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About: Have fun challenging your dudes and aggressors in the hottest trivia release! Allow our friendly spinner wheel, Willy, pick which questions youll respond from six different genres. Be the first to obtain the six crowns to victory, but watch out for the rematch! Reasons you could be testing Trivia Crack right this second: - Hundreds of thousands of exciting questions - You can make your own questions in the Factory - Over 20 release languages - Chat with your foes - Collectable card collection Need more? No trouble: - Prove how smart you are - Learn something newest while having fun - Create your mother proud So what are you waiting for? Allows go! Download the release! Warning: this release may cause an excess of fun. Please consult a professional if you notice your knowledge growing at an unusual rate. Visit www.triviacrack.com for more stats. Questions? ... Show more
Genre: Trivia Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 91MB Developer: Etermax
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About: Improve your memory and maths skills with Math Color, in this game, you will have to remember how every color changes the value of the number, and then apply the operation, try to reach the highest point!...

Developer: Shagun Sharma

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About: Devine le dessin anim Le meilleur quiz de dessin anim est l! Devinez quel dessin anim est dans l'image. Si vous aimez les dessins anims comme la Ladybug, Alvin, La Pat'Patrouille, La Garde du Roi Lion, Mini Loup, Ben 10, Gumball, alors vous allez adorer dessin anim quiz! Le jeu est 100% gratuit. Profitez de jouer!...

Developer: LazicApps

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About: This is a brand new interesting and completely free game from the genre of puzzles. A fascinating puzzle game? Then welcome to the bright world of colorful pictures and encrypted words! Riddles in an unusual format are already waiting for you! "BRAIN TRAINING OF THE BRAIN" Stuck in a traffic jam or waiting in line? A lot of free time? Do not lose a second and start the game "Dj vu"! The game combines several genres at once: quizzes, word games, puzzle games, logic games, intellectual games...

Developer: DIN.Company

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About: Find out the animal in the picture. Compose a word from letters....

Developer: Karlingames

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About: We prepared a simple and fun quiz about all Americas countries. Can you guess USA flag and name its capital? Or can you find Cuba or Brazil and more than 30 other Americas countries on the borders map? Lets find this out! Test your knowledge All countries of western hemisphere! Prove your geographical knowledges and guess them all. Study Americas geography Need a little help with upcoming exams and tests? We prepared helpful quiz with hundreds of questions about North, Central and South...

Developer: koverking

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About: Hello In this App You Can Earn Real Paytm Or Paypal Cash Upto Rs.500 Daily, Just read Jokes, Play GK Quiz, Offerwall . Many More Option To earn from This App...

Developer: jeet Info Solution

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About: Vampire Trivia Vampire Trivia for The Vampire Diaries Characters Quiz **The Vampire Diaries Quiz ** Guess The Vampire Diaries Games answer using images help. *HOW TO PLAY* Look at the image The Diaries Vampire Quiz Games. Pick the suggestion letters which contains the answer of The Vampire Diaries Trivia. *HELP* Stuck in a level? Don't worry! You can use hints to help you answer the Vampire Horror Games. Hints are gotten from answer the Guess Vampire Zombie Survival with watch th...

Developer: Guess Quiz Ultimate


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About: DOOM 3 QUIZ is the best game on the motif of the legendary game DOOM 3 In this game DOOM 3 QUIZ are collected all the monsters of the game DOOM 3. A fascinating and terrible quest. Can you pass this game Monsters of DOOM 3? Knowing that she was banned in Canada ??? -Phenomenal graphics; -Many levels; -Full collection of characters; -Unique gameplay; -Easy interface. DOOM 3 QUIZ get it on Google Play now!!!...

Developer: ALEXLAP. Inc

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About: Animal trivia - Guess 200 mammals, birds, reptiles, fishes and insects from all around the world. Both wild and domestic animals. Best way to learn how the animals look and check your knowledge. Collect coins while advancing to new levels. We provide you some free coins to help finding new animals. ***** This is a game for the whole family and the kids will love it. Cute rabbits and powerful lions, dangerous snakes and funny monkeys , big mouth alligators and small butterflies - ...

