for download " Frog vs Shark ". Go give a try!...

Developer: Wejy Games Stduis [email protected]

Similar Games Like New Human Fall Flat! ALL LEVELS! Alternatives
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About: This Mobile Game It's perfect for beginners and intermediate players, you can feel the best experience to play the game. This little human is The stronger and spidy and clumsy and funny and wresttler and smarter human flats ever know in history of free games , so he is the winner but theres a trick for won, This app let you know how to play, also tricks and informations to win....

Developer: Ado16-Games [email protected]

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About: Play as asta and many more characters from black clover universe in this exciting fighting games . Best Game in the World with over 50 Levels . Play and enjoy...

Developer: Modolx [email protected]



UFO.io Reviews and Comments:

These releases are FUN and they obtain more challengeing. Hope everyone plays and see first hand these releases are really fun and challenge your mind!!! ☺
~ Marjorie Guerrero
Very nice release, not too hard like the another releases I played before, it's more relaxing and very addictive, that's why I enjoy it so much
~ Effie Gingerich
Since downloading this release I started having banners popup randomly even when I wasn't testing the release. Uninstalled and haven't had any troubles since.
~ Jonathan Blaylock
very fun and addicting! I love this release but it's fixed. I usually come in first zone often on classic mode. It's not challenging :(
~ Evans Violet
the release is all right it would be better if it had more lvls like a night Town Vegas things like that it's one castle and that's it it's not that much fun if it's only one castle add more cities to it so it'll be fun though
~ jasen stangle
This release is really fun, not only are trying to eat all of the recipients, cars, buildings, and islands and its ao much fun and its crazy.
~ Matha Rozanne
It a fun release to test with dudes and families i really enjoying this pretty release i feel that i am in video so many pretty territories and steps are available in this release specially finest is for babes i recommend you use this
~ Akinza Butt
it is really simple and enjoyable,i just don't like the banner too much showing up on the screen,it need to be moved off,i suggest another player to join it
~ Kathryn Ward
This release is super fun I just think that on the classic ver when the release first runs and you haven't sized up at all yet, there could be more meal just so that it's fair. yeah that's it
~ Michael Gallagher
This release is so addictive! I just want there were more styles of gameplay available, like a freeform opened-ended test mode. And unlockable maps of true-globe cities.
~ Opal Stevens
Very addicting and super fun!!! I love it, though I want there were more modes but another than that it super nice *
~ Imran Mano
Nice Fun. Slowly getting addicted to this easy, yet enlightening and fun release... Don't test this release during lunch, you will search hard to go back to work.
~ Nicola Swindle
This release is fun and entertaining. I would definally suggest thus release . So please download this release so you can obtain the same fun as what im getting. I probably test this release for at least a couple of hours every day. I really don't like releases but I saw an banner and I was like lets test it out, and I d...
~ Michael Baker
I attempted to contact the dev about an iasue with this release, and his shady billing - there was no threr day trial on thr VIP, it charged me right off - and the correspondence came back as undeliverable. Skip this release and shady dev.
~ Steven Zimmerman
I love this release!! It's addictive! The troubles I've had with it have been fixed! Thanks for adding a newest map. I look forward to the addition of more maps in the future, hopefully. Also, maybe add a idea to hold up with your rank, ex. each 200 pts it claims "Rank Up!" I hold ranking up but I can't claim ...
~ Kevin Towne
Really fun tiny time waster. I'd give it 5 stars, but there's some terrible graphics troubles on one of the maps that makes it a really terrible experience. Otherwise, I love it!
~ Stein Adriana
i love it so much i test it all day long! its my favret release in the globe! if you like bilding this is the release for you ! there is so much to search !!!
~ Lori Price
A great release to slay time, but it would be great to have some bonus missions or to be able to "buy" something with all the stars you can earn.
~ Camelia Kyra
the release is great .but sometimes it freezes if you don't know what I mean is when you touch the electronic and when you tap it ,it is not working .overall the release is nice and everything.
~ Steve Ritter
The release is the finest out of all the "io" releases plus the release has so many different types of users and skins that is why I'm rating the release at a 5 star "io" release.
~ Shawn Currier
Very relaxing, and fun to test! it's one of the several easy releases I like! I love all of the funny tiny skins too. However, this release would be even better if I should test versus others!
~ Carroll Allen
