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About: ITS TOY BLAST TIME! THE ULTIMATE MATCHING PUZZLE GAME PLAYED BY MILLIONS OF USERS EVERY DAY! Match the cubes of the same color and combine boosters for gigantic explosions to blast your idea through thousands of lvls! Fun is at the hint of your fingers, with the most fascinating puzzles you will ever solve! There are countless possibilities, and your talent in solving puzzles will be key in mastering Toy Blast. Experience the finest journeys through unlimite episodes in the most colourful lands of the Toy Globe. TOY BLAST FEATURES: Special and easy gameplay - just tap the matching cubes +1500 puzzles, simple and fun to test but challenging to master Fun meetings each day: Star Championship, Crown Rush, Lvl-Up Challenge Star Chest - launch and victory nice rewards as you progress through lvls Legends Arena, where you can compete with the finest users Regular pr ... Show more
Genre: Puzzle Rotten Tomatoesยฎ score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Peak Games
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About: Gravstar is a gravity-based puzzle game that allows players to release shooting stars to bend around gravity wells and hit targets. One part beauty, one part peaceful puzzle game and 100% addictive, this game starts easy and increases in difficulty, allowing you to use gravity to bend around obstacles to hit your targets. Peaceful music and pleasant colors set the stage for this innovative app for iOS, Android and PC....

Developer: Gravity Wave Games [email protected]

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About: Can you solve the puzzles and quest of jewel treasures? You will love the fun, creativity and excitement of this great casual game. Join millions of players in an adventure journey through the pyramid desert of ancient egypt. You need to dig deep to break ground has been found treasure, get more jewels. Features: - Easy and fun to play, challenging to master. - Mysterious egypt world, more than 1,000 of well-designed free levels! - Powerful boosters to help with challenging levels. - ...

Developer: OKGO [email protected]

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Developer: Best Escape Game [email protected]

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About: Escape Games: Expedition is a new series of escape games. All escapers! Are you ready to take an expedition with different missions and adventures? This is the game for you to have a wonderful experience where you can solve puzzles and hunt for hidden clues and search for lost keys and so on. Give work to your brain by playing these escape games which will be challenging and solvable at the same time. Enjoy playing!...

Developer: Escape Game Studio [email protected]

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About: Each level is a challenging physics-based puzzle with amazing life-like mechanics. Cut through dirt and guide fresh water to the tree! Every drop counts! The level is passed if at least one flower blooms on the tree. If three flowers will bloom you have passed the level perfectly....

Developer: WoogGames [email protected]

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About: A rooster man is living in a town. The rooster man is very trivial and playable too. The rooster man went to the game one day and got into a palace. It is your duty to save that rooster man from there. It will be helpful to find the playing hidden there and save the rooster man from there. It will help you to find clues hidden there to save him. Where the hidden clues and puzzles are hard to find, it's anxious to find somehow. This game can easily identify the colors and numbers. Through this ga...

Developer: Best Escape Games [email protected]

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About: The pig world is in danger! Follow the four heroes of ham through the fires of hell and use brains, brawn and bacon to stop the Aporkalypse! AD-FREE Version (No ads!) We have a pig problem! According to an old prophecy the four Pigs of Doom should proclaim the end of the world in a distant future. But something went terribly wrong and the gates of heaven and hell have already opened! Now it is up to the greedy Hunger Pig, the heavily armed War Pig, the contaminous Pest Pig and the ghostly ...

Developer: HandyGames [email protected]


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About: Merge Blessing! Through Merge,Advance the story of wish-elves! Build your own Magic World of Blessing for you! Create the wonderful story about blessing Merge Blessing features: Merge new scene to Advance the Blessing process. Variety of Blessing Scene. There are more than 32 kinds of Blessing Scene in the game. And some rare scenes are waiting for you to collect. Idle system. Your elves produce coins automatically. You can get coins even when you are offline. Make your Blessing Sto...

Developer: Rescue pets and animals : COLORDEER LIMITED [email protected]

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About: Orixo is a relaxing, mind-bending, minimalist puzzle game that offers over 160 hand-crafted levels to immerse yourself into. A beautifully meditative soundtrack accompanies you in your delightful experience. Features: - 160 hand-crafted puzzles - All levels are free and accessible from the start - Hints are available to help you find the solution to some levels - Game progress is saved automatically Don't hesitate to contact us if you find any issue with the game or if you simpl...

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About: Tic Tac Toe features 3 difficulty levels, easy, medium, hard super hd user attractive interface Dont waste your time, start to training your brain in any age! Tic Tac Toe is a classic puzzle game also known as noughts crosses or xo. You can download Tic Tac Toe for Android game for free.Play Tic Tac Toe game free use for android users, glow tic tac toe, tic tac toe game for free - Play Tic Tac Toe - Play Tic Tac Toe game - Easily to change the level of difficulty, enjoy it - tic t...

