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About: Take a crack at Google Tests most downloaded trivia release! Step up your quiz release answering fun general trivia questions! Love releases with dudes? Challenge dudes and family to fun trivia questions! Prove you are the smartest not only by answering trivial questions, but by suggesting multiple-choice questions in this quiz release. Present the globe how smart you are while you learn newest fun and interesting facts with the globes finest trivia release. Be the star of the finest release for quizzes! Play your knowledge in six different genres led by exciting characters. Spin Willy the Wheel and allow fate decide where to run your quiz question releases. Cant obtain enough trivia for way trips? Tito will share his globe-class Geography knowledge for all your way trip trivia needs. Can you guess which country has a castle named Batman? Albert is the go to guy when it com ... Show more
Genre: Trivia Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 98MB Developer: Etermax
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About: Play all your favorite games in daily live championship with cash prizes. Get ready to compete with your friends against thousands of players. Play your favorite games and win real cash prizes. New games are added every week!...

Developer: RDV Entertainment [email protected]

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About: Can you guess the word and unlock all the levels? Each puzzle contains four pictures that have one word in common. Play hundreds of puzzles that become more challenging as you progress. The more puzzles you can solve, the more levels you will unlock. Features: - More than 1300 puzzles (and growing!) organized in over 50 levels - Facebook Connect: enables you to compete with your friends and ask them for help! - Scoreboard where you can compare your ranking with friends. - Game progres...

Developer: MSI Apps [email protected]

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About: Geo Challenge is a fun and challenging geography quiz game with beautiful graphics and animation to test your geography knowledge of the world. This exciting geography game comes with 4 mini-quiz to test your knowledge in 4 categories: country flags, country borders, major cities of the world and famous landmarks around the world. Complete all 4 categories in a single challenge. Each mini-quiz lasts for 60 seconds. Answer as fast and accurate as possible. Extra bonus and time are awarded for con...

Developer: Wetpalm [email protected]

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About: The Indian Elections have just begun and the candidates running for the post of Prime MInister are out on the streets in their campaigning coaches. Poll Khol is a trivia game for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019. Vote and support for your favourite leader highlighting your choice for the next Prime Minister of India. India Poll Khol Features: * Vote for the political leader you like and dislike for the next Prime Minister of India in 2019. * Share your opinion regarding various iss...

Developer: Game InfoTech [email protected]

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About: Standout amongst other new game l Baldi Basics l Education Game 2018 on the store where numerous l baldi's of Basics l for Education the difficulties and Learning are great and lovely and the most imperative highlights: This is now the best Featears ! baldi Basic Education & Learning in School is a quick indie horror game, fully 2D interactive, fun-time educational game that teaches a slew of subjects You need collect all 7 of the notebooks and escape the school, all while avoiding Baldi. ...

Developer: GH9BAL [email protected]

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About: BEST PHILOSOPHERS QUIZ Do you know who is considered the founder of the school known as the Cynics? How about other facts? How good is your philosophy knowledge? Let's find out! Join other Philosophers Quiz players now and have fun while you learn new facts about different thinkers! Install now this awesome free trivia game, read the questions and try to answer them! And better get your philosophy books if you plan to beat this game ;) Also remember to check out our other...

Developer: World of Quiz [email protected]

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About: All in all the texture block is ideal and puts a calm and great feeling. texture masks all that smartly and the shade combinations pass very well hand in hand. Have a study the images below to get a better draw close what makes this percent so properly. Build your house with a new set of furniture and equipment, equip rooms for a unique design for your family!! A free game is offered to the user with simple controls to create and survive in a beautiful sandbox with a craft. Use your imaginati...

Developer: BBBuckley [email protected]l.com


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About: BEST South Park QUIZ Game (UNOFFICIAL) Are you a real South Park fan? Do you think you know all the facts? Our SouthPark Quiz will let you test your knowledge! Install our awesome Trivia app, read the questions and try to answer them! How much do you remember? Don't forget to share the score with your friends to see who's the biggest fan! Download our Trivia now and show us what you've got! See you there! This is a fan made game that is made by a true fan that enjoys the ...

Developer: Man Of War Trivia [email protected]

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About: A fun MrBeast Quiz, can you get all answers right and be a beast just like MrBeast? Show us how smart you are! How much do you know about online sensation MrBeast? Test it with this Quiz!...

Developer: Appalistic [email protected]

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About: Numbers is a puzzle game targets smart and curious people who have the powerful search abilities, your mission is finding the missing numbers by exploring more tips and using your search ability. If you are one of the first ten winners who finish the game with keeping maximum amount of your coins and inviting more friends to play the game, then you will get an opportunity to win from 20-50$. How to win: 1 - See the question marks in the question part. 2 - Try to find the values of que...

