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About: Township is a special blend of castle-building and farming! Build your dream city! Harvest crops at the farms, process them at your facilities, and sell goods to develop your city. Trade with exotic countries. Launch restaurants, cinemas, and another community buildings to give life in your city premium flavor. Search the mine to obtain resources and search ancient artifacts. Run your own zoo and accumulate animals from around the globe. Are you ready to become a farmer and castle-manager to build your dream? Allows obtain started! Township informations: Various buildings and decorations you can use to make your dream city Different crops to grow and later process at your factories Fun, charismatic townspeople with orders you need to fill Your city's mine packed with ancient artifacts to search and accumulate Lovely animals to take care of Farms to manage and expand ... Show more
Genre: Casual Rotten Tomatoes® score: 5.0 Size: 0MB Developer: Playrix Games
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Township Reviews and Comments:

It's fun building your own castle! The only terrible parts are how things are spaced (need to add a 1/2 zone for trees and fences) and the fact they hold bugging you to spend dollars on everything. It is possible to build without buying though. The one thing I think is ridiculous is you pay for a building and then you have to wait for ever for trains for materials!!!
~ V Gilbert
A fun release but has one frustrating flaw. Once you hit around lvl 10 a piggy bank pops up. It keeps your farm dollars until you hit 75 farm dollars, then you can pay $2.99 to obtain it actually or save up. Once you hit 130 farm dollars the dollars just goes away. Actually it will version in 1 week but I've gotten past the 75 marker in 2 days. It's just sad that you don't obtain full rewards for your hard work unless you place the release down until the week is up.
~ Chris Pickrell
So far the finest release. I'm usually on the release, so addicted. However I'm not glad with the newest modernization of software exchange. The bricks/glass take long to be collected which you need lots of them for the exchanging and then again you need the same bricks and glasses for the building? doesnt create sense. Its really slowing Down the growth of city cuz actually you have to accumulate for the exchange and for the building itself! what a bore. Took me weeks to complete a community building and I'm usually playin!
~ khaula sam
False advertising. After lvl ten, any "bucks" you earn are placed into a piggy bank that can only be unlocked with true dollars. In this style of freemium release, progress is usually hard without making purchases. In this specific release, it literally becomes impossible. Could be labelled as a nonpaid trial, not as a nonpaid release. Company seems to be breaking the law by advertising the release as nonpaid
~ Amanda Wright
It's a unbelievable release. I love testing the release. the largest trouble I have with it, is the barn usually being full. that drives me insane. I'm close to deleting it for that reason. Building materials take idea tup long to collect to upgrade. They're could be a separate building to keep your building materials. that would support a lot for freeing up room. Thank you.
~ donna butcher
I used to like this release. I can't expand the population of the city up to the needed number of recipients to obtain the furniture market. I actually have three partially constructed community buildings which can't be completed because the trains do not bring any slabs. I can't upgrade my barn so it is becoming impossible to complete gigantic orders for the train to obtain the building supplies. One newest train of 3 carriages requires 45 troops of sugar cane! And those orders can't be cancelled!
~ Another Galaxy User
This release advertises faslely. It is very expensive. They give so tiny farm dollars and do tiny coins. Too much hours on making equipment and another foods. it's like this release is supposed to be a hobby for users not a release to now enjoy. and it seems to be a true business or dollars maker for the owners of this release. they're not asking for $5 - $20 . They're prices go up to over $100 just to buy fake came coins and fake release dollars. But it is okay to just test if you have time to wait hours.
~ Noelle Brown
simply create it impossible to test with any lvl of fun past lvl 20 without buying their dollars to buy essential release testing parts. you can victory a several dollars here and there, but it doesnt let you to save it up past 10. anything essential to buy. costs 12. eo, forcing release purchases. you claim... contact your customer service. ha. thry basically claimed. tough, this is our gane. so, fine ... you wish to be a release that only wants recipients to hand you dollars. do not call it a nonpaid release.
~ Gayle Lavigne
Used to be a nice release, had a lot of fun. last 3 upgrades have made it impossible to progress without spending a ton of true dollars, alienating many committed users. despite hundreds of upset comments on their Fb page regarding the newest modernization, their only response is, we've passed it along to devs, meanwhile heres how you can spend the next year trying to build one building. very disappointed.