Developer: tic tac toe games [email protected]

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About: Find Jesus is a quick, fun and addictive arcade/puzzle game. The aim of the game is to find Jesus amongst the crowd before time runs out. Discover rare sparkles to gain hints and try to find Jesus in record times! The messiah has returned and hes hanging out with some of the most iconic celebrities and at the biggest events of the 21st Century. They said he would come again They didnt tell us hed be hiding!...

Developer: Michael Wise [email protected]

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About: In psychology, the Stroop effect is a demonstration of interference in the reaction time of a task. When the name of a color (e.g., "blue", "green", or "red") is printed in a color which is not denoted by the name (i.e., the word "red" printed in blue ink instead of red ink), naming the color of the word takes longer and is more prone to errors than when the color of the ink matches the name of the color. In this game, challenge yourself to get as many of the answers right as you can in 15...

Developer: trufun [email protected]

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About: BEN 10 Puzzle game INSTALL NOW...... ................................................................. 1)10+ AWESOME LEVELS..... 2)99% PEOPLE FAIL TO Solve.... 3)LESS SPACE REQUIRE...... ............................................................ *The Best BEN 10 Puzzle game now on your Mobile *Lets Test Your Mind...

Developer: ONE TOUCH APPS [email protected]

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About: "1010 Triangle Grid Fit" Block Puzzle is an addicting brain teaser with simple yet challenging games designed to train your brain. Challenge your puzzle game skills with this exciting skill game that will keep you entertained for hours. Train your brain and develop your logic with this simple game that lets you combine puzzle blocks, build and destroy structures by creating lines and test your logic with friends. Enjoy addicting brain training exercises! Brain it on ! DTA Mobile Like us: ...

Developer: MT Mobile [email protected]


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About: Beautiful dream scenes, fun and fun, this is a test of your intelligence insurance...

Developer: TaiChu [email protected]

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About: We have many mystery items in this room. Once you discover the many secrets of the mystery gadgets, you can use them to escape from the locked room. In normal escape games, you spend most of your time going back and forth. But in this game, you can concentrate on the gadget in front of you. Enjoy uncovering all the secrets of the mystery gadgets. Enjoy!...

Developer: SpiceApp Studios Inc [email protected]

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About: Avoid getting hexed in this beautiful puzzle dueler. Players take turns creating lines trying to avoid certain demise. Make a triangle and you're out! * Challenge your friends in custom battles! * 12 foot tappin' funky fresh tracks to enjoy and unlock. * 7 levels to challenge your wits and dexterity, or lack there of. * 5 beautiful boards to exchange blows on during your bouts. With love and fun from your new friends at MetaHobby. [email protected]

Developer: MetaHobby [email protected]

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About: London Bridge is falling downFalling down, Falling down! Color Tower is falling down! Let's play daily! Color Tower is a new one-touch 3D puzzle game which is strategic and rich in color. As the level increases, the tower which has more colorful blocks is higher and higher. Of course, the difficulty also increases! How to play: - Swipe right or left to rotate the color tower,then select the angle that is convenient for starting. - Throw the ball in the hand on the blocks of the match...

Developer: SUPER EXPERT [email protected]

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About: Seasons are reasons to play Crush-o-Mania, drag and match colourful Fruits to unwrap fruit-cellent in-game surprises! Start playing Crush-O-Mania today which will be loved by millions of players around the world. With over a thousands of levels, this classic match of 3 puzzle game is one of the most popular mobile games of all time! Drag and match Fruits in this divine classic puzzle to progress to the next level in hope of achieving that Juicy feeling! Quick thinking and smart moves ...

Developer: WorkLooper Consultants Private Limited [email protected]



Toy Blast Reviews and Comments:

