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About: The official Way League Skateboarding small release. The ultimate skateboarding sim. Note: Real Skate only comes with a single skate park and includes bonus content only available by In-Soft buy. See below. Informations: - Realistic touch based physics that give an authentic skateboarding experience. - Deck wear. Scuff up your Deck. - Drag your finger on the ground to push. - A pretty skate park to obtain lost in including ledges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe and quarter pipes. (Extra skate parks are available as an In-Soft Get) - Slow motion. - Rewind - Customer challenges - Replay viewer - Global leaderboards. Accessible by IN-APP PURCHASE only: - Extra skateparks and territories. - Way League Skateboarding courses. Optional IN-APP PURCHASES: (The same content is also available for nonpaid by spending Real Credits earned by doing tri ... Show more
Genre: Sports Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 73MB Developer: True Axis
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True Skate Reviews and Comments:

The release has minor glitches-either idea I used in release currency to buy a certain color of wheels but it doesn't appear. And yeah I've tried both boards, it's still the orginal color of wheels.
~ Enzo
It's a fun release but when i tried to transfer my real skate from an mobile to an ios device all the maps that i purchased didn't present up. It turns out i have to buy everything again which is expensive because i have a lot of parks. I hope you can fix this trouble to create the release better and because i don't wish to rebuy everything again.
This release is terrible, but where do I run? In-release purchases, I guess. Listen. Do you know what you don't do? I'll claim you. Create a paid release pay-to-have-fun. Don't know what that is? Step 1: Take an already mediocre release. Step 2: Create it 2 dollars create all the cool equipment either behind a paywall or have to be gotten with in-release currency. There. That's exactly what not to do.
~ Shane Reynolds
The release is fun but there are a lot of bugs. here are the following bugs: 1。 I obtain on the release and the map goes black. 2。 If I should manage to fix it, the map goes back to normal but my deck runs to glitch out - the deck becomes invisible and it reveals the trucks which are just black -or the entire deck is there but its just conpletely black 3。 (one of the worst) I change the design of one deck but then it also changes all of my another decks. 4。 sometimes parts of the map would go black.
Finest release ever.. Had to buy it twice when got an iPhone ..But still test it on my device. love skating Love Park n The Berrics! ** could have online so you should skate versus recipients in releases of SKATE
~ Dave West
I've had this release for almost a year and I use it all the time, the mechanics are smooth and the visuals are nice. The skate park included has cute much anything you should need or wish and the 3 SLS course I bought are fun and memorable
~ Brady Inskeep
Its finest for you to spend your dollars elsewhere on a more complete release. The release just gives you the tiniest most cramped up map from the obtain go and anyother option they present to you requires true dollars. you are basically paying for an incomplete release. The release itself is really fun. I just want it was sold at a higher price but with most of the informations and skate parks available for nonpaid at the run. selling this for cheap but lock everything up with IAPs is just misleading.
~ Spazzsticks
not what I expected from a device release worth 2 dollars and backed by sls. just wants all my dollars and can't handle easy actions like connecting to Fb without rebooting. I'm disappointed. this should be so much better. boooooo!!!!
~ Rocky Todd
nice release, too many things you have to buy for the release to stay interesting, i already purchased the release but actually i have to spend other 5 - 10 dollars just to hold having fun. its cute dumb
~ Luke Chappy
nice release, usually one of the first installed on any newest device. played it for years. Love the newest oldschool decks! The physics seems to have gone a bit wonky since the last modernization (manuals particularly seem a bit broken atm) I completely believe the devs to obtain it sorted quick.
~ Paul Tapping
It took 10 mins to search a idea to close the release. a lot of newest versions hide the exit option inside of multiple lists and create it hard to access your home button. Product used to be much better, cheaper, and less entrapping.
~ Jonathan Cervantes
This release is very realistic with the most nice graphics you can ever ask for. Real Skate definitely deserved a 5 star rating from me, and could from another recipients as well. Definitely worth the buy and the time used on this release.
~ Jaime Favela
Its such a nice release to learn skate boarding tricks and their names. The challenge makes you addicted to it which is the fun part! It is also very fun! I suggest it for recipients interested in skateboarding. ❤
Finest skating release in the entire release shop! When you run up the release instead of you being forced to do the guide you can not do it so you can join in the fun when you run up the release. But there are some glitches like how you obtain your skateboard launched up in the sky and there is so much transactions that I maybe like a EA release. Still fun though!