~ Felicia Handley
I didn't wish to give a 5, because I don't wish to love this release! But I can't stop testing! Somebody support! 🙃 Modernization: I am actually a township junkie... working the farm, factories, and mine to compete in the Regattas! The graphics are nice! you can go look in the forest and see animals and birds. There's even a guy in a wetsuit that pops up and waves to you! Yup... Township junkie, here...
~ Susan Ebright
it's a really nice release and well thought out. if you touch the recipients in the way, they react. the guy swimming in the water even. touch the water , it splashes. A nice time consumer and just a fun and beautiful release!!! Oh, and when it runs to obtain a tiny repetitious to you, there are the another tiny task releases you have to do. it may be cooking or something else. I do want there was more cooking, because I enjoy cooking releases to.
~ Telsha Davis
I would have rated this as 5 stars until some newest changes the developers have made. An wonderful initiative named hopping was designed by players. It hugely enriched the player experience and brought recipients back to the release who had given it up. It created friendships and joy. But Playrix have decided they don't create enough dollars from it and plan to change the release to create it impossible. I'm not ok with that at all. It will slay our enjoyment of the release and ask that playrix reconsider this.
~ Julia Pike
The release is fun, challenging, and entertaining however, I have a fairly minor complaint. Can you PLEASE change the shape of the hay bales in the bed of the pickup truck while the release is loading!?!? They have a disturbingly phallic shape to them. Also, hay bales aren't even a part of the release! For a short time i had a bushel of flowers (vast improvement) in the bed of the truck but it has been changed back to the hay bales resembling male reproductive organs.
~ Kate klein
Modernization 5-9-2019: Been testing for a several months actually, and just love it. sometimes I want things didn't take so long to create or it didn't take forever to obtain parts to build something. you obtain variety of one item and one you need, takes forever to obtain. no reason to not test though, but maybe the developers should fix it, wink wink. still nice release! cute nice release. it does take some time to do things and some materials take forever to obtain . but still fun to test and the graphics are nice.
~ Angie Black
started out fun but has started to be more taxing and less fun. if you wish a release to test to relax pick a different release! if you wish to spend dollars and have to stay on a release all the time this release is for you. The response is laughable at finest. Help is poor! The changes made are a pain the butt in the very very least! Not useful at all. Each modernization seems to create it worse. I'm losing co OP members faster than ever and the rest including myself are getting bored with it.
~ Amy Foster
modernization 4/27/19:It's not so fun anymore. It WAS fun. All the changes, the zoo is impossible to build & i have many animals without homes! The newest software exchange is a waste. We asked for a seperate storage for supplies & factory to create softwares NOT to exchange softwares we need. I invested in my release. Never again! You can test it alone if you dont wish much support & you can ask for support on some equipment to fill in orders. Sometimes the quantity required is a lot. I want we should trade equipment or sell to neighbors
~ M W-C
The release overall is quite entertaining,loads of equipment to do and many customizations. - Product lacks something a tiny bonus to hold users interested. - Give us a button that removes equipment from queues in factory. - Perhaps we need more ideas to earn super currency. - too many buildings,most of them are useless. - zone more in-release banners,like ones that speed up operations or give building materials. - about the building materials,the release could be less punishing about giving the right supplies.
~ Claude Tasquier
not fun .too many things . so many things to do. so many factories , so many buildings to build. animals to accumulate. so many islands. so many types of goods factories cost a lot. it feels like you r on a full time job. never ending list of goods to create. if you r having dollars then ok but if u dont wish to invest true dollars then its a full time job.
~ gita joshi
I enjoy the release, however recently I am having troubles. I buy the dealer for 24 hours using in release dollars and it is no longer lasting 24 hours. it doesn't matter if I buy it at 6 am or 11 pm, the dealer is no longer available come midnight. I've tried this three times since it has started hapoening, as the first time I wasn't sure what happened, the 2nd time I was cute sure, and the 3rd time I was absolutely sure. Also I can't add any newest neighbors. Not even via Fb dudes.