testing this release helped me obtain through days stuck in a hospital bed, on and off for a year. kept me sane! Usually fun and challenging.
~ Andrew Reed
๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž.....sooooo fixed... is there a idea to recover saved releases, because i lost everything when a notice came on that i can save my progress if log in to fb....but it wasn't saved because it didn't continue on just took me back to da beginning....smfh...actually i have to run over when i was already on lvl 1900....don't deserve not even one star.....smfh...
~ kitiona sunia
fun to test! you dont even realize how long you've already been testing. ADDICTED!!!!!
~ Debbie Christian
The release is broken when I got to lvl 19 it was not working and I had 5 lives to beat it and I started testing and had 1 life and saw there was no fricking blocks near how the heck am I passing it worst release ever!
~ Alexa Hernandez
I usually enjoy the release. but some lvls take so many tries that it gets frustrating. I want I should bank my unused moves and use them when required.
~ Lu Foley
Non sense. When you goot same target than some another user rank you the newest zone when the revards available. Happened for me many times that's disgusting . The release quite funny , nice to think about it I'm done about 70% - but one more time happening the same case I will uninstall , because that things create me upset.
~ Matyas Szoke
Toy Blast is so entertaining.. Been testing it actually for the last couple of years straight.. appreciate the newest upgrades and newest lvls.. FUN FUN FUN......
~ Alfred Reese
I played this release about a year ago. I beat it. since then it has made newest lvls so i had to redownload it. nice release addictive I just must victory all the lvls lol #frewil
~ fre wil
beautiful release!!!! .... why can't i hold score with a login without signing up via fb? like your related release? TOON BLAST. I will increase stars when i learn the respond. thanks
~ Wonder Who
so far, really enjoying the release!! Been testing for a couple of months actually and truly enjoying this release more and more every day!! Truly challenging!!
~ Denise Mooty
when I'm bored this is the great time aggressor..just sucks I only have 5 lives lol. Want we should obtain prizes more, but overall spectacular release!
~ Carla Ford
lame! like most releases it has poor mechanics for difficulty. this is not a hard release to test and victory. However the builders obtain lazy and rely heavily on you grinding away a number of attempts at winning releases with no possible sequence towin with. basically you end up having to test pointless releases with no chance to victory until you hit that magic number and you are handed the victory. test cookie cat pop and you will know the difference of test. Hey toy blast every lvl could have a idea to victory.
~ Insanetfh
release runs out relaxing and enjoyable. the reward for beating lvls is the release is actually neither relaxing or enjoyable. when you use 3 sets of full lives to beat 1 board it becomes more work than its worth.
~ Ginger Rice
i absolutely love this release and it can be very addicting, but type of disappointed not having the multiple nonpaid test time. Can obtain really expensive paying for the extras.
~ Tabetha Buechler
this release is not worth the download. I have had troubles for a while and set off an inquiry correspondence to the correspondence provided once I downloaded the release. that would be the amount of the release developer I got a message back claiming that it was invalid so actually I have no idea to contact the release developer. I am uninstalling and would not suggest this release. if they want to contact me using this forum then they made you so and I will express my concern that I had
~ Jacob's Creations and Adventures
FUN release! Been testing this release for a VERY long time, and I'm talking "years" kine long time. Don't ever obtain rid of this release! Stay Blessed! Aloha from Hawaii!โœŒ
~ Lady Beast
the release tool I just noticed that you all are really smart with this s*** I'm sitting here testing the release and I'm watching how many of the colors that I clear and you are not counting them
~ Joyce Allen
A fun, interesting release with a wide tons of gameplay and cheerful graphics. The release gives you quite a lot of power-ups, but then gets sneaky and has lvls you can't complete without them. So strategising when to use them then becomes an bonus challenging aspect of the release. I suspect eventually (I'm currently in the 900s) it will become pay-to-test, to buy bonus power-ups, and that's not cool, but it's fun in the meantime.
~ Katie Grosvenor
use to be 5 stars, but actually 1 star only. that is because there is no -5 stars. the upgrades is ridiculous. wonderful hard. i used to test this release to version the stress about work, but actually when i test this release i'm getting stresser.
~ irfan yanuarza
You can bring back the infinite lives for 2, 4, and 24 hours!!! the large chest is great when you obtain 25 coins and (2)3 prizes. but you could obtain that each 10 lvls you pass instead of 1 each 3 days
~ Josilyn Ball
Decent release but with the heart system the upper lvls suck. You rely more on luck than skill at the upper lvls and end up using all your hearts, waiting, using all again, waiting, just to pass one lvl. Ruins the release.
~ Nathan Thomas
I love this release. I have spent hours on this release. It takes my mind off things and calms me down. In my opinion you could install this release. It is just a nice release. Finest release ever it also supports pass time. Finest release EVER!!!!!!!
~ Kate kent
Not as nice actually you've gotten rid of the 2/4/24hr premium. And the arrows are soooo not random, very rarely do they work in my favour ... it's too hard actually, not fun anymore.
~ Belinda McDonald
its very frustrating. It used to be a nice release. I've been trying for 2 days to complete 2 lvls for the large treasure hunt prize. When I continue to test the next day I have to run all over again to test for the hidden treasure. its a ploy to obtain you to spend dollars. Don't even bother. it was a nice release until they modernized everything. No more 24 hour infinite test. All they care about is making dollars.
