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Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash   
About: Gather the Rescue Bots, rescue citizens and save the globe with epic DinoBots! Budge Studios presents Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash! Assemble all the Rescue Bots and go on an action-packed journey to save the globe from the evil Dr. Morocco! Rescue citizens, outrun disasters and chase down Morbots. Avoid obstacles, accumulate Energon and morph from bot to machine to epic DinoBot! Roll to the rescue! THE MOST EPIC ADVENTURE AWAITS COMPLETE exciting missions in four major cities, including Griffin Rock USE premium jump powers to rescue citizens in Bot mode RIDE speedy and catch evil Morbots in machine mode COLLECT Energon and become a giant DinoBot! OUTRUN lava flows, tsunamis, avalanches sand tornados! AVOID meteor showers, lightning strikes, icy hail and flinging cars! TEAM the Rescue Bots together to destroy the Morbot Boss DEFUSE the sinister Disaster M ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 25MB Developer: Budge Studios
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Transformers Rescue Bots: Disaster Dash Reviews and Comments:

really i have yo buy a charater i order for my babe to test this release. dont download unless you wish to spend dollars before you test
~ Gauge Guillen
not so great as you can't unblock the robots when testing. babes can't buy robots and have to unblock it
~ Driekie Heyneke
Pay to test with no in-release option to advance past the first storyline. Poor.
~ Ian Lewis
it was the nice release because it till it supports you war in a release
~ Saabir Muse
we could obtain the another transformers in this release not obtain wifi straight and change it like you can earn the transformers by claiming no stable connection is not needed
~ Nick Schachtner
i don t like the release cause you just need to pay dollars for each bots only 2 bots nonpaid and then you need to buy bots i was begging my mother only buy 1 bot then she claimed ok then i have 3 bots only
~ Rabia Usman
paid for all the bots months ago ,actually after reinstalling the release I cannot restore my buy. very dissatisfied with this
~ Levi Howell
I would be willing to pay for the release to obtain rid of banners. I have to pry the device away from babe to obtain out of banner and back to the release each minute or 2.
~ Tracey wilson
cant test all of the release without paying its not fair please create them nonpaid and i will rate 5 star
~ Martina Villarreal
I think they could be other idea to unblock characters
~ Sherman Semujju
Effectively with my wife who or she what would she be I will have a I in her 248 I have to be with you so I am not so ill but actually she will have a I can love u baby u can be like me lol u wish her to sleep u like u lol lol I love u so sweet baby u miss you so I I miss you your precious I I love your love you and I love u you miss u a miss you miss me so sweet hug u miss me darling darling I miss your love sweet wife 3 I 28282828 wish you to be a dude and not be a baby woman lol I miss you so muc
~ NZ Mutiara Trading
You can test first board but need to buy a third hero to do second board. Horrible
~ chris mader
It's very hard to obtain a nice time to come by and obtain a nice time with the release and I love you so much and I'm not sure if you are still interested to see how it is used to treat
~ A Google user
cool release, but it makes you pay for characters and you cant transport past the second lvl or do anything else. so cute ridiculous for that and this will be deleted
~ Leon Orsburn
Forced purchases. Cant unblock anything without spending dollars. My babe is very upset but i wont be forced to pay, sorry. Avoid
~ Ettienne van Staden
I love it I wish to know if you should support me install all the guys please I don't have any dollars to pay for the guys thank you so much I am 4 years old .
~ Randall Stone
Just not well place together in my opinion. More time place in the graphics, less in the storyline and less in the file size it should be nice.
~ Uni Finity
Paid for full access, but release still locking half the characters. My babe is very upset. 😡
~ Amy Frazier
Pathetic! I would give it 0 if I should. Seriously! You have to buy all the bots with true dollars. This release is nonsense.
please fix the controls on the second part of the tornado lvl. it is unresponsive. thank you
~ Carla Woelinga
We made the buy being promised that this would stop all banners, but still they pop up all the time. Very terrible!
~ Leon Alvheim
once you pass the first scene they force you to buy a transformer to obtain to the next scene.
~ Perky Lago
Worst release.. It needs a payment to proceed with the characters. There are lots nonpaid releases available. I am going to uninstall and don't go for this release.
~ Ramesh Darsanam
I rate this as a 4 star release. The only thing I do not like is that you have to buy the Bots but the rest is nice and I love the release. (Written by my 8 year old grandson, Alex).
~ Ann Crowe
What a dishonest company. You HAVE to pay to continue this release. Thanks for disappointing my babe since I refuse to pay to test for a seemingly "nonpaid" release when you download it. So annoyed.
~ Brittany Schmid
very nice but you gotta pay to compleate the release amd can you please create at least one idea to obtain all the auto bots for nonpaid like you can add addceivments and some of the rewards give you autobots
~ A Google user
Product cannot be progressed without purchases. Could either have a price upfront or not create buy needed for progression. Very terrible for a release targeted at babes.
~ Mark McDonald
This release would be nice because it informations our favoured rescue bots, but it pretends to be a nonpaid release when really you have to buy bots to test. Large bummer.
~ A Google user
you have to pay for the folowing bots: optimis prime bumblebee bulder and bluur when you can go on any another transformer release and obtain them allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll for FREE!
~ Robert King
My son like to test , to unblock 3 rd autobot I have to pay. If you are making release for babes please create nonpaid release. Otherwise don't create . Check on adult releases please. Not cool.
~ zill shu
No matter how nice you are at this release, you need to pay if you wish to proceed to the next lvl. I give one star because it is advertised as a nonpaid release. Shame it is editors choice in the test shop...
~ Dani Nem
Avoid at all costs. Can only test the very short first target before needing to pay to continue. A poor experience
~ Keeley Anable
if nonpaid means a 10$ investment to test, then yes its nonpaid. poorly representative of what the true cost is. any release or brand that "catfish's" babes like this could be removed from the test shop.
~ A Google user
Budge are the worst developers in the entire globe. They are the personification of pure evil. Adverts over banners over banners. And even after you pay the insane ransom that they charge for the bots, they still present you banners.
~ Jacob Chacko
I hate this release so much when there's when you need three recipients you can't even obtain him because he's still locked this release is stupid
~ Dorion Simmons
crappy release that lets you test first lvl for nonpaid, then you have to pay to continue. not worth, uninstalling.
~ RYAN Anderson
Worst release, advertised as nonpaid however you have to pay for characters to progress through the release. Pathetic, do not install.
~ Melanie Allen
hey skksksksksmxmxm I was wondering how much I can obtain a nice day , I have been in business and the another side , but the finest . if I should obtain to see the difference . the first to write you an opportunity to create a nice deal . I will have to do it for you , and then you will be able to create sure that you are not the intended recipient , or any of the day 6 the first time . it will take you about your experience.
~ A Google user
Worst release in the test shop, my son came to me asking me to fix it for him only to realize you have to buy the bots to test the release... terrible choice, idea better releases out there that are truly nonpaid... 10 out of 10 wouldn't suggest
~ A Google user
I love how you create recipients pay to test. I would have purchased a couple bots but you tried to create me pay to test? You guys have a horrible buisness model you better have a damn nice release to do that. I'm assuming all your releases are like that so no more budg. Nobody could be forced to pay for a device release but recipients pay when it's now FUN TO PLAY YOU DON'T FORCE THEM. It claims alot about your company budge. Also you only reply to the several nice reviews and claim nothing for everyone else. Horrible
~ JAXXEL Galapios