This is my favoured release right actually! It's simple to test, yet it's challenging enough to hold me interested, and not so impossible to victory that I lose all interest. The graphics are beautiful and the banners are short. Nice job!
~ Byron Gooch
Just cannot stop testing this release,search myself testing late at night when there’s nothing watchable on the tele,at least you don’t obtain repeats on the release Large!! Large!! Plus
~ Ryan Turner
ufo.io is the finest! I am testing and i got first zone all the time and eat as much as i can! and i became largest and then is times up. i got first zone!!!! eeeeeeekkkkk!!!! 😄😄
~ Frieda Arvilla
One of the finest releases i ever played.. I just couldn't stop testing it. Actually I completed it, I dont know what to do next. Thank you so much, and plz create more release's of the same lvl of enjoyment
~ Mina Kai
I would give this release 5 stars but please fix this when I stop moving the ship just for a split second it comes to a dead stop sometimes for 20 to 30 seconds it's very irritating considered I have spent dollars on this and a lot of time and I really enjoy this release please fix this thank you very much
~ WarPathN8v
Its very addictive! I played it for three hours straight once! I VERY much suggest this release for those that enjoy an optional challenge or those who are too wimpy to war anyone! (like me! 😸)
~ Provenzano Aviles
The release is fun except for the amount of times you can test. But the largest pain is that while the release is closed, its banners will hold popping up shutting down my another apps.
~ Robert Eubank
I absolutley ove this release so much!!! :) And I'm usually usually the master, so. Not to be bragging! But yeah. I really like this release a lot. And everything about it is so much fun!!!!!!
~ Swindle Jannet
This is an nice release! Me and my family test it. It hasn't even glitches once whilst testing! I can't claim that there's any troubles! This release is great. Many, many recipients think the same as me; this release deserves 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟! The skins are nice as well. I like how you have to unblock all the ski...
~ Shannon Eller
Nice release, needs more content though, more release modes, different maps, online test and not just local, more customization options for holes... Should potentially be a nice release! Can't wait until it does
~ Denice Littlejohn
This release is super fun I should test it all day!But some recipients just troll you and they hold eating you and that makes it not that fun, but besides that, this release is so much fun I would recommend you to download this release.
~ Jenee Amal
This release is fun and entertaining. I would definally suggest thus release . So please download this release so you can obtain the same fun as what im getting. I probably test this release for at least a couple of hours every day.
~ Shan Biondo
Constant launching of Fb through web browser. Played 2 speedy releases, found 7 tabs newly opened on my browser trying to access Fb. I don't believe anything trying that aggressively to obtain into my profile. Too terrible, fun release. Uninstalled.
~ Devin Bridgford
DO NOT INSTALL!!! This release will cause adds to appear on your device even when it is just running in the background. They pop up while texting, writing correspondences, testing another releases, etc. DO NOT INSTALL!!!
~ Matthew Shaw
I like the release but the adds were a bit distracting and it's fun to test with sound, also test to enhance the graphics more.. But yeah I still like it... It's really fun and nice time aggressor. 😊❤ hold it Up
~ Philipps Pandora
Least fun .io, would be better if they had nice controls, especially stating out. Also limits how many releases you can test with a bogus energy system that forces you to watch full banners or test for a several mins between recharges. This is how greedy recipients crash a nice release idea.
~ Meghan Rader
its sooo terrible lmao. the controls are terrible. its not just a easy "Drag your finger along the screen where you wish to go " noo its this awkward joystick thing thata on the screen that indicates where your finger is.. idk its just terrible! lol super laggy. This should all obtain better if they up their release in the upgrades, but rn as it stands, it sucks and after a entire 2 days of trying to obtain over the overall quality of the release, im deleting this release to create zone for something better lol Nice luck
~ Victoria B
This is a really fun release and I search it very time killing and supports you with finger movement because of how your suppose to transport the hole. Not only does this slay time it also envolves challenges. These challenges are fun and some can be simple to achevie. And you can test it offline too! I really hop...
~ Arthur Derossett
terrible, the release is basically the same thing as large baller and hole.io, i wouldnt have a trouble with this if it DIDNT GIVE ME ADS ON MY HOME SCREEN, This release literally runs in the background and gives banners on any release you are on and even launch up chrome and present banners there so that they obtain dollars off it, this is a really annoying thing to happen so i recommend never downloading it, if you wish to test a release related to it test hole.io, it doesnt give you banners everywhere
~ Exetric