Developer: Tamer H. Almurshidi [email protected]

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About: Do you call yourself an Marvel fan? We challenge that! Guess the Marvel Superhero and Complete the Marvel Superhero Quiz....

Developer: ViralCent [email protected]

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About: Not all the facts that we take for granted are really facts! Let's check out if you can separate the truth from fiction! Test yourself with world general knowledge quiz 2018 with some fascinating true or false questions and answers. Check your knowledge on history, geography, famous people, music and other random and interesting trivia and finally debunk some common widespread beliefs. Find out the real truth about some popular beliefs that are often actually wrong! Not everything ...

Developer: Smart Quiz Apps [email protected]

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About: If you are a true fan of Star vs the forces of evil, this unofficial game is for you. Here you will find images of all the characters of the famous series, such as: Star Butterfly, Marco Diaz, Tom, Hekapoo, Pony Head, among others. The game is quite simple, in each level a character from Star vs the Forces of Evil will appear and you will have to write his name. If you win you will receive coins that will allow you to advance faster in the game. If you do not know the name of a character ...

Developer: AppRo [email protected]

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About: Do you like the answers to the questions? Gods of Olympus, now in your smartphone! Check your knowledge in the history, myths and legends of ancient Greece, the mythology and history of the ancient world! According to the legends and myths of ancient Greece, you can recreate a picture of the world in the view of its ancient inhabitants. Thus, according to Greek mythology, the world was inhabited by monsters and giants: giants, one-eyed cyclops (Cyclops) and the mighty Titans - menacing childr...

Developer: QuizQuiz [email protected]


Similar Games Like English & Hindi Play Quiz  Alternatives
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About: English & Hindi Play Quiz is General knowledge based Quiz game for education purpose to improve your general knowledge.If you are planning for competitive exams or government job preparation for civil services for different state of india like MPSC, GPSC, UPSC and IPS, IAS and Bank exams etc. How to Play Quiz 1 This App contain 3 level Easy, Medium and Hard. Every level contain 16 level. 2 You have three Fifty-Fifty lifeline. 3 This game start first level when you give an incorrect answer...

Developer: Shepardzone [email protected]

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About: How many elephants can you stuff into the Empire State building? How many giraffes stacked up would reach the top of the Eiffel Tower? How big is that? How heavy? Learn more about the size of animals, buildings and other things with Crambles crazy object collection. Win the high score in Cramble Challenge Mode with clues and trivia questions. Impress friends with your knowledge of the number of squirrels that can fit inside an elephant and the weight of a Goliath Beetle. A perfect convers...

Developer: Roman Kalantari [email protected]

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About: If you love art, music and language, then this is the game for you! Adapted from Grammar Books. Read the grammar rules before starting the test for each level! Features 3 levels from Beginner to Intermediate and Advanced English level. Beautiful Music, Fine Art , Great English Knowledge. This version is more challenging with different difficulties for different speed of learning. You will find this game relaxing and fun when you work out the answers to the English questions while l...

Developer: Game Magician [email protected]

Similar Games Like Trivia Clan  Alternatives
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About: Trivia Clan is a daily single-elimination trivia competition where users can earn cryptocurrency. If users are able to correctly answer all questions in a given series, they will split the grand prize between other winners. Users will be able to spend Kin to receive categories ahead of the trivia game....

Developer: Trivia Clan [email protected]

Similar Games Like Airport Quizz Alternatives
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About: From JFK to CDG or from LAX to DXB? You know what we are talking about? Play the quiz and show it! No clue what it is about? Inform yourself with the search function. A huge database with several thousand IATA airport codes is waiting for you. For you travellers, cosmopolitans, planespotters, and aviation fans - the Airport Quizz...

Developer: Z2Apps [email protected]

Similar Games Like Guess the PIXAR character  Alternatives
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About: Guess the PIXAR characters shown in the picture. Use Hints for help when having trouble identifying the character. It's a very FUN game. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment on how we can improve the game....