~ Jeff Young
this is an nice release. I love the style and the gameplay and all that. the only thing i would like to be place in it is the ability to create your own skate parks, if you place that in it would be great 👌
~ Captain Camo
This release is probably the finest skateboarding release out there, including all of the skate releases and the tony hawk releases HOWEVER this release is buggy as F*UCK, for example: if the release is loading and I run pushing, the screen will turn black 70% of the time, sometimes the textures bug and the trick names turn into black blocks, more than so if I test the release long enough, my entire skateboard OR the map will turn black and the most amnoying one, my goddamn colourful wheels turning into plain whites.
~ Gintaras Grikstas
this release is very fun to test and the controls aren't terrible, but the camera is a tiny annoying sometimes, but that's not a large trouble. The largest trouble was the shop. Everything takes idea to much work to unblock and alot of things you have to pay for with true dollars. if it weren't for the shop, this would be 5 stars.
~ Scrumble Bump
It's not as realistic as advertised, you use one finger for all the tricks, making everything feel unnatural and clunky to a skateboarder who uses TWO feet, not ONE foot. Otherwise, I should see someone having fun with it, it's just weird to me though. I would suggest touchgrind skate if you are looking for a "realistic" experience.
~ Cal3bplays 101
It is nice,actually my only trouble (this is not a bug) is that I have looked around the test shop and found no skatepark originator release.your release to me is the finest skateboard release so maybe you should add in a skatepark originator? I think that quite a lot of recipients would love that.but anyways I love the release and all the skateparks
~ Julian Clark
I thought that PAYING FOR THE GAME would let me to use literally any another skatepark but nope! Just hold paying! Receive ready to pay idea too much for this release.
~ Garret Osos
Nice! Possibly the finest skating release I have ever played, i took one star off though for the idea you have to unblock equipment. Bonus dollars for the parks and an insane amount of in release credits needed to earn for unlocking cosmetics and equipment. You can just obtain the base release which comes with just one park and be fine though but you will be tempted by the parks!
~ Shawn Hadfield
Fun Physics Greedy Devs I've played this release for years, the Physics and Mindless gameplay keeps me coming back. However the Devs clearly wish more dollars and to invade your policies. They give you one park when your buy the release.The in release points are a joke for buying gear. It usually prompts you to sign into Fb (so they can obtain more time about you to sell for banners) If you claim not actually it will prompt you later when you come back to the release.It will hold popping up until you close the release
~ AJ Argie
I've never seen a release that is so nice and so terrible at the same time. A real to pay to test. In actual skateboarding, it takes precise foot movement and years of practice to control the board. Imagine trying to do a kick flip with only one foot. That's what this release makes you do. Allow me claim this...I landed a "late triple varial hard flip" before landing a kickflip. The nice part is the physics and amount of tricks you can do...and by do I mean do by accident when just trying to skate around.
~ Patrick Gallagher
Absolutely love this release. Variety of fun, like riding a virtual tech deck. The parks are nice and and the way spots are nice. The only amendments I'd create is to fix up the entire fakie, switch stance. When you use the fakie/switch/spin switch it is incorrect. Example. If you holding the spin cam button and you pop off the nose that could read as fakie and not nollie. And if you pop off the tail it could read as switch. It really could be a easy fix. And maybe banner tricks like disasters and body jars. Otherwise I'm super impressed and fun.
~ Brandon From Oz
Nice physics and graphics, runs very smooth even on not so high-spec devices (like mine). Sadly, it's very unstable and glitchy: the text and the menu glitches a lot (only black squares can be seen). I love the release and everything, but PLEASE, don't create recipients pay for everything! The release is already super, and I hate the fact that I can't obtain access to newest parks or another cool equipment in the release without paying even more. Please, this is not EA guys
~ Joolio
Nice release but there's one glitch. Most times I launch the release and allow it load and do the opening animation, the text doesn't load correctly and turns into black columns. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall but it is still a trouble.