Developer: Dragonfly Freeapps

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About: Guess the names of Beyonce's songs, the most famous music of the day and its old songs. Only true fans of Beyonce will be able to reach the last level. Do you know all of Beyonce's songs? Try! -If you don't know a song, you can ask your friends for help -Recommend the app with your friends and guess who knows more about this great singer who is Beyonce! Some of the songs inside the app: 1.711 2. ALL NIGHT 3. AT LAST 4. B DAY 5. BABY BOY 6. BACK UP 7. BE WITH YOU 8. BEAUTIFUL...

Developer: Detoprox

Similar Games Like Guess The Bible Pics - Bible Trivia  Alternatives
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About: Can you guess the picture based on part of the picture shown? Perfect for the whole family. Use coins for hints and simply identify each picture. Advertisement: We have disabled all sensitive advertisements. Unfortunately some advertisers select inappropriate topics for their ads. We are very sorry if you see an advertisement which is offending you, but this is not in our control....

Developer: Bible Apps For Jesus

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About: Ninja Blank is a game built on interactive bases about the idea of questions and puzzles about naruto and boruto anime , this game contains many challenges which include many levels and many various and interesting questions to bring you closer to naruto and boruto world . Test your information and the limits of your knowledge in naruto and boruto anime by confronting many of the levels that will make you live the fun and adventures of the shinobi world ,and through changing questions you wil...

Developer: Mohammad Dwery

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About: This is best Cartoon Character Game for you. best guessing game that improve your knowledge about cartoon characters. -simple and interactive user interface. -Hints for each Character and easy to guess Have a look at the pic and guessing cartoon name, It's simple and free to play, This game will take you on a journey to meet the best cartoons in the history of entertainment nowaday! Can you recognize the best cartoons character name? Now**** Let's Enjoy Guess Cartoon character with...

Developer: SkDevel

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About: In MyRiddles you'll find the best riddles with answers, mathematical riddles, short riddles, long riddles and logic riddles. Imagine solving the most complex riddles while exercising your mind, and all this while having fun. We've created this addictive brain game to keep your little moments of entertainment always in the palm of your hand. Are you ready for the challenge? You won't know boredom at any time. The best riddles with answers. The best thing about our riddles or tongue twisters...

Developer: Javi Díez


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About: Brand new and free game "guess the Words Emoji". In this game you should strain all logic and sharpness to guess what word is hidden among cheerful Emoji. This new brain simulator 2018 will help you to develop your logic, critical thinking and become smarter. The game is completely free, and it is much less advertising than other similar games, even its plus is that it is made entirely in English. It is fun to play and adults and children, you can also play with friends, then you provided a ...

Developer: DONZEPLAY

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About: Predict the future and earn bitcoin!...

Developer: Nostra Network

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About: Veamos tus conocimientos de memes xd Saludos a todos los amantes de los memes de internet, esta app aplicara tus conocimientos de memes, suerte ;)...


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About: Play to guess the animals through the shadow. This is a game for all ages but especially for toddler and children / kids. Play for stimulate learning and have fun. We have more than 50 animals: Bunny Cat Chicken Chick Cow Giraffe Hippopotamus Penguin Pigs Sheep Woodpecker Dogs Crab Dolphin Various Types of Fish Frog Horse Squirrel Jellyfish Lobster Mouse Squid Parrot Otter Shark Rooster Turtle Whale and many many others... Play and have fun. :)...

Developer: nunoalnogueira

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About: Hello Parents, This game specially designed for the kids in which they can be creative and have fun at the same time. The kids have to just find the missing letters from each image and type the correct letters. Their are many levels which will help them to be creative while having fun. Missing Letter - The object of Missing Letter is to determine which letter is missing from each spelling or vocabulary word. Click the Next button after the word is read to proceed through the game. In mi...

Developer: App Reflect

Similar Games Like Tìm từ đoán tên Alternatives
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About: Tm t on tn l game hin ang hot nht hin nay, nhm nng cao kh nng t duy cho ngi chi. Game vi giao din thn thin to cho ngi chi cm gic thoi my th gin, c bit game c chng trnh i thng rt hp dn cho ngi khi t bn sp hng cao nht trong thng. Hng dn : Ngi chi nhn vo bn ch cho sn v v sp xp thnh tn vt, cy ci, tn ca s.......