~ Michelle Jones
It started out nice, then I've mysteriously lost coins, dollars and a building. Ready to uninstall, progress is slow unless you spend true dollars. It also becomes demanding and time consuming like it goes from being enjoyable to almost a chore, it's not much fun and it could be. Total disappointment. Uninstalled it bummer. This is the second release from Playrix that I've ended up uninstalling.
~ Sheila Zeidlik
So far it has lived up to its billing. 5 stars simple. Modernization. Sorry but I have to take my "5 stars simple" ranking back and the reason being each time I run to obtain on a roll with my orders going out and I'm waiting for the send button to charge back up I tend to hit the delete button . Why oh why does the delete button have to be right smack dab next to the send button. This error in placement has cost me numerous upon countless lose of coins. No 5 stars for an otherwise nice release. 4.5 stars.
~ WOLFGANG Carlisle
Absolutely enjoyable, yet very time consuming with all the different factors. Running most aspects of your castle as the "Mayor". This in itself is a multi tasks release. There is so much to do, all in 1 zone. I love it! *It definitely needs a several more icons along the bottom (for more shortcuts) to certain highly active or highly used territories, such as a boat docks button, a marketplace button, and a mine button. . that would be nice and it would support immensely in navigating easily through the city!
~ Seonaidh Anderson
Thanks to developers, I'd sent a trouble ticket, they took care of it very quickly. I love this release, it was my son's favored. Was changing devices and didn't wish to lose all my tool. So thanks very much for modernization. The only bit remaining, is to prevent the list of dudes requiring support, not to restart to Ernie but stay on last visited. Cheers!
~ MCD Baxter
Sweet release! Love the graphics. Want production time was a bit quicker. Very relaxing release test! Usually something to do! Modernization, actually at lvl 56 and still love daily of testing. Usually something going on newest. The teamwork in this release makes it twice as fun. Its also great to be able to reach targets instead of most releases create everything just out of reach in find of dollars paying users. This is a generous release with release dollars and prizes. Hooked!
~ Linda Wyman
I had a unbelievable time testing township. sometimes, i lack dollars and building materials, because there are only several ideas of earning those things. but till actually township is the finest release i have ever played. i really love this release. an solution to the owner of the release is, please create more ideas to earn dollars and building materials than there is actually and everything else is finest in the release. cause we lack the development of the city due to the lack of building materials.
~ smarika koirala
I fell in love with this release AT FIRST. Receive into it and forget it. TOO many things need fixed. for example make6 loaves of bread and transfer to the barn. they disappear and never obtain there. They have set it up to Force you to spend dollars. Hang on, it gets better. The further you obtain into it, the tool just runs charging your profile without you Ever even being on. when you run it up bang, you have been charged a HUNDRED DOLLARS AT A TIME. No one from this company will reply. No response
~ charla bird-ross
I like but I'm more disappointed in it! they advertise it to claim "why is this release so hard?" because you fix things....well I've had it long enough to obtain to lvl 20 and have yet to test that so named hard release. I've not fixed one thing yet. that was the entire purpose I downloaded it for....it is a beautiful release but fully false advertising for sure!!! it takes up alot of my time.
~ Shawna Blackwell
beautiful release, but at lvl 10, they started putting rewards into a piggy bank. they claim when it is full of my rewards, i can buy it for true dollars. in a pigs eye! they can hold their hijacked rewards. In addition, you will load up their airplane for HOURS, but if you miss the deadline (recipients DO work, you know), the airplane takes off and you obtain NOTHING!! I will no longer use this information.
~ A Google user
Addictive, fun, well built and EXPENSIVE. the release is wonderful it absolutely is, and I dont mind spending $20+ on a release to help the originators, that claimed you earn release dollars that goes into a piggy bank, after you do all that work you have to pay $3 per piggy bank, to utilize the dollars you earned, ridiculous a information they hide until you are hooked! You have to increase the size of the barn on the regular, if you dont, you cant test the release. I became addicted and spent over $100
~ Shelbie
Edit: Thank you so much for listening and for not implementing the time penalty modernization!!! This is my favoured release. I spend true dollars on it. I am newest to hopping, but the friendships and sense of community that I felt after 1 season of hopping was beyond nice. I understand slashing the rewards, but making it impossible to hop is denying thousands of your loyal users their favoured part of the release. please reconsider. thank you.