~ DeltaWindz
Something wrong with a changing wheel color. I have two skateboards in release and one of it is with yellow wheels and one is with default color. I was riding a lot with a first one and then I peek skate with white wheels. After I returned to first the wheels are still white. I don't know what's happened and is this a true reason of it cos at that time I have changed deck color. Hope you will support me with that trouble. Sorry for mistakes English isn't my mother tongue. Except this the release is perfec
~ Георгий Канунников
This release is fun, there are only a several troubles with the release. The release is addictive, I've been testing It for months and each time I've played it, it was enjoying. flipping and riding feels nice. Having settings to mess around and have more fun is a nice Way in my opinion. my only complaint is the online. The online in this isn't all that nice. I think there could be servers you should join to skate with random recipients. anyway the release is really fun and well worth the price.
~ Dragonov
Why did I pay for something that just wants more dollars to create it fun? you obtain one mediocre map. The physics could be slightly more exasperated to create combinations possible; it's possible to do a easy flip or shove it, maybe a tiny grind....
~ Aaron Crisp
Crashes constantly when I test to apply custom photos to my deck and I want I should transport the photo around to create it fit the idea I wish it another than only having one option. I hope you will fix this trouble and add a idea to transport photos around. Thanks
~ Juicy Noods
It would be better if we should buy maps with the dollars in the release it is just one tiny boring park and all of the maps are with dollars and when I purchased a map I didn't obtain it the I entered the release again black screen in front of me I wasted all my dollars on such a stupid dumb release like this worst release ever just a waste of dollars
~ Gamer Ali AliGOSH
This release is nice! I love to test it to slay time and also its very realistic. The reason it is getting 4 stars is that the clip recording only helps Everyplay, which to my knowledge was shut down. Instead, I want it would claim where to post it, or download it as a video.
~ Neo
each time i buy something (skateboard or skat park) the next day i would launch the release and then it wouldn't be in the release. and yes i do check the restore perchses part of the menu. so nice buy dollars ( it happend with my real crdits as we'll).but still an nice release
~ lekagutry
i payed $2 for this release and it only gave me one map. the map is quite tiny, you have to spend at least a dollar to obtain other map. the computing is buggy and this is a stressful release that is annoyingly addictive because you test to do equipment without it messing up. dont buy it.
~ engulferofcheetos72
There are troubles when I am testing on my samsung galaxy s10. When in record mode going to the right seems as if the skateboard is tilting to the left. When you are in the air spinning to the left and right are switched up and doesnt seem very controllable, please fix these troubles! I am testing this release for like 6 years actually!
~ Twan Oei
it's a nice release, but there are just too many bugs. More than half the time the text is fully black and you can't claim what it claims, and on mobile don't obtain excited about clip recordings because it won't wont. release just crashes. I suggest release be removed or patched
~ Cameron Haines
This release was incredibly hard at first. Board control seemed impossible so I switched to the Skater release. I got bored with how simple it was and run testing Real Skate more. It only took about 2 hours of test time to obtain a feel for the physics and then it was a BLAST. Absolutely love it actually, and I won't ever go back to the Skater release.
~ Michael Nehamkin
I wish to love this release but a couple of things prevent it from being the nice release it should be. The controls need to be refined. The system is overall easy, but it somehow doesn't test out consistently. Many missions are impossible, and the demonstration board moves in ideas the user can't: speedy with no pushing, jumps much farther and higher than the user can, and moves without the essential swipes. Often tricks don't register, and a successfully executed target still effects in a fail.
~ Gregory Heckroth Baisch
Been testing this release for a several years actually, can't fault it. Graphics are nice, gameplay is hard, but with practise it becomes a lot easier. I only ever test in realistic mode, as I search the normal mode too.. well, unrealistic. I want they would launch up challenges to the unrealistic mode. Definitely worth the dollars! I've purchased a lot of the skateparks and they're nice!
~ Scott Burns
Nice release, been testing it for years actually. It's helped me slay time in long lines, and substantial wait times at the Doc's. There is a bit of a learning curve, As far the in release purchases go they wont break the bank. My only recommendation is to create "Manuals" a tiny easier to preform. And some of the trick variations are off but with so many possibilities I guess it doesn't really matter as they are still possible visually. Thankyou to the Devs for providing the finest Skate release on the supermarket!
~ Hydro Pwnics