Developer: hoài hiền



Trivia Crack (No Ads) Reviews and Comments:

gives me an error! claims we are trying to fix the trouble, but nothing happens. wanna return it.
~ Muazzez Esra Alperen
Too many banners and popups and interruptions. Not to mention grammatically incorrect questions that insult my intelligence. I quit!
~ Jackie Franklin
Constant banner/in-release-buy pop-ups! What am I paying for?!? This is theft by deception.
~ chris rinck
Too many picture questions has started to spoil this release. It's very lazy to stick a picture on and ask who/where/what it is. There's also too mamy American questions appearing in the UK region.
~ Dave Burley
Its nice but I have 1 complaint. That stupid piggy bank sits RIGHT ON TOP of where it Claims you how many coins you have, so I can never see it.
~ Mimi Rosalie
What happened to the Challenges??!!! That's what I loved most!!!! Please create the essential changes!!!
~ A Google user
I'm getting smarter! I am learning things that I'd forgotten, and newest things I never knew! All while having fun testing releases!
~ Gloria Zatorski
love the release especially without the banners however I came back after a short break and there's no challenges or the head to head thing when those were the finest parts I don't really like classic mode it's too slow and I really don't like trivia crack 2
~ Scott Gwinn
What happened? The live group challenge is gone, as is the live one on one points earning trivia rush. According to the developers, they were deleted due to weak usage. Those were the two finest things about Trivia Crack. I am probably going to uninstall this release.
~ darmuck
No challenge mode. Why can I actually only test in classic mode, collecting characters, rather than in challenge mode where you had to respond 12 questions?
~ A Google user
Nice release overall, but the underlying feeling that someone can just buy answers just to victory how ever many times they wish is really digusting. For that I'm giving this a weak score.
~ Concarne
Nice release. Very addicting! If you like this release, I would recommend buying the Advertisement-nonpaid ver. However, it does take away that bonus option of getting other turn from watching an Advertisement.
~ Kelsey Schafferman
Idea too much garbage pop up posts and banners. Fun to test, but it feels like maneuvering an obstacle course to test the release. Extremely annoying.
~ Stan Loughery
Claims there's no adds but there are popups on the main page that are only for in release purchases and you can obtain rid of them. This is no better than the nonpaid ver. Might as well save your dollars
~ Cristo Fernandes
I love this release and have played for a several years actually and have obviously seen what seems like each question possible and a lot of them are repetative just worded differently. I have submitted many questions actually, all of which i had never seen before. I ALWAYAYS obtain rejected claiming its s duplicate question. Ironically not long after that I will run seeing the same questions I submitted only worded slightly different. It seems to me that you dont like to pay up and give credit is due.
~ Teresa Clark
USED to be nice, actually idea too much superfluous garbage... for a PAID ver! PLEASE give us paid players a idea to disable all of the side releases and championships!! They are annoying and distracting!
~ Michael Passacantando
No more challenges? Bring them back! Receive rid of the pig! This release used to be fun, picture trivia questions changed that.
~ Eddie Rushing
For the most part, the release is nice. Great interface that flows. I paid for the super which means there are no banners (which is great). Should use a tiny support with grammar, spelling, and right answers.
~ John Smith
It appears there is no administrative oversight. massive handed with Christian religious questions. A number of wrong answers. no oversight for grammar.
~ Laurie Lee
Nice trivia release. I just hate how some of the questions only give you 10 seconds to read a long question, four long answers, then pick which one is right. You better be paying attention!
~ Philip Norris
I have the paid ver, but have cute much stopped testing due to the number of wrong answers deemed correct. I also HATE the piggy bank. Remove the piggy bank and verify the questions when they are reported as incorrect. I might run to test again.
~ Tammy Lambdin
used to be nice, but actually keeps prompting me to test more trivia. Well stop please, I decide when to test thank you! I dont need prompts. And other thing obtain rid of the stupid pig thing that is usually in the idea.
~ James Norton
I paid for the release so I wouldn't be forced to watch a video for a second chance. I was a tiny disappointed to search that actually I have no option to watch a video instead of using coins, I don't usually have 1000 coins available in order to obtain the second chance. I want they made it so we that bought the release should pick to pay the 1000 coins or watch a video.