~ Tandrah Hoefler
I love the release but I hate the newest zoo. The old zoo was far better. Also it is not fair that true dollars is required to launch the piggy bank. Not everybody pays true dollars in releases. *EDIT* Actually I can't obtain into my city. It claims that I am 'weak on disc zone' but I have deleted a lot of things. *EDIT 2* I can obtain into my city actually and I am really enjoying the release actually. *EDIT 3* Please stop destroying the release with horrible upgrades. I hated the last modernization and I hate this one. STOP RUINING TOWNSHIP!!!!!!!!
~ Michael Peoples
The photos are colourful, engaging and constructive. It gets you involved in selling, buying, producing, and decision-making in exciting ideas. It gives you the opportunity to extend your wildest artistic imagination and allows changes at your pleasure. Many opportunities to access merchandise are at your finger-tricks. A tons of release interactions and rewards create it hard to stop. You're rewarded with coins, city dollars, jewels etc. for everything you do.
~ Shelia Thompson
Been testing for over a year. Newest updates have taken fun out of it. Tasks take too long. Buildings are too expensive. Land is too expensive. Takes months to obtain enough dollars to buy a building and even longer to earn the supplies to complete the build. I have 5 zoo enclosures and buildings I am unable to complete. I have 22 zoo animals without enclosures. Testing is pointless actually.
~ Melisa McLendon
Everything is too expensive! Takes too long to obtain building supplies putting your entire city on keep for expansion. Some products take idea too long to create. Product sometimes resets timers on goods. Dollars and buildings disappear. Customer help never gets back in touch or tries to fix losses of dollars or property. Storage zone is too limited. Building supplies take up all your storage zone. Building supplies could have their own storage. Makes it hard to complete gigantic orders.
~ Juli Marshall
I love the release and my squad. I only have one concern.. when receiving product requested from squad members, if I am testing the release and have to turn away from the screen, I have missed who sent the product. The display is only showned for a moment and me and many of my squad members have missed who sent the product and cannot thank that person for their generosity. Is there anyway you can display who sent the product and let us to remove the request once we have viewed it?
~ Lois Campbell
I have never been entertained enough by a release to test everyday until I found Township. I have been testing for over 250 days straight (according to my last award) and I am still absolutely addicted. I love my co-op group in the release that I found. They are such a supportive and useful group of individuals! Thank you for continuing to hold the release exciting and newest with upgrades, regattas and releases! Love, love, LOVE it!
~ A Google user
Addictive to claim the least. yes there are a lot of ads but if you test for nonpaid what do you expect. Can be a bit slow going at times due to power ups not being readily available without in ap purchases but you can obtain along speedy if you place the time in and it does need a lot of time putting in. The further on you obtain the more there is to do, which can take a bit to much time to be honest. All in all a nice release, would recomend.
~ Chris Pegden
PIGGY BANK FEATURE IS A RIP OFF!!!!! If I hadn't pulled my family into this release, I'd leave. The piggy bank gotta go!!!! In your responses to users, you claim the same Damm Thing! When are you going to fix the Piggy Bank? no less than half to 75%of the players hate the information. If we spend 8.00 a week, there shouldn't be a piggy bank. fix this or will search other release that we can test. There are eight accounts of us that test and spend true dollars. we adopted to leave by June, If you don't it.
~ Donna Weatherly
There are a lot of challenges that hold you entertained. Not only do you have dudes but also a choice to belong to a co-op to support your squad more. Downside, it takes a VERY long time to expand your city. Buildings on top of buildings makes it look trashy. You can't truly develop a fun and customized look to your city or zoo, plus you need to collects supplies that takes a minimum of 2 months to accumulate. Another releases let you to build & expand without you spending a tiny fortune of true dollars.
~ Lula Lap
I really like this release but it's frustrating when you go to feed your animals and there's no meal. You know you had some left over but it's gone when you come back! Actually I know how my Mom felt when someone would eat something she was planning on having for dinner! FRUSTRATED!!! But in a nice idea! Actually that I have been testing for quite awhile I understand what happened to the "left overs" !¡! Silly me!!¡! Oh well, live and learn.
~ Elizabeth Chess