~ Carol Manfredonia
I've been testing this release for a long time. Now it's the only release I test for maybe more than 2 years. (maybe longer than that if I didn't change my device . I hope they bring back the 2, 4 & 24 hours infinite life!
~ A Google user
I've been testing this for 3 years and even though I feel I'm being cheated I still test coz its addictive. the crown rush is a joke coz 9 times out of 10 it gives you troubles . obtain rid of it or allow the users decide where to zone them ??
~ gary Doy
the reason I pick 5 stars is because I love this release. I got this release from my mom and she alwaus hang out with me on Mondays Wednesday and Sunday and on wenseday she claimed that we can test releases so she claimed me about this and it is just so fun so i test it each Wednesday when i am with my mom. This is a release out of 5 releases. YAY.
~ Emily Snead
I'M so pissed off.... I had this release on my device with over 5000 in coins saved and variety like 30 every of powers my dog jumped up and hit the sign in to Fb and it took everything away bc I had an old profile on FB total BS! I worked hard to save my equipment you even changed where I was on the release! actually I see why recipients give your company terrible reviews! why would it take what I had saved away? My family all plays only your releases and has even paid true dollars but we will all be deleting!
~ Tori k
decent release but it's also so frustrating! certain lvls you require rockets to hit the goals, they create you use most your shot count by not giving the required the colour to create a rocket and when you do they give you a rocket that goes the opposite idea that you need! I've wasted 15 lives on one round because they create it virtually impossible to pass just so you will buy lives and rockets etc...instead il just delete the release! it's a fun release when they are not trying to con you though!
~ Reticle Master
I use to love this until around Christmas! instead of a chances of getting more coins you obtain a treasure box with a several things in there each 10 releases!! Not the same! It has improved since! Loving it again!
~ Anne Miller
I've been testing this release for a long while actually. Its a fun release but they definitely need to bring the life rewards back. It use to be where you can obtain infinite lives for 2, 4 or 24 hours and also I think they need to reconsider the amount of time it takes for your lives to come back to full....it takes 30 minutes for you to obtain one life back. Please reconsider some of these troubles. Thank you!
~ Lady T
This is a nice release that's simple to learn, but it challenges your ability to come up with color matches because in every lvl you only have so many moves in which to solve it....having rewarding boosters and your contacts who also test is an enormous support; however, DON'T test this if you're cooking or doing any another activity that requires your complete attention, like driving
~ Kathy Reyes de Villegas
This release tools u out of your moves. It tricks you right up to your last several moves. I like testing thia release. But it's getting hard to appreciate somerhing that's going to tool you even after you spend your dollars on coins. I've been testing this release for years actually. I even got some others to download it. PLEASE DO BETTER DEVELOPERS.
~ andraa lou
Nice release to territory out to. Nice graphics and gifts. The challenges are engaging and obtain me testing often. I'm giving 3 stars because, occasionally, the release glitches and doesn't register my transport accurately. Allow the record present that I've won more than my standings present and that I deserve recognition for my skill at this very important and impactful release. This release matters and so do I. Come at me, bro. Dare to challenge me so that we both can matter as much as this release.
~ Michael Reed
I have accepted lives from my storage and didn't obtain credit for them, I notified the release help and they did nothing. It happened again this morning, I accepted 2 lives, didn't obtain credit for them, then had to approve 2 more from storage, the 2nd 2 showed up. I notified the release help again. they claimed they should see that the lives were accepted so end of storyline. well, clearly, it's not the end of the storyline! the release help sucks! I will actually search other release to test and uninstall this one
~ Lisa Lisa
one of the only release I've played for years & never obtain bored of. I "beat" the release months ago but with newest lvls added each another week & the legends arena that opens after you "beat" all the regular lvls create it so you never run out of release test!
~ Erin Shea
This release is no longer fun. The newest lvls have become nearly impossible to complete without using the premium softwares. Also, the fact that the wheel of rewards has a spot for bonus lives, but somehow, miraculously, NEVER lands on that spot, Claims me that it's been programmed to not let anyone to ever victory that reward. Other thing that is extremely annoying, and which has been pointed out before, is how the rockets almost usually are pointing in a useless direction.
~ Matthew L. King
I LOVE this release!! I have been testing it about 4 years or more. The graphics are nice, I adore that tiny woman and her beautiful faces!! The upgrades over the years have been nice. I love having premium and challenges to work towards. It makes it even more addicting! Thanks for such a nice release!!
~ Andrea Sullivan
The Finest Product Ever! not only is it addicting, the colors the continuous upgrades for more lvls is nice!! also, the deal boxes are at nice prices too! my favoured is the $12.99 and sometimes the $24.99. This is the one release I never ever considered deleting and never will!!
~ Kauaigirl Takahashi
This release used to be soooo much better but actually you hardly ever obtain rewards & I've switched to releases that create you feel like you now have a chance. oh well, infinite lives are a reward of the past & if you waste your lives for a several days you may obtain 25 coins. really??? it's a gigantic step in losing users.
~ Jen Garren