~ Troy Derbyshire
Annoying. I want this developer would realize that those of us who PAID for this release just wish to test the freaking release. I don't need nor wish constant info banners or subgame options that distract from the core release. Please just leave us alone and allow us test.
~ Keith Alan Herzog
I don't understand the points and how to redeem all those lives and gems. support needs to be more useful.
~ LaDonna Higgins
Rubbish This release is so cluttered that it is annoying. Even on the paid ver there are constant pop ups advertising their own nonsense that it feels clunky and very manipulative. Many of the questions are either wrong, vague or have multiple correct answers. It's a frustrating quiz release and seems to have no true quality control.
~ M Swizzle
Whenever I test to launch the release, it claims an error has occured and wont allow me do anything! Please fix this!
~ Bilal Elfayoumi
fun, challenging release that isnt just mindless clicking. plus i have won 6/7 releases versus my husband. ha.
~ Jennifer Miszewski
This has been a classic for awhile actually. If you're looking to "Challenge" a dude... go to your dudes list & push the "test" ▶. Upgraded my previous 2 🌟 review since excessive info seem to have calmed down.
~ Zach Ulle
Check winning versus someone with the banner ver! the nonpaid ver of this release has a several more advantages . Nice idea to reward the recipients who pick to buy your release.
~ Max Winogradski
Fine for the most part, but there seems to be one EXACT question that freezes the release to. I'll respond it correctly and it'll display its thing, but beyond that, it doesn't progress. The only idea to leave it is to uninstall and install and never test that match again since it happens EVERY time.
~ Greg Whitney
PLEASE GET RID OF THE PIGGY BANK! I paid for the release, and that piggy bank is more annoying than banners. Seriously.
~ aspielou
Only three stars until they change the info settings. You can't turn on info settings when you're testing someone and turn off the banners. So if you wish to test someone and obtain notified after they have taken a turn, be ready for all the another info they send you, cute lame EDIT: actually 2 stars.. I hold getting ripped off from getting bonus gems due to convenient glitches.
~ Jason E
awesome time aggressor for stupid and smart...reasonable modernization frequency...seems to use response based metrics to avoid objectionable material...my only personal trouble is too several genres...superstition and religious beliefs could NOT be in "History" genre with facts
~ J J
Very fun to test with your family and dudes. I'm glad with the no banners. UPDATE: UPDATE: Extremely disappointed I paid for no banners, yet apparently that doesn't contain trivia crack's banner (the piggy bank) that is consistently on your screen. With no idea to remove it might add! If I paid for no banners that is what I meant to obtain. I didn't really mind when I should obtain rid of it for a while, although it was still irritating. But actually that option isn't even available.
~ Looney Lana
Receive rid of the pig!Also the stupid flags!For Gods sake you place each city in the US and each small county on the planet in the stupid flag group and only a person with NO life would know 3/4 of them. And check your answers better,an terrible lot of your answers are WRONG.
~ Pj Lark
Product is ok, some answers are incorrect, but you can report that, but the help is worthless. I emailed them over a week ago and have received zero response. And, to think I now paid for this release?! With this, I cannot suggest this release to anyone.
~ J T
VIP cards went from 14 gems to 21 gems. I can only use VIP cards. The (1) (3) & (5 ) gem cards only give out duplicate cards. I don't waste my gems on them anymore It's going to take a long time to accumulate 21 gems. Maybe u could add newest cards (VIP) that give (10) - (20) gems each 12 & 24 hrs . If u lower the VIP gems. I'll edit my review and leave 5 stars. 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
~ Eliz May B Griffintwo
I do not understand why you can obtain a second chance for watching a banner/video in the nonpaid ver and only have the option for a second chance in the paid ver by paying 1000 coins. You could have a choice to watch an banner, or they need to create it easier to obtain more coins, or create it cost less coins to obtain a second chance.
~ Christopher D
I enjoy this release but I am frustrated that "Double Reward" has stopped working and that some answers are too long and don't fit in the text boxes. You literally have to guess and hope you tap the right one.
~ Margery Yetman