Developer: Markie&Wynie [email protected]



Trivia Crack Reviews and Comments:

Nice release! Waaayyyy too many banners. Advertisement nonpaid is too expensive as well. Unless you really like trivia, it's not really worth it.
~ Andrew Jones
there are too many banners and the release has a poor ui each time I test to use it it fails. running two releases at once is nearly impossible because of all the banners that pop up
~ Jerry Spice
interesting release but I can't stand the infinite stream of pop-ups such as the one asking me if i need other test. it's extremely annoying and makes the experience rather unpleasant.
~ Jean Costa
I loved this release for a long time, but when I switched devices, the release just keeps giving me error messages. If the release is fixed, maybe I'll change my rating.
~ Caitlin McCauley
this release sucks, so many banners. message to developers, when you place banners in a release recipients will uninstall, this literally happens to each dying release.
~ Oochiensnaziey
idea to many adds. you cannot obtain past a question without a video if not 2 popping up. do not bother. as Justin William's would claim it's a poop sandwich
~ Ryan Green
90% of this "release" is watching banners. The release itself is fine, but it's not worth sitting through 30 second banners after each single spin.
~ Chris Topher
one of the informations does not advance you, freezes after 4 correct answers. Most questions are cute simple, but still challenging and fun.
~ cheryl young
after each 15 seconds you have to see an banner first..its not worth it recipients..dont waste your time installing it.
~ Danyal Hafeez
love the release. hate the banners. each ten mins there are russian sponsored pro trump banners and surveys. obtain politics out of releases! it is disgusting! he's a petulent internet bully that could not be allowed a forum.
~ Karen Holmes
i love this release / release. its full of knowledge , entertainment, and accurate to a fault. and that its nonpaid is truly a gift and greatly appreciated. hold up the nice work ethic trivia crack squad, for i appreciate it more than this review can claim you.
~ John Daly
I would give it zero stars if that was an option it's so glitchy and when I'm in the middle of answering a question a stupid banner will pop up and then I run out of time for my question never had a release/release be so glitchy before
~ Ariel Lindeland
I love this release. But i can no longer pick to test versus my dudes just random users. Also i have been randomly picked to test versus someone who speaks a different language and all my questions i obtain while testing versus them are in there language. i search that to be unfair. If i have to test random recipients at least allow it be recipients who speak the same language or at least give the questions to the user in there language. Do to these reasons i am only rating this release with 2 stars.
~ Brittany Emberley
Questions are timed, which is quite fine. What is not fine is the fact that a timed question pops up and then I'm stuck having to watch an ad while the question times out. Kudos to the code writers on that one. I will never download anything by Etermax again.
~ Robert Mahone
Constantly freezes up. You lose 2nd chances, releases, prize wheel. Constantly claims you have no internet, even when I'm sitting next to internet modem & wi-fi, and it is working fine!! They have to many releases, like Crown, target, etc and the bar they place them on, it's hard to see what you wish to do. could be a idea to hide them!?! I loved it in the beginning, but actually with freezes and clutter, it's become a chore, not fun!!
~ Nan Corch
the release is fun and the questions are quite nice. however, the release keeps freezing /destroying often the banner for a "township" release comes up. very frustrating
~ Tom Wright
The atrocious number of banners are terrible enough but actually they're allowing banners to hold opening the test shop between each transport and it takes multiple taps of the back button to obtain back to the release. About ready to uninstall!
~ R Klein
Fun release with a gigantic number of questions in every genre pool. But constant banners, some of which are unskipable. Click to respond a question? Advertisement. Receive it right? Advertisement. Receive it wrong? 2 Adverts. Advertisement. Advertisement. Advertisement.
~ Tito Lounge
If there weren't so many banners I would love it but they are far too frequent and long. Also, the banners are meant for like 5 year olds. Waste of my time that I am actually deleting.
~ Patrick Fallon
i love this release and am heart broken that the card machines still havnt gotten fixed so that i can use my gems to obtain newest cards for rewards!!!! i obtain gems all the time actually and can't do anything with them actually! literally i have 75 gems just wasting away!!! PLEASE FIX THIS AND I WILL ABSOLUTELY GIVE FIVE STARS!!!!!
~ Allison Hill
Nice but a lot of banners and sometimes it freezes so I lose a question, might be my device more than the release. I miss it when there were no breaks for banners or powerups, just straight question fights.
~ Heidi Wueste
While it's a really nice release in general, i think there are idea too many banners plus i cant change my username on it no matter what i do. I even uninstalled the entire release, signed out, exited the release, and still, my username won't change by the idea, i also did modernization it (still wont change)
~ Sadie H
It's fun for a while, but it seems about 80% of the questions are Australian based/themed. I was expecting general knowledge, not Australian knowledge. Since the release isn't Australian, I'm assuming these questions are targeted to me because I'm in Australia. I've had the release 3 days and I'm already annoyed at this
~ Rebecca C
I like I love the trivia but if you obtain on wrong I obtain an banner then it kicks me out of the lvl thing. Also there are so many banners it's type of really annoying.
~ Man'An
3 stars is being generous. It's an okay release for competitiveness, but it's lags and slow load speed, not to mention illogical trivia questions, all in all create it not worth the hold.
~ diper 911
I used to love this release. Actually my frustration lvl is almost to the target where I wish to quit. If you're going to force me to watch an banner for a reward, it would be great if they add loaded more than half the time. Also, at least 25% of the time, I watch the full banner and still don't obtain the reward. As much as I enjoy the release, the inability to fix in-release banners after all this time is going to end up driving me to other release. Especially actually that I have to watch multiple banners in some topics.
~ Anastasios Athanasiou
I love this release, and is really fun. However it freezes ALL the time and is super annoying. I hold getting close then it freezes of I click to watch a video to save me but it freezes. Can you please fix this. Because I would have place 5 stars if it wasn't for the release freezing.
~ turquoiselilly
I enjoy the release but there are FAR to many banners that create it frustrating to test not to mention when you almost run out of time a "pop-up" appears wasting the last several seconds you have left to respond thus ending your turn. also some questions do not match the genre which is just yet other annoyance.
~ Ashley Bonomo
Those characters, lad. They're adorable!🥰😍 Also very smooth. My only trouble is that Matchington Mansion banner that's literally just unclosable. Also there are minutelongs. Overall, though, 9/10.
~ Hunter Smith
Trivia Crack used to be a fun release/release. However, since the last two upgrades Trivia Crack has become very unstable and slow to react to touch screen responses. To elaborate on that, there are times after you spin and are given the question the question doesn't load until time is almost up and you lose your turn because you don't have time to read the question. Also the banners in the release cause it to freeze up. It shouldn't take almost a full minute between questions if you obtain the answers correct.
~ Duane Daugherty
5/22 UPDATE.... the developer even read my review? release still having troubles and they reply glad it has been resolved. Really? read this review again and fix it UPDATE .... still too msny clitches not fixed UPDATE STILL FREEZES DURING TRIVIATHON. it freezes in triviathon and a user cannot accomplish their target
Menu is in English, sometimes questions are in English if I'm paying versus a dude and obtain to pick, but in all of the another releases, the questions are in Chinese. I tried changing my country... Didn't work. Tried going to the help... Blank page. Just got too frustrated and gave up.
~ Brittany O'Halloran
There's more banners than release test. respond a several questions, obtain rewarded with an banner. respond one wrong, obtain an banner. Give feedback on the question, obtain incentivised with an banner. then you can watch banners for gifts, replays, assistance, etc... release is also full of bugs. the pay to victory system allows you to buy correct answers. seriously? shame on the devs.
~ Jack Chen
fun release, but release keeps freezing up and I lose my turn. After testing this for awhile actually, although fun, banners are so annoying and actually they have double adds. hate it, and think I am going to stop testing this beacause of the double banners.
~ Paula Gildersleeve
i really love this release although i uninstalled at one target to have more storage and actually i wish it again but whenever i download it, it claims an expected error has occured and wont allow me do anything , ive tried uninstalling and redownloading but still no luck. i would love to hear back on this ASAP thanks
~ Chris Hewson
This release is very fun and entertaining. However, I am only giving it 3 stars because sometimes when I go to respond a crown question (to victory a hero) the release glitches and skips over the question screen, automatically making it answered 'wrong'
~ emma bort
It is pathetic! You can tool "buying" correct answers. You can be made to wait 24 hours on the foe before they respond one question making the "release" last for months. The questions are nice but have fun waiting on your foe!
~ Martin Lau
how many upgrades does this release need to have for it to still not only be the same as before but also twice as horrible. If it isn't glitching between questions, it's actually just straight up just closing the question in the middle of the countdown so I end up losing my turn. either fix the release the next modernization or don't bother with it anymore
~ Doug Murray
There are too many banners, and it really interferes with gameplay. The banners create the release run slower, and they constantly obtain in the idea. There are banners that can support you in the release if you respond wrong, but most of the time they do not work or glitch out. I also noticed that the release freezes a lot, and often it does not allow you respond a question and counts it as wrong. Not glad with the actual ver of this release.
~ Becca Kelley
The release is nice, but there is so many banners. Each time I finish 3 - 5 question there's an banner. If there were no banners p or if there was a several banners I would love the release. But there's so many. It's almost like half the time they are showing me banners. I just don't like that 5hey are showing me banners during and after and before the release. Also I want we didn't have lives, it would be better if we should test forever, but I can't because if I run out of lives, I can't test the release anymore.
~ Siri Tongbua